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Summer 2016

Photos taken during Summer 2016 which officially began here at 6:45pm on 20 June 2016.

Tall Ships Festival 2016 Brockville
<< Tall Ships Festival 2016 Brockville >>
Day-trip to Toronto
<< Day-trip to Toronto >>
Towers & Bales P1120615-7 Chippie Hanging On DSCF1003
Fogged Sunrise P1110888-93 Fog On The Water At Sunrise P1110850-2 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1110799 Farm & Fog P1110764-8
Rideau Canal Fogged Sunrise P1110759-63 Otter Creek Fogged Sunrise P1110749-53 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1110702-4 Island In Fog & Mist At Sunrise P1110678
Cloudscape P1110654-6 St Thomas Anglican Church P1110581-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110554-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110510-2
Canal Basin At Night 48833-6 CN Engine 1112 (48805-10) Sunrise Ground Fog P1110491-7 Sunrise Ground Fog & Mist P1110437-9
Sunrise Ground Fog P1110393-5 Distant Fog DSCF22018 Fogged Sunrise P1110373-7 Fogged Sunrise P1110352-8
Distant Fog On Upper Rideau Lake P1110315 Incoming Fog Bank P1110262-4 Foggy Sunrise At Edmonds Lockstation P1110238-40 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1110204-10
Geese Over Misty Otter Lake P1110163-4 Sheep Island In Mist Beyond Boat P1110089 Misty Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1110082 Rideau Canal Fishermen At Sunrise P1110054
Otter Creek Sunrise Mist P1110015 Cornfield Sunrise P1100977-83 Rideau Canal Sunset P1100974-6 Gutter Jay DSCF21928
Heron In Flight DSCF21860 After A Rain DSCF21824 Barn In Clouded Sunrise P1100938-40 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100867-9
Beckwith Street Canal Bridge P1100828-30 Hotel Beside The Canal At Dawn P1100822-7 Canoe In The Canal DSCF21770 Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1100740-2
Hoverfly Hovering P1100720 Purple Petunia Interior P1100709-12 Purple Petunia Base P1100702 Equine Pal P1100686
Starling On A Branch DSCF21654 Black Chain DSCF21625 Black Window DSCF21621 Downy Woodpecker DSCF21615
Bales In Ground Fog P1100676 Suspended Fog At Sunrise P1100667 Sunrise Cloud P1100632-4 Red-eyed Vireo DSCF21596
Baltimore Oriole DSCF21595 Garden Bench DSCF21545-7 Turtle Island At Night 48731.4 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1100609-11
Drooping Sunflowers P1100508-10 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100489-94 Sturgeon Moon Over Ground Fog P1100469-71 Pink Morning Glory Profile DSCF21494-6
Otter Creek Sunrise P1100463-5 Scugog River At Sunrise P1100409-11 Sunset Clouds P1100364-6 Sunset Clouds P1100308-12
Swamp Swan DSCF15202 Boat In The Bush DSCF15003-5 Rabbit In The Grass DSCF14978-80 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100136-8
Night Sky 48720 Night Sky Star Trails 48698-715 Beckwith Street Stone Arch Bridge DSCF14951-3 Chicory Flower DSCF14944
Kawartha Voyageur In the Poonamalie Cut P1100004-6 Grebe With A Catch DSCF14921 Grebe DSCF14903 Cedar Waxwing DSCF14866
Cedar Waxwing DSCF14859 Cedar Waxwing With A Catch DSCF14812 Leaking Lock P1090875 Duck Chowing Down DSCF14757
Sunrise Over The Swale P1090847-9 CN Engine 1112 (P1090814-6) Light At The End Of The Road P1090802-4 Clouded Sunrise P1090796-8
Osprey Calling DSCF14675 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1090745-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1090736-8 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1090728
No Splash Splash-Pad DSCF14666-8 Milky Way Galactic Core P1090715-6 Sunflower Field At Sunrise P1090690-5 Pasture Sunrise P1090684-9
Irish Creek Sunrise P1090672-4 Sunflower Field At Sunrise P1090648-53 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1090599-601 Kawartha Voyageur At Night P1090586-8
Field Of Sunflowers P1090561 Air Filter DSCF14549-51 Rolls-Royce Grill DSCF14536-8 Clouded Sunrise P1090534-6
Water Lily DSCF14523-5 Sunflower DSCF14513 Landscape DSCF14505-7 Landscape DSCF14502-4
Geese On A Dock DSCF14459 Cow & Calf DSCF14421 Calf & Cow DSCF14418-20 Calf Licking Its Nose DSCF14388-9
Calf Licking Its Nose DSCF14388-9 (crop) Cumulus Closeup DSCF14331-3 Irish Creek Sunrise P1090507-9 1953 Chevy Pickup Nose P1090471-3
2016 Rolling Thunder Car Show & Shop P1090456-8 Yellow Hot Rod P1090447-9 Chevrolet Nose P1090414-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1090357
Heron On A Dock DSCF14222 Freight Train In Wisp Of Mist P1090300-2 Sunrise Ground Fog P1090273-5 Monarch Butterfly DSCF14202
Loon Chicks Hitching A Ride DSCF14147 Loon Chicks Hitching A Ride DSCF14144 Soon To Fly DSCF14104 Sunrise Fishing P1090204-6
Gemmels Point At Sunrise P1090183-5 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1090176-8 Red Cloud At Sunrise P1090152-4 2016 Buck Moon P1090125-7
Field Into Fog At Sunrise P1090113 Three Grey Horses P1090095-6 Young Couple Going Sunrise Fishing P1090071 Backlit Waxwing On A Railing DSCF13799
Cedar Waxwing At Breakfast S0023772 Cedar Waxwing Taking Flight DSCF13752 Old Log Barns At Sunrise P1090056-8 Irish Creek In Clouded Sunrise P1090053-5
Killdeer Distraction Display DSCF13695 Killdeer DSCF13690 Sunrise Landscape P1090044-6 Heron Preening DSCF13600
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1080728-30 Foggy Gemmels Point P1080719-21 Heron Up Close DSCF13544 Parade of Horses DSCF13473
Parade of Horses DSCF13443 Tiny Droplets P1080686-91 Wet Lupine Leaf P1080680-2 Heron Taking Flight DSCF13355
Sunrise Over Cornfield P1080656-8 Otter Creek Sunrise P1080653-5 Double Selfie DSCF13307 Pink Morning Glory DSCF13262
Green Bee On A Yellow Wildflower DSCF13256 Fly On Yellow P1080620 Daylilies & Split Rail Fence DSCF13244-6 Daylilies P1080613
Duck & Duckling DSCF13225 Kingbird In A Treetop DSCF13188 Heron With A Catch DSCF13155 Blue Dinghy DSCF13112-4
Smiths Falls (Picnic Tricycle) DSCF13099 Milky Way Over Rideau Ferry P1080584 Milky Way Over Edmunds Lock P1080576 Duckling With A Dripping Bill DSCF13037
3M, JAX Reflection DSCF13021-3 Red 3M, JAX Reflection DSCF13021-3 Heron Fishing In Foam DSCF13009 Starling In A Flicker Hole DSCF12948-50
Dawn At The Combined Lock 48651-3 Boats Docked At Victoria Park 48639 Two Boats In The Basin DSCF12939 Heron Beside The Canal DSCF12918-20
Sunrise Landscape P1080551-3 Canada Day 2016 Sunrise P1080542-4 Old Barn P1080536-8 Lower Reach Path DSCF12842-7
Chippie With Breakfast Snack DSCF12836 Osprey Nestling Spreading Its Wings DSCF12804 Flaps Down DSCF12799 Kingbird On A Sapling DSCF12790
Viking Ship On The St Lawrence DSCF12713 Viking Ship On The St Lawrence DSCF12692-4 Viking Ship Under Way DSCF12690 Viking Ship & Tall Ship DSCF12680
Cormorant In Flight DSCF12585 21st Century Viking Lass P1080482 Grackle In A Tree DSCF12445 Sunrise At Edmunds P1080357-9
Milky Way Over Eastons Corners 48629.34 Osprey & Moon DSCF12325.34 Viking Ship P1080313-5 21st Century Viking P1080304
Viking Ship Stern Detail P1080287 Viking Ship Dragon Head P1080274-6 Viking Ship Bow Detail P1080268-70 Viking Ship P1080265-7
Hairy Woodpecker On A Vine_DSCF12275 Irish Creek In Misty Sunrise P1080250-2 Irish Creek In Misty Sunrise P1080244-6 Hairy Woodpecker Atop A Pole DSCF12247
Bales In Sunrise Mist P1080210-2 Bales In Sunrise Mist P1080198-200 Boat At The Detached Lock P1080150-2 Distant Rain Shower P1080129-31
Home Delivery DSCF12114 Home Delivery DSCF12115 Crop Home Delivery DSCF12115 Hey! Over here! DSCF12111
Swallow Chicks Beak To Beak DSCF12109 Chipzilla DSCF12057 Chippie Standing At Attention DSCF12045 2016 Strawberry Moon At Sunrise P1080092-8
Sturgeon Lake Sunset P1100370-2