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Liza2316-Jan-2010 00:13
Hello there Adrian,first of all thanking you for visiting my galleries also a big thank you for the lovely comments...your galleries as well as your page is incredibly AWESOME! great captures...
G. Volkmann15-Jun-2009 02:00
Truly inspiring stuff mang. Thanks for sharing it with us lowly mortals.

Guest 08-Oct-2008 19:21
I taught him everything
Slava Risenberg08-Sep-2008 17:58
You have a very special and unique style which I like a lot.
Really enjoyed your Cardiff night shots.

Anna Michalak 15-Aug-2008 08:38
I know you want to borrow the book about Poland.
I can drop to you any time today after 6 p.m.
My number is 07809458014.
Hope hear from you soon.
Peterfree20-Jul-2008 21:45
Thank you soooo much for your kind reply!

Peterfree [ Piet Schuttelaar - Stein - The Netherlands ]
Kevin Chester07-Jul-2008 19:14
Style , Style, Style, running from one gallery to the next. Great Work
missy corrales06-Jul-2008 22:17
amazing work! i'm at a loss for words! - missy
Greg Little04-Jun-2008 20:47
Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the nice comment on my shot of the kids by the fountain. I like your eclectic collection of subjects/images. Nice layout on the galleries as well.

valashi31-May-2008 23:46
love it man
Vincent Belford23-May-2008 13:10
Hi Adrian,
Soooo many wonderful galleries and photographs in them - I'm always amazed at finding someone new ( to me ) here on Pbase ( or have I been here before and now having a senior moment ? he-he ) at any rate , love your work and I'll try to take closer looks and leave some comments soon
valashi16-Mar-2008 23:59
whatever you get paid for your work it's not enough
valashi28-Feb-2008 21:42
I am staggered by your versatility and technical prowess!!
francesco scipioni17-Feb-2008 22:33
i'm speechless before your images!!! you're great!
Norbert Fortelny16-Feb-2008 20:15
I am in awe.
So much to learn here!
Guest 25-Jan-2008 10:15
Great galleries wonderful work..very diverse and refreshing..kind regards..Lorraine
Michael31-Dec-2007 03:08
Hi Adrian,

thanks for your comments - I got around to adding a whole load more photos from the 70's. I have loads of the construction of the "new road" but too many to put up. Maybe next time :-)

poetry66613-Dec-2007 00:25
Hi Adrian, Ive not visited your galleries in a while but had a look around them today. Your countryside gallery is full of many treasures and beautiful finds. Well done.
Dave Lee and Lynne Blake 07-Oct-2007 19:00
Hey Ade!
We love your work, and want you to be on our database!
Keep in touch and se you soon.
Dave and Lynne,
The BIG fuss.
Martha Albuquerque22-Sep-2007 12:19
Dear Ade,
You know I am your huge fan. Thanks for your visits and support.
Luv ya,
tita ;*
Alex from Holland20-Jul-2007 22:34
Thanks Ade for visiting my site and leaving so many nice comments. getting them from you i take that as a great compliment. Very impressive portfolio and VERY creative work !!

Alex from Holland
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:03
Pure talent.
Guest 15-May-2007 19:14
I am trying to look at all your images but am overwhelmed by the sheer scale of your work, nevermind the quality!
Melanie08-May-2007 09:36
Well there is not I can say that has not already been said.
I just spent a short amount of time in your gallery. I will for sure return soon & often. I like your style, very much.
John Rogers29-Apr-2007 23:46
Hello Cecil,
damned good of you to comment on my snap what. Must meet up soon for a chin wag, perhaps at the manor?
Sir John of Sodbury.
Magic27-Apr-2007 16:30
you managed to take some good shots recently... it's an art.
Andrija Kasom24-Apr-2007 08:14
Dear Ade,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro...I will come back with pleasure...
Jeroen Bosman09-Apr-2007 10:45
Hi Adrian, just stumbled upon your galleries. I really like the tremendous creativity you put into this. You immediately made it to the top of my favourites chart. Your work surely inspires me to try and go further, photographically. Best, Jeroen
lovebobo131428-Mar-2007 12:12
Thank you for your comments re: my photos. Yes, simple,joyful and equality of human beings are the essence I am looking for in my album.
Adalberto Tiburzi09-Mar-2007 09:31
Love your approach to photography.
I'd say, to life.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:56
It's a pleasure to spend a lazy evening sifting through your pictures.
Matt Latham04-Mar-2007 13:11
Great galleries Adrian. many thanks for sharing.
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery01-Feb-2007 01:57
HiAdrian, Thank you for a lots of comments to my gallery.
I know you are very great photographer so I'm glad you to give them to me.
Thank you so much again and keep them coming your excellent works!!
Stu Egan28-Jan-2007 22:09
Heh heh.

Great photos.
Sue Gnat
Ray :)28-Jan-2007 21:27
Just found a new name for my favourites list!
Trite Payt
koff 15-Dec-2006 23:28
Martha Albuquerque04-Dec-2006 09:45
Hi Ade!
Thanks for taking your busy time to go to my new gallery. Your opinion, comments and vote are very important to me since I appreciate your work and always learn from it.
Love it!
BoobyBoo27-Nov-2006 14:01
BoobyBoo26-Nov-2006 13:13
so many beautiful pictures you have...

Thank you very much.
Naomi Sheaffer13-Nov-2006 23:40
Ade, you ROCK with that camera!
Georgios Tsiminis11-Nov-2006 23:18
I have just started browsing through your gallery, but judging by what I've seen so far, I'm really in for a treat! Keep it up!
Guest 06-Nov-2006 01:41
Thanks for your comment on my "Starting the Long Walk" wedding shot. I had a great time shooting that couple. The day was dreary so we decided to take over a coffee shop for some fun photos and this image was shot while walking to the shop.

I looked at your wedding gallery and I like your work. I think you and I have a similar style. I like to use natural light wherever possible. Check out my "Stanko Wedding" gallery. It requires a password :"Amici". You might check out my pro site:
Olivier Buttigieg03-Nov-2006 22:20
Thanks for the comment on my image. You have some excellent galleries !
Magic02-Nov-2006 17:36
Hello Adrian,
thanks for popping into my gallery,
you've got some nice images in your gallery.
I know Maciej Dakowicz personally, recently we shoting quite often together, since i moved into Cardiff. In fact under his impression i've started photography.
Chris(tine)29-Oct-2006 21:01
I have just been browsing through - so much to see and not enough time etc etc! You have some truly great photographs on show. Thanks for your recent visit. chris
Deborah Lewis25-Oct-2006 16:46
Welcome back!
Macho 18-Oct-2006 21:32
Nice site!
Bev 08-Oct-2006 08:36
EXCELLENT work! Thanks for sharing!!
JSWaters27-Sep-2006 15:30
Hello Adrian,
I've seen your comments in alot of my favorite pbaser's galleries and came by to say hello and leave a few comments. You seem to have a great sense of humor and fun that comes through in your work. I'll make it a point to keep stopping in.
Kasia Guess22-Sep-2006 12:26
hi Adrian,
thanks for your kind comments on my job and the invitation to your gallery
Kasia :-)
Andrea Ventura16-Sep-2006 13:31
Thank you for visiting my galleries and for your comments!
Deborah Lewis08-Sep-2006 20:44
Thanks for stopping by!
Guest 03-Sep-2006 07:26
Thanks for your comment, Adrian. I identify with your work and relate to your eye. It's funny because I try to make each work that I do a symbol of a perfect world. Your's is quite the opposite. You capture and artistically portray a much "dirtier" perspective. I really enjoy getting to know the other side, and will experiment with that perspective. Thanks, and of course, cheers. Arrian
Guy Dube15-Aug-2006 12:13
I want to thank you to comment my pictures, "Journee d'automne, Eau miroitante", I appreciate it a lot.
Have a nice day!
Guest 14-Aug-2006 15:31
Great work here Adrian well worth my time looking
csmallari14-Aug-2006 00:37
Thank you again so much for dropping by my PAD gallery and for the wonderful comments and the vote. Hope you are having an extra wonderful day today :-)
Lampridis Dimitris13-Aug-2006 15:58
Hi Adrian , Thank you so much for visiting , and your comment ...
Enzo Priore11-Aug-2006 07:10
thank you for your kind comments.
Ciao, Enzo
Guy Dube06-Aug-2006 12:32
I want to thank you for your comment for "The right partner", I appreciate it a lot.
Have a nice Sunday!
Wiz Yeo06-Aug-2006 08:00
I really appreciate your encouragement and comments on my PADs. Your work has been a source of motivation for me too :)

Thanks again ;)

Guy Dube05-Aug-2006 17:55
Thank you a lot for your comment for "Le tunnel Ville-Marie", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Lampridis Dimitris03-Aug-2006 13:41
Hi Adrian , Thanks for your comment , Very Interesting all your Galleries , BRAVO !!!
FairEnigma03-Aug-2006 04:35
I've been wandering through your galleries and your photos are Wonderful but I must say I'm blown away by the Gallery Titles & descriptions - They really do fit! Your sense of Humor is Hilarious and it Shows! Keep doing what you Do so Well!
Guy Dube02-Aug-2006 23:50
Allo Adrian,
I want to thank you for your comments, it is very appreciated. It is good for the moral (french canadian expression!)
Best regards
Barbara Heide02-Aug-2006 11:55
thank you for your nice comments... intriguing is fine...isn't it...?
Deborah Lewis01-Aug-2006 23:20
Thanks Adrian - took the picture a few weeks back - hope she enjoys it but it doesn't come close to yours!
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery01-Aug-2006 19:51
Hi Adrian,
Thank you very much many your kind and positive coment.
I often enjoy your gallely too.It's a so amazing and good study to me.
Because of you have a lots of kind idea and imaging photographs.
Your works are really creative,so I love your styles and works.
Please visit my gallery sometimes and keep them coming your great works!!

Best regards
Naoki Hayashi
Linda Solan01-Aug-2006 11:43
Wonderful work...great make me want to travel, but I am stuck in the Finger Lakes of NY. (work at a museum and we are busy in the summer) It is a beautiful place, but not the bright colors you have. Visit my pbase gallery when you have time..
Brinn MacDougall31-Jul-2006 15:43
Thanks Adrian!!
Rosemarie Kusserow30-Jul-2006 20:43
Hi dear Adrian, thanks a lot for your many generous comments on my shots, I´m really happy that you liked them so much, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
dark_room30-Jul-2006 18:45
Thank you again. I appreciate your observation…:)
William Hartshorn30-Jul-2006 17:52
Enjoyed many of your galleries.......You truly have an eye!!
Enzo Priore27-Jul-2006 20:11
thank you for your comments
best regards
Brinn MacDougall27-Jul-2006 16:29
Thank you for commenting on my potd!
Jim Ross22-Jul-2006 13:15
Hehe.. No probs buddie...Sounds like you are having a hoot... :-) I've only been to Barca once for a short trip, i loved Las Ramblas and the Marina bar area, the one with mini golf on the roof.. I'm looking forward to my hols so much, Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria... :-)
Guest 10-Jul-2006 17:51
Wow, fabulous galleries! I'm so glad I came across your site. Best Wishes! :)
Guest 30-Jun-2006 22:32
Thank you for your visit and comment. Photography and the web allows me to capture and share wonderful moments with the world. I, like many other photographers, believe we are living in a wonderful time!
Guest 29-Jun-2006 07:05
Adrian ... thanks for stopping by My PaD recently and taking time to comment. I appreciate your compliments on the "glowing faucet" image. I've found myself lost among your wonderful galleries a number of times and am flattered you happened upon my little slice of pbase. Cheers.
Guy Dube25-Jun-2006 13:01
I want to thank you for your comment for "A cold day", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery23-Jun-2006 07:18
Thank you so much your kind comment.I saw your all photograph.Those are absolutely excellent!Especially I love 'Best of my pads'.Keep them coming your great work!
Rob Rosetti22-Jun-2006 19:02
Thank you so much for your encouraging comments!
I'll be back to see more of your work.

Roberto 22-Jun-2006 13:08
This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work - very good.
Guy Dube22-Jun-2006 12:44
I want to thank you for your comment for "Ombrages dans le sous-bois, I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Guy Dube19-Jun-2006 03:27
Thank you a lot for your comment for my picture, I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Guy 12-Jun-2006 10:20
Guter Stil mit Info und Geschmack. Muss schon sagen das nicht viele Seiten im Netz so sind.
Guest 11-Jun-2006 18:15
Nice Stuff
John Stevenson11-Jun-2006 17:35
Lots of great shots! Getting a D50 tomorrow (hopefully.. shipping is annoying). Your galleries certainly reminded me of just how amazing this camera is. Great job!
Manas Khan11-Jun-2006 16:45
Thanks for your appreciating comment on my photograph
Emma Assender11-Jun-2006 09:35
Gaaaa! I'm in awe. Brilliant galleries. Thanks for yesterday Had a excellent day; it was good to meet some other photographers and get out and about!
Guest 10-Jun-2006 14:35
Thanks so much for the comment. All of your galleries are great!
Brinn MacDougall09-Jun-2006 17:46
Thank you for your comment on Brown eyed Girl!
Guest 07-Jun-2006 02:53
Thanks for all the great comments! I've got a lot of work to do here in your galleries as well!
Jesse RHINES 06-Jun-2006 21:45
Adrian, Wonderful images! Frozen Trees in particular. I'm still deciding on digital. How greatly do you enlarge images and how large are photos you sell or exhibit? Are there any blowup size limits?
aLub@05-Jun-2006 02:55

Thanks for visiting my Pbase. You have many excellent works here. Enjoy browsing your works. Please keep up the good work. Will come back to see more.

csmallari03-Jun-2006 16:17
Thanks again Adrian for the visits to my PAD gallery, the nice comments and the votes. I always look forward to what you guys have to say about my photos :-) Love your galleries .... more please :-)
Alyssa Francesca03-Jun-2006 14:58
You are absolutely incredible! I've added you to my favorites list. Thank you for your comment on my image.
Guest 02-Jun-2006 11:46
Fantastic gallery, thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work.
paola berlato29-May-2006 17:14
Many thanks for the comment on my cygnet image. I am truly honored. Paola
Morbihan5628-May-2006 16:32
thaks for yr comments for my galery erotically it is very encouraging
I like too yr artwork it is great
best rgds francis
csmallari28-May-2006 02:01
Thank you oh so much for the many votes. So happy that you enjoyed my smoke play gallery. A lot of people have a difficult time seeing the images so I guess only the "imaginative" ones see them :-) Thanks again for the visits and the votes Adrian. Really appreciate it a lot. Have a great day and may you have many, many more faces and subjects to discover :-)
Jolanda Luynenburg27-May-2006 17:20
I like your photo's. Good work! Nice. Specialy the photo's with bikes.
sebas veldhuisen27-May-2006 16:42
hi Ade, thanks a lot for your wonderful comments and votes on the portraits. I really appreciate that. Hope you're doing well. sebas
Guest 19-May-2006 23:03
Thanks for comments on my gallery! Really like your photos. They are interesting as well as beautiful.
csmallari19-May-2006 21:42
Hi Adrian. Thank you so much for dropping by my PAD gallery again and for the nice comments :-)
Guest 19-May-2006 17:12
Thanks for leaving a comment on my have wonderful galleries Definitely caught my eyes
Focus19-May-2006 13:52
Congratulations Ade on having both the #1 and the #2 photos on pbase!!! You have inspired a lot of us here on pbase.....keep up the great work!

Guest 18-May-2006 23:19
Nice galleries Adrian...Keep up the Great work. Look forward to seeing more :)
Brinn MacDougall17-May-2006 16:44
Thanks for your great comment, Adrian!
Debbie B.16-May-2006 13:23
Thank you Adrian! :-)
Guest 16-May-2006 01:12
Hi Adrian Thanks for your comments.
Guy Dube15-May-2006 12:39
I want to thank you for your comment for "Black Reflection", I appreciate it a lot.
Have a nice day!
zaren13-May-2006 03:15
your galleries never cease to inspire me. wonderful work!
Debbie B.12-May-2006 19:28
Thank you for your kind words about my flower picture. I really appreciate it. :-)
Brinn MacDougall09-May-2006 18:36
Thanks for the comment on my POTD..
Kerry Tingley08-May-2006 13:27
Thank you for your kind comments on my Photo a Day gallery. I really appreciate the feedback. Kerry
Guy Dube08-May-2006 11:43
I want to thank you to stop by, for your comment. I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
csmallari08-May-2006 01:44
Thank you so much for the visit to my PAD gallery and for the nice comment. Appreciate it a lot :-)
Guy Dube06-May-2006 12:22
I want to thank you for your comment for "Le Chateau Frontenac", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Dave 05-May-2006 14:11
Its not my fault I'm so photogenic.

Any way if you went out with us I'm sure Ade would have taken some of you.
oz 04-May-2006 16:11
hi ade. beautiful pix, who'd have thought it? bit of a shame i'm not on any. even dave is featured!
Alida Thorpe03-May-2006 22:47
I enjoy visiting your galleries. Thank you for your visits and comments to my site. I am happy to share this wonderful experience with someone who also enjoys photography.
buutopia03-May-2006 20:45
Thank you for all your comments in my gallery. I think the best way to become a better photographer is to be able to see your pictures through others eyes and you've helped me do that. Feel free to leave some critical comments as well, I greatly respect your opinion.
I've also enjoyed viewing your galleries. Thanks.

Joaquin M Garcia Leal03-May-2006 14:15
Hi Andrian, Thank you for the comment
Guy Dube03-May-2006 11:41
I want to thank you to stop by for your comment for "Reflet", I appreciate it a lot.
Have a nice day
Catherine_D02-May-2006 19:09
Hallo Andrian,
From a popular gallery I went from one surprise to another.You have so much to give I am absolutely stunned!!Keep up the good work!
Guy Dube02-May-2006 11:46
Thank you very much Adrian for your comment for "Winter Mood", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Martha Albuquerque29-Apr-2006 10:35
Congrats! now besides a excellent photographer and lovely friend, you are famous! Love to see you in Pbase Magazine! Cheers!

Also, everytime you come to my pics, I just love..
Thanks for everything, Adrian, and keep the best work up!
Martha ;*
Guest 29-Apr-2006 00:27
Hi Adrian.
I am very happy that a great photographer like you commented a picture of mine.
By the way who is Armin b?
Guy Dube28-Apr-2006 23:41
Allo Adrian
I want to thank you to stop by for your comment, I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Brian Sartor28-Apr-2006 22:59
You are an excellent photographer -- very creative and well done pictures in these galleries
Guest 28-Apr-2006 20:01
Thanks for your compliment on the Yosemite shot in my PaD. You have a VERY impressive set of galleries. One of my favorites images was
Gil Purcil28-Apr-2006 15:27
I browsed thru you galleries,although it would take me sometime to
view all of them, initially I'm amazed with all the beautiful images
you have. I'll definitely come back to see more of your work.
And thanks for your comments on my gallery.
Guest 28-Apr-2006 13:27
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Guest 27-Apr-2006 00:17
Thanks for your comments.

Victoria26-Apr-2006 14:11
She is Kelly Chen ,a famous sing star and famous actress in China, here is her wiebsite, gorgeous lady, for this pic
Martha Albuquerque23-Apr-2006 22:27

Thanks for your support, comments, votes, nice words! I love your work. You have so many interesting galleries!
Let's share life and pictures! Cheers!
Guy Dube23-Apr-2006 21:27
Thank you very much Adrian for your visit to comment my picture " Opposite", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Guy Dube23-Apr-2006 20:55
Thank you very much Adrian for your visit to comment my picture " St-Georges Church", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Luís Pereira22-Apr-2006 12:19
Hi Adrian,
Thank you for your kind comments.
I really appreciate.
Best regards,

P.S. I also love to ride my bike ;-)
Doug Kessler21-Apr-2006 23:57
Wow, Adrian, your pictures are on fire at pbase right now. Congratulations! Thanks for the comments on my pics.
Keep up the outstanding work.

Doug Kessler
Rannoch Moor21-Apr-2006 11:17
Hi Adrian. It's always a pleasure to browse your galleries as well as to read your comments. Thanks for those shots, cheers. Nicolas.
Carlos García21-Apr-2006 10:52
Adrian, you have an amazing site. Too much to look at at once. Good reason to come back again and again...
Cindi Smith21-Apr-2006 00:39
Thank you, Adrian, for looking at my galleries and for all of your comments. they are very much appreciated and the vote is too! I have you down as one of my favorites because I love your galleries as well. thanks again!

jaac20-Apr-2006 21:34
Hi Adrian, thanks for stopping by my galleries and for the
comment and vote it is much appreciated :-)

You have many impressive galleries here, i'll be popping
back to view more when time permits. :-)

Blair Howell20-Apr-2006 21:06
Thanks so much for visiting my gallerys! Your comments are greatly appreciated......thanks, Blair
Brinn MacDougall20-Apr-2006 16:51
Thank you, for your kind comment on Lion Collage!
John Hudson20-Apr-2006 14:56
thanks for the comment!
Guest 20-Apr-2006 05:51 phentermine [url=]no deposit casinos[/url] [url[/url]
Ronald Correia - Ron Correia Photography19-Apr-2006 23:36
Thank you for taking the time to browse my PAD gallery. Your comments on my lighthouse photo are very much appreciated.
Brinn MacDougall19-Apr-2006 16:05
Thanks again for your comment on Framed Door!!
Mario Weusten19-Apr-2006 15:09
thank you for visiting my gallery and leaving a comment......

Gr Mario
Guy Dube19-Apr-2006 12:21
I want to thank you for all your visits in my galeries, I appreciate it a lot. I is good for my moral (a french expression).
Best regards
caveman_lee19-Apr-2006 12:02
Adrian, Thanks for your timely comment. BTW, any progress about the interview ?
Guest 18-Apr-2006 21:11
Your site is phenomenal. You are extremely talented - very impressed with your work. Added to my favorites for sure. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.
John Hudson18-Apr-2006 20:28
thanks for the comment!
Brinn MacDougall18-Apr-2006 15:53
Thank you, Adrian for your nice comment on Golden Horse!
Guy Dube18-Apr-2006 12:45
I want to thank you for your comment for "Le Club Monaco", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Guest 18-Apr-2006 03:53
Hi Ade How U doing Mate. Can't send a normal message every time I go somewhere else after logging in I am logged out!! Alls well here I met my Father the first day of arrival, to say he was shocked is an understatement, but he invited me & Silke into his house where we met his Wife Margaret and sort of caught up. We have done Las Vegas, Palm Springs and are now in San Diego seen some great stuf got some good pics but not all was worth writing home about!! Hope to meet my Father again but will be meeting up withn Robin ried 2moro at the wild animal park. Hope you had a good break and look forward to catching up with your galleries. Take care. Dougie
Brinn MacDougall17-Apr-2006 17:17
Thank you for your comment on Ring on Brick!
Olivier Buttigieg17-Apr-2006 16:43
thanks for your messages ! your galleries are wonderful, see you
Shirley Wang17-Apr-2006 02:28
Thanks for commenting on my reflection. Your reflection gallery is inspiring.
Blair Howell17-Apr-2006 00:19
Love your photos! Thanks again for visiting and commenting on my image.
Mario Weusten16-Apr-2006 17:29
Thanks for your comments on my image.
You have a great collection of images.
Brinn MacDougall16-Apr-2006 15:10
Thank you for your nice comment on Angry Skies!
Guy Dube16-Apr-2006 13:21
Thank you for your comment Adrian for "A long way", I appreciate it.
Happy Easter!
Bryan16-Apr-2006 11:55
Thanks for the comments. You have a very thought out and good collection of images. I viewed several and will list you as a favorite to come back to again.

Guest 15-Apr-2006 16:52
Thanks for your comments, Adrian :-)
you have incredibles pictures, I have to take the time to see it all and make some comments.
Guest 15-Apr-2006 15:54
Thanks for your comments, Adrian :-)
you have incredibles pictures, I have to take the time to see it all and make some comments.
Emidio Machado11-Apr-2006 15:20

Thanks for the comment! ;)
Jessica McCollum09-Apr-2006 14:36
I've enjoyed looking around your site :) You have such a wondedrful assortment of photos in your galleries!! Great job!
Guest 06-Apr-2006 02:19
Fantastic gallery Adrian!!! I'm going to have to come back a bunch of times to see it all... :-))
Marcia Colelli06-Apr-2006 00:10
Thank you very much on my flower, just looking at your galleries again and they are very interesting
Vaughn Parry05-Apr-2006 23:50
Thank you for the compliments Adrian, I really enjoyed looking through your shots as well.
Veysel Birinci05-Apr-2006 22:15
Thank you for your visit and leave comment on my PAD gallery.
Brinn MacDougall05-Apr-2006 19:20
Thank you, for commenting on my photo!
Vibhav and Sakshi05-Apr-2006 18:10
Hi Adrian, You have some stunning and amazing photographs in your galleries...Thanks for your recent kind comment as well..
Phase Photography - Antonius Thambrin05-Apr-2006 00:42
Hi... ^_^
Thanks for your comments... ^_^
the city lights were captured with a 35mm, at f2.8 for 1s...
^_^ come again.. I like your gallery too...
Ed Whitebone03-Apr-2006 03:09
Thanks for the comment.
I've been following your PADs.
I especially like your 'The Chimneys of Griffithstown' photo.
George Bard01-Apr-2006 14:06
I appreciate you frequent comments on my photos. It' very helpful knowing a skilled photog takes time to look at my stuff.
Carlos García01-Apr-2006 11:19
Thank you very much for your comment. The tree is just outside our building at work. Brought the new camera in to "show it off" and got a great shot.
Brian Lehane01-Apr-2006 01:11
Thank You for the comment. You have some great pictures, Excellent work !!!
dark_room29-Mar-2006 19:01
Thank you once again.
Mats Sundström28-Mar-2006 22:42
Tahnk you again
Guest 28-Mar-2006 18:57
Great galleries. You've got a great eye, and wonderful color. And such creative titles :) Keep it up!
Guest 23-Mar-2006 21:03
Amazing photos!
tmwag21-Mar-2006 23:57
Thanks for the comment. Your gallery is stunning!!!
Ron S. Bernardo21-Mar-2006 01:07
The images in your galleries are awesome!
Mats Sundström20-Mar-2006 06:36
Thanks for the comment on my picture
Debbie B.20-Mar-2006 04:57
Thank you for the kind words about my Lake Tahoe picture. :-)
Chuck Kuhn19-Mar-2006 18:58
Thanks for comments on PAD. Wow it brought me here. I see you've been a PAD collector for months and months. I will come back, going to the St. Paddy Parade in Boston...cheers
csmallari19-Mar-2006 14:00
Thank you so much for the visit to my PAD gallery and for the nice comment :-)
Ronald Correia - Ron Correia Photography18-Mar-2006 00:23
Thank you for taking the time to view my PAD gallery. Your comments are very much appreciated.
Guest 16-Mar-2006 14:31
Thanks for taken the time to check out my gallery. Great stuff you have here keep up the great photography..
Graham Tomlin15-Mar-2006 13:13
thank you for taking the time for your kind comment regards helen
dark_room07-Mar-2006 16:33
Thank you for coming again to my galleries, and thank you for your comments. I'm trying my best with canon A610 LOL
Anyway I like your style of photography.
Phillip07-Mar-2006 04:59
I'm Glad that you are enjoying the Toys. I have many more images to post. They bring back alot of memories. Phil
Claes Yngve06-Mar-2006 21:27
Thank you very much for your encouraging comments, but I have a small question. What is the meaning of the shortening GMV?
Regards, Claes Y.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife06-Mar-2006 14:33
Thank you for the visit and comment. Please have a look at :
Weather over the weekend in the Kruger National Park
Ed Whitebone05-Mar-2006 03:34
Thanks for your comments.
I really enjoy your PAD galleries.
Your 'The Day the Trees Froze.jpg' in the February gallery is fantastic.
Marcia Colelli03-Mar-2006 21:34
Thank you so much for your kind comment on my flower. YOu have some very interesting galleries. I was just in Scotland in August 1005, truly loved it and I am hoping someday to go back there. I have been invited back for this August but don't think I will b able to go
dark_room03-Mar-2006 21:34
Thank you for your comments in my galleries. Really appreciate it.
Guest 27-Feb-2006 20:39
Brilliant and varied gallery Adrian. Thanks for the post and the chance to see your site. (PS. It was only indian ink ;-) )
Neil Horner22-Feb-2006 20:34
thanks for taking a look at my site and leaving some kind words, your gallery looks cool, gonna sit back and browsea while. cheers neil.
Guest 22-Feb-2006 02:26
I came to your site and was stunned by how many pictures you have! I didn'y even know where to start looking! Such a variety! keep up the excellent pictures :) ..and thanx for the comment!
Scott Schultz21-Feb-2006 04:16
Thank you for the comment on my PAD photo from 2-15-06.
You also do very nice work. I enjoyed looking through your galleries.
dark_room17-Feb-2006 21:52
Thank you for your lovely comment, but how did you mange to do it so fast? :)

Your work is great; wonderful galleries!
Arno Meintjes Wildlife15-Feb-2006 13:31
Adrian, on the meal...the water monitor.
This was the diner
Arno Meintjes Wildlife15-Feb-2006 13:28
Adrian. Thanks for your visit and comment. Well to get clos I would say 50-500 and LOTS of luck. Here he is getting up in the tree. Must admit this was a bit of a difficult shot with AF going all over the place
Regards, Arno
Roger Richards15-Feb-2006 00:27
Hey what is the background to the Mike Ruddock departure - sudden or what! Had to get out on Bangor pier to get rid of the hangover I've had since Monday morning! Again thanks for the comments, work is quiet at the moment so good opportunity to grab some shots.
David Simerly13-Feb-2006 22:03
Hey Adrian, Thanks for your nice comment. You have some great shots! Keep up the good work!
ruben (c)13-Feb-2006 21:16
thanks you for your comments Adrian - always welcome!
Mats Sundström13-Feb-2006 20:28
Thanks for the comment om my image .
fiorano13-Feb-2006 11:41
Thanks for the comment on my image. Great images on your page and lots of info. Thanks.
csmallari10-Feb-2006 15:33
Thanks for the kind remarks on the lotus flower photo :-)
Arno Meintjes Wildlife09-Feb-2006 04:41
Thank you for your visit to and comment on my image. I value your support.
Regards. Arno
Guest 07-Feb-2006 17:54
Beautiful galleries adrian .
csmallari07-Feb-2006 14:51
Thank you so much for your nice comments regarding my sunset photo :-) Viewed your galleries and you have a lot of nice photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Guest 07-Feb-2006 11:34
Weapons of Choice, People are People and REM another day ... Excellent taste!
Just passing by to say Hi! Thank you again and keep up the beautiful work.
Guest 07-Feb-2006 02:39
Thanks for visiting my PAD, I left an update for the "mean sign" I posted yesterday. LOL.You have some nice gallerys. I loved the frosted trees. I thought I left a post but I guess I didnt. Those are some real winners. :)
Jim Worlding06-Feb-2006 20:44
Hi, Thanks for visiting my Pub Signs, I have had a quick look around your galleries and like the content and style, I will visit again when time permits.
Donnaray06-Feb-2006 03:22
I very much enjoyed your galleries and have added you to my favorites.
I also always take my camera with me everywhere and never fail to find something to photograph. Look forward to your new post.
Pax tecum
SageCreek Images05-Feb-2006 17:12
Thanks Adrian for the nice comments on my image...
Arno Meintjes Wildlife05-Feb-2006 13:49
Thanks for your message on "posing for the camera".
We are back and left all of this behind in the park.
Guest 04-Feb-2006 22:29
Hi Adrian
Thanks again for taking the time to look and comment on my galleries.
You made my day with the comment regarding the shot of me and my Daughter, as she is actually my Grandaughter! I don't think my Daughter will be quite so happy though!
We actually visited the Big Pit a few years ago, some relatives in Crosskeys took us there, it was a memorable visit.
Best wishes.
Stan Richard03-Feb-2006 15:29
Adrian, thanks for the nice comments on my Aurora gallery. Cheers! Stan
Guy Bruyea03-Feb-2006 15:00
Adrian, thanks for your comment and vote on my flamingo/fly shot. I really appreciate your frequent visits to my galleries here on PBase. Cheers, Guy
Guest 03-Feb-2006 03:26
Thank you for stopping by my PAD. I had a fun look around your galleries, great work!
Rob Hynes03-Feb-2006 03:14
G'day Adrian,

Thanks for stopping by my aviation gallery. You have some stunning images of a beautiful part of the world!

Guy Bruyea02-Feb-2006 16:06
Hi Adrian, thanks for all your kind and detailed comments of late. I appreciate you taking the time to not only look through my recent 'PaD' images, but my other galleries as well. Your photos are always some of the most interesting ones out there...keep up the good work! ~Guy
AL01-Feb-2006 03:26
Hi my fellow D50, thanks for your kind comment on my PAD, something I just got started and am still struggling with :) You certainly have a huge collection and I particularly enjoyed reading your informative comments for each photo. Thanks for sharing!
rita short31-Jan-2006 18:32
I don't leave comments often, but nice work! I'm amazed at the diversity here. Enjoy the D50, it's a great camera.

Andreas Haible31-Jan-2006 17:34
I am really fascinated by your work!
Guest 31-Jan-2006 11:54
Hi Adrian
Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.
I'm still getting to grips with dslr too!
You have some great galleries, I particularly like the old Pit shots; my Grandad was down nine mile point colliery many years ago, I still have fond memories of staying at his cottage in Crosskeys and climbing the mountain behind.
Best wishes
Guest 31-Jan-2006 06:18
Thank you so very much for your comments on my Wall of Boston Fern. Your comments are greatly appreciated
Alyson Merrell31-Jan-2006 02:58
All of your galleries are wonderful. Especially your trees and scenery! Thanks for stopping by my galleries :-)
Nicki Thurgar30-Jan-2006 19:44
Have enjoyed my browse thru your galleries, I'll be checking out your future PADs! Thanks for your comment in mine... :o)
Ed Whitebone30-Jan-2006 04:03
Glad you left the comment in my gallery as it led me to finding your site.
I'm finding your Cardiff gallery very interesting.
artemis2729-Jan-2006 22:02
thanks for your comment on my picture :)
Rick McGee29-Jan-2006 17:28
Thanks again for nice comments on
Guest 29-Jan-2006 16:28
Thank you for your comment on my image - "light". Louise
csmallari29-Jan-2006 15:13
Glad you liked the sunset photo. Sunsets always take my breath away that's why I try to take a photo of it whenever I get a chance. Thanks for the nice comments :-)
Arno Meintjes Wildlife29-Jan-2006 13:48
Adrian. Thank you for your recent comment as well as all the comments in the past. We started posting images on Pbase not to show our artistic skills, or lack thereof, but just to share our memories of the wildlife with someone else. We are glad that you enjoy the wildlife with us.
Arno & Louise
Ronald Correia - Ron Correia Photography28-Jan-2006 03:18
Thank you for taking the time to browse my gallery. Your kind comments are very much appreciated.
d kay26-Jan-2006 10:50
u took the time 2 comment in my galleriez so i returnd the favour with sum cheeky comments in urs..
Jens Johansen24-Jan-2006 08:51
There's some great stuff on your galleries -- especially the wet mountain gallery. This one's my favourite ->

Thanks for your kind words on my PAD today.

Guest 24-Jan-2006 01:48
Hi Adrian - Thank you so very much on commenting on my Ladybug picture. Your comments are greatly appreciated
Guest 22-Jan-2006 15:43
Hey Adrian, thanks for being the first to contribute a comment towards my upcoming project. I saw your work briefly before but then lost the link and couldn't find it again. So glad you commented as now it's given me the chance to find my way back here. You have some excellent work - off to view it properly now. Kind regards, Lawrence
Dennis Hoyne22-Jan-2006 05:15
I just scratched the surface, admireing your galleries, very good and the color is wonderful. You have posted so many photos since joining, this must be full time for you.
Anyway great job on the images, I'll be back to check them out in more detail. Thanks.
cat bounds22-Jan-2006 01:26
Adrian, thanks for your encouraging comments. PhotoShop is so much fun. As you're discovering the possibilities, let me know if I can be of any help.
estralita22-Jan-2006 00:36
Hi ,from the other side of the world! Thank you for your comment.
Guest 18-Jan-2006 20:13
Hi, Thanks for commenting on my PAD today but sadly I did use a tripod... just not a very good one apparently. Thanks though - I appreciate it.

Do come back :)

Rick McGee17-Jan-2006 01:08
thanks for your comments on I really like your galleries as well, I really liked the image at it was very creative.

francis schwaller16-Jan-2006 13:31
thank for you comment in my gallery strasbourg ,i see you gallery you have nice shot and beautiful gallery ....
Kelly11-Jan-2006 11:15
Thanks for the comment re: the quiet Times Square pic. You don't want to know how late I was at work to get it!
TimA11-Jan-2006 04:42
Adrian - your gallery is a really nice discovery and I'll be visiting frequently!
joandaniel10-Jan-2006 11:44
Thank you for your nice comment on my PaD. Just visited your galleries and will look forward to more additions to your About The Bike gallery!
Ron Ross09-Jan-2006 03:13
Thanks for visiting my PADand the comments on my "Reflections of a buidling in a building" image. I'll be back again...
caveman_lee08-Jan-2006 16:18
Hi Adrian,
Thanks for visiting my gallery again.
Djo06-Jan-2006 11:46
Thanks for passing and commenting. You have got some great shots yourself. Josef (hubval)
Gul Chotrani04-Jan-2006 03:56
Adrian..... many thanks for all your nice comments in my Tibet/Nepal galleries - they're being constantly updated and still another 100 images to be posted over the weeks.
James Ross02-Jan-2006 20:49
Thanks for visiting my galleries. I will be back!!
Guest 01-Jan-2006 21:03
thank you for your kind comment
I browse your galleries and they are are a great photograph and a source of inspiration!
Happy new year!
Bob White30-Dec-2005 17:05
Thanks for the kind comments, I hope you and your family have a good year, carry on snapping
Regards Bob
Guest 21-Dec-2005 19:07
Hay Adrian...Love your spontaneous. Happened accross your pages as I am looking at buying a LZ2 for Xmas. Keep on clickin'.
Jim Ross21-Dec-2005 17:15
Great to see you doing well with the D50, check out the Nikon website, they have a recall on some batteries, they replace them with the new higher power battery... I'm just waiting for mine to come back, but i bought a couple of cheap replacements on ebay for about a 10er just to keep me going...
Debbie B.21-Dec-2005 15:14
Thank you for the nice comments about the snowy bridge.
caveman_lee20-Dec-2005 15:54
Thanks for visiting my galleries again. Merry X'ams and Happy New Year.
Guest 20-Dec-2005 02:52
Adrian, thanks for visiting my site. I toured some of yours and enjoyed your bike photo gallery, your sunsets, and other photos. Nice work! I will be back to see more.

Krzysztof Kuzbik19-Dec-2005 22:29
Thank you Adrian for your many nice comments on my images.
Dewi Jones 16-Dec-2005 00:21
Hi Adrian,
Love the pictures. The Pogues gig (14th Dec 05, Cardiff) was good, wasn't it!
Deepak14-Dec-2005 10:57
Adrian,thanks for taking so much time to go through my pictures.Really appreciate all the encouraging comments you left behind.
keeliu13-Dec-2005 19:52
Thank you for your nice comments. You have beautiful galleries here.
Congratulations with your D50. I hope you will keep on making such beautiful photos. I certainly will visit your gallery again!
keeliu13-Dec-2005 19:52
Thank you for your nice comments. You have beautiful galleries here.
Congratulations with your D50. I hope you will keep on making such beautiful photos. I certainly will visit your gallery again!
John Rogers13-Dec-2005 18:56
Hello Adrian,
thanks for your comments on my gallery.I have to say how much I enjoyed looking through your pics. You are truly a prolific photographer and put me to shame.What I particularly like is your take on the world around us, you are not afraid to experiment and break 'rules', to good effect. Get the EOS 350D, you have earnt it!
Jose Canovas13-Dec-2005 18:48
Hi Adrian,
Nice to meet you and be very welcome to my galleries. I will enjoy yours from now on.
caveman_lee13-Dec-2005 13:26
Hi Adrian,
Thanks for your kind works and support.
Dom 09-Dec-2005 18:19
very colourful and graphic galleries, some excellent shots. cheers Dom
Guest 06-Dec-2005 22:20
Thank you so much Adrian for visiting so much of my work. Your kind words touched me so much. Warmest regards my friend, Susan
Jim Ross06-Dec-2005 22:03
Wow... Thanks for taking the time to comment on so many of the pictures in my galleries... I'm afraid, apart from being in one of the pics, i can take no credit for taking them... I now however actually own the little box brownie that took several of these shots... I'm away to have a browse through your pics now, hope you get the new camera soon (it is xmas, almost) ...Cheers...

Jim Ross06-Dec-2005 21:23
Wow... Thanks for taking the time to comment on so many of the pictures in my galleries... I'm afraid, apart from being in one of the pics, i can take no credit for taking them... I now however actually own the little box brownie that took several of these shots... I'm away to have a browse through your pics now, hope you get the new camera soon (it is xmas, almost) ...Cheers...

Focus06-Dec-2005 16:07
Thank you for the kind words while visiting my humble have much to be proud of, considering that you have over 51,000+ hits in just a short time!!
Niquin06-Dec-2005 12:52
Thank you so much for checking out my pictures, I just love feedback! You have some wonderful pictures here, I really enoyed checking your galleries out!
Guest 05-Dec-2005 00:02
Thank you SO MUCH for all of the wonderful things you said about my pictures. You are so sweet!! I looked at your galleries and they are awesome! You are quite the photographer! :)
marita toftgard03-Dec-2005 21:26
nice to meet you;-)
thank you so much for all the lovely comments..
I will be coming to c your work here later..
have a nice sunday

Emma Assender 03-Dec-2005 10:36
Hi Ade - it's Emma, the wedding photographer. Steve gave me your url so that I could have a butcher's: You've certainly got an eye for a shot! I like the way that you record your life with such humour. I will be checking back for more fun and frolics!Emma PS: I think the hand is my favourite - it didn't hit me straight away and then, there it is!! Hilarious.
Guy Bruyea01-Dec-2005 14:18
Adrian thanks for your glowing comment on my favorites gallery. Your collection of images looks fabulous I've added you to my favorites and look forward to perusing your galleries. Photography an obsession? Yep, I can totally relate especially after getting a DSLR.

Emily Pearce 02-Nov-2005 13:47
Well Hello there Mr Reilly. Your not at all obsessive with taking photos hey? Just joking, I am finding it all very amusing to see how many pubs you and friends can look sloshed in! I personally think you should keep the bikini Claire photo in hahhah
Mrs Reilly 02-Nov-2005 13:33
The bikini one is still there!!!!!!!!
Jayne Grimes 27-Oct-2005 16:16
Great pictures Adrian. Not bad for an amateur!! You sure do get about on that bike of yours. All in all I really enjoyed your site. Looking forward to more pics from you in the future. Also loved the comments you have a great sense of humour.