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Life is hard in Cambodia but things are improving and the people are always smiling and cheerful.
Please join us on our visit to Tonle Sap lake, Siem Reap, the incredible Angkor complex and Phnom Penh.

fishing boat - Tonle Sap inlet woman navigating  theTonle Sap inlet Tonle Sap fisherman young fisherman
another smiling  face at home on the lake fisherman with throw net going to market
SPF 95 boats in dry dock we bought some of these tiny shrimp for lunch just as in centuries past
building? taking  down? stilt houses and  fish traps battery delivery  van Tonle Sap inlet drawbridge
a family moment fish traps steep steps and  nothing to hold on to! street market in Tonle Sap fishing village
fish drying in  the sun preparing fish  to dry young villager fish preparation
village woman wedding  preparations the bride and  her mother village woman
cleansing ceremony budding photographer ancient apsara modern apsara
Beng Malea site - Angkor rock and root jumble - Beng Malea site - Angkor Beng Malea site - Angkor Beng Malea site  - Angkor
vines cover everything - Beng Malea site - Angkor vine covered Beng Malea site - Angkor Beng Malea site - Angkor coconut  smoothie?
rooted in the  foundation - Angkor Thom early morning at  Angkor Thom apsara - Angkor Thom long view -  Angkor Thom
wall carvings -  Angkor Thom guardian lions face tower -  Angkor Thom elephant walk
elephant terrace  - Angkor Thom Leper King Terrace - Angkor Thom golden vestments Angkor Wat corridor
main temple of  Angkor Wat along the entry  walk - Angkor Wat interior  courtyard - Angkor Wat Angkor Wat -  alternate view
south gate west gate - day's end Angkor Wat -  west gate Apsara and  pillar
carvings at Ta  Phrom almost enveloped a tree grows in  the courtyard a root grows  wherever it wants to
Ta Phrom colorful  carvings stones, lichen,  roots, carvings and color early morning at incredible Ta Phrom
anchored among the trees stones, lichen,  roots, carvings and color disappearing into the jungle omigosh !! - Ta  Phrom
carvings on  every surface Sara & Ned  in a doorway incredible light observing the awesomeness
Ta Phrom in  morning light chariot scene above Ta Phrom ancient  walls
flying pig roast Johnny Walker Red Label fuel stop spirit house and  naga tail wall paintings -  Wat Thmey in Siem Reap
killing fields memorial - Wat Thmey - Siem Reap hauling roof  thatch 900 year old  bridge on the road from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh typical  countryside house on stilts
stacks of rice  straw typical country  house dry rice field boy and cart  team
farm house and  water storage jars local English  student ahhhhhh ! fried  tarantulas - a local delicacy in Skon live ones, too
unconcerned idling away the  hours between tuk-tuk fares FCC - the  Foreign Correspondent's Club outdoor  barbershop
traffic chaos Cambodian  National Museum - Phnom Penh Royal Palace  complex - Phnom Penh Royal Palace  complex - Phnom Penh
Royal Palace  complex - Phnom Penh Royal Palace  complex - Phnom Penh leaving