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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Spring 2016 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Spring 2016

Photos taken during Spring 2016 which officially began here on 20 March 2016.

Chippie At Breakfast DSCF12010 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1080023-5 Sunrise Fishing DSCF11638 Great Blue Heron DSCF11879
Sunrise Fishing DSCF11598 Backlit Robin With A Snack DSCF11522-3 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1070988-90 Sparrow On A Branch DSCF11553-4
Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1080010-6 Otter Creek Sunrise P1070904.7.10 Otter Creek Sunrise P1070904-6 Osprey Closeup DSCF11488
Otter Creek Sunrise P1070940-2 Hungry Grackle Fledgling DSCF11460 Breakfast For Junior DSCF11437 Milky Way Rising Over Trees 48622
Backlit Wild Daisies P1070821 Swamp Iris DSCF11423 Chippie Checking Me Out DSCF11378 Chippie Peeking Out DSCF11391
Chippie On The Rocks DSCF11385 Osprey In Flight DSCF11347 Fence & Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1070366-72 Irish Creek Sunrise P1070306-8
Gaggle Of Goslings DSCF11262 Wild Daisy P1070750 'Art' Wild Daisy P1070750 Heron Striding DSCF11188
Yellow Wildflower P1070694-6 Heron On Land DSCF11139 Rideau Canal At Night 48612 Wildflowers DSCF11154
Heron Stalking DSCF11185 Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil P1070633 Kawartha Voyageur At First Light P1070542-6 Common Loon DSCF11041
Common Snapping Turtle DSCF11116-8 Muskrat Love DSCF11090 Wet Purple & White Iris P1070601-3 Three Ducklings DSCF11026.32
Kingbird In A Bush DSCF1001 Milky Way Over Upper Rideau Lake 48595-7 Bringing Home The Bacon...uh...Fish DSCF10948 Down The Hatch 48501
Great Egret Hunting DSCF10831-3 Hey! I'm Starving Here! 48488 Wood Duck Hen & Chicks DSCF10802 Black-crowned Night Heron (48536.DSCF10812)
Horse Pasture At Sunrise P1070562-4 Egret Landing 48554 Pileated Stare Down 48477 Three Mouths To Feed 48502.17
Milky Way Over The Road 48461 Kawartha Voyageur At First Light P1070536-41 Round Ripples P1070136-8 Lilac Blossoms P1070480-1
Gosling Flotilla P1070444 Geese On Turtle Island P1070474 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1070285-7 Purple Iris Petal P1070392-400
Rideau River Sunrise P1070330-2 Sunrise In Ground Fog P1070386-8 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1070291-3 Big Rideau Lake At First Light P1070227
Beaver Tail Slap At Sunrise P1070148 (crop) Beaver Tail Slap At Sunrise P1070148 Kingbird In Flight DSCF10638 Equine Pal At Sunrise P1070206
Heron On Its Nest DSCF10583 Gosling On The Run DSCF10488 2016 Tulip Festival P1070055 Warbling Vireo DSCF10530
Tree Swallow In A Birdhouse DSCF10526 Bumble Bee In A Lilac P1070074 2016 Tulip Festival P1060938 Impudent Squirrel P1060833
Full Moon & Hot Air Balloon P1060780.805 2016 Tulip Festival P1060996 2016 Tulip Festival P1060755 Miniature Purple Iris P1060654-6
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1060610-4 Two Grazing Goslings DSCF10143 Flicker Scratching An Itch DSCF10250 Gosling On The Rocks DSCF10140
Mallard Family DSCF10192 Heron In Flight DSCF10090 Kilmarnock Bridge In Foggy Sunrise P1060632-7 Gosling Snacking On A Dandelion DSCF9926
Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060603-7 Goslings & Goose DSCF9987 Merlin Atop A Pine DSCF9849 Shooting A Shooter P1060372
Duck & Ducklings DSCF9816 Table & Chair DSCF9732 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1060497 Sunrise Sunrays P1050561
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060539 2016 Tulip Festival P1060319 Milky Way Over The Tay River P1060535-6 Two Merlins In A Pine Tree DSCF9626
2016 Tulip Festival P1060379 Northern Flicker In A Tree DSCF9601 2016 Tulip Festival P1060380 White Rose P1050460
2016 Tulip Festival P1060351 Milky Way Over Hutton Marsh P1060431-3 Northern Flicker In A Tree DSCF9568-70 Sunstruck Purple Flowers P1060417
Song Sparrow P1060410 Song Sparrow P1060413 Song Sparrow Singing P1060409 Flicker Atop A Dead Tree DSCF9501
2016 Tulip Festival P1060384 2016 Tulip Festival P1060375 2016 Tulip Festival P1060320 Shooting A Shooter P1060365
2016 Tulip Festival P1060400 Stretching Vulture On A Power Pole DSCF9446 Geese & Goslings DSCF9427 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1060253
Returning Heron At Sunrise DSCF9346.9 Woodpecker Pecking DSCF9217-9 Yellow-rumped Warbler DSCF9171 Frisky Swallows DSCF9253
Male Northern Flicker Calling DSCF9208 Footbridge Over The Tay DSCF9119-21 Swallow In Flight DSCF9041 Mugshot P1060246-8
Swallow In Flight DSCF9050 Milky Way Over Bellamys Lake P1060238.41 Happy Mother's Day 2016 (P1060227-9) Red Tulip P1060143-5
Milky Way Over The Rideau River 48297-9 Milky Way Galactic Core Over Irish Creek 48312-4 Big Rideau Lake DSCF8996 Milky Way Over Irish Creek 48324-6
OMG! My Fly's Open! DSCF8970 Sunrise Landscape P1060116-22 Milky Way Galactic Core Over Ground Fog 48257 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060104-12
Milky Way Galactic Core Over Ground Fog 48230 Irish Creek Sunrise P1060004-6 Trees In Fog P1050984 Dewy Spider Web P1050990
Otter Creek In Light Fog P1050975 Clock P1050936-8 Bee On A Spring Blossom P1050897 Spring Blossom P1050915
Spring Blossom P1050912 Swallow Photobomb DSCF8849 Milky Way 20160430 (48220) Bee On A Spring Blossom P1050924-6
Common Gallinule DSCF8720 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1050864-6 Otter In The Swale DSCF8640 Hermon The Heron DSCF8613-5
Swans In The Swale DSCF8601 Woodpecker Pecking DSCF8546 Curious Red-winged Blackbird DSCF7819 Mallard Balancing Act DSCF8492-4
Domestic Dispute DSCF8475 Wigeon Couple DSCF8302.5 Song Sparrow Singing S0028284 Miniature Daffodil P1050702-10
Misty Foggy Otter Creek Sunrise P1050542-4 Preening Waxwing DSCF8106 Red-winged Blackbird Taking Flight DSCF8158 Otter Creek P1050654
Grackle On A Dead Tree DSCF8205 Misty Foggy Otter Creek P1050629-35 Wood Duck Couple In Silhouette P1050636-42 Muskrat On The Move DSCF8198
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1050533-5 Sunrise Sunrays P1050557-9 By Full Moon Light 48213-5 Blackbird On A Bridge Railing DSCF7823
Ring-necked Duck Taking Flight DSCF8141 Pied-billed Grebe DSCF8072-4 Bohemian Waxwing DSCF8102 Beaver Face DSCF8048
Getting The Pigeon Evil Eye DSCF7790 Common Loon DSCF7806 Splayed Grackle Feathers DSCF7983 Getting The Grackle Evil Eye DSCF7974
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1050450-4 Swallow On A Tin Roof DSCF7887 Common Loon DSCF7799 Milky Way Over The Rideau River P1050379
Crow Calling DSCF7700 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1050330-2 Out Standing In Its Field DSCF7670 Song Sparrow Singing DSCF7742
Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1050311 Vesper Sparrow DSCF7660 An Osprey Craning Its Neck DSCF7639 Milky Way Over McGowan Lake P1050323
Running Start S0106517 Mallard In A Tree DSCF7593 Stretching Bufflehead DSCF7619 Milky Way Over Irish Creek 29110-1
Pine Siskin S0157522 Stretching Starling S0257559 Pine Siskin S0207540 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1050282
Osprey Closeup S0237370 Starling In Budding Treetop S0017465 Nest Component Delivery S0017438 Three High-key Tulips P1050101
Snowy Osprey Nest S0017398-9 Snowy April Night P1050139-41 Yellow & Burgundy Tulip P1050121-6 Osprey In A Pine Tree S0237372
Osprey In A Pine Tree S0167280 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1050118 Tree Bud P1040668-73 Tree Bud P1040668-73 (crop)
Nest Component Delivery S0077246 Peekaboo Osprey S0117263 Osprey In A Pine Tree S0227304 Stretching Swan S0037076
Walk (Waddle) On The Wild Side S0037171 Merganser Couple In Snowfall S0047175 Robin In Snowfall S0117194 Orange Tulip P1050075-83
Stretching Osprey S0027155 Hooded Merganser, Female S0267140 Crocuses In Snow P1050071.4 Hooded Merganser, Male S0207124
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1050030-2 Osprey In Flight S0237063 Osprey Taking Flight S0237061 Avian Pole Dancer S0227060
Seeing Eye To Eye S0017003 Crescent Moonrise P1050014-6 Stretching Mallard S0086992 Stretching Swan S0066983
Osprey On A Pole S0036931 Nest Component Delivery DSCF6909 Osprey In Flight DSCF6880 Ospreys In Nest DSCF6879
Sunrise Reflected P1040964-70 Brassils Creek At Dawn P1040909-11 Two Yellow Crocus Sprouts P1040891 Goose Taking Flight S0186828
Goose Taking Flight S0186829 Robin Singing In A Treetop S0016737 The 6:22 Arrives P1040834-6 Sparrow On A Red Branch DSCF6733
Stretching Mallard DSCF6718 Mouthy Gull DSCF6715 Gull Photobombs Hooded Mergansers DSCF6693 Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise P1040767-9
Collapsing Boathouse P1040758 Two Horses In Their Barn Door P1040707-9 Stretching Mallard P1040686 First Buds Of Spring P1040674
Splashdown DSCF6674 Look Out Below! DSCF6661 Got Too Close DSCF6639 Stretching Swan DSCF6637
Easter Sunrise P1040633-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1040576-8 Wolford Chapel P1040513-7 Foggy Sun P1040498-502
Trees In Foggy Sunrise P1040473-5 Abstract P1040457 Abstract DSCF6615 Chilled Tulip Sprout P1040446-8
Chilled Grill P1040413-8 Snowy Tulip Sprout P1040389-91 Mr & Mrs Mallard DSCF6596 Spring Wonderland DSCF6592
Barns In Spring Wonderland DSCF6589 Red-winged Blackbird DSCF6584 Spring Wonderland P1040353-5 Snowy Spring Night P1040302-4
Early Spring Snow P1040281-3 Early Spring Snow P1040278-80 Stretching Mallard S0066491 Landscape At Sunrise DSCF6481-2
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1040208-14 Railway Lines P1040152-4 Duck Taking Flight DSCF6453 Mr & Mrs Ring-necked Duck DSCF6449
Ring-necked Duck At Sunrise DSCF6448 Ducks In The Swale DSCF6419 Wetback Goose DSCF6354