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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Spring 2017 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Spring 2017

Photos taken during Spring 2017 which officially began here on 20 March 2017.

Edmonds Lock At Sunrise P1210348 Flicker & Chick DSCN10345 Male Northern Flicker DSCN10327 Wet Peony DSCN10307
Eastern Kingbird DSCN10259 Great Blue Heron DSCN10232 Chubby Cheeks Chippie DSCN10222 2017 Rideau Paddlefest DSCN10117
Osprey Family DSCN09969 Turtle Laying Eggs DSCN09879 Bass Season Opens DSCN09819 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN09779-81
Damselfly DSCN09774 Bullfrog DSCN09708-9 Perth Sunset DSCN09642-4 Checking Out The Neighborhood DSCN09681
A Lot Of Bull DSCN09635 Chippie On A Rock DSCN09591 Flicker Out On A Limb DSCN09537 Lilacs & Fence DSCN09492
Ducks On Shore DSCN09444 Feather Bustle DSCN09406 Powwow Warriors DSCN09389 Powwow Maiden DSCN09367
Powwow Maiden DSCN09363 Powwow Maiden DSCN09358 (crop) Powwow Grass Dancer DSCN09337 Tipi On Turtle Island DSCN09266
Chipping Sparrow DSCN09183 Yellow Wild Rose Stamen DSCN09158 Irish Creek Sunrise P1210498-500 Chippie On A Porch P1210420
Strawberry Moonset P1210384 Yummy Maple Seed DSCN09071 Flicker On A Tree DSCN09059 'Good Times' At Edmonds DSCN09047-9
Stretching Cormorant DSCN09008 Cormorant Out On A Limb DSCN08997 Heron Photobomb DSCN08971 Loon On The Canal DSCN08943
First Boat In The Basin P1210352-4 Butterfly P1210221 Butterfly P1210063 Butterfly P1210046
Butterfly P1210023.6 American Falls At Sunrise P1200938-42 Harbour Fountain P1200879 Niagara T-rex P1200730-3
Niagara SkyWheel P1200703-5 Sunrise Through Niagara Falls Mist P1200627 Niagara Falls At Dusk P1200553-8 Niagara Falls P1200538-40BW
Niagara Falls P1200462 Country Sunrise P1200438-40 Wet Purple Iris P1200426 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN08910-2
20170527 Aurora P1200413 20170527 Aurora P1200403-4 20170527 Aurora P1200389-91 20170527 Aurora P1200363
20170527 Aurora P1200357-60 20170527 Aurora P1200350 Stretching Goose DSCN08822 Smiling Swallow Atop Its Birdhouse DSCN08765
Tree Swallow Cold Shoulder DSCN08744 Canal Basin At Night P1200300-4 Kingbird Preparing To Fly DSCN08719 Song Sparrow Singing DSCN08679
Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN08670 Clouded Sunrise DSCN08643-5 Backlit Ferns DSCN08633 Purple & White Iris Closeup P1200293-5
Purple & White Iris Closeup P1200287-9 Three Tulips DSCN08622 Rufffled Heron DSCN08549 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN08535-7
Robin On Nest DSCN08516 Bench & Gazebo DSCN08481-3 Swallow In A Birdhouse DSCN08474 Edmonds Overflow Dam At Sunrise DSCN08442-4
Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN08401 Gosling Flotilla DSCN08313 Guiding A Gaggle Of Goslings DSCN08308 Irish Creek Night Sky P1200272
Heron Taking Flight DSCN8263 Len's Cove At Daybreak P1200240-2 Marina At Blue Hour P1200234-5 Clouded Sunrise DSCN08178-83
Decaying Old Barn DSCN08125 Red Boat & Dock Chair DSCN08108 2017 Tulip Festival DSCN08071 2017 Tulip Festival DSCN08017
Shooting A Shooter DSCN08007 Shooting A Shooter DSCN07995 2017 Tulip Festival DSCN07981 2017 Tulip Festival P1200115
Shooting A Shooter P1200111 (crop) 2017 Tulip Festival P1200028 2017 Tulip Festival P1200013 2017 Tulip Festival P1190945
2017 Tulip Festival P1190894 The 6:22 VIA Train To Toronto DSCN07879 Kingbird In A Tree DSCN07864 Heron Landing DSCN07837
Lower Reach At Night P1190851 Turbulent Sky DSCN07735-7 Heron With A Catch DSCN07627 Killdeer (crop) DSCN07567
Tree Swallow Taking Flight DSCN07532 Skein of Geese At Sunrise DSCN07450 Otter Head DSCN07436 Setting Flower Moon DSCN07374
Setting Flower Moon DSCN07361 Mrs Wood Duck Scolding A Grackle P1190825 Standing Watch While The Missus Bathes P1190817-8 The Swale At Sunrise P1190792-4
Starling & Grackle In May Snow DSCN07247 Snowy Tulips DSCN07216 Swollen Swale DSCN07132 May 2017 Flooding DSCN06966
Canalside Heron DSCN06902 Flooded Footbridge P1190720 Looming Cloud At Sunrise DSCN06841 Geese Swimming At Sunrise DSCN06831
Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN06823-5 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN06790-2 Poised To Strike DSCN06778 Heron Head DSCN06741
At The Combined Lock P1190681-3 Blue Jay Atop A Pine Tree DSCN06694 Robin Taking Flight DSCN06689 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1190646
Flooded Field P1190585-7 Trees In Sunrise Glow DSCN06664 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN06649-51 Milky Way & Incoming Clouds 48864
Milky Way Over The Rideau 48854-5 Grape Hyacinth Closeup DSCN06646 Sunrise Sunrays DSCN06595-7 Glaring Osprey DSCN06505
Dewy Spider Web DSCN06452 Foggy Loweer Reach DSCN06450 Foggy Canal Basin P1190552-4 Pine Shadows P1190539
Under The Beckwith Street Canal Bridge P1190531-3BW VIA Rail Station In Fog P1190510 Foggy Russell Street East P1190507-9 The Old Post Office Building On A Foggy Night P1190504-6BW
Foggy HOTEL P1190489-91 Balancing Act DSCN06436 Hey You! Get Offa My Pole DSCN06396 Night Train P1190440-2
Heron Closeup DSCN06371 Heron With A Catch DSCN06358 Heron Landing DSCN06343 First Flowers Of Spring DSCN06263
Busy Beaver DSCN06146 (crop) Swallow On A Wire DSCN06131 Fallen Trees At Sunrise DSCN06107 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN06059-61
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN06044-6 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN06038-40 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN06032-4 Canalside Hotel At First Light DSCN05954-7
Red-winged Blackbird Atop A Pole DSCN05933 Lower Reach At Night 48837-9 Robin Up Close DSCN05815 Ruffled Junco DSCN05806
Northern Flicker DSCN05779 Hutton Creek At Sunrise Art DSCN05763 Northern Flicker DSCN05659 Clouded Sunrise DSCN05628-30
Chippie Up Close DSCN05620 Song Sparrow DSCN05595 Getting The Song Sparrow Cold Shoulder DSCN05584 Male American Goldfinch DSCN05536
Sunlit Tree Rising Above Ground Fog DSCN05477 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN05436-8 Foggy Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN05400 Was It Something I Said? DSCN05376-7
Equine Pal Posing At Sunrise DSCN05328 Foggy Sunrise At Roses Bridge DSCN05298-300 Ground Fog Sunrise DSCN05280-2 Sunrise Fog DSCN05250-2
Lightening The Load DSCF23882 Osprey Up Close DSCN05179 Crop Two Herons On A Nest DSCN05167 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1190388
Swimming Grebe At Sunrise P1190370 Pretty Pigeon DSCN05140 Foggy Night At Turtle Island P1190349-51 Cenotaph In Night Fog P1190336
Tree Swallow Atop A Birdhouse DSCN05074 Male Bufflehead DSCN05048 Otter Creek Sunrise DSCN05002-4 Trees In Sunrise Glow DSCN04990-2
Kilmarnock Rideau Canal Cut DSCN04969-74 Robin On A Piling DSCN04954 Water On The Bridge DSCN04918-20 Abstract DSCN04847
Raging Rapids P1190282 Spring Runoff P1190255 Canal Basin Weir DSCN04789-91 Hooded Merganser Pair DSCN04753
Male Hooded Merganser DSCN04752 Female Hooded Merganser DSCN04746 Swan On Ice DSCN04696 Stretching Goose DSCN04687
Deer In Cornfield DSCN04650 '$100 Fine' DSCN04619 Hog's Back Falls DSCN04606 Hairy Eating Suet DSCN04552
Downy With A Mouthful DSCN4510. Getting The Osprey Evil Eye DSCN04470 Incoming Osprey DSCN04408 Heron On Its Nest DSCN04290
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1190239-45 Wintry Farmscape DSCN04248 Kilmarnock Lockstation DSCN04247 Heron On Ice DSCN04211
Snowy Cattails & Trees DSCN04203-5 Snowy Cattails & Trees-Blurred DSCN04203-5 Snowy Fence Posts DSCN04180 Ring-necked Duck At Sunrise DSCN04163
Ring-necked Ducks DSCN04131 Two Starlings DSCN04108 Sprouting Through Ice P1190155-63 Milky Way Over The Rideau Canal P1190152-4
Milky Way At Irish Creek P1190140-1 Scum Swimmer DSCN04059 Two Trees In Fog Full Of Blackbirds DSCN04034 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge In Fog DSCN04022
Wonky Dock & Grass In Fog DSCN03986 Hooded Merganser DSCN03955 Hooded Merganser At Sunrise DSCN03940 Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN03918-20
Springtime Hutton Creek DSCN03857 Springtime Canadian Back Road DSCN03830 Springtime Canadian Mailbox DSCN03818 Springtime Hutton Creek DSCN03795-7
Barns In Spring Snowfall DSCN03756 Blue Hour Main Street W P1190134-6 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1190121 Migrating Geese DSCN03730
Pileated Woodpecker DSCN03708 Pileated Woodpecker DSCN03696 Pileated Portrait DSCN03684 Pileated Shuteye DSCN03678A
Jack Pine Trail In Winter DSCN03663-5 'Art' Mallard Drake Profile DSCN03660 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN03648-50 Happy Easter P1180738
Irish Creek Sunrise P1210501-3 Partial Rainbow At Sunrise P1210519-21