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Olympus E-SLR Challenge Galleries

Welcome to the Olympus E-SLR Challenges, started in February 2005 by adrianox using the km templates with kind permission of JDU, and Klaudio
All images contained herein are copyright to the individual that posted them
For information on how they work, check out the Rules.
You can also see the top entries from previous Challenges in our Challenges Hall Of Fame.

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C250 FLASH! by rodriguezPhoto
<< C250 "FLASH!" by rodriguezPhoto >>
C249 Night Shots by Kevdog
<< C249 "Night Shots" by Kevdog >>
C248 Peace by Endika
<< C248 Peace by Endika >>
C247 Color Portrait by MCsaba
<< C247 Color Portrait by MCsaba >>
C246 The No Oly Challenge by Endika
<< C246 The No Oly Challenge by Endika >>
C245 Motion by kleivis
<< C245 "Motion" by kleivis >>
C244 Old in b&w by Colin
<< C244 "Old in b&w" by Colin >>
C243 Clothes by Geophoto
<< C243 Clothes by Geophoto >>
C242 Numbers by Shirley
<< C242 Numbers by Shirley >>
C241  Colors, Colors, Colors by Chris Oly
<< C241 Colors, Colors, Colors by Chris Oly >>
C240: The Wall - by Stefan Kaben
<< C240: The Wall - by Stefan Kaben >>
C239 Shoot High-Aim Low by Shirley
<< C239 Shoot High-Aim Low by Shirley >>
C238 Beatles Song Titles by Michael
<< C238 Beatles Song Titles by Michael >>
C237 Signs of Summer by Liz
<< C237 Signs of Summer by Liz >>
C236 Contrasts by Yaelle
<< C236 Contrasts by Yaelle >>
C235 Books! by Endika
<< C235 Books! by Endika >>
C234 Deep Shadows by brent
<< C234 "Deep Shadows" by brent >>
C233 'Variations' by Barry
<< C233 'Variations' by Barry >>
<< C232 "POLARIZE IT" by JOHN >>
C231 'Rumours of Spring' by 'Colin'
<< C231 'Rumours of Spring' by 'Colin' >>
C230 'Watching the Highlights' by Stefan Kaben
<< C230 'Watching the Highlights' by Stefan Kaben >>
C229 'On the Edge' by Stefan Kaben
<< C229 'On the Edge' by Stefan Kaben >>
C228 Itchy Fingers by Yaelle
<< C228 Itchy Fingers by Yaelle >>
C227 A Photographer's Eye by Yaelle
<< C227 A Photographer's Eye by Yaelle >>
C226: Moving around by Endika
<< C226: "Moving around" by Endika >>
C225: A Celebration of Life by Stefan
<< C225: "A Celebration of Life" by Stefan >>
C224 Stormy weather by Dennis
<< C224 "Stormy weather" by Dennis >>
C223 Leaf it be by Stefan Kaben
<< C223 "Leaf it be" by Stefan Kaben >>
C222 Get Creative by Shirley
<< C222 "Get Creative" by Shirley >>
C221 Liquid Movement by Dennis
<< C221 "Liquid Movement" by Dennis >>
C220 Back to black (and white) by Endika
<< C220 "Back to black (and white)" by Endika >>
C219 Hands On by Henry
<< C219 "Hands On" by Henry >>
C218 Mind Your P's and Q's!! by Shirley
<< C218 "Mind Your P's and Q's!!" by Shirley >>
C217 Construction by Endika
<< C217 "Construction" by Endika >>
C216 Daydreams by John
<< C216 "Daydreams" by John >>
C215 Transform by Drummer
<< C215 "Transform" by Drummer >>
C214 Repetition by Stefan Kaben
<< C214 "Repetition" by Stefan Kaben >>
C213  Windows by Barry
<< C213 Windows by Barry >>
C212 A Glimpse of Summer  by Colin
<< C212 "A Glimpse of Summer" by Colin >>
C211 Green by Chris Oly
<< C211 "Green" by Chris Oly >>
C210 Going to Extremes by Brenda
<< C210 "Going to Extremes" by Brenda >>
C209 Connections by Stefan
<< C209 "Connections" by Stefan >>
C208 Center Line - brent
<< C208 Center Line - brent >>
C207 Odd little details by Colin
<< C207 Odd little details by Colin >>
C206 The Circle Of Life by Collin Baxter
<< C206 The Circle Of Life by Collin Baxter >>
C205 People in the Landscape, by Colin
<< C205 People in the Landscape, by Colin >>
C204 Complementary Shadows by henry caron
<< C204 Complementary Shadows by henry caron >>
C203 Minimalism by Goffen
<< C203 Minimalism by Goffen >>
C202 My Monochrome Home Town by FrankM
<< C202 My Monochrome Home Town by FrankM >>
C201 - All Indoors by Kleivis
<< C201 - All Indoors by Kleivis >>
C199 - Cause and Effect by Brad
<< C199 - Cause and Effect by Brad >>
C198 '50 shades of grey' by Goffen
<< C198 '50 shades of grey' by Goffen >>
C197 By Nature's Design by Trond Kleiveland
<< C197 By Nature's Design by Trond Kleiveland >>
C196 - Scapes by Michael
<< C196 - Scapes by Michael  >>
C195 Colour Contrasts by Frank
<< C195 Colour Contrasts by Frank >>
C194 Side lighting by brent
<< C194 Side lighting by brent >>
C193 Go Deep by Stefan Kaben
<< C193 "Go Deep" by Stefan Kaben >>
C192 Light & Shade by FrankM
<< C192 Light & Shade by FrankM >>
C191 Sundowners by FrankM
<< C191 Sundowners by FrankM >>
C190 Photographing History by Shirley
<< C190 Photographing History by Shirley >>
C189 Animals!!! by endika
<< C189 Animals!!! by endika >>
C188 -  How does it feel?  by brent
<< C188 - How does it feel? by brent >>
C187 Cool Rides by GulfHusker
<< C187 "Cool Rides" by GulfHusker >>
C186 Ell Composition by Zin
<< C186 Ell Composition by Zin >>
C185-Abstract by Shirley
<< C185-Abstract by Shirley >>
C184 Infinity - brent moderator
<< C184 Infinity - brent moderator >>
C183 The good, The bad & The ugly by Miroslav Kral
<< C183 "The good, The bad & The ugly" by Miroslav Kral >>
C182 Adapted from the Book ... hosted by Brenda
<< C182 Adapted from the Book ... hosted by Brenda >>
C181 BOKEH by Shirley
<< C181 BOKEH by Shirley >>
C180 A bit of something in Colour by Colin
<< C180 A bit of something in Colour by Colin >>
C179 Square Black & White by Goffen
<< C179 Square Black & White by Goffen >>
C178 The Weather  by Colin
<< C178 The Weather by Colin >>
C177 - Rush by Endika
<< C177 - Rush by Endika >>
C176 Head Shots by Barry
<< C176 Head Shots by Barry >>
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