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Barry S Moore25-Jul-2013 08:32
Hi Marco, I also now have an EOS-M. I lot of people complained about its slow focus but I see none of this. I do have the latest firmware and Every shot has focussed as I had hoped for and fast. The ability to touch the screen at your desired focus target is great and then it is a very fast focus and take the shot. This is a lot easier than half press and recompose in an DSLR. This camera is a real gem. All the best Barry
Guest 22-Dec-2011 03:23
Fantastic. My father was detecting with you last year. He learned a lot from what you were able to share with him on your local goldfield knowledge.
rickey 20-Sep-2011 21:23
Hey Marco, my name is Rickey. I'm interested in making or purchasing or renting a large plasma ball like the one you made. It's for a sermon illustration that we want to do in church this sunday. Any help on how i can get one that is bigger than these small 7" ones that they sell at target?
Andrew Zimányi 18-Sep-2010 11:28
You are the best photographer I've ever seen. :) your photos are awsome. :)
Greetings from Hungary
Dean 12-Sep-2010 02:12
Hi Marco
Guest 17-Jun-2010 17:44
i am seeing your work for the first time and it's too cool.
i love your work, it's mind blowing.
i am a student ,presently learning jewelery designing .
your artistic skills have inspired me.
terry land 10-Dec-2009 07:19
Marco I cant believe your work its loke alladins cave. You know a lot about prospecting too. Could you direct me to that site as I cant find it.Terry Land, Blackheath
Nelz 15-Sep-2008 14:06
Hey mate,

your pics look amazing. i was particularly interested in your laser images. can i ask what sort of lasers you used and how you produced those images?

KWT 04-Jan-2008 17:40
Hey Marco,
Your photos with the Pro1 are awesome!! It is now a 4 year old Point & Shoot and I am sure you have other cameras, or used others.. How do you feel that the Pro1 stacks up against some of the newer P&S camera's?? Very few P&S camera's made since 2004/2005 have used the larger 2/3 sensor like the Pro1. Your thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated since you are so skilled with the Pro1,,, thanks very much !!!!!
Marco Nero26-Oct-2007 15:53
Thanks. I'll remind you of your kindly thoughts next time we meet.
Guest 25-Oct-2007 13:30
Your Artwork I have to say is below standards to be quite honest, you need to lift up your game mate!!!
RazrLazr 24-Jul-2006 05:46
Hey, Marco!
You should add that awesome Pulsar shot to the desktop gallery of the blue Spyders!
Always enjoy your work and browsing your photos!
See ya on the WL forums!
Barry Moore13-Jul-2006 02:50
Fantasrtic work. Awesome isn't a big enough adjective. 23-May-2006 15:29
Brilliant. Freaking brilliant. Ian Schwartz. 19-Apr-2006 09:10
Fabulous site.
Keith Torres 30-Mar-2006 00:47
Hey Nero, Keith (Tatsu) from the forum, just checking out your website, it's awesome, great pictures man!, talk to you more on the forums
Fury-161 28-Mar-2006 05:33
Oops... I wrote too fast... and I forgot something...

I wrote :

"(...) because you both are seeming to like 'Star Wars', 'Fantasy' & 'Sci-Fi' Movies and Art... (...)"... and Cats ! (^__°)

Have a nice day and congratulations again !

D@vid / "Fury-161"
Fury-161 / D@vid 28-Mar-2006 04:50
Hello Marco / Hello Rena ! (^__^)

It's me again (D@vid / 29 years old / from Strasbourg / France) (^__^)

I just wrote a comment in the wonderful Mauii Gallery. =(^_^)= Puuuuuring !...

So excuse me again for my baD English but I just wanted to "tell" that It's the First Time I see so Amazing photos (°O) ! Outstanding ! There are so Perfect and Pure ! Sincere Congratulations ! Your site is excellent, and you are seeming to be very Happy Together. Wonderful photos of you both, your friends, your events, your works... Magnificent...

Continue with such photos... Like "Queen" said : "Show must go on !"... (^__^)

P.S. > Like I "said", I'll give later (just in case of interest) the link to my "Blog" (and future Site) beacause you both are seeming to like "Star Wars", "Fantasy" & "Sci-Fi" Movies and Art... But, I repeat... I don't have your talent at all ! (Oo) (^__°)

Best Regards,

"Fury-161" / D@vid Wolff
Ken 12-Nov-2005 22:18
For astro use star parties which would be best the 15mW or the 35mw? Is there a noticable difference in beam brightness between these two models? I really liked your gallery. Have you got any comparison pic's showing the 5, 15, or 35Mw units shinning into the night sky if so email me so I can make a comparsion as to which one to buy
Andrew 14-Dec-2004 13:43
Awsome photos!!!!!!!!!!!
T-o-n-y 20-Oct-2004 12:01
Your images have a seductive lighting that seem to make them glow. I've a pretty keen eye but I've no idea how you've nailed the exposure on your photo's so well.

I think I need to think twice about exposure with my DSLR. Perhaps it's time to un-learn what I've learnt?

Oh yeah nice office desk BTW. Hope there is something like that down here at Freedom furniture in Tassie !

Keep up the nice work mate !

Marco Nero26-Aug-2004 03:36
Hi Maggie,
The vast majority of my pictures are not altered in any way other than resizing. The ND filter is built into the camera (Pro 1) and activates only when needed or when the camera is pointed towards bright lighting. I keep a UV filter on the front of my camera which, if pointed towards the sun, can create a double-vision effect at a certain angle but then I just detatch the UV filter and take the shot and everything is fine. I have only had this happen twice in over 20,000 pictures.

The Pro 1 takes beautiful pictures although if you are taking night shots for any professional application, a DSLR will give you far less noise again as will any CCD based digital camera under 4 MP that was made in the last two years. The night shots in my picture gallery were not altered or enhanced.

Kind Regards,

Maggie 24-Aug-2004 16:23
So glad to find your album from dpreview Canon Pro1 session.
All great works from you.
I am now doing some research for buying next DC, so far Pro1 seems the best.
You do mention about few flare-effect due to the ND filter.
Is there any effective way to eliminate this effect?
Lower the ev or add any kind of filter in the night?

Your pictures all look wonderful and perfect.
May I ask if those pictures had been applied post-processing?
Sorry to ask this. Hope you don't feel offended.

Your family, friends and kitty all look sweet and beautiful.
Please share more photos to us.
It's so lucky to know your photo album indeed.

Maggie from Taiwan

Petr 10-Jul-2004 19:45
u have very nice gallery. i enjoyed ur pictures. i ll buy pro1 next week 8)) ciao , from Czech
Marco Nero24-May-2004 05:02
Hi there Bård! I really feel bad when people buy a Pro 1 (or any camera!) based solely on the pictures I've posted here. However, I try not to tweak my images too much, unlike many other people on PBase who have to process their pictures and sometimes go overboard. I enjoy pushing my cameras to see what kind of pictures I can get with them and usually post my favourites here for people to take a closer look at. Glad you are enjoying your Pro 1 and that you've taken precautions to protect your lens with a UV filter. There will come a day when you'll be very grateful you had it on.

All the best with your photography and thanks for your kind words.
Regards, Marco
Guest 23-May-2004 17:33

Hi Marco,
Just wanted to thank you. I am a 34 year old norwegian who just bought the Canon Pro1 because of you. I was convinced by your pictures and down to earth talk about the camera and qualites. I followed you remarks in the DPreview forum.

I am really satiesfied with the camera, size and features. I took you advice and invested in the UV lens and lens cap.
Also bought the Canon 380EX flash.

Keep up the good work. Hope to visit Australia someday.

Best regards,
Bård Ellingsen
Guest 30-Apr-2004 07:55
Great stuff you have in this gallery, I realy enjoyed the visit!!

thanks, duane
Jeff Cochran19-Mar-2004 12:51
These images are best viewed with a monitor resolution of 1280X1024 True Color (32 bits).
FastUno01-Feb-2004 23:47
I enjoyed your gallery. I especially like the picture of the clown fish. I like to take fish pics personally & I know how hard it's to take them.
Check out some of my fish pics

Thanks for sharing, will be back to check out your site again!
Guest 22-Aug-2003 20:43
Your pictures are really splendid ! I appreciate your comments and your garbage gallery selection.
In order to keep the eye of the public, no choice, you prove it : it is "only" a matter of right criticizing, no shame in eliminating and will/strength to shot the following pictures ever more rigorously

bravo !

an admirer from Paris !
Jon Wilson 04-Aug-2003 16:55
Went through your photos after your Canon post in the dpreview forums, re: "A400 - Infrared pictures" and very impressed with the quality [I shoot Dig-IR with a Nikon CP950].
What impressed me on another level were all the Farscape photos, as I have been an ardent [nay, rabid] fan since the start. Thank you for sharing!

F García Robles03-Aug-2003 06:29
Las fotos en las que aparece Rena son preciosas.
Me encanta tu sentido de la fotografía, la calidad es espectacular
Mattias, from Uppsala, Sweden 24-Jul-2003 20:47
I've gone through the pictures you made with the S400 and must say I am very impressed. One question, though: is there a reason to why you have published so few indoor pictures using the flash? I've read that the flash is a little weak on the S400 and significantly better on the S45. In spite of this the size and the overall quality of the S400 have almost convinced me to buy it. I should point out that it will be my first digital camera. I have been using my Nikon F-801 up til now, but it is just TOO big to carry around all the time.
David S.15-Jul-2003 22:11

Found your page after reading about the s400 on dpreview forums. What a great set of shots, not only did I get to see examples of the s400 (ixus400 here in the UK), but I am also a fan of Farscape AND I love cats... especially the one where he is being washed...

Keep adding pictures..I shall return
Guest 14-Jul-2003 00:06
Hi Marco&Rena!
I'm very impressed with the V1&S400. My uncle have one but i think You are a great photographer Marco! Do you have other digicam(s)? I know that Rena have a Canon EOS30 non-digital cam (great one too!) You should buy an EOS-10d or EOS-D60: you could be a terrific photographer here with that kind of machines LOL!!
Tell me if you plan to buy a DSLR cam, anyway i'll check you galleries sometimes hahaha!
-------Gino, french jazz musician from France------------------
Sony DSC-F717
Neil Lawson 06-Jul-2003 12:29
Hi, I came accross your gallery from dpreview. Nice pictures, and I am very impressed with what a S400 can do
Guest 03-Jul-2003 18:00
Excellent pics! I picked up a S400 two weeks ago and was happy with my pics ( ) but your pics made me realize this camera is capable of far more then I dreamed of and then i'm capable of right now.
Jonathan M 03-Jul-2003 17:36
Hi Marco,
I stumbled across your excellent galleries via dpreview and not only have you convinced me to go out and buy the s400, you've also made me want to visit your country.
Keep up the good work.

Jonathan (UK)
David Chin14-Jun-2003 08:04
No doubt about the quality of your S400 pictures. Superlative doesn't even begin to describe them. To be perfectly honest with you, they're indistinguishable from DSLR shots. Congratulations!
Steve Marshall 11-Jun-2003 06:00
Marco & Rena, hi

Great to meet you both on Palm Beach recently. I had a look at your site and was very impressed at the quality of stitching and the incredibly sharp digital images. I spoke to Canon and they are happy to loan me one for a while to test run - should be very interesting considering I have been shooting with Nikon for 22 years. The F100 and Leica will be hard to part with but I can see value in digit_all. Also very impressed with you artwork Marco.

For you interest, have added a few images of mine here;

These are a haphazard selection of shots, scanned at 72dpi on an old flatbed from 130 x 80mm prints. I sell hand-prints from original negs but with technology as it is . . .

Hope to catch up again, maybe if you make it to our World Press Photo exhibition - closes on 22 June

Best regards
Steve Marshall
Guest 07-Jun-2003 08:54
Hi there Marco. I love your shots almost as much as your matte paintings. Thanks for the link.

Guest 28-May-2003 06:32
I have enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Thanks!
HEY 28-Apr-2003 14:03
All kittys must burn!