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window window

Now I look out the window and see
but I get the feeling it doesn't see me
DSC_5130001.jpg 21st July 2018  hideaway DSC_15302.jpg DSC_1094001.jpg
DSC_0685001.jpg DSC_9487001.jpg DSC_6898-001.jpg DSC_6890-001.jpg
20th November 2016  frost on the window 17th January 2018  ice 5th January 2018  Filth of January DSC_6663-001.jpg
DSC_4587-3.jpg DSC_4584-2.jpg DSC_4553-2.jpg DSC_3469-001.jpg
DSC_2244-001.jpg DSC_2240-001.jpg DSC_8520-001.jpg DSC_6974-001.jpg
DSC_0227 copy.jpg DSC_5966-001.jpg DSC_5811-001.jpg DSC_4256-001.jpg
DSC_3673-001.jpg DSC_2658-001.jpg DSC_3823-001.jpg 14Maywebsize 43.jpg
DSC_4984.jpg DSC_6059-001.jpg DSC_7062-001.jpg DSC_7080-001.jpg
19th December 2014  Noel DSC_5313.jpg DSC_6024-001.jpg DSC_5934-001.jpg
DSC_6098-001.jpg DSC_6133-001.jpg 11th December 2014  from the north DSC_6023-001.jpg
DSC_6132-001.jpg DSC_2829 copy.jpg DSC_6021-001.jpg DSC_6116-001.jpg
DSC_4689-001.jpg DSC_2915 copy.jpg DSC_3624.jpg DSC_4613-001.jpg
28th November 2014  Little Fokker DSC_1750 copy.jpg DSC_2654 copy.jpg 19th November 2014  snowflake
DSC_6753 copy.jpg DSC_6302 copy.jpg DSC_4001 copy.jpg DSC_4158 copy.jpg
8th April 2014  fluffy DSC_0007 copy.jpg DSC_0021 copy.jpg 1st September 2014  Molly through the looking glass
DSC_4892 copy.jpg 17th July 2013  not too hot for lions DSC_0239 copy.jpg DSC_0019 copy.jpg
3rd July 2013  July sky DSC_0024 copy.jpg DSC_5372 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg
DSC_0016 copy.jpg 2010-10-06 16.53.52.jpg Untitled-1.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg
DSC_0171 copy.jpg arc1.jpg DSC_0033s.jpg 27th February 2009  try me, taste me
wet.jpg DSC_0135 copy.jpg 22nd December 2009  out to launch 5th September 2008  Grandma's garden
PICT0073s.jpg PICT0049a.jpg DSC_0101s.jpg 9th July 2009  leaving
PICT0008a.jpg DSC_0097 copy.jpg DSC_0047s.jpg 12th October 2009  night in a castle
DSC_0054s.jpg PICT0039a.jpg pano1x.jpg DSC_0031s.jpg
DSC_0048s.jpg DSC_0038s.jpg PICT0017s.jpg PICT0081a.jpg
19th July 2009  Ypres DSC_0048s.jpg DSC_0008s.jpg 1st October 2010  wild and windy
DSC_0006s.jpg PICT0072a.jpg Craigievar Castle concordesque
palacewindow.jpg DSC_0017s.jpg DSC_0059s.jpg 18th May 2005
PICT0101a.jpg PICT0009z.jpg PICT0083a.jpg on the bus to Steornabhagh
Simg0056.jpg 26th October 2005 la tour d'ivoire PICT0045a.jpg PICT0013s.jpg
29th July 2005 cool n cloudy PICT0118a.jpg DSC_0056s.jpg PICT0046a.jpg
PICT0086a.jpg PICT0006a.jpg PICT0085a.jpg PICT0092a.jpg
30th August 2005 wake up! 16th March 2006  sheltered from the storm peek 26th August 2005 Fly Cup Café
PICT0051a.jpg 28th March 2006  rainbows appeared An Tearbeart PICT0719a.jpg
8th June 2005  poochtastic PICT0030a.jpg 2CV
PICT0088a.jpg towa2a.jpg PICT0047a.jpg PICT0069.JPG
boat6.jpg Simg0013.jpg PICT0013a.jpg PICT0086a.jpg
25th July 2005 on tiptoes PICT0037a.jpg Simg0035.jpg 23rd May, testing the brakes
Fetternear 28th March 2005, ready to pounce Drum Castle Simg0025.jpg
Carbisdale Castle Carbisdale Castle 12th August 2009  on the train
28th May 2005 fantasy Ward House Fetternear  Janus
Huntly Castle Huntly Castle
PICT0194a.jpg 22nd April 2005 ahoy there Dunnottar Castle 5th July 2005 intruder window
Dunnottar Castle Dunnottar Castle 1st June 2005   hot chocolate 21st April 2005, vertigo!
PICT0064.JPG 26th September, Guardian Angel... 30th July 2005  the leapiness
cappuccino Walled Garden  Carbisdale Castle 18th January 2005  keeping warm
23rd May 2005    Cabin staff, doors to manual Smoo Cave