New Pricing - More Storage for Same Price


We have increased storage from 1000MB to 2000MB, but the price remains the same.
$23 = 2000MB (12 credits)
$43 = 4000MB (24 credits)
$60 = 6000MB (36 credits)

If you have already paid for 1000MB, you now have 2000MB available to you.

A payment of $23 adds 12 credits to your account. Each of these credits was worth 1000MB for one month. At the end of each month, credits are deducted based on your average usage, rounded up to the nearest 1000MB. When you are out of credits, it is time to pay again. With this change, a credit is now worth 2000MB and your monthly usage average will be rounded up to the nearest 2000MB. So, no matter how many credits you currently have remaining, as of 23-Jul-2017, each of those credits is worth 2000MB instead of 1000MB.

If you still have questions, please email
-The PBase Team

last updated 23-Jul-2017