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12th September 2014  basking 1st August 2014  sunflower field 2nd August 2014  La Lesse 31st August 2014  barley
10th August 2014  red stuff 17th August 2014  weather front approaching 20th August 2014  sunflower 22nd August 2014  saucer
23rd August 2014  sunflower 24th August 2014  evening sun after a shower 25th August 2014  Monday sunshine 26th August 2014  where there are rainbows
29th August 2014  a rainbow will appear DSC_9038-001.jpg 3rd July 2014  out to lunch 5th July 2014  summertime
7th July 2014  summer rose 9th July 2014  surprise poppies 15th JUly 2014  The Golden Road 17th July 2014  sea like glass
22nd July 2014  lavender 23rd July 2014  long summer DSC_8719-001.jpg DSC_8695-001.jpg
DSC_8692-001.jpg 1st June 2014  Balquhain 2nd June 2014  poppy 4th June 2014  downpour
8th June 2014  thunderstorm approaching 9th June 2014  last of the poppies 10th June 2014  gone to roost 11th June 2014  late
22nd June 2014  mid-summer rain 24th June 2014  late night walk DSC_8022-001.jpg DSC_7957.jpg
DSC_7721.jpg DSC_7717-001.jpg DSC_7713-001.jpg DSC_7664-001.jpg
DSC_7463-001.jpg 3rd September 2013  Polinar DSC_1268 copy.jpg 2nd August 2013  bees in the lavender
4th August 2013  threat of a shower 11th August 2013   scattered showers 16th August 2013  heavy shower finishing 23rd August 2013  soggy morning
25th August 2013  Late August DSC_1014 copy.jpg 14th July 2013  cornfield DSC_0779 copy.jpg
DSC_0712 copy.jpg 1st June 2013  first flower 4th June 2013  parched 23rd June 2013  Rainy Sunday
26th June 2013  Iris 8th July 2013  peace and quiet 26th July 2013  rainbows and showers 30th July 2013  thundery showers
31st July 2013  nectar DSC_0351 copy.jpg DSC_0232 copy2.jpg DSC_0284 copy.jpg
DSC_0178 copy.jpg DSC_0203 copy.jpg DSC_0130 copy.jpg DSC_9748-copy.jpg
15th June 2013 sunshine 20th June 2013  midsummer night 27th June 2013  summer sunshine 29th June 2013  The Onion
30th June 2013  by the river DSC_9684-copy.jpg DSC_9695-copy.jpg DSC_9550-copy.jpg
DSC_9505-copy.jpg DSC_1995 copy.jpg DSC_0435 copy.jpg DSC_0480 copy.jpg
DSC_0764 copy.jpg DSC_0788 copy.jpg DSC_1446 copy.jpg DSC_1232 copy.jpg
DSC_1121 copy.jpg WJK_9838 copy.jpg DSC_1126 copy.jpg DSC_1236 copy.jpg
DSC_1149 copy.jpg DSC_0819 copy.jpg DSC_0106 copy.jpg DSC_0188 copy.jpg
DSC_0043 copy.jpg 2nd September 2012  overgrown 19th July 2012  first tomato 21st August 2012  crops
20th August 2012   Benachie 26th August 2012  Moray Coast DSC_0025 copy.jpg 30th July 2012  spooky still evening
DSC_0067 copy.jpg 7th September 2012  sunflower DSC_0199 copy.jpg 19th June 2012  poppies
DSC_0008 copy.jpg 24th July 2012  Somewhere in the highlands DSC_0013 copy.jpg DSC_0014 copy.jpg
DSC_0005 copy.jpg 17th August 2012  Summer sky DSC_0042 copy.jpg 16th August 2012  bales are out
4th August 2012  summer heat 7th August 2012  at the north coast 13th August 2012  dandelions amongst the stones DSC_0065 copy.jpg
30th August 2012   Blue Moon DSC_0053 copy.jpg DSC_0303 copy.jpg 1st August 2012  Findhorn
18th June 2012  rainbow 2nd August 2012  foxglove 8th July 2012  verdant DSC_0020 copy.jpg
27th June 2012  soft day 14th June 2012  summertime 22nd August 2012  late summer 30th June 2012  Whiterashes
25th July 2012 Ben More DSC_0085s.jpg 26th June 2011  99 DSC_0096s.jpg
2nd July 2012  raining DSC_0093 copy.jpg DSC_0009 copy.jpg DSC_0022 copy.jpg
4th September 2011  nearly Autumn DSC_0037 copy.jpg 17th August 2011  sudden rainbow DSC_0027 copy.jpg
11th August 2011  sunshine and showers DSC_0003 copy.jpg 10th June 2011  light summer evening 14th September 2011  plough
22nd August 2011 calm 20th June 2012  summer solstice 5th September 2011 DSC_0001 copy.jpg
DSC_0246 copy.jpg 14th July 2011  The Burren 1st July 2011  holiday sky DSC_0023 copy.jpg
15th August 2011  summer evening 15th June 2009  summertime again 14th August 2011  Balquhain 21st August 2009  Balquhain
3rd June 2011  hot summer night 18th September 2009  meander 25th June 2011  warm summer night DSC_0018 copy.jpg
DSC_0026.JPG DSC_0093s.jpg 3rd July 2011  sunny Sunday 29th July 2012 Thundery
13th June 2011  bee 14th August 2009  orchid DSC_0018 copy.jpg 22nd July 2010  red sky
4th June 2010  summer sky DSC_0175s.jpg 7th July 2009  turning stormy 27th August 2010   about to rain
10th July 2009  nearly home DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0167 copy.jpg 20th August 2011  stones at Balquhain
DSC_0060 copy.jpg 27th July 2010  in a field 24th July 2009  honeysuckle 29th August 2008  marigold
17th August 2009  home again 7th July 2011  shower passing 12th July 2009  here comes the sun 8th June 2009  cows on the move
7th June 2009  thundery 8th August 2008  purple thing DSC_0031s.jpg 3rd September 2011  storm cloud
9th September 2011  September sky 21st June 2010  midsummer 14th May 2009  mill 9th July 2010   Uibhist a Tuath
11th August 2010  home again 26th August 2009  fields 16th September 2009  misty morning 10th August 2008  summer showers
16th June 2010  drizzle DSC_0009 copy.jpg 10th June 2009  poppy 16th May 2009  rainy drive
DSC_0003 copy.jpg 29th May 2009  Scots pine 1st July 2009  hot day DSC_0008s.jpg
29th July 2010  happy bees DSC_0131s.jpg 21st August 2008  sky is crying DSC_0071s.jpg
DSC_0162s.jpg 8th June 2010  wet day 2nd September 2008  rainbow and The Ninja DSC_0012s.jpg
DSC_0166s.jpg 12th August 2008 bee 28th June 2009   summer night 1st August 2008  froth
DSC_0068 copy.jpg 15th August 2009  more rain coming DSC_0147s.jpg 18th September 2008  another misty morning
12th June 2008  nearly midsummer 17th August 2010  fluffy DSC_0053 copy.jpg 2nd August 2008  global thistle
5th June 2010  thunderstorm starting DSC_0008s.jpg 27th July 2009  bee friendly 3rd June 2010  I love summer
31st August 2007 globe 10th July 2010  good weather DSC_0050s.jpg DSC_0068s.jpg
4th September 2008  end of a thunderstorm DSC_0079 copy.jpg 7th August 2008  Balnakiel DSC_0145s.jpg
DSC_0092s.jpg 26th August 2008  Balquhain 26th June 2008  iris 13th May 2009  sunny morning
28th June 2008  summer forest 30th May 2009  ten thirty pm 17th September 2009  end of summer 25th August 2009  9 PM
2nd August 2009  Balquhain DSC_0018s.jpg 19th July 2010  late sun 11th June 2010  late sun
19th September 2009  bull in the field DSC_0075s.jpg DSC_0230s.jpg 21st July 2009  poppies
4th July 2009  by the sea DSC_0074s.jpg DSC_0087s.jpg 1st July 2010  misty
DSC_0012s.jpg 2nd August 2010  daisy 22nd  August 2010  the gathering storm DSC_0014 copy.jpg
29th August 2009  sunny 21st May 2009   decisions 7th June 2010  early start 3rd August 2008   summer
12th August 2007  five go down to the sea 16th August 2008  hot n steamy DSC_0056s.jpg 21st September 2008  butterfly
17th May 2009  downpour 26th May 2009  stones 18th August 2009  on the way home DSC_0019a.jpg
24th June 2009  misty evening 4th May 2009  stormy DSC_0270s.jpg DSC_0090a.jpg
PICT0061a.jpg 25th August 2010  late summer evening DSC_0168s.jpg 29th June 2008  daisy
19th August 2008  drizzle 28th August 2007  early evening 24th May 2009  Blairdaff rainbow 31st May 2008  hot and steamy
6th September 2009  painted lady 30th August 2009  Atlantic front coming in DSC_0227s.jpg 2nd June 2009  white cottage
10th May 2009  Ythan 15th May 2009   rain coming 8th July 2006  lily
DSC_0077 copy.jpg DSC_0029a.jpg 3rd July 2009  last look DSC_0057s.jpg
5th July 2009  sangomore 20th September 2008  last days of summer 1st August 2007  summer evening 23rd June 2010  summer night
9th August 2009  Balquhain 24th July 2007  near Monymusk DSC_0076s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg
DSC_0102s.jpg PICT0057a.jpg 20th May 2009  thundery skies 7th August 2006  back on the road again
21st August 2006  bedraggled 16th August 2006  leafy 11th June 2006  edge of the forest
29th June 2005  yellow 3rd May 2009  fields at Balquhain 27th July 2007  away from it all 2nd July 2009  wickerwoman
22nd July 2009  Flanders 3rd July 2006  last poppy 1st August 2006  any road will take you there 7th June 2006  ten thirty pm
Pict0028.jpg 14th June 2006  road from Aberdeen 9th May 2009  Broomend of Crichie 12th May 2009  to the beach
8th August 2006  nearly home 31st July 2007  steaminess DSC_0030s.jpg Pict0027.jpg
30th July 2007  nearly home DSC_0033s.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0138s.jpg
9th August 2008  daisy DSC_0016s.jpg PICT0012a.jpg DSC_0083s.jpg
9th July 2007  in the sun DSC_0130s.jpg 30th June 2008  summer night 28th August 2005 getting late
DSC_0094s.jpg 29th August 2007  stormy energy DSC_0041s.jpg PICT0056a.jpg
19th June 2006  Fetternear 10th June 2007  buttercups DSC_0133s.jpg 9th June 2007  misty
railway bridge DSC_0066s.jpg 8th July 2007  spookiness PICT0062a.jpg
17th August 2008  threat of a shower 11th July 2009  wet blanket DSC_0002s.jpg Pict0022.jpg
17th July 2005 home again PICT0003a.jpg 25th May 2009  Crovie PICT0001a.jpg
4th July 2006  misty heat PICT0064a.jpg 26th June 2005 shady DSC_0059s2.jpg
DSC_0005s.jpg 29th August 2005  a few rays The Bass, motte and bailey PICT0055a.jpg
3rd July 2007  before the downpour PICT0237a.jpg 31st May 2009  hot summer's day DSC_0074s.jpg
19th August 2005 not dark yet 7th August 2007  lemon and lime 28th July 2005  teasel 25th June 2007  The Bass
18th August 2005 Lost 4th July 2005 pedal power 2nd May 2009  stones at Balquhain PICT0053a.jpg
DSC_0057s.jpg 21st June 2005 The longest day 27th August 2007  calf at sunset grass.jpg
DSC_0067a.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg 31st July 2005  cloud factory
25th August 2007  summery evening 21st June 2007  midsummer leap 28th May 2009  Crovie
25th June 2005   teasel 26th June 2006  strange kind of wispiness DSC_0049a.jpg meeting of the waters
24th July 2005  echinops 19th August 2007  mini monarch of the meadow 7th June 2005  early to bed... 13th July 2006  Trudy
25th June 2006  River Earn PICT0015a.jpg 19th June 2005   yellow PICT0062a.jpg
29th July 2007  shower approaching Drinishadder 18th July 2006  nearly home
PICT0077a.jpg 13th June 2006  perfect summer's evening PICT0072a.jpg PICT0071a.jpg
PICT0038a.jpg DSC_0018 copy.jpg PICT0013a.jpg
12th June 2006  the peatiness 24th June 2006  climbing up on Moncrieffe Hill  parmi le foliage 2nd August 2007  by the river
Simg0002.jpg 8th September 2005 yellow 30th August 2007  going to bed early 17th July 2006  River Findhorn
PICT0059a.jpg 22nd July 2005 Berry Hill 23rd August 2005 not raining here
14th June 2005  the truth is... 27th June 2005   the cookery
28th August, a bit of brightness 30th June 2006  leaving for home 7th July 2005 Lough Eske 10th July 2005 imagine there's no telly
31st August 2005 dreaming of faraway places 8th August 2005 28th July 2007  day at the beach 30th June 2007  sorry to leave
DSC_0033a.jpg 12th July 2005 reception 21st June 2006  burst of energy
DSC_0101a.jpg Pict0023.jpg 11th June 2007  the joy of living PICT0077a.jpg
4th July, sprouting up 20th August 2006  Atlantic Salmon
14th August 2007   clouds of summer 28th July 2006  Findorn by the beach 10th August 2005 still summer
26th July 2005  the co-ordination  Leith Hall DSC_0069s.jpg
11th July 2005 St. John's Point PICT0034a.jpg Pict0023.jpg 14th August 2005 golden glow
13th September, wispy 9th June 2006  further mistiness 24th June,  wet
13th August 2005 hippy summer's day 25th August 2005 sunshine n showers PICT0006a.jpg
11th August 2005 There's many a bonny lass... 12th July, rolling in it Simg0005.jpg
thunder approaching 22nd June, a bit of peace 4th September, River Spey 6th September, shady trees