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Secret Garden 2011

The East Texas State Fair in Tyler, TX has an educational exhibit called AgriWorld.

As a part of this exhibit, the Smith County Master Gardeners presented their Secret Garden.
The theme this year featured Wizard of Oz characters which were popular with children and adults as well.

The exhibit was open to the public during the entire run of the fair with an overall attendance of 242,000.
Guided tours were given to 1360 school children, with Master Gardeners telling the children about subjects such as
water, butterflies, growing vegetables, insects, composting and critters.

Photos by Keith Hansen, Bill Kelldorf and Martin Davis.

092711 Argi-World 008 waiting.jpg P9290088 copy.jpg P9290090rev.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_080_fs copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_055_fs copy.jpg
P9290091 copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_003_fs copy.jpg P9299165.jpg P9290148 copy.jpg P9290097 copy.jpg
P9290094 copy.jpg P9290095 copy.jpg P9290092 copy.jpg P9290093 copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_009_fs copy.jpg
Secret_Garden_2011_002_fs copy.jpg 092711 Argi-World 017 wtr harvest.jpg P9290096 copy.jpg P9290107 copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_004_fs copy.jpg
P9290171 copy.jpg P9290100 copy.jpg P9290111 copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_083_fs copy.jpg P9290102 copy.jpg
P9290103 copy.jpg P9290101 copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_008_fs copy.jpg P9290099 copy.jpg P9290175 copy.jpg
092711 Argi-World 020 Butterflies.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_024_fs copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_023_fs copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_060_fs copy.jpg P9290176 copy.jpg
Secret_Garden_2011_007_fs copy.jpg P9290139 copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_061_fs copy.jpg 092711 Argi-World 011 critters.jpg P9290142 copy.jpg
P9290183 copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_089_fs copy.jpg P9290138 copy.jpg P9290130 copy.jpg P9290128 copy.jpg
Secret_Garden_2011_010_fs copy.jpg P9290127 copy.jpg 092711 Argi-World 026 Birds and bees.jpg P9290125 copy.jpg P9290124 copy.jpg
Secret_Garden_2011_sm_043_fs copy.jpg P9290122 copy.jpg P9290121 copy.jpg 092711 Argi-World 015 Tin man.jpg 092711 Argi-World 013 Sharon.jpg
P9290114 copy.jpg P9290181 copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_039_fs copy.jpg Secret_Garden_2011_sm_063_fs copy.jpg P9290120 copy.jpg
092711 Argi-World 025 Pat and veggies.jpg P9290115 copy.jpg 092711 Argi-World 019Tricia, Jean and Hazel.jpg P9290146 copy.jpg P9290167 copy.jpg
P9290170 copy.jpg