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The (Al)Chemical Process

The Alchemical Process


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(Al)Chemical Reactions

August 20, 2014

When one element is combined with another element in an action, the potential for a re-action is created. For example, if a person were to place a seltzer tablet and a glass of water next to each other on a table, the potential for a re-action has been created with that initial action. There are many additional actions that a person could take (i.e. the tablet and the glass of water could be moved around to many different locations on the table), however the correct re-action will not occur until the proper action is first taken.

When the seltzer tablet (one element) is dropped into the glass of water (another element), the right re-action is initiated causing a third element to bubble up and rise to the surface. Knowledge is much like the seltzer tablet, and we are much like the glass of water. The potential to access Universal Understanding is already encoded within us, however it cannot "bubble up to the surface" until we take the proper action.

As in the metaphor above, we can look at knowledge, we can move it around the table or we can toss it up in the air. However, nothing will happen until it is taken within us and then combined together properly with other beneficial elements. It is only then that knowledge (hidden in the darkness) has the potential to be alchemically transmuted into Light (understanding and wisdom):

The Knowing of Steel and the Understanding of Knowledge

Raw steel is very strong. However, when it is left in its raw state, it will eventually oxidize (rust) and loose its cohesive properties (strength). On the other hand, when steel is combined with other metals, new alloys can be created which are potentially stronger and more durable than raw steel by itself.

When the properties of steel (and other metals) are properly understood, they can be combined together with other building materials and great new creations can be built. However, when the properties of steel (and other metals) are not properly understood, new creations can easily fall apart or become a hazard to others.

The "elements" of steel and knowledge are very similar in this way. Knowledge used without understanding is like constructing a building using steel and Elmer's Glue. In other words, steel is only as strong as that which holds it together, and knowledge is only as strong as the understanding that holds it together.

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