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City of Aberdeen

10th April 2014  the library 3rd November 2013  Aberdeen DSC_1513.jpg DSC_6026 copy2.jpg DSC_2590 copy.jpg
DSC_0124 copy.jpg DSC_0093 copy.jpg 22nd January 2011  university library DSC_0022 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg
DSC_0004 copy.jpg 21st October 2009  storm at sea 6th August 2009  at the beach DSC_0011 copy.jpg DSC_0003 copy.jpg
DSC_0006 copy.jpg DSC_0024 copy.jpg 11th July 2009  wet blanket 15th October 2008  sunset boulevard 27th September 2008  drizzly
DSC_0001 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg 24th April 2008  City of Aberdeen DSC_0011 copy.jpg DSC_0006 copy.jpg
16th February 2008  sunny day in Aberdeen DSC_0022s.jpg 26th March 2007  misty start North Sea mist DSC_0035 copy.jpg
23rd December 2007  Aberdeen Cathederal 15th October 2007  Autumn Sky 19th October 2007  leaving Aberdeen DSC_0287 copy.jpg DSC_0025 copy.jpg
8th September 2007  at the beach DSC_0153s.jpg DSC_0080s.jpg DSC_0015 copy.jpg DSC_0058s.jpg
DSC_0020 copy.jpg DSC_0092s.jpg DSC_0089s.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg DSC_0049s.jpg
DSC_0008s.jpg DSC_0056s.jpg DSC_0079s.jpg DSC_0029s.jpg DSC_0019s.jpg
DSC_0049s.jpg DSC_0038s.jpg DSC_0059s.jpg DSC_0006s.jpg 28th May 2007  rough seas
DSC_0096s.jpg DSC_0001s.jpg DSC_0056s.jpg 14th October 2006  Mrs N DSC_0062s.jpg
DSC_0007s.jpg 13th June 2007  Tutto il cielo si scoprě DSC_0023s.jpg DSC_0038s.jpg DSC_0015s.jpg
DSC_0016s.jpg DSC_0017s.jpg DSC_0046s.jpg DSC_0084s.jpg DSC_0023s.jpg
25th May 2007  Aberdeen Beach DSC_0029s.jpg PICT0054s.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0036s.jpg
PICT0050s.jpg 27th May 2007  off to the sea DSC_0055s.jpg Windmill Brae 11th April 2007  La mer a bercé mon cœur pour la vie.
PICT0013s.jpg DSC_0017s.jpg DSC_0032s.jpg 14th October 2006  Marischal College DSC_0003s.jpg
PICT0002s.jpg 12th November 2006  cold November day 16th April 2007  two towers DSC_0011s.jpg 30th August 2006  tittivated tower
DSC_0016s.jpg DSC_0068sL.jpg DSC_0012s.jpg PICT0001a.jpg 11th December 2006  university
DSC_0008s.jpg DSC_0068s.jpg DSC_0020s.jpg DSC_0019s.jpg 15th January 2007  grey sunset
PICT0053a.jpg 18th August 2006  Windmill Brae DSC_0001s.jpg 3rd June 2006  cruelty by the sea PICT0056s.jpg
12th October 2006  surfer PICT0013.JPG DSC_0062s.jpg on manoevres PICT0012a.jpg
PICT0007s.jpg 18th October 2006  the hub DSC_0031s.jpg 9th October 2006  three wise monkeys 2nd October 2006  in colour
PICT0046a.jpg DSC_0033s.jpg 20th October 2006  North Sea weather PICT0007x.jpg PICT0016a.jpg
6th April 2006  day of fun DSC_0037s.jpg wetnwindy.jpg 29th March 2006  Ivory Tower 24th May 2005  Wheels within wheels
u43%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f33585560.Simg0036.jpg 20th February 2006 Aberdeen is so bracing u13%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f41652447.Pict0052.jpg u43%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f33585559.SIMG0035a.jpg 9th December 2005 shopping
u43%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f33585557.Simg0033.jpg 21st February 2006 wintry showers 22nd January 2007  starting to snow 7th May 2005 showery
u17%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f21920856.21920620.jpg Inversnecky u17%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f21920854.21920618.jpg u13%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f41652446.Pict0047.jpg PICT0045x.jpg
11th December, nice N simple PICT0004x.jpg u17%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f21920850.21920613.jpg  a wet  Sunday in Aberdeen u17%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f21920849.21920612.jpg
21st October, surf's up 13th August 2006  back to the fifties u17%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f21920847.21920610.jpg 16th May 2005 underneath the arches
cappuccino Venus v3%2f83%2f72883%2f4%2f23983505.gull.jpg u38%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f25216231.sky2.jpg 4th February 2006 busy day in town
u17%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f21920848.21920611.jpg 8th March 2005 v3%2f83%2f72883%2f4%2f21920845.21920608.jpg 20th February 2005, 11th November 2005 rough seas
seaside1.jpg seaside2.jpg 29th October, chilly thrills 15th March 2005 wet N windy 05.05.05 downfall
u38%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f25212472.abz25212270.jpg Marischal College