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San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival 2005

These are snap shots I made during the festival. Most are half size from original and if you are participants to the parade, feel free to print out your photo (size 4x6). I have original file that can make the print up to 12x18, just send the request on my message box. I will provide them to you as a courtesy, since I am not a pro.
IMG00004poster.jpg IMG00227umbrella 3.jpg IMG00233lurker of the weed.jpg IMG26949mounted police.jpg IMG00170grand marshall2.jpg IMG00009children parade 1.jpg
IMG00151vote getter.jpg IMG00115parade 33b.jpg IMG00159feeding frenzy 2.jpg IMG00116anime 6.jpg IMG00122anime 7.jpg IMG00123parade 35.jpg
IMG00124parade 36tif.jpg IMG00129anime9.jpg IMG00131taiko z2.jpg IMG00133taiko z3.jpg IMG00137taiko z5.jpg IMG00141taiko z6.jpg
IMG00001parade 1.jpg IMG00152hair.jpg IMG00160feeding frenzy 3.jpg IMG00002parade 2.jpg IMG00003parade 3.jpg IMG00004parade 4.jpg
IMG00007parade 7.jpg IMG00014love card.jpg IMG00025parade 9.jpg IMG00027parade 10.jpg IMG00028parade 11.jpg IMG00030parade 13.jpg
IMG00031people.jpg IMG00032captain.jpg IMG00056taiko ob.jpg IMG00058taiko ob2.jpg IMG00060taiko ob3.jpg IMG00032parade 14.jpg
IMG00036parade 15.jpg IMG00037parade 16.jpg IMG00038ble white ladies.jpg IMG00042fire chief.jpg IMG00042little crossing.jpg IMG00045fire toy.jpg
IMG00063sarongs.jpg IMG00064bags.jpg IMG00068purses.jpg IMG00069scarves.jpg IMG00072neon papers.jpg IMG00076coat for sale.jpg
IMG00084waiting in line.jpg IMG00074red and gold.jpg IMG00085hawaii queens.jpg IMG00104free for all red.jpg IMG00103red.jpg IMG00093hawaiian queen.jpg
IMG00089purple weed.jpg IMG00105miss sf.jpg IMG00114anime 4.jpg IMG00112anime 3.jpg IMG00109anime 1.jpg IMG00110anime 1b.jpg
IMG00111anime 2.jpg IMG00106parade 30.jpg IMG00145cherry blossom queen.jpg IMG00209waiting.jpg IMG00166grand marshall.jpg IMG00217dafa dancer.jpg
IMG26917new age kendo.jpg IMG00046hey stay away from my shoe.jpg IMG00050 opps just sniffling officer.jpg IMG00051really we did not (watering your shoe).jpg IMG00056oh please please no ticket.jpg IMG00156shrine carriers 1.jpg
IMG00162shrine carriers 2.jpg