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Winter 2014/15

To me winter is cold, ice, and snow, so for this gallery I use the meteorological winter definition, which encompasses
the three coldest months of the year, running from December 1 to the end of February, rather than the more common
astronomical winter definition, which is based on the position of the sun and runs from winter solstice to spring equinox.
I also include any photos from late autumn and early spring that look like winter (i.e. contain ice or snow). Since I love color,
to me the challenge for winter photography (other than being out in the hostile, unfriendly, and often dangerous environment
of the Canadian winter) is to find and photograph color during a typically drab and gray time of year.

Winter 2014/15 Around the House
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The 6:22 To Toronto Over The Canal 20150320 Lockmaster's Office At Dawn 20150319 On & Off Road Hazards 20150318
Crescent Moon Over The Rideau Canal P1080862 St Patrick's Day Aurora Panorama 20150317 St Patrick's Day Aurora P1080847 St Patrick's Day Aurora Panorama P1080844-5
Sinking Boathouse (2015) DSCF00771 New Strip Mall At Sunrise P1080735-7 New Strip Mall At Sunrise 20150316 Rideau Canal At Night 20150315
Switching Rail Cars 20150314 Switching Rail Cars DSCF00660 Skull & Cross Horns DSCF00617 Gemmels Point At Sunrise 20150313
Frozen Tracks 20150312 Running Horses 20150311 Bright Moon Over The Lift Bridge P1080461-3 Perth Clock Tower At Sunrise 20150310
Winter Farmscape At Sunrise 20150309 The Sunday 9:48 To Toronto 20150308 Ghost Train P1080286.94 Winter Lone Tree DSCF0613
Equine Pals In Snowfall 20150307 Little Red Shed In Snowfall P1080225-7v2 Foggy Sunrise P1080168-70 Sunrise Mist P1080159
Railway Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1080149 The 6:22 To Toronto In Sunrise Fog 20150306 Four Swans Flying DSCF0608 Five Swans Flying DSCF0607
Three Swans Flying DSCF0604 Swan Under Ice DSCF0598 Dripping Swan DSCF0592 Watchful Parent DSCF0578
Stretching Swan DSCF0564-2 Swimming Swan DSCF0563-2 Preening Swan DSCF0555 Canal Basin Moonset 20150205
Snowy Bench 20150304 TSC Store At Dawn 20150303 Rideau River In Winter 20150302 Glowing Barn 20150301
Beckwith Street Bridge At First Light 20150228 Econo Lodge At First Light P1070850-2 Turtle Island Sunrise Sunrays P1070812-4 Parked Freight Train At Sunrise 20150227
Sunrise Mist Over The Canal 20150226 Turtle Island Pines At Sunrise P1070758-60 Heritage House Rear At Dawn 20150225 Merrickville Middle Lock At Sunrise 20150224
Merrickville At Dawn P1070632-4 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1070626-8 Irish Creek Hockey Rink At Sunrise 20150223 Winter Flowerbed P1070584
Icicles P1070569-71 Sunrise Snowscape 20150222 Be It Ever So Humble P1070551-3 Pedestrian Boulevard P1070539-44
Winter Flowerbed 20150221 Winter Sunrise 20150220 Swans On Ice 20150219 Swans On Ice DSCF0531
The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1070415 Swimming Merganser 20150218 Lockmaster's House At Dawn 20150217 Miller Lane At Sunrise 20150216
Blowing Snow 20150215 Fast Food Row 20150214 Icicles 20150213 Market Street In Winter P1070056-8
Winter Night Lights 20150212 Winter Night Light Pillar P1070050-2 Sunrise Contrails 20150211 Winter Back Road P1110402-4
Winter Shadows P1110387-9 Winter Back Road P1110384-6 Frozen Almonte Falls 20150210 St Peter's Anglican Church 20150209
Beckwith Street Bridge At Dawn 20150208 Winter Farmscape 20150207 Winter Tree & Rail Fence P1060804-6 Turtle Island In Winter Sunrise P1060789
Turtle Island In Winter Sunrise P1060787 Picnic Anyone? 20150205 Celestial & Terrestrial Lights P1060653-8 Swimming Goldeneye P1060613
Swimming Merganser P1060610 The 6:22 Departing 45410-9 The 6:22 Waiting To Depart 20150204 The 6:22 Waiting To Depart 45357-67
Waiting To Board The 6:22 (45299) Going To Board The 6:22 (45295) The 6:22 Arriving 45286-90 Smoke Plume At Sunrise 20150203
Fence & Drifts P1060547-9 Shadow On Snow P1060507 Canadian Pacific 8707 In Snowstorm 20150202 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20150201
Frosty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060473 Kilt & Castle Beyond Canal Sunrise Mist 20150131 Snowy CN Engine 1112 At Dawn (20150130) Rideau Canal Snowfall DSCF00526
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20150129 Ice Fishing At Sunrise 20150128 Winter Farmscape 20150127 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20150126
Dawn Beside The Combined Lock P1060228-30BW Dawn Beside The Combined Lock 20150125 Railroad Bridge 20150124 Equine Pal DSCF00471-3
Rideau Canal On A Winter's Night 20150123 Winter Sunrise 20150122 Hard & Soft Water P1060089-91 Farmhouse Silhouette At Dawn 20150121
Lakeshore At Sunrise 20150120 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs 20150119 A Dying Breed 20150118 Canadian Mississippi River P1050892
Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn 20150117 Winter Farmscape 20150116 Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn 20150115 Frosty Pine Needles P1050781
Frigid Rideau River At Sunrise P1050756-8 Freezing Mist Over The Canal Basin 20150114 Snowy Night On Ogden Avenue 45236-7 Snowy Night On Foster Avenue 20150112
Snowy Field 20150111 Winter Sunrise 20150110 Winter Sunrise P1050643-5 Wolford Chapel At Dawn P1050628-30
Smiths Falls Dam In Winter P1050604-12 Picnic Anyone? 20150109 Pines On Turtle Island 20150108 Winter Hutton Creek 20150107
Winter Hutton Creek P1050546-8 Reflections On Ice 20150106 Moon Over Russell Street P1050507-12 Moon Beside The Clock Tower 20150105
Frozen P1050471-3 Frozen Motion P1050470 Confederation Drive Bridge At Night DSCF0384 Confederation Drive Bridge At Night 20150104
Preening Duck DSCF00363 Snowy Bench DSCF00346 Rideau Canal Dawn 20150103 Abandoned House At Sunrise 20150102
First Dawn Of 2015 (20150101) Highland Cow P1110349-50 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20141231 Freezing Irish Creek At Dawn_P1050209
Upper Rideau Lake Art P1050185-7 Sunrise Shadows 20141230 Rideau Canal Sunset 20141229 Doug Walton Shelter At Dawn P1050051-3
Irish Creek At Daybreak 20141228 Docked Leaf 20141227 Farmscape 20141226 Holiday Ottawa P1040884
Holiday Ottawa P1040881-3 Holiday Ottawa P1040857-9 Holiday Ottawa 20141225 The National War Memorial P1040812-4
Chateau Laurier P1040809-11 Wind In Confederation Park P1040694-709 Trees In Fog P1040679 Holiday Smiths Falls 20141224
Winter Landscape 20141223 Holiday Smiths Falls P1040595-7 Holiday Merrickville P1040589-91 Frosty Wonderland P1040579
Frosty Wonderland P1040573 Boathouses On Ice P1040567 Beckwith Street Bridge Underpass P1040522 Beckwith Street Bridge Underpass 20141222
Holiday Tay River At Night P1040489-91 Crystal Palace Holiday Display P1040480-2 Night Lights Reflected 201221 Holiday Carleton Place P1040447-9
St James Gate Pub P1040441-3 Holiday Carleton Place P1040438-40 Waning Crescent Moon At Dawn 20141220 Winter Farmscape 20141219
Holiday Lights P1040368-70 Canal Basin On A Winter's Night 20141218 Cenotaph On A Foggy Night 20141217 Foggy Beckwith Street P1040248-50
Otter Creek Grass, Snow & Ice 20141216 Running Avenue At Dawn 20141215 Railway Office Building At Night P1040153,6,7 Station Theatre Front Door 20141214
Wintry Hutton Creek 20141213 Wintry Otter Creek P1040109-11 Holiday Lights 20141212 Wintry Otter Creek P1040086
Snowy Split-rail Fence P1040080 Assemblies of God Church 20141211 Oak Leaf In Snow 20141210 Chambers Street Subway 20141209
Frozen Rideau Canal Sunrise 20141208 Heritage House Holiday Lights 20141207 Holiday Lights Below The 'Yellow Peril' Harvard P1030858-60 Window Ornament P1030840-2
Streetlight Ornament P1030819-21 Christmas Ornament 20141206 Hairy Woodpecker 20141205 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1030801-3
Irish Creek At Sunrise P1030798-800 Clouded Sunrise P1030710-2 Clouded Sunrise 20141204 Econo Lodge At Night P1030666-8
Lockmaster's Watch House 20141203 Holiday Lights 20141202 Freezing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1030648-50 Red White & Blue P1030639-41
STAPLES P1030636-8 Celebration of Ligh-- (20141201) Eastbound Train P1030412 Thawing Ice 20141124
Red Barn At Dawn P1030074-5 Migrating Geese Layover At Sunrise 20141121 Migrating Geese Layover P1020981 Drained Canal Basin At Night P1020965-6
Snowy Nightscape 20141120 Irish Creek Sunrise P1020911-3 Frozen Rideau Canal At Dawn 20141119 November Snowscape 20141118
Drained Canal Basin At Night P1020833-4 Snowy Confederation Park 20141117 Corner of Elmsley & Centre Streets P1020800-2 Snowy Autumn Leaves 20141116
Snowy Parking Lot P1020781-3 Freezing River At Sunrise 20141115 First Ice P1020673-5