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Aiden is small and tricky, and where you think he is, he is probably not.

DSC_4263-001.jpg DSC_6103-001.jpg 30th March 2014  Findhorn DSC_1741 copy.jpg DSC_0042 copy.jpg
DSC_9842 copy.jpg DSC_9759 copy.jpg DSC_7881 copy.jpg 4th March 2013  blackberry 10th November 2012  through the glass
DSC_2506 copy2.jpg 19th August 2012  Aiden on the laptop DSC_0178 copy.jpg DSC_9763 copy.jpg DSC_0028 copy.jpg
DSC_0146 copy.jpg DSC_0098 copy.jpg 2nd May 2011  windy day at the beach 15th April 2011  cake! DSC_0031 copy.jpg
DSC_0036 copy.jpg 15th January 2011  to the shops 26th December 2010  Aiden DSC_0047 copy.jpg DSC_0038 copy.jpg
DSC_0029 copy.jpg DSC_0022 copy.jpg DSC_0308 copy2.jpg DSC_0066 copy.jpg 26th September 2010  Grandma
DSC_0044 copy.jpg 11th September 2010  Aiden DSC_0024 copy.jpg DSC_0358 copy.jpg DSC_0313 copy.jpg
DSC_0292 copy.jpg DSC_0229 copy.jpg 12th March 2010  spring in the air 21st February 2010  speedy 13th December 2009  hot chocolate
DSC_0052 copy.jpg 23rd July 2009  nearly home 20th July 2009  Poperinge DSC_0269 copy.jpg 19th July 2009  Ypres
Hadrian's Wall 14th July 2009  sunny start 8th July 2009  billiards room DSC_0138 copy.jpg .DSC_0020copy2.jpg
4th July 2009  by the sea 31st May 2009  hot summer's day metal23small.jpg 15th April 2009  candles 9th April 2009  by the window
7th April 2009  chocco-latte 14th March 2009  sleeping ninja 8th March 2009  cheekiness 15th February 2009  morning DSC_0083 copy.jpg
DSC_0071 copy.jpg DSC_0018 copy.jpg 24th January 2009  fishy 11th January 2009  café by the sea DSC_0013 copy.jpg
DSC_0029 copy.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg 15th September 2008  by the river in the rain 13th September 2008  great day out 7th September 2008  Grandma's sunflower
DSC_0091 copy.jpg DSC_0006 copy.jpg 30th August 2008  in the kitchen DSC_0014 copy.jpg 14th August 2008  leap
DSC_0180 copy.jpg DSC_0166 copy.jpg DSC_0190 copy.jpg 6th August 2008  Kyle of Tongue DSC_0071 copy.jpg
5th August 2008  ninja DSC_0147 copy.jpg shark passing shark! 10th July 2008  home again
Untitled-1.jpg DSC_0038 copy.jpg 7th June 2008  sun hat 1st June 2008  tomato soup 26th May 2008  springtime at the stones
DSC_0030 copy.jpg DSC_0013 copy.jpg 25th May 2008  brainiac DSC_0074 copy.jpg 9th May 2008  Friday leap
7th May 2008  audience of cows 1st May 2008  frosted 15th April 2008  ten DSC_0120 copy.jpg DSC_0113 copy.jpg
DSC_0107 copy.jpg DSC_0084 copy.jpg DSC_0164 copy.jpg DSC_0141 copy.jpg DSC_0140 copy.jpg
DSC_0106 copy.jpg DSC_0034 copy.jpg 22nd March 2008  Early Spring DSC_0193 copy.jpg DSC_0106 copy.jpg
DSC_0133 copy.jpg DSC_0015 copy.jpg DSC_0055 copy.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg DSC_0002 copy.jpg
13th March 2008  haircut DSC_0023 copy.jpg DSC_0026 copy.jpg 7th March 2008  inner light DSC_0073 copy.jpg
10th February 2008  leap on the beach 5th February 2008  nearly asleep 19th January 2008  Heaven DSC_0132 copy.jpg DSC_0047 copy.jpg
DSC_0012 copy.jpg 1st January 2008  after midnight 27th December 2007  day out at the beach DSC_0033 copy.jpg DSC_0001 copy.jpg
4th November 2007  sunny day at the beach DSC_0071 copy.jpg DSC_0068 copy.jpg DSC_0155 copy.jpg DSC_0167 copy.jpg
DSC_0045 copy.jpg 22nd September 2007  Pictish DSC_0002 copy.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0020 copy.jpg
20th September 2007  no heating required 16th September 2007  rain and rainbows DSC_0070 copy.jpg 13th September 2007  looking up DSC_0001 copy.jpg
DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg 9th August 2007  by the window 3rd August 2007  Aiden by torch-light DSC_0121 copy.jpg
DSC_0028 copy.jpg 22nd July 2007  by the fire 7th July 2007  cool wall DSC_0197 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg
DSC_0175 copy.jpg DSC_0070 copy.jpg DSC_0069 copy.jpg DSC_0065 copy.jpg DSC_0061 copy.jpg
DSC_0060 copy.jpg DSC_0013 copy.jpg DSC_0125 copy.jpg DSC_0174 copy.jpg DSC_0158 copy.jpg
DSC_0099 copy.jpg 27th June 2007  nightcap DSC_0026 copy2.jpg DSC_0015 copy.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg
21st June 2007  midsummer leap DSC_0044 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg DSC_0015 copy2.jpg 17th June 2007  tomato soup kid
16th June 2007  just us DSC_0009 copy.jpg DSC_0016 copy.jpg 11th June 2007  the joy of living DSC_0078 copy.jpg
7th June 2007  time for bed DSC_0038 copy.jpg 5th June 2007  cheekiness 1st June 2007  au ciel d'été DSC_0018 copy.jpg
26th May 2007  made of metal leap2small.jpg buttercupsmall.jpg Aidencloudssmall.jpg Aiden handssmall.jpg
6th May 2007  Aiden DSC_0052 copy.jpg DSC_0055 copy.jpg DSC_0040 copy.jpg 29th April 2007  banks of the Dee
DSC_0060 copy.jpg DSC_0025 copy.jpg 15th April 2007  loved DSC_0028 copy.jpg DSC_0036copy.jpg
9th April 2007  child labour 21st March 2007  pearlescent 20th March 2007  spring tomorrow DSC_0003s.jpg 1st March 2007   unwell
19th February 2007  haircut DSC_0025s.jpg DSC_0003s.jpg DSC_0013s.jpg DSC_0086s.jpg
16th February 2007  windy day at the beach DSC_0036s.jpg 3rd February 2007  down at the beach DSC_0054s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg
27th January 2007  thinking 5th January 2007  wakey, wakey DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0114s.jpg DSC_0108s.jpg
DSC_0026s.jpg DSC_0007s.jpg 28th December 2006  frozen New Year message 24th December 2006  frosty Christmas Eve DSC_0116s.jpg
18th November 2006  tide is out DSC_0184s.jpg DSC_0142s.jpg DSC_0029s.jpg DSC_0003s.jpg
DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0055s.jpg DSC_0260s.jpg DSC_0048s.jpg 9th July 2006  La Mer,  Qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs
DSC_0021s.jpg DSC_0019s.jpg 21st June 2006  burst of energy DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0010s2.jpg
15th June 2006  the preacher was right DSC_0156s.jpg there's the moon 1st June 2006  haircut DSC_0047s.jpg
DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0032s.jpg DSC_0030s.jpg DSC_0025s.jpg DSC_0024s.jpg
DSC_0017s.jpg DSC_0006s.jpg DSC_0020s.jpg DSC_0021s1.jpg DSC_0022s.jpg
25th April 2006  Redemptor DSC_0048s.jpg DSC_0025s.jpg DSC_0005s.jpg DSC_0001s.jpg
DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0072s.jpg 14th April 2006  more frothiness DSC_0077s.jpg DSC_0074s.jpg
DSC_0050s.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg DSC_0134s.jpg DSC_0069s.jpg
DSC_0030s.jpg 13th March 2006  frothy PICT0033s.jpg DSC_0089s.jpg DSC_0120s.jpg
DSC_0073s.jpg 25th February 2006 sleepiness DSC_0042s.jpg DSC_0015s.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg
11th February 2006 incredible hulk DSC_0112s.jpg DSC_0113s.jpg 8th January 2006  time for bed DSC_0049s.jpg
DSC_0047s.jpg DSC_0018s.jpg DSC_0038s.jpg DSC_0025s.jpg DSC_0013s.jpg
30th November 2005 changing skies DSC_0058s.jpg DSC_0086s2.jpg DSC_0087s2.jpg DSC_0084s2.jpg
22nd October 2005 fidgety! 16th October 2005 conkers 15th October 2005 firelight 7th October 2005  Autumn pics DSC_0079s.jpg
DSC_0124s.jpg DSC_0137s.jpg DSC_0087s.jpg DSC_0064s.jpg DSC_0078s.jpg
7th September 2005 orange and blue 3rd September 2005 there may be trouble ahead 9th August 2005  the concentration 8th August 2005 PICT0059a.jpg
5th August 2005 broch Drinishadder Drinishadder 30th July 2005  the leapiness PICT0199a.jpg
PICT0006a.jpg 22nd July 2005 Berry Hill PICT0049a.jpg PICT0004a.jpg PICT0003a.jpg
20th July 2005 Spider Boy PICT0017a.jpg PICT0034a.jpg 11th July 2005 St. John's Point PICT0068a.jpg
PICT0077a.jpg PICT0067a.jpg PICT0062a.jpg PICT0043a.jpg PICT0038a.jpg
PICT0017a.jpg 9th July 2005 the wobbliness PICT0086a.jpg 7th July 2005 Lough Eske 28th June 2005  daily bread
27th June 2005   the cookery 22nd June 2005 young archaeologist PICT0039z.jpg PICT0028x.jpg 16th June 2005 the chuckliness
PICT0064a.jpg 27th May 2005  a short walk PICT0024a.jpg PICT0031a.jpg PICT0048a.jpg
PICT0041a.jpg PICT0139a.jpg 14th May 2005 walkies 22nd April 2005 ahoy there PICT0009z.jpg
PICT0002a.jpg PICT0010x.jpg PICT0024.JPG 15th April 2005, pizza and presents 7th April 2005, energy!
Pict0007a.jpg 1st April 2005, shearing time 7th March 2005, Aiden Pict0062.jpg first tooth
15th February, wheels within wheels PICT0056a.jpg PICT0002a.jpg PICT0009a.jpg PICT0023a.jpg
24th January, (not so) miserable day! 19th January, Le chien qui conduit PICT0029a.jpg PICT0007x.jpg 15th January 2005, I promised a story
13th January. the perkiness 10th January 2005, 31-jul.jpg 30th December, outlook cloudy PICT0029a.jpg
PICT0012a.jpg PICT0048a.jpg PICT0050a.jpg skipping up the lane
Pict0015a.jpg Pict0018a.jpg aiden11a.jpg 22nd November, long wait 6th November, sleepy...
24th October, back to school tomorrow! Pict0019a.jpg PICT0085a.jpg 12th October, Culzean Castle 11th October, giant ice cream
9oct1a.jpg 9th October Pict0021.jpg 5th October, conker-tastic any more conkers up there?
5oct Pict0016.jpg 15th September, shearing time ali barber 31st August, under the son...
29th August, thundery bubbles.jpg Pict0012.jpg 14th August, sunny 27th July, resting
aidendrink.jpg 28th June, late again!
23rd June, raining June 8th, killer bee Simg0060.jpg Simg0063.jpg
Simg0061.jpg Simg0046.jpg Simg0035.jpg Simg0005.jpg
J4100046.jpg J4100011.jpg 31.March, story 24. March, willing helper
Fog Horn
lego snowball
clean J4100033.jpg
pay attention hopscotch morning Giant's Causeway
St John's Point St John's Point, Donegal pudding
nibble delphiniums haircut five sisters
broch sea dog cuddle
Drum Castle Aiden5th aiden5th golf At the bar