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LynnH11-Nov-2009 22:41
Beautiful work! V
PauloCGama01-May-2009 00:49
Amazing. From the mood to the spectacular light all amazing.
frank liu10-May-2008 12:29
definitely my favorite of your wonderful gallery of yourself
Vipin Mayer19-Feb-2006 21:55
you are right, if you cared too much about the tech stuff, you wud´nt have got this wonderful pic,but then, if u cared about the lighting all you might´ve got is a window unless u tried blending and stuff with multi exps,this is perfect as it is, the strong light and the subject makes it a beautiful image.
jude23-Nov-2005 04:43
Amazing.. not sure how i missed this one.. beautiful .. as if you are yearning to go somewhere out the window..
audra baecker19-Oct-2005 03:01
Ana Carloto O'Shea24-Sep-2005 21:50
What an impressive photo... This is one of those that can stir emotions on just about anyone... Amazingly composed and captivating to the smallest of details, from the diferent textures to the quality of the light, this is a truly amazing photo.
Guest 24-Sep-2005 01:11
And yes V! because you are THE BEST at stirring an emotive stew :-)
Guest 24-Sep-2005 01:08
My father had always promised me a dollhouse.My parents had saved some of the wood scraps from their newly built home before I was even born.And hoping for a little princess to pamper in a few years time,my father imagined a play castle all her own for special girl dreams.While I grew up, he carefully saved colorful bits and pieces.From cards,birthday ribbons and christmas wrapping.Touchtimes of gifts to me for ten years.In the middle of autumn when the attic would be cool but not frigid with foggy breath,we would climb the creaking wobbly ladder upstairs.Walk across the warped floor joists and carefully around the itchy pink insulation.Over to the corner where three age stained boxes leaned half wilted, addressed with my name.During the afternoon we would unfold the dusty cardboard flaps one by one.And gingerly my dad would lift out a memory as if it was the most fragile item in the whole entire world.A tear would course down the corner of his quivering smile.As he looked at me describing floral gift wrap as a most aristocratic touch to the servants' quarters in the east wing.I remembered every detail.And by the time I was eight we had drawn marvelous plans together in my diary.Where the materials came from,how each room would be furnished and general dimensions; which seemed to grow exponentially by the year.
My existence fell apart when my life struck ten.Shouting parents separated and inevitably divorced before my next birthday.I bawled my guts out when my father married abruptly again overseas and relinquished his visiting rights.It destroyed me.In adolescent rage I torched almost every dam* trace of him that tainted my life.Mother was wise enough to hideaway some remnants in storage out of town away from my vengeance.
I am forty five years old now.With regrets of unsettled wounds.And a promise to be more reasonable and human with my children and grandchildren.I can't change yesterday.But I can add a tender smile to the tomorrows of those around me in some small way.
My three boxes are shared among the rising generation in our family.And together we are building a village of dreams.With common colorful threads.And lots of windows to light up our hopes.
I never want to stand alone in a dark corner again for the rest of my life.My love cannot be held prisoner among walls.And I stood there defiant and proud as a mother that reconciled aching years.
Guest 23-Sep-2005 06:32
I am blown away by this. wow wow wow
laine8222-Sep-2005 23:51
Perfection is how we view it...I know what I like. Voting.
EDITH RB22-Sep-2005 12:16
Wonderful idea with great lighting effect!
Chris Sofopoulos21-Sep-2005 19:51
Nice composition and mood.
Guest 21-Sep-2005 03:48
Another homerun!

...wonderful treatment!
Chris21-Sep-2005 03:39
Very personal feeling self portrait. I know that seems redundant, but taken with the body of work, this would be like the Ansel Adams atop the car with a tripod shot.
Guest 21-Sep-2005 00:25
I really like this one. vote
Lee Rudd20-Sep-2005 22:30
beautiful SP!!! the lighting is perfect
Michael Todd Thorpe20-Sep-2005 16:50
Nicely done...
J. Scott Coile20-Sep-2005 15:55
I think you've done a wonderful job catching this SP in that lighting range. Hat's off.
Monte Stevens20-Sep-2005 15:04
Fabulous shot. As, cdnies has stated it evokes feeling, having power to reach the viewer. That's what it's about.
chris20-Sep-2005 11:38
Who needs technical excellence when you have beauty and symbolism like this? I don't even presume you had an agenda when you envisioned the shot, but I know how I feel when I view this, and since it makes me feel good I consider it a successful picture.
Guest 20-Sep-2005 11:22
love how you handled the light here.
nicely done.
Ray :)20-Sep-2005 10:48
I love how you have illuminated your body here. And the scale of the light through that vast window speaks volumes. At least one ~v~
Di20-Sep-2005 10:43
I think you came away with a great image given the difficult lighting.
Karen Stuebing20-Sep-2005 09:30
I'd say the lighting is about perfect. The contrast of light and dark with the woman staring out the bright window is very emotive. What's to complain about? :)
fred_il20-Sep-2005 08:26
Great shot!
In my point of vue, the left side is important as a balance and I wouldn't have crop this picture.
Well done!
Andy Konopacki20-Sep-2005 06:24
I like the shot alot.. but agree with Gary, you could probably crop out a portion of the left side.
Gary Hebert20-Sep-2005 04:04
looks very good to me... you might do a portrait format/crop to have less on the left side... :)
Karen Leaf20-Sep-2005 03:52
Girl, if you don't have a handle on it, the rest of us (speaking for myself only) are in serious trouble. Fab!
Coleen Perilloux Landry20-Sep-2005 03:28
Fabulous shot.
Mindy McNaugher20-Sep-2005 03:02
Fabulous b&w shot!! Ditto to exactly what Autumn Sky has said below! Love the mood, the light falling on you, the rich tones. Excellent! Vote!
shatterbug20-Sep-2005 03:00
Cool shot! Great use of light and shadow.
Autumn Sky20-Sep-2005 02:55
Oh, you have a handle on light... the window is not your subject, you are and you're exposed perfectly. A pensive theme and beautifully captured.