Everything Fine After Problems This Morning

This morning at about 7:50am, a disk died on our main database machine. While there is a lot of redundancy built in and the server should have continued to chug along nicely, it got hung up on the dead disk. While we worked on fixing the problem, we switched into read-only mode and used a backup copy of the database from 5 days ago, which is why you may have noticed recently added galleries and photos not showing up. Once we were able to get the main database back up and running, it took some time to get things cached in RAM, so you probably noticed pages loading slowly. Currently, everything should be running smoothly and quickly for you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Your patience while we were working to fix everything was greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
The PBase Team

last updated 11-Dec-2013 10:57 AM EST