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People and Portraits

Carnival in Venice
Carnival in Venice
die maske
die maske
B&W Portraits
B&W Portraits
Red Skirt
Red Skirt
Relishing Ice Cream Morning Scene in San Giminiano
Cologne Carnival Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - IV Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - VII Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - X
Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - III Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - VI Preserving the Neptune Temple at Paestum - II Girl in Palinuro
Siesta Naples - National Archeological Museum Old and Young Girl on Stairs
Cologne Marathon 2003 Cologne Carnival, Bouqinist Shopping Newly Engaged
Skater Skater McRib Writing things down
Harvesting Asparagus Harvesting Asparagus Tayloress in her Atelier Window Scene
Pretty Tourist u40%2fmichael_w%2fsmall%2f40184615._DSC2043_1.jpg Camaret - Bride, Groom and Photographer Bakery in Quimper
Surfin' Brittany Always the Sun Playing the Glass Harp Woman seen from above
Quartet Giving away Brochures Taking Notes Red Skirt
Bikers Working for a Living V Working for a Living Working for a Living III
Christopher Street Day CSD at Cologne Harley Davidson Riders Sunday Morning at Plouhinec
At the harbour, watching At the Market of Etel Kitchen Work Selling Kitchenware at the Market of Etel
At the Market of Etel Live Music in Etel Authentic Music from Brittany Authentic Music from Brittany
Sharing Lonesome Photographer Working for a Living VI Administration Intra Muros, Concarneau
Selling Pastries at Concarneau Street Portrait Street Capture Cologne Marathon 2005
v3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f47991112._DSC3393.jpg Spinning Blacksmith at Work Sunday Shopping
Visiting Cologne Unofficial Portrait t1%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f53416025._DSC6091.jpg Chrissi and Claudia
Claudia Street Portrait of a Woman from Spain Here am I Street Portrait
Skating Street Portrait Cologne Carnival: Geisterzug Cologne Carnival: Geisterzug
Cologne Carnival: Geisterzug Cologne Carnival: Geisterzug Cologne Carnival: Geisterzug Bird Flu Samba
Cologne Carnival Geisterzug Cologne Carnival Madeleine and Paco Out of Genoa
Corse, Gentlemen from Corte, relaxing Blacksmith at Work t5%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f66898532.zzXs4IXN.jpg t5%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f67087929.8SvghDwV.jpg
t5%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f67723282.OWP1Ltnw.jpg t5%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f67956882.tCRGTW6q.jpg Luxor Temple Fishing on River Nile
Studying at Karnak Temple Workers of an Alabaster Factory near Qurna The Kettle Luxor Agriculture
Valley of the Kings Construction Site Westbank Market Seamstress in Esna Playing Checkers at Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple Restauration Work Worker in the Valley of the Kings Egypt - Entrance to the Temple of Hatschepsut City Mountaineer
Christmas Cherub Visitor of Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market Christmas Market Portrait Heavy Load
Luxor Street Scene Christmas Market Portrait At the Construction Site of the Cologne Underground Train Santa Parade
Street Portrait Street Portrait Street Capture at the Flea Market Waiting
Trying to do a self portrait Volatile Encounter Candid Portrait Guns N' Roses
Street Portrait Sharing Street Portrait Wearing Colors
Street Portrait  Cologne Testimony Juweller in San Marco Musician on the Campo San Stefano
Visitor in Front of Cologne Cathedral iPod therefore iAm Climbing l'Arlesienne
Fete des Gardians, Arles Fete des Gardians, Arles Arles, Place de la Republique Woman from Arles in her traditional costume
Maquillage Somaya at the market in Arles Somaya at her market stand in Arles Fete des Gardians, Arles
Fete des Gardians, Arles Somaya at her market stand in Arles Memorial Portrait of a woman from Arles
Annie t6%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f83995682.vrGaHJPx.jpg Flamenco Concert Seahorse II
Seahorse t1%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f93287106.myiIW7qy.jpg t1%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f93323932.DJtOsxBG.jpg Streetpainting
Streetpainting Streetpainting Streetpainting Coffee Break
Under Construction Guard at Luxor Temple Assault Muezzin of the old Mosque in New Qurna
Climbing Streetpainting Climbing Bride on the Bridge
Bride in the Fountain Stairway to Heaven Baroque Performance in Dresden Zwinger Corpus Christi Procession in Cologne
Morning Sun in the Desert t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f121875839.YMbd18hb.jpg t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f121896821.ONFfLokJ.jpg t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f121944283.Uvg50vlS.jpg
t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f121983924.548Ip3B6.jpg t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f122016149.oIb0Lb4L.jpg t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f122071510.IlqFqhjD.jpg t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f122098663.RS1ADt3m.jpg
t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f122121543.3LvamogR.jpg t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f122157064.3aYjL4LA.jpg Supervising Venice Carnival t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f122234613.JSfEErvz.jpg
Vanity Fair t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f122397114.g4YXXhLb.jpg Playing Chess Projekt Hex
Projekt Hex Running t3%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f124181067.UzQ1nwIF.jpg Climbing
Czech Musician Salt Work Salt Work t1%2f34%2f521334%2f4%2f129965834.V35tvT1T.jpg