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Nightshots Gallery

Photos taken at night, including those taken just as the sky was starting to brighten at dawn (first light) or still visible as twilight was fading (last light). The criteria for photos in this category is the primary illumination is not from the sun, but from either moonlight or man-made light.
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Fireworks Gallery
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Skylines At Night
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Clara Barton's House 20060429 Red Heron 20070109
Broad Street at Dusk2 Charleston Bar & Bicycle Charleston Steeple Pier In First Light 20061214
Saint Augustine at Night Lighthouse & Moon 1921 Cincinnati at Night Theater Marquee
Blues Singer 3978 Quebec City At Night 42564 Preparing For Oysterfest 20070221 Broad Street at Dusk
Sophisticuts 5116 Golden Gate at Night 20051210 Moonset 20061222 Ring Around The Moon 80582
Peace Tower & Tulips Richmond Fair 2003-10 Pier In Fog 20070105 Along Ontario Street 20060503
Park In First Light 20091124 Tree Shadows 20100816 Pier In First Light 46964 National Art Gallery at Dusk
Desert Moonset 20071124 Moonset Over The Channel 20070102v2 Charleston Streetlight Richmond Fair 2003-6
Parliament Hill 20060915 Park Bench In First Light 20091212 French Quarter Hotel 3923 Christ Church2
Moon Over the Scugog River2 San Francisco at Night Quebec City At Night 20061003 Pier Reflections
Moon & Church Spire Rideau Canal Downtown 20100131 Faux Lighthouse 20051016 Sky Lights 20100207
Shack By The Water 20100321 Broad Street Christmas Lights Dauphin Island Under Moonlight 56080 Light At The End Of The Road - Take 2 (20100410)
Waterfront Park Circular Fountain at Night Chateau Laurier Quebec City 42284 Louise Bourgeois's 'Maman' 20080707
Peace Tower at Twilight 20050509 Cloud & Moon 20071207 Bank Street Canal Bridge 20080726 Along East Bay Street at Dusk
Just Before The Eclipse 84167 Corktown Footbridge 11988-90 Alight at Night 20091227 St Michael's Church at Night
Prescribed Burn 20090203 Phone Booth 20080501 Waterfront Park Pineapple Fountain at Night Along East Bay Street at Night
A Dock & Foggy Night 20081218 Pier In First Light Fog 20061218 Parliament Hill 20091206 Kingston City Hall & Old Train Station
Park In First Light 10961 St George's Cathedral Quebec City 42290 Charleston's Vendue Inn
Lights At The Turnaround 20090219 Farm In First Light 07229-31 East Bay Crab Shack State Park Office In Predawn 46063
White Lights On A Red Wall 20080909 Carnival Ride Watchers 67139 Train Station 20100629 Charleston High Cotton
Moon & Clouds 20061203 French Quarter Shutters 3903 Canal Lights On A Foggy Night 20101116 Log House At First Light 20101224
St Philips Church at Night Park At Dawn 20091126 Alight at Night 12263 French Quarter at Night 3937
Red House At Night 20101212 Rideau Canal at Twilight1 A Dying Breed 20101021 Moon Over The Mountain 74343
Mission Espiritu Santo At Dusk 20090303 Smiths Falls Fountains 20100527 Park Trees 20091128 Charleston Streetlight
Train Station At Night 20101109 Alight at Night 12308 Park At Dark 20101117 St John Catholic Church 20101127
Alight at Night 12322 Alight at Night 12294-5 Golden Gate Bridge at Twilight2 Montreal At Dawn 43302
Galveston's 'The Strand' Quebec City At Night 42591 Quebec City At Night 42574 Foggy First Light 20100605
Park In First Light 11535-6 First Light Snowscape 12135-6 Laundromat At First Light 20110102 Brockville City Hall 20050826
Museum of Civilization 41660 Lockmaster's House At Night 20101023 Barnyard In First Light 20100820 Carnival Ride 20070920
Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night 20101024 Night Fishing 47717 Mission Espiritu Santo At Night 44098 Holiday Lights 04015-21
Church Door 20100803 Alight at Night 12336 Munster Library 20100404 Dauphin Island Moonset 20070303
Custom House at Night Quebec City At Night 42933 Alight at Night 12258 Tree-Lined Lane In First Light 20758-61
Beale Street 43813 Signs on Bourbon Street 3997 Lower Reach Park At Night 20101213 Annie's Den 04446-54
Lights In The Windows 20101230 Chateau Laurier at Twilight Charleston Facade5 In A Fog 20061219
Holiday Perth 20101218 Antique Gas Pump 20101226 French Quarter Doorman 3995 Snowfall In The Park 20110104
Quebec City At Night 42988 Molly's Bar 3939 Church Steeple Court House Fountain at Dusk
Alexandra Bridge Elgin Street North end Christmas Tree 20061217 Sussex Drive Window Display
Sparks Street 09862-3 Quebec City At Night 42589 Old Garage In Snowfall 20110106 Uptown Cafe 20060409
School Bus Park 20110126 Streetlight 20060226 Alexandra Bridge At Night Moon Over the Pecos River Flume
Quebec City At Night 42965 Kingston City Hall Smiths Falls Sky Glow 20735-7 Quebec City At Night 42971
RV in Moonlight1 St Mark's Church Supermoon Rising 20110319 Fulford Fountain2
Dock Light 00123-8 Twilight Water Tower 20110407 Custom House Columns 69 Chambers Street 20111206
Lockmaster's House In First Light 22650-4 French Quarter Doorman 3911 Front of St George's Cathedral Rideau Canal Terminus 16131
House In First Light 34726 Alight at Night 12300-2 Quebec City At Night 42982 Corktown Footbridge 20091220
Moon 20130421 (HS50) Light At The End Of A Road 20100914 Anchor Streetlighting 20110220 Vicksburg at Night2
Two Chairs & Green Door 20050907 Russell Street 20110226 Pedestrian Underpass 05341-2 Mission Espiritu Santo 44433
Sherkston Quarry 09462-4 Black Cat Cafe Barnyard At First Light 21894-5 Twentynine Palms At Dusk
Perth Gazebo 20101105 Blue Light Special 47342 Dusk Scene1 Tree In First Light Fog 20110118
Lunar Eclipse (3 March 2007) Quebec City At Night 42611 Montreal 43449 Gilmore's Christmas Tree 20091217
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20120105 Golden Doorway 20110210 Parliament Hill 41642 Beale Street Tap Room 20061105
Rideau Canal 16686-7 Lafarge Smiths Falls 20110129 CP Holiday Train 2011 Arrives (20111127) Fudds 20060408
Moon Over Pines Red Window 20050813 Festival Ride 20110716 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 22817
Kingston City Hall National Gallery National Art Center Kiosks In The 'Courtyard' 13429
Enlightened Salt & Pepper 20111106 Fishing Pond At Night 20090325 New Little VIA Station 20110304 Post Office1
Near The Strand Christmas Lights 12107 Orchard Street 20101220 Music City Centre
Terry Fox Drive In First Light 20091115 Lunar Eclipse 20101221 Snow-Laden Trees 11712-4 Docked Boat At First Light 21224
Nighttime House 20111210 Picnic Shelter 20100903 Lunar Eclipse 56189 Moon & Water Tower 20110326
Trash Day 20110224 Tree Shadows 20762-4 B&W Sherkston Quarry 20091014 First Snow Of The Season 20121126
Thousand Islands Bridge At Twilight 20111031 Corktown Footbridge 11994-5 Quebec City At Night 42587 Anchor Streetlight 06376-8
Lockmaster's House 20111124 Gazebo In Night Fog 20110921 'Family En...' Winter Gazebo 20120113
Municipal Christmas Tree 20101121 Pathway At First Light 20100825 CP Holiday Train 20101128 'Big Nickel' At Night 03492-4
Carnival Midway 67016 Branson Mall Pleasant Point Corn Roast Party 07497-500 A Dying Breed 20100925
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