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I Don't Like Winter

Seriously, I do not like winter. But I live in the city, where winter takes at least three months and it will be shame to leave it without any picture taken. It's cold but such a beautiful time with great potential for photographer. In those three long winter months I tried to capture this beauty, trying to avoid to get too cold. Pictures below were taken during my winter walks and drives around Toronto. There are probably not to many things one can shoot in the winter landscapes - snow, sky, trees and again snow, sky, trees. But sometimes this combination creates very beautiful compositions.

I hope you enjoy what you see, more than I enjoyed to shoot it.

I encourage you to take a minute and comment or critique on the images and I definitely appreciate all your votes as well.

t3%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f89533958.d6MLodEq.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74551199.Ym5UEZIe.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74527120.aYIzanS6.jpg Winter Road To Nowhere Gated Snow
No Way Out Snow Reefs t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74476669.h8qEkW5N.jpg Take A Long Way Home t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74459727.poU6VRQ4.jpg
Snow Falling t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74421750.u72EgRDB.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74392751.jR68g9Ry.jpg Split By Snow Low Sky
t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74344584.T7Vvn5pX.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74341567.Dg9SbJ7k.jpg Deck With the View on Lake Ontario t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74303413.QJxclwX5.jpg First Snow
Barn Church u16%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f39092559.110_0643_1.jpg On The Way Home Winter on Golf Course
Winter Fog t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270807.135_0863_1.jpg Fence Trail Still Open Against The Sun
Snow, Sun and Clouds t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270814.135_0931_1.jpg River Banks Wrecks. White Branches
Snow Humps The Day After Blizzard It's Snowing Again Mighty Creek Winter picnic
Red in Winter Frame u13%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f38582036.106_0291_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270809.135_0872_1.jpg u37%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f39480018.111_0059_1.jpg Small Creek
t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74142708.PYzrFLVI.jpg u16%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f39092553.110_0639_1.jpg u16%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f39092545.110_0626_1.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74260663.VrfRnxIw.jpg Light Snow
Snow Berries Shining Through t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f56105522.138_0803_1.jpg Golfing In Snow Trees
Last Apples Trails Clouds Over Snow Where Are Horses? High Sky
t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270806.135_0861_1.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74177175.EOgzOCvg.jpg Double White Winter Explosion Toronto in Ice and Clouds
u37%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f39480012.110_0954_1.jpg u49%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f39092579.111_0957_1.jpg Snowfall t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f73850475.CK9HgeV9.jpg Winter Road
Through And Out Fence Cottages Flawless Snow t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270811.135_0913_1.jpg u16%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f39032901.110_0398_1.jpg
Frozen Apple Sign u16%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f39092561.110_0645_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270802.135_0840_1.jpg Shining Through
Blue and White t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270803.135_0843_1.jpg Winter Castle u15%2fmichaelsv%2fsmall%2f38931289.110_0269_1.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f74212605.aSrhUXIm.jpg
Driving Winter Highway SnowTires Chalete Secret Passage t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270813.135_0925_1.jpg
t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55270812.135_0915_1.jpg Trees And Snow Waiting For Spring Distant Farm Good Morning
Marshes Love Seat Under The Snow Icy Stream t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f73760908.oKKyYl52.jpg