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DSC_4119-001.jpg DSC_2583-001.jpg DSC_8029-001.jpg DSC_7785.jpg
17th December 2013  mistletoe DSC_1342 copy.jpg DSC_1341 copy.jpg DSC_0872 copy.jpg
DSC_8942-copy.jpg DSC_6204 copy.jpg DSC_4254 copy.jpg DSC_3997 copy.jpg
DSC_3116 copy.jpg DSC_3035 copy.jpg DSC_2929 copy.jpg 1st July 2012  Brave
DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0015 copy.jpg DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0044 copy.jpg
DSC_0011 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg DSC_0072 copy.jpg DSC_0056 copy.jpg
DSC_0068 copy.jpg DSC_0074 copy.jpg DSC_0139 copy.jpg bw.jpg
17th February 2012  Turriff Tackle DSC_0017 copy.jpg DSC_0015 copysmallbw.jpg DSC_0022 copy.jpg
DSC_0028 copy.jpg 3rd February 2012  intruder window 3rd March 2012  red legs DSC_0111 copy.jpg
blackening Red Cross Pipers, IEPER pirhana DSC_0003 copy small.jpg
DSC_0079 copy.jpg DSC_0103copy.jpg DSC_0127 copy.jpg DSC_0074copy.jpg
DSC_0031 copy.jpg DSC_0045 copysmall.jpg DSC_0095 copy.jpg DSC_0059copy.jpg
27th August 2011  pooch crossing DSC_0104copy.jpg DSC_0130 copy.jpg DSC_0078copy.jpg
DSC_0060copy.jpg DSC_0065copy.jpg DSC_0047 copysmall.jpg 13th November 2009  in the thick of it
DSC_0117 copysmall.jpg DSC_0182 copysmall.jpg DSC_0012 copysmall.jpg DSC_0138 copy.jpg
metal27small.jpg 19th September 2008  Macpherson's Rant Boulogne DSC_0182 copysmall.jpg
DSC_0286 copysmall.jpg Boulogne Dover DSC_0139 copysmall.jpg
DSC_0005 copysmall.jpg DSC_0223 copy.jpg metal26small.jpg metal22small.jpg
DSC_0109 copysmall.jpg DSC_0272 copysmall.jpg 13th June 2009  closing time Untitled-2.jpg
DSC_0257 copysmall.jpg DSC_0245 copysmall.jpg DSC_0083 copysmall.jpg DSC_0174 copysmall.jpg
DSC_0037 copysmall.jpg DSC_0095 copysmall.jpg DSC_0079 copysmall.jpg DSC_0066 copysmall.jpg
Dover DSC_0094 copy.jpg DSC_0057s.jpg DSC_0170 copy.jpg
DSC_0023 copy.jpg DSC_0047 copy.jpg DSC_0242 copysmall.jpg DSC_0098 copysmall.jpg
29th November 2010  snowstorm DSC_0061 copysmall.jpg DSC_0143copy.jpg Alex Salmond SNP
DSC_0080 copysmall.jpg 29th April 2009  bubbly DSC_0030s.jpg DSC_0048 copysmall.jpg
DSC_0060 copy.jpg DSC_0258 copysmall.jpg DSC_0368 copysmall.jpg Alex SalmondSNP
DSC_0027 copysmall.jpg DSC_0327 copy.jpg DSC_0128 copysmall.jpg DSC_0224 copy.jpg
28th December 2007  out shopping DSC_0181 copysmall.jpg DSC_0297 copy.jpg DSC_0072 copysmall.jpg
metal14small.jpg finished DSC_0240 copysmall.jpg DSC_0014 copy.jpg
George Baxter Green Party Near the Quirinal Palace DSC_0060 copysmall.jpg DSC_0212s.jpg
24th May 2008  sunshine DSC_0024 copy.jpg DSC_0091copy.jpg 13th July 2008  Dover
DSC_0350 copy.jpg DSC_0040 copy.jpg 16th April 2008  catalogue men DSC_0119 copysmall.jpg
DSC_0053s.jpg Nora Radcliffe Liberal Democrat Quirinale DSC_0028s.jpg
DSC_0095 copy 2.jpg DSC_0227s.jpg DSC_0077 copy.jpg 3rd June 2007  misty day at the coast
DSC_0061 copy.jpg DSC_0220s.jpg 11th October 2007  top of a mountain DSC_0078 copy.jpg
DSC_0013s.jpg DSC_0082 copy.jpg DSC_0054s.jpg DSC_0038s.jpg
DSC_0027s.jpg DSC_0057s.jpg DSC_0059s.jpg 15th June 2007  Beatlesque
DSC_0004s.jpg 23rd June 2007  kids at a wedding DSC_0043s.jpg Charles and Canilla
DSC_0019s.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg 6th August 2007  at a meeting DSC_0016s.jpg
18th February 2007  another day at the beach DSC_0084s.jpg DSC_0023s.jpg DSC_0002s.jpg
TV celeb rivals  Labour and SNP 4th May 2008  pictish guy SNP  Party Leader
11th April 2007  La mer a bercé mon cœur pour la vie. 25th May 2005   diva Prince Charles DSC_0017s.jpg
19th April 2007  seven women, four men DSC_0031s.jpg DSC_0067s.jpg
18th August 2007  Scottish Harp 13th July 2006  Trudy 12th October 2006  surfer PICT0007s.jpg
DSC_0110s.jpg 18th October 2006  the hub 14th January, trouble at t'mill DSC_0031s.jpg
2nd August 2007  by the river Alex Salmond SNP 9th October 2006  three wise monkeys 3rd August 2006  Isle of Bute
17th March 2006  last snow of winter 4th August 2006  big day! 15th October 2006  Loch Morlich
13th January 2007  not the Singing Butler Steornabhagh Dunnottar Castle 21st October, surf's up
13th August 2006  back to the fifties Stone Fidella
:: Stone Fidella ::
Meetings with the First Minister
:: Meetings with the First Minister ::
Scottish Parliament Election
:: Scottish Parliament Election ::
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