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...'and whoso sees them will assuredly marvel
by what mechanical craft or by what bodily strength stones of such bulk have been collected to one spot...'
(Hector Boece, 1527)
DSC_6220-001.jpg DSC_5765-001.jpg DSC_5061-001.jpg DSC_4950-001.jpg 13th August 2015  home again
DSC_5639-001.jpg DSC_5481-001.jpg DSC_5360-001.jpg 3rd March 2015  moonlight at the stones 15th March 2015  Ides of March
23rd March 2015  Monday evening 1st April 2015  April snow 17th April 2015  Easter Aquhorthies DSC_4234-001.jpg DSC_3696-001.jpg
DSC_3546.jpg DSC_3354-001.jpg 6th December 2014  DSC_3020-001.jpg DSC_2899-001.jpg
DSC_2291-001.jpg DSC_1568-001.jpg 16th November 2014  run DSC_1284-001.jpg 26th September 2014  flash of sun
29th September 2014  Molly, stones and a skyburst DSC_0083-2.jpg DSC_0084-003.jpg DSC_0028-001.jpg DSC_9535-001.jpg
12th July 2014  sunrise doesn't last all morning DSC_8337-001.jpg DSC_8435.jpg DSC_8416-001.jpg DSC_8418-001.jpg
DSC_8415-001.jpg DSC_8309-001.jpg DSC_8326-001.jpg DSC_8327-001.jpg DSC_8124-001.jpg
DSC_7659-001.jpg DSC_7172-001.jpg DSC_3695.jpg DSC_3767 copy.jpg 17th November 2013  sudden skyburst
DSC_2791 copy.jpg DSC_1115 copy.jpg DSC_1119 copy.jpg DSC_8238 copy.jpg DSC_8240 copy.jpg
DSC_9327-copy.jpg 14th September 2013   5 000 years 31st August 2013  Last day of August DSC_4131 copy.jpg DSC_0068 copy.jpg
DSC_0012 copy.jpg DSC_4713 copy.jpg DSC_0009 copy.jpg DSC_4593 copy.jpg DSC_2563 copy.jpg
DSC_0018 copy.jpg DSC_0078 copy.jpg DSC_0027 copy.jpg DSC_0026 copy.jpg DSC_0003 copy.jpg
DSC_0020 copy.jpg DSC_0838 copy.jpg DSC_1171 copy.jpg DSC_0031 copy.jpg DSC_2567 copy.jpg
DSC_0046 copy.jpg DSC_0848 copy.jpg 22nd September 2013 Balquhain stone circle DSC_0029 copy.jpg 12th June 2013  midsummer light
DSC_0030 copy.jpg DSC_0019 copy.jpg DSC_0089 copy.jpg 20th June 2013  midsummer night DSC_0083 copy.jpg
16th August 2013  heavy shower finishing DSC_0027 copy.jpg DSC_0029.jpg 5th August 2012  thunder approaching DSC_0090 copy.jpg
Untitled-1.jpg DSC_0019 copy.jpg DSC_0052 copy.jpg 13th August 2012  dandelions amongst the stones DSC_0087 copy.jpg
6th July 2012  summer night DSC_0023 copy.jpg DSC_0071 copy.jpg 5th March 2012  moon and stones DSC_0020 copy.jpg
DSC_0044 copy.jpg DSC_0031 copy.jpg DSC_0061 copy.jpg DSC_0030 copy.jpg DSC_0143 copy.jpg
DSC_0048 copy.jpg DSC_0077 copy.jpg 28th August 2012  end of summer DSC_0080 copy.jpg DSC_0054 copy.jpg
20th June 2011  mid summer night's dream 8th September 2011  missing the summer 18th April 2012  nearly 8 pm DSC_0073 copy.jpg 20th April 2011  hazy sunshine
11th May 2011  lots of light 3rd April 2011  stones in the distance DSC_0089 copy.jpg 22nd March 2011  spring sky 24th March 2011  stones
20th August 2011  stones at Balquhain 15th September 2011  September DSC_0085 copy.jpg DSC_0038 copy.jpg 28th March 2011  Maiden Stone
Broomend of Chrichie 2nd June 2010  light nights 26th May 2011  buttercups and sunshine DSC_0056 copy.jpg 5th April 2011  pictish stone
23rd January 2011  Loanhead of Daviot DSC_0032 copy.jpg DSC_0024 copy.jpg 11th July 2010  Bharraidh 16th August 2009   getting late
DSC_0032s.jpg DSC_0020 copy.jpg DSC_0041s.jpg DSC_0032 copy2.jpg 15th August 2010  pictish stone
DSC_0112copy.jpg DSC_0044 copy.jpg 8th September 2009  milky light 24th May 2011  showers DSC_0012 copy.jpg
13th March 2010  equinox approaching 19th July 2010  late sun 11th June 2010  late sun 1st May 2010  mayday DSC_0009s.jpg
stones.jpg DSC_0050 copy.jpg DSC_0029 copy.jpg DSC_0044 copy.jpg DSC_0062 copy.jpg
31st October 2009  Halloween Balquhain DSC_0076 copy.jpg 31st March 2009  balmy DSC_0064s.jpg
28th August 2009  stormy 18th May 2009  clearing DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0034s2.jpg DSC_0020s.jpg
26th December 2008  frosty night DSC_0097s.jpg stonessmall.jpg 27th August 2009  storm washed 26th May 2009  stones
17th April 2020  big clouds DSC_0117s.jpg DSC_0030s.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg 29th June 2009  sun dips behind the hill
25th August 2010  late summer evening DSC_0080s.jpg 28th December 2008  another frosty night DSC_0006s.jpg 14th September 2009  stones at Balquhain
DSC_0021 copy.jpg DSC_0059 copy.jpg DSC_0015s.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg 24th March 2009  stones
21st December 2009  Winter Solstice DSC_0038 copy.jpg DSC_0005s.jpg DSC_0051s.jpg DSC_0160s.jpg
DSC_0011s.jpg 27th October 2008  Maidenstone DSC_0034s.jpg 12th March 2008  stormy 30th March 2009  shadowy
4th May 2010  chilly DSC_0083s.jpg 15th March 2010  Ides of March 25th June 2008  stones DSC_0029 copy.jpg
19th May 2008  shadow DSC_0032 copy.jpg DSC_0069s.jpg DSC_0071s.jpg 15th May 2009   rain coming
DSC_0046s.jpg 23rd September 2009  mystery of the stones DSC_0033s.jpg DSC_0056s.jpg DSC_0037s.jpg
23rd June 2010  summer night 20th June 2010  shortest night DSC_0035s.jpg DSC_0042s.jpg 22nd November 2008  5000 winters
DSC_0028s.jpg DSC_0003 copy.jpg DSC_0030copy.jpg DSC_0043s.jpg 9th May 2009  Broomend of Crichie
20th June 2008  midsummer night DSC_0070s.jpg 17th June 2008  lateness of the hour 18th May 2006  wispy sky DSC_0067s2.jpg
30th June 2008  summer night DSC_0101s.jpg 18th January 2008  misty light DSC_0029s.jpg 10th October 2007  last light at the stones
DSC_0066s.jpg 1st March 2009  green shoots DSC_0016s.jpg DSC_0031.jpg DSC_0049s.jpg
DSC_0011s.jpg 2nd February 2006 restorative walk to the stones 26th November 2006  still there 9th June 2008  late evening 10th February 2007  winter arrives
DSC_0068s.jpg DSC_0007s2.jpg 8th April 2007  windy day 17th February 2008  celestial glow 18th October 2007  frost tonight
5th May 2009  clouds building 31st May 2009  hot summer's day 2nd December 2007  Broomend of Crichie 2nd May 2009  stones at Balquhain 6th February 2007  Easter Aquhorthies
27th February 2006 Tomnaverie 31st May 2007  well washed 26th May 2008  springtime at the stones PICT0003a.jpg
6th October 2007  chocolate lab 9th February 2008  Orion DSC_0023s.jpg 5th May 2008  stones at Balquhain
DSC_0050b.jpg PICT0010a.jpg 28th April 2006  that Friday feeling PICT0007a.jpg 15th September 2006  Balquhain stones
4th October 2006  panorama 26th April 2008  unexpected skyburst DSC_0037s.jpg Balquhain stones
pano2x.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg DSC_0045S.jpg 23rd December 2005 rainbows DSC_0108s.jpg
Pict0071a.jpg stonecloud.jpg Maiden Stone 30.March, stone circle at Daviot 6th September 2007  late summer
DSC_0015a.jpg PICT0010a.jpg 10th August  2006  cool and showery PICT0052a.jpg
PICT0047a.jpg 3rd June 2008  rain clearing away SIMG0014a.jpg moon.jpg
moonstone2.jpg 17th April, home at last 19th September 2006  different day, different mood 1st July 2005 Easter Aquhorthies 10th January 2005,
30th September 2005 one that got away 22nd March 2007  spring arrived today 22nd January 2008  late start DSC_0063s.jpg PICT0111a.jpg
14th April 2005, early present 2nd November, children of the stones 24th December 2007  blue moon PICT0022a.jpg
27th August, washed out... 17th November, winter approaches... PICT0011x3.jpg 29th September 2005 whispers from previous times DSC_0021s.jpg
Picardy Stone 17dec11.jpg DSC_0019s.jpg Pict0016.jpg
DSC_0053s.jpg stones4.jpg 19th November 2005 more ice Pict0055a.jpg
1st August 2005 Easter Aquorthies
Pict0023.jpg Pict0021.jpg 14th April, stone circle 2nd May 2005
24th February 2006 Loanhead of Daviot Easter Aquorthies PICT0109a.jpg
21st February 2005, chasing clouds PICT0012a.jpg 31st December 2003 PICT0035a.jpg
19th February 2005, Maiden Stone 22nd May    pictish stone 22nd June, a bit of peace 25th June, crop circle!
30th November, heaven's above 9th May 2005 the tranquility