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black n white

DSC_9500-001.jpg 18th December 2016  High Pressure 24th December 2016  Christmas Eve 7th January 2017  winter warmth
DSC_8519-001.jpg DSC_8198-001.jpg DSC_8204-001.jpg DSC_7529-001.jpg
DSC_6995-001.jpg DSC_6969-001.jpg DSC_6681-001.jpg DSC_6659-001.jpg
16th July 2016  on the roof 27th July 2016  cumulo nimbus over the loco works DSC_4490-001.jpg DSC_6415-001.jpg
DSC_6386-001.jpg DSC_6385-001.jpg DSC_6336-001.jpg 11th June 2016  11PM
DSC_6150-001.jpg 8th April 2016  Crovie 1st May 2016  Maiden Stone 2nd May 2016  mayday
DSC_4424-001.jpg 26th March 2016  at the beach DSC_4196-001.jpg DSC_2421-001.jpg
DSC_2418-001.jpg DSC_2260-001.jpg DSC_2224-001.jpg DSC_2218-003.jpg
DSC_2276-001.jpg DSC_2293-001.jpg DSC_2057-003.jpg DSC_1957-001.jpg
DSC_1895-001.jpg DSC_1804-001.jpg DSC_1720-001.jpg DSC_1719-003.jpg
DSC_1717-003.jpg DSC_0499-001.jpg 29th August 2015  how dairy 5th July 2015  day at the beach
23rd July 2015  the road goes on forever DSC_7404-001.jpg DSC_7403-001.jpg DSC_5895-001.jpg
DSC_5820-001.jpg 10th May 2015  Castle Fraser Leith Hall 29th April 2015  cold wind
DSC_4551-001.jpg 15th March 2015  Ides of March 23rd March 2015  Monday evening 4th February 2015  walk in the park
13th February 2015  misty DSC_3745-001.jpg Dunnotar Castle DSC_3445-001.jpg
12th January 2015  faded pink rose 13th January 2015  light of the candle 25th January 2015  icy road through the forest DSC_2542-001.jpg
DSC_2418-001.jpg DSC_2337-001.jpg DSC_2331-001.jpg DSC_2153-001.jpg
DSC_2075-001.jpg DSC_1732-001.jpg DSC_1521-001.jpg 16th November 2014  run
20th November 2014  silver machine 26th October 2014  beech DSC_0639-002.jpg DSC_0596-001.jpg
DSC_0511-001.jpg DSC_0510-001.jpg DSC_0507-001.jpg DSC_0452-001.jpg
DSC_0506-001.jpg DSC_3767 copy.jpg DSC_8309-001.jpg DSC_0084-003.jpg
DSC_0083-2.jpg DSC_0426-001.jpg DSC_0421-001.jpg DSC_0418-001.jpg
DSC_0205-001.jpg DSC_7583-001.jpg DSC_8831-2.jpg DSC_8779-001.jpg
DSC_8820-001.jpg DSC_8539-001.jpg DSC_8540-002.jpg DSC_8510-001.jpg
DSC_8467-001.jpg DSC_8408-001.jpg DSC_8417-001.jpg DSC_8400-001.jpg
DSC_8375-001.jpg DSC_8377-001.jpg DSC_8233-001.jpg DSC_8268-001.jpg
DSC_8374-001.jpg 24th May 2014  misty 27th April 2014  books upon my shelf DSC_4627-001.jpg
15th January 2014  train has left the station DSC_6285 copy.jpg 19th November 2013  first snow DSC_3772 copy.jpg
DSC_2931 copy.jpg 29th April 2013  bright sunlight and showers 28th April 2013  Cumulonimbus DSC_1108 copy.jpg
DSC_1101 copy.jpg DSC_1030 copy.jpg DSC_0215 copy.jpg DSC_6043 copy.jpg
DSC_8302 copy.jpg 14th May 2013  big skies 5th May 2013  Findhorn heritage centre DSC_8240 copy.jpg
DSC_7128 copy.jpg DSC_6906 copy.jpg 1st February 2013  dog tired 16th February 2013  sad house
18th February 2013  Sunny Monday DSC_6434 copy.jpg DSC_6320 copy.jpg DSC_6200 copy2.jpg
DSC_6124 copy.jpg DSC_6118 copy.jpg DSC_5867 copy.jpg DSC_5863 copy.jpg
DSC_1925 copy.jpg DSC_3909 copy.jpg 25th January 2013  buried chessman DSC_0317 copy.jpg
11th January 2013  Friday night dinner 10th January 2013  dream catcher 5th January 2013   westerly winds 8th January 2013  giant prawn
bw.jpg DSC_0015 copysmallbw.jpg DSC_0072 copy2.jpg DSC_0306 copy.jpg
DSC_0292 copy.jpg 22nd April 2011  Good Friday DSC_0066 copy.jpg DSC_0124 copy.jpg
DSC_0085 copy.jpg 24th March 2011  stones 5th April 2010  stormy weather approaching 24th November 2008  icy morning
electric DSC_0024 copy.jpg 5th April 2011  pictish stone 13th June 2009  closing time
23rd January 2011  Loanhead of Daviot DSC_0016s.jpg DSC_0067s.jpg 17th July 2010  snooze
22nd June 2009  steep hill DSC_0112s.jpg DSC_0040 copy.jpg 29th November 2010  snowstorm
DSC_0029s.jpg DSC_0050s.jpg DSC_0142s.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg
DSC_0044 copy.jpg DSC_0109 copy.jpg 21st February 2010  speedy DSC_0117 copy.jpg
DSC_0025s.jpg Balquhain DSC_0072s.jpg DSC_0112s.jpg
28th March 2010  lost hour DSC_0029 copy.jpg DSC_0003s.jpg DSC_0024s.jpg
22nd April 2008  stones are listening 2nd March 2010  sunny DSC_0156 copy.jpg DSC_0088 copy.jpg
18th May 2009  clearing DSC_0069s.jpg DSC_0076 copy.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg
DSC_0018s.jpg winter beach DSC_0017s.jpg DSC_0056s.jpg
2nd February 2010  grip of winter DSC_0047s.jpg DSC_0042s.jpg DSC_0071sbw.jpg
DSC_0024s.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0032s.jpg DSC_0005s.jpg
DSC_0030s.jpg DSC_0043s.jpg PICT0017a.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg
20th March 2010  boiinnnNNng DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0114s.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg
23rd April 2008  raining DSC_0077s.jpg DSC_0047s.jpg DSC_0007s.jpg
DSC_0074s.jpg 24th February 2010  snow fairies DSC_0063s.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg
bubbles.jpg PICT0033s.jpg 2nd November 2007  down by the sea DSC_0134s.jpg
DSC_0184s.jpg 31st July 2010  Bishop's Palace DSC_0030s.jpg 13th November 2007  Lido
21st February 2007  tired eyes 19th April 2010   north wind DSC_0034xS.jpg PICT0049a.jpg
DSC_0048s.jpg 5th November 2007  The Last Resort DSC_0032s.jpg DSC_0010s2.jpg
4th April 2007  sky at Oyne 20th July 2007  Time plays tricks on your memory DSC_0010s.jpg DSC_0084s2.jpg
DSC_0087s2.jpg DSC_0020s.jpg 22nd November 2008  5000 winters Pict0007a.jpg
DSC_0018sbw.jpg 24th December 2006  frosty Christmas Eve 31-jul.jpg PICT0010x.jpg
DSC_0074s.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg PICT0007x.jpg DSC_0003s.jpg
DSC_0079s.jpg PICT0003a.jpg 23rd June 2006  exude, baby DSC_0056s.jpg
PICT0004a.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0042s.jpg PICT0009z.jpg
PICT0002a.jpg PICT0017a.jpg 18th February 2007  another day at the beach 29th July, holiday fever
15th February 2008  1746 DSC_0044s.jpg 5th June 2006  old things wearing well DSC_0060s.jpg
DSC_0101s.jpg PICT0064a.jpg PICT0039z.jpg DSC_0008s.jpg
DSC_0020s.jpg 21st May 2006  resting up 15th June 2006  the preacher was right PICT0077a.jpg
DSC_0016s.jpg PICT0006a.jpg 16th February 2007  windy day at the beach 30th November 2007  further rain
DSC_0196 copybw.jpg PICT0139a.jpg 9th February 2007  icy sky 4th July 2007  the road north
28th February 2010  first footprints 25th May 2005   diva DSC_0080s.jpg 7th January 2007  the party's over
DSC_0068s.jpg 4th July 2005 pedal power DSC_0019s.jpg 24th January 2007  good insulation
DSC_0021s.jpg DSC_0015s.jpg 27th November 2007  chapeau 13th April 2006  frothy
6th November 2007  welcome home 6th February 2007  Easter Aquhorthies Prince Charles 15th April 2008  ten
10th January 2007  heat seeking PICT0013s.jpg 21st June 2007  midsummer leap 22nd March 2006  let me drink my hot chocolate in peace
PICT0156a.jpg DSC_0034x.jpg 25th June 2005   teasel PICT0012a.jpg
23rd January 2007  Strathisla DSC_0001s.jpg meeting of the waters 24th July 2005  echinops
DSC_0078s.jpg DSC_0031s.jpg 7th April 2005, energy! DSC_0049s2.jpg
24jan2a.jpg 5th January 2007  wakey, wakey 11th November 2007  trees in the wind 11th May 2006  leap
 off down the road PICT0086a.jpg DSC_0050b.jpg 12th March 2006  bringing it all back home
9th July 2005 the wobbliness 14th April 2008  Castle Fraser  reflections 25th July 2005 on tiptoes
PICT0056a.jpg 25th January 2007  hot spot 29th July 2007  shower approaching 17th January 2007  some winter sun
3rd February 2007  down at the beach 26th January 2007  warm feet 30th January 2007  sunshine Drinishadder
1st July 2007  fog on the hill 20th November 2007  further rain PICT0037a.jpg PICT0067a.jpg
PICT0072a.jpg PICT0071a.jpg 16th June 2007  just us DSC_0031s.jpg
birthday.jpg  parmi le foliage haircut1a.jpg 18th January 2007  Sunray
17th March 2005, clouds pano2x.jpg 27th April 2006  thanks! 22nd April 2006  Grandad
17th April 2005, just the two of us 27th May 2005  a short walk 6th November, sleepy... 10th July, top up
22nd July 2005 Berry Hill PICT0177a.jpg 1st March 2005, nearly Spring? 20th June 2006  midsummer light
31st July, Mosey's Birthday DSC_0003s.jpg 12th September 2006  summer continues 7th March 2005, Aiden
8th Oct, in town stonecloud.jpg DSC_0087s.jpg PICT0082a.jpg
9th March 2006  au printemps dan le jardin 27th June 2005   the cookery Crovie 15th February, wheels within wheels
20th January 2007  turning colder 23rd April 2006  sheepish 13th March 2006  frothy 31st January 2007  drizzly mist
PICT0010a.jpg PICT0047a.jpg 14th April 2006  more frothiness PICT0052a.jpg
coffee4.jpg 10th January 2006  not alone anymore DSC_0050sbw.jpg 27th November 2006  all the leaves are gone
31st August 2005 dreaming of faraway places 28th July 2007  day at the beach DSC_0083s.jpg 26th March 2006  out to launch
17th March 2006  last snow of winter DSC_0024s.jpg 12th December 2006  wintry shower approaching 1st July 2005 Easter Aquhorthies
14th January 2007  Duff House 20th October 2006  North Sea weather 21st June 2006  burst of energy 22nd April 2005 ahoy there
Simg0015.jpg 19th January 2007  barrel mountain 4th August 2006  big day! 15th September, shearing time
18th December 2006  getting colder PICT0111a.jpg  27 degrees 25th August, Hatten är din (ner)
tree.jpg Steornabhagh ali barber 5th September 2005 early start
23rd September, well trodden path PICT0022a.jpg oak 1st February 2007  Titanic
11th February 2006 incredible hulk 4th November 2005 moi 5th October 2006  new bed PICT0121a.jpg
PICT0055a.jpg DSC_0138s.jpg 6th November 2005 Kinkell Church 27th May 2006  outlook showery
7th May   is Len in?  in the garden 16th October 2006  detour 23rd January,  a glimpse of sun
PICT0009a.jpg Balmoral Castle 15th January 2005, I promised a story
16th June 2005 the chuckliness 11th July 2005 St. John's Point Fraser Castle
27th December, storm coming 26th October, time for porridge 1st June 2006  haircut the calf at bay
13th August 2006  back to the fifties 5oct 1st April, Citroen 9th July 2006  La Mer,  Qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs
28th June 2005  daily bread Balmoral Castle PICT0109a.jpg
Smoo Cave Crovie 3rd April, Easter hols 24th October, back to school tomorrow!
13th May, stuck inside a cloud 29th March 2005 River Dee
17th June 2005  bishop's palace 5th April  Sutherland coast Crovie 26th November, shark
19th February 2005, Maiden Stone Haddo 05.05.05 downfall
 Slains Castle May 10th, cheap haircut
21st April, hurry up! 30th March 2006  woods at night