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Structures Gallery

For this gallery, a structure is defined as the exterior view of a single man-made construction that is not mobile (i.e. a building, but not a boat, train, or airplane). If multiple urban structures are in shots, I categorize those as 'Cityscapes', which can be found here.

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Churches Gallery
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Horace Caldwell Pier Gallery
<< Horace Caldwell Pier Gallery >>
Barns Gallery
<< Barns Gallery >>
Lighthouses Gallery
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Canadian Museum of Civilization Gallery
<< Canadian Museum of Civilization Gallery >>
Bridges Gallery
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Fort Wellington, a Canadian National Historic Site
<< Fort Wellington, a Canadian National Historic Site >>
Fishing Pier in Foggy Sunrise 4724
Pueblo-style Outdoor Fireplace Galveston Aquarium1 Ominous Theater Marquee
Contrabando Set 6918 Wawona Tunnel 23194 Saint Augustine at Night Blocks of Snow
Sophisticuts 5116 Tlaquepaque Arches 20060223 Restaurant Window Clifton Building
Mountain Farmstead 6772 Charleston Columns Lone House in a Field Backlit Flag
Balboa Park Door 20051216 Under The Pier 46400 Sunrise Full Moon 20050918 Peace Tower & Tulips
Shorty's 20061224 Montreal At Sunrise 20061014 Building & Palm 5515 Wilmington Courthouse
Pier In First Light 46964 Castillo de San Marcos National Art Gallery at Dusk Quebec City 42207
French Quarter Hotel 3923 Picnic Shelters 46053 Sunrise Full Moon 17002 Lake Louise Whiskeyjack Lodge 18108
Hotel At Twilight Moody Gardens Wilmington City Hall Chateau Laurier
Inn & Spa at Loretto2 Bird's Mercantile 30957 Docked Raft 20091022 Building Reflection3
Peace Tower at Twilight 20050509 Fairgrounds Building Mescal House Bournemouth Beachhouses
Tumacacori Doorway 84226 Montreal 43282 Montezuma Castle Closeup 29091 Sunrise Long Shadows 46695
Tumacacori Mortuary Chapel 84264 Parliament At Dawn 20090925 Beach Bath House At Dawn 44707 Red Storm Arising 20050526
Campsite Shelters 50086 Gateway Arch Panorama 70642-3 Adobe Wall Inn & Spa at Loretto 20060331
Toucans at Dusk 3330 Alamo Village1 Bate Building At Dawn 09864-5 Mesilla Visitor Center
Parliament Hill Gazebo 10914 Field Shed 20100322 Fishing Pier In Fog 20081219 Grain Elevator at Sunset
Rustic Horse Shed 20110306 Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise 20101114 Snowscape 20111226 Field Shed 15098
Old Building At Sunrise 20100831 Marsh Boardwalk 09179 Snowscape 32576 General Store
Pecos Mission Ruins1 Town Hall 9238 Gateway Arch Steps 70651 Goldfield Water Tank 80388
Moraine Lake Lodge 18115 Water Tower At Sunset 20100702 Banff 17871 Perth Bandstand 20101105
Purple Door Lift Lock Rear Wall Mammoth Saloon 78612 Nashville Parthenon 24450
Convention Centre Reflection DSCF01148 Alabama Capitol 3751 New Iberia House 46289 Water Intake Station 69106
Banff 17856 Alight at Night 12250 Agristore 64447 Bare Walls
Ajo Plaza Arcade 20080208 Fort George Cottage 70163 Leather Works 5190 Shack By The Water 20100319
El Reno Grain Elevator Panorama 70899-901 Early Morning Banff 17920 Skyscraper Reflections 09859 Little Red Shed 05345
Lydia Ann Channel Light 36151 Oysterfest Tent 20070224 Enlightened Grain Elevator 20071101 Scotiabank Place 20091120
10 Easy Street 82341 Canadian Parliament At Sunset 16089 Original Smiths Falls Combined Locks 08262-5 Clerk's Office 04500
Solar Telescope Interior 85132 Peterborough Lift Lock Lifting 18527 Murney Redoubt DSCF01989 Alabama Capitol Interior 3778
Murney Redoubt 15305 Tuzigoot Pueblo Ruins 29500 Prince of Wales Hotel 70294 Crowd Inn 14046
Public Library 20100705 Canadian War Museum 11116 Barn with Rusting Roof 12581 New Ottawa Convention Centre DSCF01161.3
Collegiate Institute Arch DSCF01189 'GENERAL STO..' 82884 Spirit Catcher 03795-6 Kayaking Up A Wall 55369
Two Sheds At Sunrise 20100119 Nashville Parthenon 20081104 Chateau Laurier 09882 Museum Stairs 16008
New Smiths Falls Combined Locks 08282-3 Building Mural DSCF01248 Orillia Opera House 03820-2 Tubac Wall 20080309
Stone Arch Dam 24034 Library of Parliament 10916-7 Brownell Carillon Tower 45897-8 Stairway To Heaven 20080706
Watson's Mill 11848-9 Court House 45911 Magdalena Stock Pens 73604 Magdalena Stock Pens 73605
Lockmaster's Office 15168 Magdalena Stock Pens 73604-5 Michelle's Place 9321 Old Town Scene 72507
Canal Pathway Underpass 20080526 Two Sheds At Sunrise 05596 'ROOMS' 82887 Hot Air Over Parliament 16066
Merrickville House 05695-6 Lockmaster's Office 15174 Old Stone Mill 20900 Ajo Arcade Columns 82574
Downtown Scene 20091122 Tuzigoot Pueblo Ruins 29517 Midland Mural 04287-8 House In A Field 00297-8
Premier Cinemas 10229-30 'Big Nickel' At Twilight 03470-1 Old Town Outdoor Market 72510 Old Fire Hose Tower 20111025
Peace Tower 10936-41 Outdoor Centre 20100613 Watson's Mill 89371-2 Little Cottage On The Water 20120705
National Peacekeeping Monument 13457 Chaffey's Mill At Sunrise 01180 Old Red Garage P1020520-2 Cumberland SS No.1 (00205-6)
Ajo Depot Feature 82568 Heritage House Exterior 16529-30 Horaceville At Dawn 10208-12 Georgian Bay Boathouse 03409
Canadian War Museum 11113 Field Shed 15104 Mother Barnes Homestead DSCF3512 Little Red Shack 15083
Government Conference Centre 13413-4 Nortel In First Light 10826-31 Gateway Arch 70686 700 Sussex (13420)
Major's Hill Tent Top 88387 'Zak's' (13450-1) Old Train Station 73569 Presidio La Bahia 43796-8
City of Rocks 73962 Log Barns 21530 Mainville House 00166 Market Media Mall 13437
'56' (13443) Red Shed 04882 Canal Locks House 14828 By Ward Market 13433
Government Conference Centre 13408 Women's Institute Community Hall 17323 Tumacacori Convento Ruin 84304 House On Stilts 28665
Fossati's 29226 Comfort Inn By The Canal 05158-61 Merrickville Ruins 20111012 Goose Island Pier 38234
Canal Boathouses 15179 Kitt Peak Solar Observatory 85151 Old Quarry Boardwalk 10074-5 Lone Shed Under Looming Sky 20699
Tulip Festival Info Tent 89041 Industrial Building At Sunset 15510 West Block 10909 Zaragoza Birthplace 33706-9
Alight at Night 12261-2 Ottawa House 16101 Alight at Night 12264 Lone Lit Window 10934
Fudge Stand 89050 Holiday Lights 20121213 Gazebo At Dawn 22556 Lone Star 9420
Peace Tower 10912 Indianola 27170 Bate Island Shelter 06626-8 Fiddleheads 17569-70
Abandoned 09314 Parliament Hill Tent Tops 88371 Town's Jewellers 03852 Watson's Garage 00220-1
Rural Texas House 28862 SS No. 6A (05688) Bygone Gas Station 06787 Academy Theatre 12406.8
Watson's Mill 11840-5 Heritage House DSCF02486 Picket Fence 05528-9 Little Red Shed 32428
Orange Blueberry Stand 23603 Interesting Old Building 37729 Orange Blueberry Stand 20110222 Sunstruck Garage 08851
Lord Elgin Hotel At Dawn 14609-10 Yellow Doors 04274 Falling Into Ruin 05951 Farm Building 20110722
Powderhorn Lake Pier 26954-5 Observatory Dome 85172 Yin And Yang House 20111213 Old Red Boathouse 20120226
'GM' Building 06180-1 House On A Point At Sunrise 32130 Watson's Mill 20130105 House In The Shield 00217
Old Schoolhouse 20885 Two Sheds DSCF03863 Rustic Shed 21651 The Dickinson House 20130106
Happy New Year 2013 Lone House 19424 Allans Mill 00673 Watson's Mill 32678
Ruins By The Sea 27242 Port Elmsley Drive-In 11158 Two Storey Indoor Privy - Exterior 00129 Museum of Nature 01749
House On A Point 21242 The Village Store 01640 Old Post Office 32247,51 'Duncan J' At Dawn 20130110
Shed & Shadows 21937 House On A Point 32975-6 Cabin 1 (01616) Annie's Den 32269
Aberdeen Pavilion Dome 20121211 Abandoned 22035 Log Cabin In Winter 21955 Frank Clair Stadium 31926
Skinners Pond School No. 19 (27720) Frank Clair Stadium 31926 Townhouse At First Light 33100-3 Post Office Clock Tower 33067-9
Winter Shed 33228-9 Snowy Red Garage 33874 Iced-In Boat Houses 34248 Old Little Red Schoolhouse 33935
Old Red Shed 33780 Watson's Mill 33985-6 Murney Redoubt 34382-3 Water Tower 20130408
Station Theatre At First Light 34676-88 Nepean Centrepointe S0067027-9 KIA Motors DSCF00368 Old Clock Tower At Sunrise DSCF01320
Whiteface Mountain Atmospheric Observatory DSCF09457 Shed & Autumn Tree DSCF09632-4 Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre 20131026 Murney Tower Base DSCF10910
Two Houses 39028-33 Kinsmen Community Pavilion In Fog 40313 Fernie's Place DSCF11610-12toned Iced Tree 20131223
VIA Rail Station At Dawn 20131230 Produce Stand On A Winter's Night 20140103 Carling Place 20140102 Lafarge Smiths Falls At Dawn 41435.40.42
79 Beckwith Street North 20140111 Snowy Tim Hortons 20140110 Rustic Horse Shed In Snowfall 20140119 PEPSI At Sunrise 20140128
Contrabando Set 6917 Contrabando Set 6913 Contrabando Set 6928 Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre 20140131
Rustic Shed At Sunrise 20140211 Perth Bandstand At Dawn 20140301 Econo Lodge At Night 43189-97 Jasper Avenue 20140310
1 William Street E (43233-40) Snowscape DSCF14099-101 House & Wind Turbine Blades DSCF13937-8 'Sweet Scoops' P1030108
Boathouse Reflection P1020132 Slowly Sinking Into The Swale DSCF18218 Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise P1090440-2 Clock Tower In Sunrise Glow P1000451-3
Second Floor Door P1010428 Econo Lodge At Night P1030666-8 Chateau Laurier P1040809-11 Holiday Ottawa 20141225
Holiday Smiths Falls 20141224 Holiday Smiths Falls P1040595-7 Holiday Merrickville P1040589-91 Crystal Palace Holiday Display P1040480-2
Holiday Lights P1040368-70 Railway Office Building At Night P1040153,6,7 Station Theatre Front Door 20141214 Heritage House Holiday Lights 20141207
Lockmaster's Watch House 20141203 Holiday Lights 20141202 Store Closing 20141130 House On A Corner P1030140
The National War Memorial P1040812-4 Holiday Ottawa P1040884 Doug Walton Shelter At Dawn P1050051-3 Holiday Ottawa P1040857-9
Holiday Ottawa P1040881-3 Boathouses On Ice P1040567 Kilt & Castle Beyond Canal Sunrise Mist 20150131 Econo Lodge At First Light P1070850-2
TSC Store At Dawn 20150303 Perth Clock Tower At Sunrise 20150310 Sinking Boathouse (2015) DSCF00771 Combined Lockmaster's Office P1090755
Lockmaster's Watch House DSCF4135 Howard Ryan Kelford Knott & Dixon Mural P1150984.87 'Hotel' 46305-10 Lockmaster's House In Fog P1210964-6
Lockmaster's House At First Light P1210949-51 Rideau Canal Southern Entrance DSCF5471 'Hotel' P1220507-9 Christmas Boathouses P1230325-7
Holiday Town Hall Entrance P1230280-2 Heritage House Holiday Gazebo 47662-70 Holiday Heritage House Museum 47638-43 Old Service Station 47938-46
Public Library 48082-4 Winter Shed P1230857 Boathouses At Dawn P1000100-1 Old Building P1000620-2
Contrabando Set 6922 Rotel At Dawn P1010667-9 VIA Station At Night P1010620-2 Christmas Boathouses P1010119
Boathouses At Night P1020055-7 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1020337-41 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1030140-4 Lockmaster's House At First Light P1030310-5
Collapsing Boathouse P1040758 Union Station P1080952 Ripley's Aquarium of Canada P1080935 Hotel Beside The Canal At Dawn P1100822-7
Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise P1120636-8 Lockmaster's Watch House DSCF23694-6 Blue Hour Timmy's P1130693-5 Early Riser P1140741-3
Foggy Night At The VIA Station P1150518-20 Perth Bandstand DSCN1066-8 November Snow DSCN01063-5 Perth Holiday Bandstand 47487-92
Christmas Boathouses DSCN01120-2 Crystal Palace Christmas Lights P1160226-35 Winter Heritage House Museaum P1160399-401 Winter Heritage House Museaum P1160383.6
Brightly Lit House P1160753-5 Bedford Mill DSCN02196-8 Collapsing Boathouse P1170674 Old Red Boathouse Gone P1170663-5
Horse Shelter On A Foggy Winter Day P1170550 Water Tower At First Light P1170840-2 11-17 Victoria Avenue P1170817-23 Brightly Lit House P1170485-7
Heritage House At Night P1170856-7 Ice Fishing Shack At Sunrise DSCN02872-4 Smoking Smokehouse At Sunrise P1180134-9A House On A Point At Sunrise DSCN02962-4
Wonky Dock & Grass In Fog DSCN03986 Canalside Hotel At First Light DSCN05954-7 Foggy HOTEL P1190489-91 The Old Post Office Building On A Foggy Night P1190504-6BW
Swollen Swale DSCN07132 Bench & Gazebo DSCN08481-3 Clouded Sunrise DSCN08643-5 Crescent Moon Over Rideau Canal P1210531-3
Light In A Window P1220041 The Opinicon DSCN13125-7 CP Building At Dawn P1230486-92 CP Building At Dawn P1230469-78
Old Stone Mill DSCN14109-11 Old Stone Mill DSCN14088-90 Downtown Delta DSCN14091-3 Cape Spear Light DSCN14439
Cabot Tower On Signal Hill DSCN14376-8 House By The Sea P1240962-4 Pouch Cove South Slipway On A Foggy Night P1250115-9 Cape Spear Light DSCN14475
Old Log House In Autumn P1260888-90 Old Log House & Farmstead P1270198 Old Log House Windows P1260986-8 Autumn Cross Road DSCN16687
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