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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Summer 2015 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Summer 2015

Photos taken during Summer 2015 which officially began here on 21 June 2015.

Rideau Canal Sunrise P1180930-2 Rideau Canal Sunset P1180894-6 Jim At Old Slys Lock DSCF4813 Juvenile Pied-billed Grebe DSCF4808
Pied-billed Grebes DSCF4794 Pigeon Getting It In Gear DSCF4790 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge At Night 46059-62 Canal Basin At Night 30s iso800 (DSCF4742)
Foggy Rideau Canal P1180795-7 Foggy Beckwith Street Bridge P1180783-5 Sunrise Sunrays P1180750-2 Split-rail Fence In Sunrise Fog P1180738-40
Appaloosa In Sunrise Ground Fog P1180685-6 Cormorant Stretching P1180627 Gull Flyby P1180621 Lazy Hazy River P1180606-8
Sunrise Sunrays P1180546-8 Fence In Fog P1180530 Rainy Night 46044-6.9 Busy Bee P1180477
Sodium Vapor Bokeh P1180442.51 Rooster Beside Striped Wall DSCF4720 Old Green Shutters DSCF4709 Mum Closeup P1180427-9
Gull Taking Flight DSCF4707 Gull Closeup DSCF4687 (crop) Gull Closeup DSCF4687 Surreal Sunrise P1180393.7-9
Moon & Venus P1180393 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF4680 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF4677-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1180312-4
Clouded Sunrise P1180309-11 Equine Pals At Sunrise 46020-2 Sunrise Fishermen 45990-2 Gold Cross Pen Set P1180267-9
Transmission Towers In Sunrise Ground Fog 45951-3 Juvenile Male Wood Duck DSCF4632 Sticking Its Neck Out DSCF4605 Monarch Butterfly P1180240
Busy Bee On A Pink & Yellow Flower P1180234 Bee In A Morning Glory P1180199 Out Standing In Its Field 45892 Cows On A Foggy Morning 45887
Turtle Island Trees In Fog 45842 Turbulent Water 45824 Kilmarnock Bridge In Foggy Sunrise 45792-4 Trees In Foggy Sunrise 45777-9
Moon Beyond Pine Tree At Sunrise DSCF4587 Foggy Sunrise Fisherman 45707-9 Foggy Sunrise Fisherman 45704-6 Father & Son Fishing At Sunrise 45692-4
Equine Pal In Misty Sunrise 45662 Tiny Spider On A Screen P1180150 Bales In Misty Sunrise 45554-6 Misty Sunrise 45543-5
Irish Creek At Sunrise P1180132-4 Irish Creek Sunrise P1180129-30 The Ride Across Canada P1180108-10 The Ride Across Canada P1180078
Moon In Clouds DSCF4546 Moon In Clouds DSCF4546v2 Lower Reach Park DSCF21419-21 Irish Creek Sunrise P1170974-6
Sunrise Sunrays DSCF4544-5 Sunrise Glow DSCF4538-40 Evening Clouds DSCF4526 Five Horses At Sunrise P1170956-8
Heron Hunting At Sunrise P1170908 Jumping Heron P1170882 Two Horses In Misty Sunrise P1170842 Cottage Weekend 2015 (P1170783)
Old Dock At Sunrise P1170724-6.psd Gull & Sunset Clouds P1170714 White Admiral DSCF21375 Brown Thrasher On A Branch Under a Limb DSCF21359
Chipmunk On A Split Rail DSCF21327 Sunflower Field In Fog P1170635 Red-headed Woodpecker DSCF21217 Yellowlegs & Killdeer At Sunrise DSCF21161
Yellowlegs & Killdeer At Sunrise DSCF21154 Geese In Air, Geese On Water At Sunrise P1170579-80 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1170536-8 Yacht Dolphin DSCF4519
Golden Field At Sunrise P1170521 Cornfield At Sunrise P1170512-4 Irish Creek Sunrise P1170485-7 Bee Balm Bloom Growing Out Of A Bee Balm Bloom P1170464-9
Droopy Wet Brown-eyed Susan P1170461-3 Bucolic Back Road P1170443-5 Dead Tree In Misty Sunrise P1170395-7 Misty Sunrise Fishing P1170357
Misty Sunrise Fishing P1170310-2 Roadside Wildflowers P1170301-3 Backlit Sunflower DSCF4494 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170285-7
Spotted Sandpiper DSCF21096v2 Ring-billed Gull Profile DSCF21086 'Polsteam Isadora' DSCF21065 Sunrise Sunrays P1170225-7A
Purple Loosestrife Along Fence P1170150-2 Purple Loosestrife Along Fence P1170141-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170132-4 Sunset Clouds P1170117-9
Sunset Clouds P1170105-7 Rideau Canal Sunset P1170090-5 Partial Rainbow At Sunset P1170084-6 Anticrepuscular Rays P1170078-80
White & Orange Fish P1170049 Equine Pals In Misty Sunrise P1170030.3 Wet Head Loon With Catch DSCF4459 Irish Creek Sunrise P1160959-61
Cedar Waxwing DSCF4437 Cedar Waxwing DSCF4432 Sunrise Landscape P1160932-4 Sunrise Ground Fog P1160905-7
Cedar Waxwing From Behind DSCF4421 Rooster Profile DSCF4416 Inquisitive Turkey And Guineafowl Chick DSCF4400 Bales In Misty Sunrise P1160856-8
Canal Basin At Night P1160715 Kawartha Voyageur At Sunrise P1160697 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1160632-4 Kawartha Voyageur Arriving P1160556
Boat, Train & Lock P1160435.53 1940 Chevy Grill DSCF4372 Osprey Calling Its Mate DSCF4353 Second Time Around DSCF4349
First Sign Of Autumn? DSCF4325 Shake Those Tail Feathers DSCF4322 Wet Gerbera Backside P1160407-21 Wet Street P1160405
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1160362-4 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1160356-8 Wet Little Yellow Wildflower P1160334 Steam Locomotive Wheel P1160290-2
Centennial Park From The Water At Night P1160238-40 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1160175-7 Swimming Loon DSCF4274 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1160142-4
Tai Chi Under A Bridge P1160118-20 Heron Tongue DSCF4254 Barfing Bird DSCF4230 Equine Pal In Misty Sunrise P1160068-70
A Nuthatch Being A Nuthatch P1160031 Chippie In The Grass DSCF4201 Robin Bath Time DSCF4191 Howard Ryan Kelford Knott & Dixon Mural P1150984.87
Lily Anthers & Stigma P1150971-6 Gerbera Backside P1150962-4 Heading Out To Fish P1150938 Loon In Tailwater DSCF4155
Ahh Sweet Nectar P1150866 Ahh! Sweet Nectar P1150857 Heading Out To Pasture P1150818 Loon Stretch DSCF4149
Bales In A Field P1150794-6 Bee Balm P1150787 Trees In Misty Sunrise P1150725-7 Sun Rising Through A Tree P1150713-5
Red Sun Rising P1150679-81 Red Sun Rising P1150667-9 Spotted Orange Lily P1150589-91 Lockmaster's Watch House DSCF4135
Swimming Loon DSCF4131 Water Lily DSCF21019 Westport Lions Club Beach DSCF20977-9 Red White & Blue 45507
Canada Day 2015 (45528 composite) Canada Day 2015 (45519) Canada Day 2015 (45505-11) Canada Day 2015 (45511)
Canada Day 2015 (45509) Canada Day 2015 (45506) Canada Day 2015 (45505) Canada Day 2015 (45504)
Canada Day 2015 (45493) Canada Day 2015 (45481 crop) Canada Day 2015 (45481) Canada Day 2015 (45468)
Canada Day 2015 (45467) Canada Day 2015 (45447) Canada Day 2015 (45445) Canada Day 2015 (45439)
Great Blue Heron On A Green Channel Marker P1150554 Heron In Flight P1150535 Wet Red Gerbera P1150526-31 Railway Perspective P1150505-7
Pines In Misty Sunrise P1150478-80 Horse In Pasture P1150477 Tiny Iridescent Fly On A Wet Leaf P1150392-6 Daylily Droplets P1150349-54
Heron Stalking Breakfast At Sunrise P1150313 Heading Out To Fish At Sunrise P1150308 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1150271-3 Bunny Eating The Yard DSCF4109
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1150268-70 Caution Concealed P1150241-3 Canal Basin At Dawn P1150226-8 Two Horses P1150199-201
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1150175-7 International Friendship Fountains DSCF20956-8 After A Rain P1150160-2 First Daylily P1150135
Daylily Stamen P1150132-4 Evening Sunrays DSCF20944-6 Evening Sunrays DSCF20944-6BW Yellow Orange Lily 'Art' P1150012-4
Yellow Orange Lily P1150012-4