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at the beach

8th February 2015  the seaside DSC_2498-001.jpg DSC_2474-001.jpg DSC_2489-001.jpg
19th October 2014  Findhorn 13th August 2013  secret beach DSC_0414-001.jpg DSC_0466.jpg
DSC_9112-001.jpg DSC_8216-001.jpg DSC_4584-001.jpg 5th October 2013  at the beach
DSC_1481 copy.jpg DSC_5399 copy.jpg DSC_5407 copy.jpg 16th October 2012  Last bit of sunshine
DSC_2650 copy.jpg DSC_2445 copy.jpg DSC_2437 copy.jpg DSC_1083 copy.jpg
DSC_1094 copy.jpg DSC_0095 copy.jpg DSC_0105 copy.jpg DSC_1062 copy.jpg
1st August 2012  Findhorn 9th August 2012  a last look DSC_0223 copy.jpg DSC_0225 copy.jpg
9th May 2012  to the beach 13th May 2012  Mouth of the River Don DSC_0196 copy.jpg DSC_0047 copy.jpg
DSC_0066 copy.jpg DSC_0040 copy.jpg DSC_0074 copy.jpg DSC_0058 copy.jpg
DSC_0114 copy.jpg DSC_0041 copy.jpg DSC_0140 copy.jpg DSC_0101 copy.jpg
DSC_0108 copy.jpg DSC_0182 copy.jpg DSC_0184 copy.jpg DSC_0052 copy.jpg
DSC_0056 copy.jpg DSC_0043 copy.jpg DSC_0111 copy.jpg DSC_0084 copy.jpg
DSC_0085 copy.jpg DSC_0046 copy.jpg DSC_0078 copy.jpg DSC_0073s.jpg
DSC_0044 copy.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg 4th April 2011  To the beach DSC_0168 copy.jpg
DSC_0033 copy.jpg DSC_0126 copy.jpg DSC_0177 copy.jpg DSC_0127 copy.jpg
DSC_0008 copy.jpg DSC_0118 copy.jpg DSC_0019 copy.jpg DSC_0147 copy.jpg
DSC_0017 copy.jpg DSC_0025 copy.jpg DSC_0071 copy.jpg DSC_0068 copy.jpg
DSC_0035 copy.jpg DSC_0175 copy.jpg DSC_0144 copy.jpg DSC_0077 copy.jpg
DSC_0124 copy.jpg DSC_0033 copy.jpg DSC_0113 copy.jpg DSC_0157 copy.jpg
DSC_0030 copy.jpg DSC_0180 copy.jpg DSC_0164 copy.jpg DSC_0039 copy.jpg
DSC_0134 copy.jpg DSC_0139 copy.jpg DSC_0358 copy.jpg DSC_0012 copy.jpg
DSC_0247 copy.jpg DSC_0030s.jpg DSC_0080s.jpg DSC_0105 copy.jpg
DSC_0061 copy.jpg DSC_0080 copy.jpg DSC_0218 copy.jpg DSC_0138 copy.jpg
DSC_0058 copy.jpg DSC_0075 copy.jpg DSC_0131 copy.jpg DSC_0047 copy.jpg
DSC_0109 copy.jpg DSC_0119s.jpg DSC_0166 copy.jpg DSC_0208 copy.jpg
DSC_0074s.jpg DSC_0195 copy.jpg DSC_0120 copy.jpg DSC_0106 copy.jpg
DSC_0108 copy.jpg DSC_0160 copy.jpg DSC_0049s.jpg DSC_0071s.jpg
DSC_0125 copy.jpg DSC_0056 copy.jpg DSC_0069 copy.jpg DSC_0067 copy.jpg
DSC_0252 copy.jpg DSC_0176 copy.jpg DSC_0086 copy.jpg DSC_0013 copy.jpg
6th April 2009  Cnoc nan sgliat DSC_0139 copy.jpg Untitled-2.jpg DSC_0084 copy.jpg
DSC_0032 copy.jpg DSC_0128 copy.jpg DSC_0134 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg
DSC_0191s.jpg DSC_0046s.jpg DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0057s.jpg
DSC_0060 copy.jpg DSC_0141 copy.jpg DSC_0115 copy.jpg DSC_0092 copy.jpg
DSC_0065s.jpg DSC_0060 copy.jpg DSC_0030s.jpg DSC_0124 copy.jpg
DSC_0002s.jpg DSC_0182 copy.jpg DSC_0050 copy.jpg DSC_0142s.jpg
7th August 2008  Balnakiel DSC_0034s.jpg DSC_0071 copy.jpg DSC_0015 copy.jpg
DSC_0091s.jpg 3rd April 2009  heading off DSC_0054s.jpg DSC_0018s2.jpg
DSC_0113 copy.jpg DSC_0085 copy.jpg DSC_0064 copy.jpg DSC_0174 copy.jpg
DSC_0006 copy.jpg DSC_0068 copy.jpg 4th July 2009  by the sea DSC_0130 copy.jpg
DSC_0001s.jpg DSC_0114 copy.jpg DSC_0064 copy.jpg DSC_0074s.jpg
DSC_0099 copy.jpg DSC_0137 copy.jpg DSC_0091s.jpg DSC_0197 copy.jpg
DSC_0021s1.jpg DSC_0154 copy.jpg DSC_0091copy.jpg DSC_0255 copy.jpg
DSC_0022s.jpg 17th July 2008  Boulogne DSC_0158 copy.jpg DSC_0184s.jpg
DSC_0134s.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg DSC_0062s.jpg
J4100001.jpg 14th August 2008  leap DSC_0013s.jpg 5th July 2009  sangomore
25th September 2007  stormy 27th December 2007  day out at the beach DSC_0049s.jpg
10th December 2006  restful 13th May 2007  wintry
DSC_0043s.jpg 30th July 2007  nearly home
6th July 2008  blue lagoon DSC_0012s.jpg 18th February 2007  another day at the beach
DSC_0083s.jpg 15th January 2006 North Sea breeze DSC_0029s.jpg 6th August 2008  Kyle of Tongue
DSC_0025s.jpg PICT0017a.jpg
16th February 2007  windy day at the beach PICT0139a.jpg
DSC_0040s2.jpg 25th March 2008  Coldbackie DSC_0194s.jpg
DSC_0019s.jpg DSC_0021s.jpg DSC_0113s.jpg
PICT0053a.jpg DSC_0162 copy.jpg DSC_0055s.jpg PICT0020a.jpg
5th July 2007  looking for puffins PICT0092a.jpg 11th February 2007  stormy
PICT0046a.jpg PICT0124a.jpg
PICT0068a.jpg 3rd February 2007  down at the beach
PICT0067a.jpg 16th June 2007  just us
12th June 2006  the peatiness DSC_0005s.jpg
WW2 look-out post 4th November 2007  sunny day at the beach DSC_0003s.jpg
PICT0079a.jpg PICT0196a.jpg 19th April 2006  silver lining
28th July 2007  day at the beach 18th November 2006  tide is out
DSC_0070s.jpg 4th June 2005  a day at the beach...
13th January 2007  not the Singing Butler PICT0077a.jpg PICT0045x.jpg
13th May 2005 wrecktastic 11th February 2006 incredible hulk
Fog Horn PICT0004x.jpg DSC_0017s.jpg
28th July 2006  Findorn by the beach PICT0199a.jpg 26th December 2005 wispy heralds of snow
9th July 2006  La Mer,  Qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs 20th February 2005,
PICT0006a.jpg seaside2.jpg
22nd October, watching the boats Crovie 11th November 2005 rough seas
5th April  Sutherland coast PICT0191a.jpg
15th October, 'ducks n drakes' 6th July, Whisky Galore Mercedes