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DSC_3767-2.jpg 17th June 2017  hound DSC_2068-001.jpg DSC_1939-001.jpg
DSC_1919-001.jpg DSC_1920-001.jpg DSC_1892-001.jpg 13th June 2016  snail
20th May 2016 DSC_5212-001.jpg DSC_5060-001.jpg DSC_5059-001.jpg
DSC_5058-001.jpg 8th July 2015  Loch Erribol 18th July 2015  comfy 24th July 2015  wild horses
DSC_5802-001.jpg 13th April 2015  new born DSC_4862-001.jpg DSC_4858-001.jpg
DSC_4861-001.jpg DSC_4857-001.jpg DSC_4054-001.jpg DSC_4056-001.jpg
DSC_4198-001.jpg DSC_4082-001.jpg DSC_4110-001.jpg DSC_3950-001.jpg
DSC_3809-001.jpg 7th March 2015  River Ury 28th March 2015  a little husky DSC_3418-001.jpg
DSC_1635-001.jpg DSC_0498-001.jpg DSC_0504-001.jpg DSC_0495-001.jpg
30th September 2014  beautiful skies DSC_0352-001.jpg DSC_0032-001.jpg DSC_0035-001.jpg
DSC_9773-001.jpg 18th August 2014  sogginess 19th August 2014  shelter from the rain DSC_9407-001.jpg
DSC_9391-001.jpg DSC_9315-001.jpg 15th June 2014  world cup fever 18th June 2014  late evening light
DSC_7668-001.jpg DSC_7672-001.jpg DSC_7292-001.jpg DSC_7291-001.jpg
DSC_7100-001.jpg DSC_7102.jpg 14Maywebsize 126.jpg 17th April 2014  Lambs
DSC_6300-001.jpg DSC_6236-001.jpg DSC_6197-001.jpg DSC_6192-001.jpg
DSC_6187-001.jpg DSC_6174-001.jpg DSC_6148-001.jpg 16th March 2014  breakfast
DSC_5134.jpg DSC_5168.jpg DSC_5099-001.jpg 1st January 2014  Gus
DSC_1085 copy.jpg DSC_0344 copy.jpg DSC_9866 copy.jpg DSC_9893 copy.jpg
DSC_9861 copy.jpg DSC_9856 copy.jpg DSC_9962 copy.jpg DSC_9858 copy.jpg
DSC_0001-copy.jpg 18th July 2013  friendly dog DSC_7283 copy.jpg DSC_9689-copy.jpg
DSC_8444-copy.jpg DSC_7258 copy.jpg DSC_7273 copy.jpg DSC_9351-copy.jpg
DSC_7477 copy.jpg 11th July 2013  mother and chicks DSC_1920 copy.jpg DSC_1921 copy.jpg
DSC_1929 copy.jpg DSC_0001 copy.jpg DSC_0065 copy.jpg DSC_7412 copy.jpg
DSC_5105 copy.jpg DSC_7292 copy.jpg 4th July 2013  curious cattle DSC_7445 copy.jpg
DSC_0030 copy.jpg DSC_7241 copy.jpg DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0267 copy.jpg
16th September 2012 1st February 2013  dog tired DSC_0280 copy.jpg DSC_0017 copy.jpg
DSC_0359 copy.jpg 31st March 2013  Easter lambs 8th February 2013  horse or kelpie? 1st June 2012  The Brown Cow
DSC_0300 copy.jpg DSC_0014 copy.jpg DSC_0221 copy.jpg 3rd June 2012  Highland cows
DSC_0027 copy.jpg DSC_0044 copy.jpg 6th May 2012  moon watchers DSC_0001 copy.jpg
DSC_0036 copy.jpg 11th May 2012  the cows are out DSC_0218 copy.jpg DSC_0010 copy.jpg
15th July 2011  Kilrush DSC_0018 copy.jpg 6th October 2011  cold wind DSC_0021 copy.jpg
18th July 2011  little pigs DSC_0061 copy.jpg DSC_0128 copy.jpg DSC_0052 copy.jpg
DSC_0014 copy.jpg DSC_0047 copy.jpg 5th May 2010  drizzle and rain 25th April 2011  cow and calf
3rd May 2010  cold comfort farm 12th September 2009  bull 22nd June 2011  randy cow DSC_0023 copy.jpg
10th June 2010  nosey cows DSC_0028 copy.jpg 4th July 2010  friendly pooch DSC_0021 copy.jpg
DSC_0030 copy.jpg 29th July 2010  happy bees DSC_0016 copy.jpg DSC_0210 copy.jpg
16th September 2008  sogginess 12th August 2008 bee DSC_0041 copy.jpg DSC_0024s.jpg
23rd July 2010  silent assassins DSC_0084 copy.jpg 3rd July 2008  one more misty morning DSC_0089 copy.jpg
9th June 2010  bull 30th August 2010  lonely cow DSC_0043 copy.jpg 8th August 2009  bull and tree
7th October 2009  squirrel DSC_0012 copy.jpg 31st August 2010  calm 30th May 2009  ten thirty pm
17th June 2010  beautiful misty evening 22nd April 2009  bullocks 19th September 2009  bull in the field 27th April 2009  nosey cow
22nd May 2008  cloudy DSC_0010s.jpg DSC_0070 copy.jpg bull.jpg
DSC_0053 copy.jpg DSC_0096copy.jpg DSC_0088 copy.jpg 20th May 2008  cow
21st September 2008  butterfly DSC_0049 copy.jpg 15th May 2008  brown bullock 30th April 2010  moOOOoo
24th June 2008  friendly 24th September 2010  rainbow 17th January 2008  red haired beast 3rd May 2008  curly
DSC_0190s.jpg 18th August 2008 more bullocks 7th April 2008  fluffiness 15th August 2007  woolly couple
DSC_0051 copy.jpg DSC_0036x.jpg 28th May 2008  misty 6th September 2009  painted lady
DSC_0259s.jpg 27th May 2010  cows DSC_0049s.jpg DSC_0056 copy.jpg
DSC_0019 copy.jpg DSC_0051s.jpg 26th August 2007  time for bed the cow at bay
DSC_0009s.jpg DSC_0066 copy.jpg DSC_0033s.jpg DSC_0050s.jpg
2nd May 2008  the cows are back DSC_0016s.jpg DSC_0102s.jpg 12th May 2008  bullocks
DSC_0038s.jpg 21st May 2008  more cows 6th June 2007  hairiness DSC_0053 copy.jpg
DSC_0059x.jpg 4th March 2010  nowhere to go 2nd June 2008  dinnah time DSC_0138s.jpg
DSC_0004s.jpg 9th August 2008  daisy DSC_0130s.jpg DSC_0079s.jpg
18th June 2007  shy cow DSC_0043s.jpg DSC_0093s.jpg 5th May 2007  brown cow
DSC_0145s.jpg DSC_0133s.jpg DSC_0078copy.jpg 30th May 2007  heavy skies
DSC_0105s.jpg DSC_0054s.jpg DSC_0053s.jpg DSC_0099s.jpg
DSC_0104x.jpg DSC_0029s.jpg 17th August 2007  new dawn 14th May 2008  three cows
DSC_0103s.jpg 17th June 2006  the harem 3rd October 2007  time for breakfast 2nd September 2006  Edge of the River Earn
8th April 2009  new born 29th May 2008  cows in the evening 20th May 2006  Day in Dundee 24th May 2007
11th April 2006  spring is here 1st April 2007  snowy owl DSC_0010s.jpg 17th May 2007  fierce
27th August 2007  calf at sunset DSC_0026x.jpg 25th August 2007  summery evening 7th October 2006  hurry up!
13th October 2006  when did you last see your father? 6th October 2007  chocolate lab 19th August 2007  mini monarch of the meadow 30th September 2007  three calves
14th September 2006  who's the daddy? 27th September 2007  on the mooOOve 28th April 2007  the cuteness DSC_0106s.jpg
19th August 2006  up to the north 19th October 2006  shelter from the storm DSC_0033s.jpg 13th June 2006  perfect summer's evening
26th December 2006  winter fuel PICT0024x.jpg 30th December 2005 woolly jumper PICT0150a.jpg
10th May 2007  Somewhere in Scotland DSC_0087s.jpg 21st September 2005 nosey
DSC_0045s.jpg 23rd April 2006  sheepish 4th March 2006  woolly jumper
PICT0022a.jpg 2nd December 2006  the sun left early PICT0142a.jpg DSC_0033a.jpg
12th July 2005 reception 12th December 2006  wintry shower approaching DSC_0045s.jpg
4th May 2005 curious calf 11th September 2005 furry couple 8th June 2006  warm, misty blanket 25. March, lambs on the way...
PICT0100a.jpg 20th August 2006  Atlantic Salmon Pict0002.jpg DSC_0069s.jpg
27th December, storm coming the calf at bay 9th June 2006  further mistiness 18th September 2005 horse whisperer
bullocks 3rd August 2005 morning rush hour 18th January 2005  keeping warm 29th March 2005
17th May 2005  time for bed 8th April, Chilean blue eagle