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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Winter 2017/18 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Winter 2017/18

To me winter is cold, ice, and snow, so for this gallery I use the meteorological winter definition, which encompasses
the three coldest months of the year, running from December 1 to the end of February, rather than the more common
astronomical winter definition, which is based on the position of the sun and runs from winter solstice to spring equinox.
Plus, I also include photos showing ice and snow from late autumn and early spring that look like winter. The challenge
I find in winter photography is finding color in a typically drab grey season.

Frozen Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN19853-5 Iced-in Buoy Line At Sunrise DSCN19835-7 Tapped Trees DSCN19572 Night Sky P1290948
Hockey Practice 0211 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1290577-83 VIA Rail Canada 150 (P1200477) Equine Pals On A Snowy Day DSCN19822
The 6:22 Train To Toronto Departing P1290942 Canal Basin Scaffolding DSCN19643-5 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1290932 Migrating Geese DSCN9793-5
Eyes Right DSCN19735 Feeding The Fire DSCN19691 Snowy Tamarack Cones DSCN19634 Tapped Trees DSCN19568-70
Snowy Trees P1290879-83 Winter Leaves DSCN19640-2 Smiths Falls Library P1290864-8 Wintery Swale DSCN19592-4
CBC 'Ottawa Morning' Smiths Falls Broadcast P1290827 CBC In Smiths Falls DSCN19577-9 Clouded Moon At Sunrise DSCN19535 Tapped Trees DSCN19576
Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN19563 Ruffled & Snoozing Geese On Ice DSCN19496 Geese At Sunrise DSCN19475 Sunrise Cloud P1290794-8
Chickadee On Ice DSCN19334 Three Swans Aswimming DSCN19433 Red Squirrel Up Close DSCN19278 Sychronized Swans DSCN19364
Split-Rail Sunrise P1290739-43 Sparrow With A Seed DSCN19317 Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1290702-8 Trees In Fog DSCN19273
Thawing Rideau Canal In Fog & Rain DSCN19240 Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1290686-8 Trees In Fog DSCN19267 Sun Rising Into Cloud Bank P1290625-31
Sunrise Solar Pillar P1290567-71 Barn At Sunrise P1290653-9 Barn At Sunrise P1290539.42 After The Walk 0185
Red Channel Marker In Winter Fog P1290508 Community Centre Walking Concourse P1200449 After The Walk P1200470 Overcast Winter Dawn P1290497-9
Foggy Park At Dawn P1290503-5 Foggy Winter Morning P1290512 Mushroom Waterfall P1200438-40 Crescent Moon Over Cloud Bank P1290473.83
Prodigious Icicles DSCN19226 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island P1290476-8 Large Ornate Old Hinges DSCN19163-5 St Peter's Anglican Church DSCN19130-2
Snowy Pines DSCN19181-3 Church Dormer In Snow DSCN19139-41 Train In Snowstorm DSCN19093 Snow-Capped Steam Locomotive 49071
Three Pines In Snowstorm DSCN19061-3 Snow-Capped Steam Locomotive 49071-4 Snow-capped Bales DSCN19055 Tree & Train In Snowstorm DSCN19113-4
Engine 1112 At Night 49060-1 Snowscape DSCN19042 Railway Museum At Night 49068-70 Ice Fishing Shelter DSCN19019-21
Rideau Canal Winter Sunrise P1290277-83 Waiting For Spring P1290459-63 Snowy Stairs DSCN19115 Ice Fishing Shelters DSCN19016-9
Pines & Picnic Table In Snow DSCN18743-5 2018 Clouded Super Blue Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse P1290384-90 2018 Hazy Super Blue Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse P1290437 Starling Atop A Pine At Sunrise DSCN18989
Blue Jay Atop A Tree DSCN18998 January Robin 18962 Roses Bridge At Sunrise P1290310-4 Winter Flower Bed DSCN18904
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN18944-6 Cloud Bank Sunrise P1290229-35 Side Yard After An Ice Storm DSCN18895 Pines At Sunrise DSCN18821-3
Stewart Park In Winter DSCN18737-9 B&W The Lockmaster's House P1290224-8 Sunstruck Amaryllis Leaf DSCN18807 Lone Light P1290209-13
Winterscape DSCN18796 Frosted Bush In Ice DSCN18724 Stewart Park In Winter DSCN18737-9 Stewart Park Benches DSCN18734-6
January Thaw DSCN18701 January Thaw DSCN18671 Wintry Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN18461 Budding Amaryllis DSCN18662
Frozen Rideau Canal DSCN18460 (crop) Clouded Sunrise DSCN18653-5 Frozen Rideau Canal DSCN18460 Moon At Sunrise Composite DSCN18644-9
Winter Canal Basin DSCN18598 Edmonds Lock Restoration P1290172-85 Winter Farmscape P1280794-6 Parking Lot Snow Pile DSCN18617-9
Christmas Morning 2017 (DSCN18390) Frosted Treetop DSCN18611-3 Frozen Rideau Canal Dawn P1290134-40 Sunrise Coloring Mist DSCN18563-5
Peace Tower Clock At Twilight P1290008-10 Crop Edmonds Mist At Sunrise DSCN18569-71 House Beside Otter Creek DSCN18575-7 Wintry Ottawa Locks At Twilight P1280973-5
Sunrise Shadows DSCN18548-50 Ice Fishing Trailer At Sunrise DSCN18539 Peace Tower Clock At Twilight P1290008-10 Crop Sun Shining Through Snow Clouds DSCN18491-93
Wellington Street At Twilight P1280979-81 Goldfish P1290052 Frozen Spillway P1290109 Peace Tower At Twilight P1290008-10
Misty Canal Basin At Sunrise P1290079-85 Canada 150 Skating Rink At Sunset P1280914-25 Centennial Flame Spectators P1290017-9 Freezing Fog At Sunrise DSCN18400
Parliament Hill Christmas 2017 (P1290029-31) Rideau River Winter Sunrise DSCN18482-4 Winter Sparks Street P1290032-4 Zamboni On Ice (vlcsnap20171225-05h36m05s)
Mist Over Edmonds At Sunrise DSCN18440-2 Canada 150 Skating Rink At Sunset (P1280913-25) Winterscape DSCN18386 Art Christmas Church Door P1280850-2
Betty's Train To Ottawa P1280822 Winterscape DSCN18386 Free Farm - Animal Home DSCN18321-3 Winter Farmscape DSCN18375-7
Merry Christmas 2017 (P1280686) Wintry Rideau Canal DSCN18318-20 Three Trees On A Foggy Night P1280771-5 Christmas Boathouses DSCN18297-9
Frosty Rideau Canal DSCN18246-8 Holiday Lights P1280596-00 Snowy Engine 1112 (P1280746-50) Bright Night P1280770
At Ian's Christmas Tree Farm P1280701-5 Field Of Snowy Christmas Trees P1280779-81 Reindeer P1280661-5 Blue Light Split-rail Fence P1280393-7
Pawing For Grass P1280606-9 Freezing Otter Creek DSCN18285-7 Frosty Riverside Foliage At Sunrise DSCN18195-7 Cow & Calf Feeding DSCN18274
Snowy Barn At Sunrise DSCN18207-9 Frosted Tree Beside A Falls DSCN18222-4 Holiday Heritage House P1280571-5 Frosty Rideau Canal DSCN18213
Winterscape Sunrise DSCN18177-82 Holiday Heritage House P1280556-60 Out Standing In Its Field At Sunrise DSCN18162-4 Snowy Turtle Island DSCN18153-5
Snowy George Street South P1280496-00 Sun On Ice DSCN18123-5 Be It Ever So Humble DSCN18108-13 Amy's Holiday Lights P1280403-7
Holiday Heritage House & Passing Train P1280333-48 Holiday Gazebo & Passing Train P1280333-42v2 Sunrise Clouds DSCN18024-35 Holiday Lights P1280310-2
Sunrise Cloud DSCN18015-7 The Swale DSCN17987 Honking Goose DSCN17984 Overgrown Trail DSCN17979-81 'Art'
Cold Moon Rising P1280242-8 Moonrise, Rideau Canal, Ontario P1280221-7 Light Trails P1280134.40.55 Lower Reach Under Heavy Sky DSCN17943-5
Snow-capped Bales At Sunrise P1270721-3 Snowy Morning Walk DSCN17553-5 Red Shed DSCN17529-31 Red Shed DSCN17528