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DSC_5011-2.jpg DSC_4376-2.jpg DSC_4366-2.jpg DSC_4362-2.jpg
3rd June 2017  Findhorn 18th June 2017  Father's Day Findhorn DSC_1517-001.jpg DSC_1510-001.jpg
DSC_1504-001.jpg DSC_1492-001.jpg DSC_1489-001.jpg DSC_1488-001.jpg
DSC_1484-001.jpg DSC_1470-001.jpg DSC_1464-001.jpg DSC_1441-001.jpg
DSC_1436-001.jpg DSC_1432-001.jpg DSC_1428-001.jpg DSC_1427-001.jpg
DSC_1420-001.jpg DSC_0979-001.jpg DSC_0978-001.jpg DSC_0975-001.jpg
11th July 2015  La Boheme 12th July 2015  last poppies DSC_5975-001.jpg DSC_5972-001.jpg
DSC_5971-001.jpg 19th October 2014  Findhorn DSC_0594-001.jpg DSC_0595-001.jpg
DSC_9100-001.jpg DSC_9083-001.jpg 29th June 2014  Findhorn DSC_7963.jpg
DSC_7959.jpg DSC_7956-001.jpg DSC_7954-001.jpg DSC_7953-001.jpg
DSC_7950-001.jpg DSC_7949-001.jpg DSC_5826-001.jpg DSC_5840-001.jpg
DSC_5841-001.jpg DSC_5872-001.jpg DSC_5874-001.jpg DSC_5877-001.jpg
DSC_5879-001.jpg DSC_5881-001.jpg DSC_5883-001.jpg DSC_5885-001.jpg
DSC_4562-001.jpg DSC_4586-001.jpg DSC_4564-001.jpg DSC_4555-001.jpg
DSC_4547-001.jpg DSC_4552-001.jpg DSC_4584-001.jpg DSC_4544-001.jpg
9th August 2013  Findhorn Bay DSC_8345-copy.jpg DSC_8315-copy.jpg 3rd February 2013  Findhorn Bay
11th February 2013  Monday at the beach 24th February 2013  three seasons DSC_6493 copy.jpg DSC_6475 copy.jpg
DSC_6276 copy.jpg DSC_6275 copy.jpg DSC_6263 copy.jpg DSC_6236 copy.jpg
DSC_6206 copy.jpg DSC_6202 copy.jpg DSC_6201 copy.jpg DSC_6200 copy.jpg
DSC_6238 copy.jpg DSC_6197 copy.jpg DSC_6189 copy.jpg DSC_6184 copy.jpg
DSC_6180 copy.jpg DSC_5407 copy.jpg DSC_5399 copy.jpg DSC_5390 copy.jpg
DSC_5383 copy.jpg DSC_5373 copy.jpg DSC_5372 copy.jpg DSC_2445 copy.jpg
DSC_2437 copy.jpg DSC_1508 copy.jpg DSC_1495 copy.jpg DSC_1492 copy.jpg
DSC_1109 copy.jpg DSC_1108 copy.jpg DSC_1107 copy.jpg 1st August 2012  Findhorn
4th June 2012  Findhorn 18th May 2008  Findhorn Bay 28th July 2006  Findorn by the beach 17th July 2006  River Findhorn