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jena4love26-Feb-2014 13:53
Hello My Name is miss jina. i saw your profile today and i am contacting you so that we can be friends. and i have special reason of contacting you which i will make known to you. hope to read from you soon in my email address, (
miss JiNA
artist16-Aug-2012 07:49
Hi ... you are so creative .I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc .. I hope we can be good friends ....

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
Esther & Alan 02-Dec-2010 19:32
Wonderful site, great shots -- which makes it consistent with the photographer. Great speaking to you. Love from both of us to both of you.
Scapes Photography27-Jun-2010 11:40
You have a great cross section of galleries. Something for everyone. Very professional and interesting
krishan30-Jan-2010 12:33
Hi.... like your photos so much..... you are really great photographer..... im an artist and i paint on canvas. I hope we can be good friends.

Leila Sesmero 16-Sep-2009 11:44
Hello Michael,
I enjoyed looking at your portfolio/ gallery photographs. I loved the two jewish people praying....Nice portrait! I understand you specialize in wedding photography?
Check out my website..
Thanks again,
Rev. Leila Sesmero
Jim Bob11-Jun-2009 04:31
Michael, Thank you for taking the time to look at my galleries and leave comments. It is appreciated. I will do the same (when it's not so late). Thank you.
haibohuang30-Apr-2009 05:43
Hi, Michael,
Thank you for visiting my galleries and your kind comments were greatly appreciated. I love the photojournalism style wedding photography that you showcased in your Pbase site and the flower gallery! Best wishes! -Haibo
Herbey Morales05-Feb-2009 07:25
Hi Michael!
Thank you very much for your kind comments in my galleries, it´s very pleasant to me read those comments from someone who has a beautiful photographic work like yours. You have a talent to capture beautiful moments.Excuse my bad english! Herbey M.
Jimbo & Malou26-Jan-2009 19:12
Thanks for visiting our gallery... I appreciate the kind comment you left me with... Thanks! :)
You've got an amazing gallery!
Raymond J Barlow18-Dec-2008 07:19
Hi Michael.. thanks for your visit to my pbase, and I did enjoy a browse around your galleries here, very fine indeed.
Richard Haas 18-Apr-2008 08:36
Nice work, could you please contact me
Tina 23-Jan-2008 17:39
I loved these photogrphs. Great light and color and a beautiful narrative of Brooklyn.
Pauli Jokinen31-Dec-2007 17:06
Happy New Year to you too!
Rosemarie Kusserow10-Nov-2007 09:07
Thanks Michael for your many kind comments on my shots, I´m glad you liked them because I admire your wonderful works a lot, your kind words means a lot to me, have a nice weekend, regards, Rosemarie :o)
flowsnow11-Oct-2007 15:07
Thanks Michael for visiting. I am totally impressed with your work and talent. Put me to shame....I have so much to learn fr you. Keep in touch.
Gene Zonis28-Sep-2007 12:15
Thank you for your kind comments.They are truly appreciated.
Gene Zonis27-Sep-2007 17:43
Oy Vey!! What a wonderful collection. A true master.
Gilles Dehérand16-Jul-2007 20:02
Michael, you're a great photographer!
And lots of variety as well!
i'll certainly come back to visit your galleries!
Ps : thanks to have visited mines.
Guest 22-Jun-2007 05:21
Words can't describe how impressed I am of your work.
Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik23-May-2007 01:34
Thanks for your visit and kind comment Michael. Thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful galleries and great captions! Lloyd&Sandy
Photos by Shane14-Apr-2007 02:44
Thanks for your input on my Rotunda Room photo. I thought of going lower on the iso but I didn't want the longer exposure. The 1/4 sec was long enough for me since I didn't want the people to move so much. Plus I was timing the shutter when there weren't too many people walking in front of the camera. The longer exposure would have increased the chance of people crossing the camera path and I didn't want that. Also I had the camera already set to take a selfpic and I wanted that sharp as possible without trying to stand still too long.
SageCreek Images26-Mar-2007 17:51
Thanks Michael for the very nice comment on my Goose image, much appreciated...
Guest 08-Mar-2007 14:03
Nothing about great shots here.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 12:59
I really appreciate the effort you put into your pictures.
Guest 28-Nov-2006 20:50
Such a splendid variety of pictures that are full of life, a colorful fiesta of images, all very well done. Congratulations. Best wishes to you.
fotoopa26-Nov-2006 15:50
Thank you for the comment. It's much appreciated.
I use a special technique to "inject" colors into my figures. But I like to hold this technique secret to prevent that everyone make this type pictures!
aldeca11-Sep-2006 05:38
Very nice galleries with great artistic component, beutiful colors, and nice detals. Also, your interest to explore things is the same as my. I have great pleasure to visit your galleries.
Jane05-Sep-2006 18:14
Thanks for visiting my pbase site and for your comment about my sister's bengal cat. I loved the photo of your cat also. Very beautiful cat and well captured! :-)
Guest 24-Aug-2006 16:14
Michael -- thanks for the comment of my recent photo of a waterfall in Stowe, Vermont. Your gallaries are amazing and your descriptions give the photos life. Just great. I look forward to seeing (and reading) more. Thanks!
Sarah 22-Aug-2006 07:43
Well done! |
csmallari14-Aug-2006 00:34
Thanks for the visit to my PAD gallery and for the very nice comments. I appreciate it a lot. Have a wonderful day :-)
caveman_lee04-Jul-2006 15:50
Hi Michael,
Thanks for your kind comments on my photos.
eric jones01-Jul-2006 17:09
Thank you for your comments on my George Strait Photo, Eric!
Cindy01-Jul-2006 04:48
Hi Michael, I am adding you to my favorites list, you portfolio is very impressive. Thanks so much for your kind comments, I appreciate it. One can tell by viewing others galleries, just how much passion they have for their hobby/career/addiction, whichever it shall be. Your picture of Sarah is absolutely perfect, she has quite a smile there and a sparkle in her eye. Keep up the great work. Cindy.
crush128701-Jul-2006 03:49
All your galleries are amazing! Thanks for the notice.

Guest 17-Jun-2006 14:42
It's hard to put an adjective (or even several) to accurate depict your pictures. So I will just say what others have said. Good stuff!
Brinn MacDougall05-Jun-2006 17:37
Thank you for your nice comment, Michael!
Guest 04-Jun-2006 16:17
Hi Michael,
thank you for your kind comment on my Kyiv gallery. Your galleries are wonderful...
Thanks so much for sharing.
Kind regards,
Guest 04-Jun-2006 11:14
Your photos are certainly refreshing. Can't say pbase has any thing quite like it.
Guest 01-Jun-2006 14:06
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! Hugs and kisses 27-May-2006 22:20
This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work - very good. 27-May-2006 22:17
Like the new look of the site. Lynton
Guest 23-May-2006 14:26
One day, I will reach your level. Your pictures possesses a mysteriously motivating aura. But for now, I just need to figure out how to use this stupid Photoshop. 19-Apr-2006 12:46
Fabulous site.
J De Pould31-Mar-2006 02:16
Thank you for your VERY kind words about today's PAD shot. I'm about to go looking through your galleries.
Guest 16-Mar-2006 02:47
Thanks for looking at my portrait gallery it was my first attempt at portraits. I am using the same camera as you the Canon 20D. I love your pictures too awsome work
csmallari04-Jan-2006 17:16
Thank you for the nice comment on one of my sunset photos. You have a lot of wonderful photos in your galleries. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us :-)
wendy beard16-Nov-2005 21:25
Hi Michael,

Thanks very much for taking the time to comment on this photo
Your observations and advice were much appreciated.

Also enjoyed visiting your galleries - you have some stunning work in there!
Karen Leaf10-Nov-2005 04:16
Thank you for your recent remarks on my PaD pictures Michael. Not only are your remarks appreciated but it led me to your galleries. I have enjoyed going thru them--you are very talented in so many aspects of photography; I have bookmarked you, and will return frequently.
Phase Photography - Antonius Thambrin18-Oct-2005 13:39
your pictures are alll coloured by wonderful play of depth of field and awsome composition and emotion signature.... wonderful ^_^
Thanks for your comments and feedback... please do so as often as possible ^_^ really appreciated!
Glenn Endick 15-Oct-2005 23:59
The pictures you sent me are great, and the family really enjoys them. I have to say the Native American picture is my favorite on your site, because it's so realistic and sharp. At first, I thought it was a real Native American! By the way, the family is doing great and we send you guys our regards.
PS: Hope to see you guys soon!
Guest 30-Jun-2005 12:42

keep up the good work

Glenn Endick 21-Jun-2005 03:20
The Chicago pictures are looking great (they're my favorite), I really enjoy looking at the 3-D effect of the pictures, like I'm actually there in the pictures. Keep up the good work, and hope to see you guys soon! PS- When we see you, bring your camera becuase the pictures will be amazing!
Glenn Endick 29-May-2005 21:42
These are great pictures! I'm excited to see the new pictures that are about to come!
Keep up the good work!
Gerardo Paredes24-May-2005 10:12
Thanks for your very positive comment about my flower gallery !! I see your gallery, and you have a very good galleries and very good pictures, what develops even more the opinion that you had given me !!

Thanks and good future shoots !!

You speak and write french or you use traduction by sites ? Because I prefer to write french but I prefer you understand what i write ;)

In french : si vous parlez français et que comme prévu vous passiez sur Paris, faites moi le savoir, une rencontre entre passionnés photos est toujours constructif !! En tout cas votre avis sur mes fotos de fleurs m'a beaucoup fait plaisir, surtout lorsque j'ai regardé les votres dont certaines sont superbes, merci encore et qui sait, peut être on aura le plaisir de se rencontrer pour faire des fotos ;)
Dan Houck16-May-2005 21:55
Excellent galleries. I really liked your Victorian house from Tunkannock. Spent many a summer in Forkston. Your photos paint a glowing picture of PA. Kudos!
KM21-Apr-2005 13:51
Michael, I've really enjoyed your work. You obviously have a passion. Will keep checking out your photos in the future.
Michael Weinberg13-Apr-2005 14:59
Thank you Hans for your very kind and generous remarks. I hope my future photos will not disappoint you....and I will from time to time check in on your fine galleries. Best regards, Michael.
Hans Meerbeek13-Apr-2005 06:54
Thanks for your kind comments.You're a great photographer and I added you to my favorites because I think I can learn a lot here.Again thanks and best regards
Jeff Cochran08-Apr-2005 23:22
Quality galleries.
Michael Weinberg04-Apr-2005 19:09
Hello Tomasz. I cannot thank enough for the extensive time you spent perusing through my galleries and for the multitude of extremely kind comments you made throughout. Hopefully I when I find a little time, I will be able to return the favor, for you have many wonderful rich and exciting photos as well.... many telling stories and revealing the cultures of people and places far from my vantage point. Stay well. Best regards, Michael.
Tomasz Dziubinski - Photography04-Apr-2005 17:47
Terrific work Michael. I have found lot of beautiful pictures in your galleries. Very professional work, my congratulations. I have to keep going back again and again to see your pictures :)
Michael Weinberg29-Mar-2005 23:50
Hello Gina. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful message. When it comes to photography, I love to do it all.... and some times, I even get paid for it (can you imagine that?). I very much appreciate the comment about the exif data; I have learned an incredible amount from others, and it is only fair that I do the same. But most of all, I appreciate being called one of the "good guys." When you get receive such an accolade, by one who brought so much photographic beauty to pbase, it does not get any better than that! Please visit my galleries or write me anytime. About anything. All my best, Michael
gina_dl29-Mar-2005 23:14
Thx for your kind words Michael. You have a wonderful eye for photography! You seem to master many different classes of photography and all of them come out beautifully. You 're welcome to a visit anytime.
I especially appreciate that you show the exif info with the pics. Always a great way to learn from the good guys!
kind regards

Michael Weinberg20-Mar-2005 21:06
Thank you Felicia for your sincere and generous comments pertaining to my photography here at Pbase. Please, write to me any time. Best regards, Michael.
Felicia Bush 20-Mar-2005 20:25
Your work is visually stimulating--the repetition of shapes, colors and textures causes the viewer's eye to move all over the image, in and out and around again. You seem to excel in this manipulation--of holding the viewer's interest. Well done! As a professor of art appreciation I've told my students for years that this is one basic element of good art!
Michael Weinberg11-Mar-2005 14:14
Thank you Thomaxx for the very kind remarks. I had a short chance to look at a few of your fine and well composed photos. In the next day or two, when I have a little time, I will take a better look and will surely send you some feedback. Best Regards and talk to you soon, Michael.
Thomas11-Mar-2005 14:04
Nice stuff Michael. Rebel + good glass = awesome pics.
Your skills are pretty impressive too,mind you.
Guest 28-Feb-2005 18:24
Hi, Michael
I just enjoyed your great photo. I will come back and see your photos. So, please show us more your works. Thank you so much for your comments.
H.L.Tam26-Feb-2005 13:45
Thank you for the kind words about my photography exercises. I really enjoyed yours as well. I am impressed with the photos of flowers.
Best regards!
Michael Weinberg15-Feb-2005 00:16
Thank you Mariusz for all the kind and generous remarks you made in my guestbook and in my galleries. I will make sure I check your progress from time to time. All my best, Michael.
Guest 14-Feb-2005 23:18
Hello Michael. Thanks for visiting my gallery. As you propably saw I'm just begining my photo adventure :))
You have a very nice gallery here. I love "My Top Photo Hit Parade" gallery best,especially the one with two girls in chinese restaurant. There is something interesting in their eyes... I'll wait for more photos like that one.
Best wishes
Guest 08-Feb-2005 23:22
You have some great work in here Michael. Its exciting to have an excellent photographer visit my site....Thanks!
Bern 01-Feb-2005 00:17
What beauty, symmetery and composition !Thank you.