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Banffshire coast

14th March 2016  spring 8th April 2016  Crovie 25th April 2016  north wind 15th January 2016  shelter from the storm
29th January 2016  stormy day 9th February 2016  low winter sunshine 23rd February 2016  rollers DSC_3081-001.jpg
DSC_2070-001.jpg DSC_2068-001.jpg DSC_2060-002.jpg 6th December 2015  Moray Firth
17th December 2015  night comes early DSC_1288-001.jpg 26th November 2015  the sea and the sky 6th November 2015  pitstop
25th November 2015  north wind 7th September 2015  Africanesque 10th September 2015  September sunshine 1st October 2015  fog  lifting
2nd October 2015  crispy October sunshine 5th October 2015  out in the afternoon 29th October 2015  back to work DSC_1824-001.jpg
DSC_9934-001.jpg DSC_1828.jpg 9th September 2015  busy harbour 17th September 2015  September sun
DSC_6019-001.jpg DSC_6025-001.jpg 24th August 2015  stop for lunch 15th July 2015  Cullen
DSC_6017-001.jpg DSC_0773-001.jpg DSC_0767-001.jpg DSC_0765-001.jpg
DSC_0764-001.jpg DSC_0761-001.jpg DSC_0759-001.jpg 2nd March 2015  By the river
DSC_3660-001.jpg DSC_3668-001.jpg DSC_3665-001.jpg DSC_3663-001.jpg
DSC_3658-001.jpg DSC_3671-001.jpg 27th June 2014  Moray Firth DSC_8007.jpg
DSC_8006-001.jpg 1st May 2014  may day 14th May 2014  sunshine at the coast 14Maywebsize 170.jpg
14Maywebsize 31.jpg DSC_6285 copy.jpg 5th December 2013  high tide in a storm 11th November 2013  winter light
20th November 2013  day of storms 30th November 2013  unexpected warmth DSC_3529 copy.jpg DSC_3522 copy.jpg
DSC_3361 copy.jpg DSC_3384 copy.jpg DSC_3381 copy.jpg DSC_3354 copy.jpg
DSC_3342 copy.jpg DSC_3335 copy.jpg DSC_3324 copy.jpg DSC_3323 copy.jpg
DSC_3317 copy.jpg DSC_3308 copy.jpg DSC_3307 copy.jpg DSC_3296 copy.jpg
DSC_3293-001 copy.jpg DSC_2932 copy.jpg DSC_2926 copy.jpg DSC_2696 copy.jpg
DSC_0037 copy.jpg DSC_9427-copy.jpg 13th June 2013   break 20th May 2012  beautiful day
1st February 2012  east wind DSC_0037 copy.jpg 18th January 2011  full moon fever DSC_8855-copy.jpg
DSC_9742-copy.jpg DSC_9377 copy.jpg DSC_8837-copy.jpg DSC_9389-001 copy.jpg
DSC_8740-copy.jpg DSC_8745-copy.jpg DSC_9391 copy.jpg DSC_9428-copy.jpg
DSC_8576-copy.jpg DSC_8606-copy.jpg DSC_8520-copy.jpg DSC_8596-copy.jpg
DSC_8174 copy.jpg DSC_8591-copy.jpg DSC_8742-copy.jpg 13th May 2013  buttercups
DSC_6568 copy.jpg DSC_8589-copy.jpg DSC_0052 copy.jpg DSC_0028 copy.jpg
DSC_8293-copy.jpg DSC_0006 copy.jpg DSC_6402 copy.jpg DSC_6394 copy.jpg
DSC_0037 copy.jpg DSC_0064 copy.jpg DSC_0082 copy.jpg DSC_0042 copy.jpg
DSC_0055 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg DSC_6400 copy.jpg DSC_0034 copy.jpg
DSC_6360 copy.jpg DSC_0028 copy.jpg DSC_6405 copy.jpg 28th May 2013  Lido
23rd May 2013  stormy day DSC_0016 copy.jpg 19th June 2013  calm 28th March 2013  it's been a long, cold, lonely winter
5th July 2013  sunshine and shadows DSC_8639-copy.jpg DSC_0014 copy.jpg 15th May 2013  beautiful day
26th February 2013  Beautiful day DSC_0042 copy.jpg Banff Castle 24th April 2013  by the sea
DSC_0052 copy.jpg 15th December 2012  China Town DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0049 copy.jpg
7th May 2013  back to work DSC_0005 copy.jpg DSC_0002 copy.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg
DSC_0018 copy.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0065 copy.jpg
29th April 2013  bright sunlight and showers DSC_0044 copy.jpg 24th June 2012  rain stopped 24th May 2012  out to launch
25th May 2012  at the beach DSC_0043 copy.jpg 22nd May 2012  spring day DSC_0029 copy.jpg
DSC_0001 copy.jpg 16th May 2012  Lido 13th February 2013  snow at the coast 5th May 2012  on the 5th day of May
9th May 2012  to the beach 26th January 2012  windy day DSC_0003 copy.jpg 8th December 2011  white horses
18th February 2013  Sunny Monday 13th November 2012  restorative power of the sea 18th November 2011  Friday afternoon sun 27th January 2012  sunshine
13th August 2011  Bayview Hotel 28th September 2011  last of the sun 9th December 2011  bracing DSC_0014 copy.jpg
14th December 2011  calm day DSC_0016 copy.jpg 16th May 2011  Middle of May 1st May 2011  at the coast
DSC_0051 copy.jpg 29th January 2011  January sunshine 27th January 2011  cold morning 9th December 2009  harbour
8th February 2011  wintry 10th November 2009  low sun 1st February 2011  very last of the sun 29th October 2009  autumn colour
24th February 2012  north wind 19th February 2009  back to work 21st January 2011  lighter 10th October 2010  cold grey sea
DSC_0038 copy.jpg 25th June 2009  fishing 22nd June 2009  steep hill DSC_0011 copy.jpg
26th May 2010  dreamy sky 7th December 2010  snow at the beach DSC_0007 copy.jpg 27th November 2008  Concorde
25th November 2008  winter sun 6th May 2010  north wind 1st September 2009 coast road DSC_0004 copy.jpg
31st August 2009  post 25th February 2009  fishing 18th August 2009  on the way home 30th June 2009  down by the harbour
27th June 2009  Findochty 26th February 2008  on the bridge DSC_0076s.jpg 6th February 2008  sunshine all day
10th December 2008  gibbous moon DSC_0084s.jpg 8th January  2010  snow at the coast DSC_0076s2.jpg
10th November 2008  November light 26th November 2008  dark evening 7th January 2008  icy 1st June 2009  sunny afternoon
DSC_0041s.jpg 2nd June 2009  white cottage DSC_0156 copy.jpg 19th April 2010   north wind
2nd September 2009  houses 21st June 2009  a day out 3rd July 2009  last look 28th February 2008  hanging out
18th December 2008  frosty morning 19th October 2009  shelter from the storm 4th February 2008  harbour 6th June 2008  D Day
12th February 2008  out in the sun 28th November 2008  frosty 12th May 2009  to the beach 11th September 2009  September skyburst
2nd January 2009  at the coast 25th April 2008  stormy weather approaching 23rd February 2010  snow by the sea 2nd October 2009  waltzer
15th February 2008  1746 19th February 2011  flat fish 27th February 2008  sparkling 28th December 2011  winter storm
3rd June 2009  harbour 26th June 2009  summer is here 5th June 2008  harbour 5th January 2009   cold morning
Gardenstown 25th May 2009  Crovie DSC_0080s.jpg 7th November 2007  like a roller in the ocean
27th May 2009  Gardenstown 1st December 2009  stormy 26th September 2007  late getting away 21st December 2010  shortest day
10th October 2006  warm welcome 15th November 2007  Duff House 8th November 2007  ominous sunrise PICT0121a.jpg
26th July 2005  the co-ordination DSC_0064a.jpg 10th March 2007  Crovie 9th July 2006  La Mer,  Qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs
Crovie Crovie PICT0191a.jpg Crovie
Pennan village
:: Pennan village ::
Crovie - coastal village
:: Crovie - coastal village ::