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2nd July 2017  anchor DSC_0830-001.jpg DSC_8534-001.jpg 27th July 2016  cumulo nimbus over the loco works
19th July 2017  loco works 21st May 2016  chicken noodle soup DSC_3968-003.jpg DSC_3946-001.jpg
DSC_3960-001.jpg 17th December 2014  early start 15th October 2014  bend in the river 4th July 2014  passing shower
6th July 2014  painting 25th  October 2013  raining 27th October 2013  Bishops' Palace 24th November 2013  St Andrew's day
26th November 2013  stilts 26th November 2012  November afternoon 25th November 2012  ex terra lucem 15th September 2012 <open air
29th September 2012  tomato soup 30th September 2012  Old Post Office 3rd February 2012  intruder window 3rd December 2011  December snow on the cards
4th December 2011  snow coming 30th December 2011  River Don 6th November 2011  River Don 4th November 2011  nearly home
DSC_0040 copy.jpg 15th October 2011  Kilted Frog 19th October 2011  stormy DSC_0004 copy.jpg
DSC_0003 copy.jpg DSC_0064 copy.jpg DSC_0002 copy.jpg DSC_0018 copy.jpg
DSC_0011 copy.jpg 28th June 2011  sunny day 28th November 2010  St Andrew's day 23rd October 2010  October
7th November 2010  sunny November weather 26th October 2010  not black and white 12th November 2010  red sky warning 21st December 2009  Winter Solstice
2nd March 2008  locomotive works 1st July 2010  misty 10th January 2008  paper mill at night DSC_0075 copy.jpg
DSC_0043s.jpg 15th March 2008  strawberry nibbler 18th March 2008  winter is holding on DSC_0049s.jpg
DSC_0046s.jpg DSC_0029s.jpg PICT0010s.jpg DSC_0059s.jpg
DSC_0024s.jpg The Bass, motte and bailey DSC_0036s.jpg DSC_0069s.jpg
PICT0237a.jpg DSC_0020s.jpg DSC_0037s.jpg 29th March 2008  Thainstone House
31st July 2005  cloud factory DSC_0025s.jpg DSC_0056s.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg
DSC_0049a.jpg meeting of the waters PICT0069.JPG DSC_0001s.jpg
DSC_0049s2.jpg PICT0077a.jpg DSC_0082s2.jpg 6th May 2005 Open Air
DSC_0052s.jpg DSC_0037s.jpg PICT0072a.jpg PICT0074a.jpg
PICT0071a.jpg PICT0013a.jpg PICT0026xx.jpg DSC_0009s.jpg
PICT0029a.jpg PICT0023.JPG PICT0059a.jpg  Insch
DSC_0047s.jpg Fetternear DSC_0133s.jpg
22nd April 2005 ahoy there DSC_0063s.jpg 27th April 2005 Fetternear
25th April 2005, misty sunshine 25th February 2005, time for launch 16th September 2005 road home DSC_0021s.jpg
7th November, a walk by the river 19th September 2005 ghosts 7th September, perfect stillness 5th April 2005, Glenfiddich distillery
Pittodrie House 10th August 2005 still summer 26th September, Guardian Angel... DSC_0054s.jpg
Thainstone House DSC_0069s.jpg 4th September 2005 September morn  Leith Hall
Pict0002.jpg  Dunnideer Pict0023.jpg
PICT0034a.jpg DSC_0056s2.jpg 22nd July, empty! Castle Fraser
Pict0055a.jpg Castle Fraser DSC_0042s.jpg Simg0012.jpg
the calf at bay 31st May 2005   lost track of time Pict0023.jpg Easter Aquorthies
2nd May 2005
Benachie 25th August 2005 sunshine n showers 2nd September 2005 the convenience
PICT0016a.jpg 30th May 2005 another long walk 2jan0521a.jpg
31st December 2003 13th May, stuck inside a cloud 3rd April 2005, green and misty DSC_0012s.jpg
Pict0057a.jpg 29th March 2005 14th February 2005, home again! 17th June 2005  bishop's palace
Dunnideer 2nd March 2005, turning chilly
19th February 2005, Maiden Stone 28th December, icy winds Castle Fraser
22nd May    pictish stone PICT0025a.jpg 17th May 2005  time for bed thunder approaching
27th August 2005 the laziness 2jan0520a.jpg 20th November, Tarland Pict0019.jpg
Balquain Castle
near Monymusk 26th May 2005 a long walk winter picnic
2nd January 2005, 19th December, tranquility 28th April 2005 the windiness...
Craigievar Castle
17th February 2005, another skyburst Harthill Castle, Oyne Castle Fraser
31st October, ghostly tree 2nd April 2005, enchanted forest 9th May 2005 the tranquility