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Nightshots Gallery

Photos taken at night, including those taken just as the sky was starting to brighten at dawn (first light) or still visible as twilight was fading (last light). The criteria for photos in this category is the primary illumination is not from the sun, but from either moonlight or man-made light.
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Skylines At Night
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Fireworks Gallery
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Auroras, Eclipses & Milky Way Gallery
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Moonlit Mist P1140013
Kawartha Voyageur At First Light P1070542-6 Rideau Canal At Night 48612 By Full Moon Light 48213-5 Snowy April Night P1050139-41
Snowy Spring Night P1040302-4 Early Spring Snow P1040278-80 Early Spring Snow P1040281-3 Rideau Canal At Night P1030912-21
Foggy Night P1030353-5 Foggy Night P1030399-401 Foggy Night P1030365-7 Church Doors P1020282-4
Snowy Night P1020360-2 Winter Night Light Pillar P1020381-3 Bright Night P1020077-9 Boathouses At Night P1020055-7
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1010114-6 Christmas Boathouses P1010119 Water Tower At Night P1010239-41 VIA Station At Night P1010620-2
Patio Aftermath P1010651-3 Out Front Aftermath P1010645-7 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1010113 Railway Museum At Night P1010263-6
Swale Boathouses At Night P1010030 Rideau Canal At Night P1010231-2 Duck Island On A Bright Night P1010249-51 Rideau Rapids P1000896-9
Lockmaster's Watch House At Night P1000821 Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9BW Davidson Courtyard P1000731-3 Snow Over Beckwith Street P1000734-6
Perth Town Hall At Night P1000530 Flags At Night P1190850-1 Clouded First Quarter Moon P1200939 Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9
Moon & Venus P1180393 Nativity In Lights 47962-70 CP Holiday Train 2015 Arriving (46731) Lower Reach At Night P1230483-5
The 6:22 To Toronto 47147 CP Holiday Train 2015 Entertainers (46839) Celebration of Lights 2015 (P1230034-5) Night Sky 46351
Night Sky 46342 Night Sky 46348-50 Railway Museum At Night P1230468-70 Holiday Town Hall Entrance P1230280-2
CP Holiday Trains 2015 Both (47127) Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn P1240563-7 Snowy McGill Street 48137-8 Snowstorm 20151229 (48039)
Perth Holiday Town Hall 47397-9 Clouded Moon Over The Canal Basin P1130769-71 Snowy Russell Street 48142-4 After The Snowstorm P1230768-70
Holiday Tay River At Night P1040489-91 Moonlit Lower Reach P1220684-6 Foggy Beckwith Street P1090764-6 Moon Setting Over The Swale P1000085-91
Holiday Town Hall P1230292-4 CP Holiday Train 2015 (46793) Hiding Moon 43556 Station Theatre On A Foggy Night 47878-80
Light Springtime Snowfall P1090535 Nightscape 46074-8 Holiday Ottawa P1040857-9 STAPLES P1030636-8
Lower Reach At Night 46246-8 Rain Runoff At Night P1140770-2 Confederation Drive Bridge At Night P1130514-6 Community Christmas Trees in Perth's Crystal Palace 47427-32
Nightscape 46079 Otter Lake Boat Launch At Night 46228 Fog Bank Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1210947 Perth Holiday Bandstand 47487-92
Canal Basin At Night 30s iso800 (DSCF4742) Rainy Night 46044-6.9 Laundromat 44761.67.70 Flooded Footbridge 43725-30
Church Doors 20150329 Holiday Ottawa P1040881-3 Can You Dig It 43571-5 Streetlight Ornament P1030819-21
Pedestrian Boulevard P1070539-44 Water Tower At Night P1090860-5 Eastbound Train P1030412 Confederation Drive 44931-4
Lingerie & Toys P1110755-7 Bright Night 47382-4 Santa Claus Parade 2014 (45024) Spring Snow At Night P1090826-8
Night Shadows 43724 Turtle Island At Night 44953-5 Holiday Mill Street 47523-8 Glowing Barn 20150301
Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario P1220923-5 Rideau River At Night 47602-7 Beckwith Street In Light Snowfall 20150330 Public Library 48082-4
Laundromat 44761.67.70v2 Rideau Canal At Night 20150315 A Rainy Night On Beckwith Street 43771-7 Waning Gibbous Moon 94.2% P1000763
Canal Basin At Night 34649-54 Side Door 20150327 The 6:22 Departing 45410-9 Chateau Laurier P1040809-11
Halloween Decorations P1020030-2 Beneath The Beckwith Street Bridge P1000673-5 Canal Basin Moonset 20150205 Drained Canal Basin At Night P1020833-4
Hard & Soft Water P1060089-91 Remembrance Day 2015 (46400-2) Water Tower & Cenotaph P1010222-4 Canal Basin At Night P1160715
Econo Lodge At Night P1030666-8 A Dying Breed 43986-8 St James Gate Pub P1040441-3 Snowy Night On Ogden Avenue 45236-7
Downtown Smiths Falls At Night 43951 Turtle Island At Night 46139 CP Holiday Train 2015 Gathering Crowd 46649 The 6:22 Waiting To Depart 45357-67
Abbott Street Fixed Bridge 44095-8 Foggy Beckwith Street P1040248-50 CP Holiday Train 2014 Arrival (P1030416) Holiday Lights P1040368-70
Window Ornament P1030840-2 Turtle Island At Night 20140624 Kawartha Voyageur At Night 44460-3 Holiday Smiths Falls P1040595-7
Red White & Blue P1030639-41 A Rainy Night On Beckwith Street 20140426 Railway Office Building At Night P1040153,6,7 Night Lights Reflected 201221
Beckwith Street Downtown 43577-80 Waiting To Board The 6:22 (45299) Rideau Canal At Night 47614-9 Econo Lodge At Night 43189-97
Celestial & Terrestrial Lights P1060653-8 4 AM Traffic 20140730 Holiday Merrickville P1040589-91 Drained Canal Basin At Night P1020965-6
Lockmaster's Office At Night 20140414 Shoppe Window P1020350 Picnic Anyone? 20150109 Going To Board The 6:22 (45295)
Dock Light At Night 39865 Cenotaph On A Foggy Night 20141217 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs 20150119 Foggy Confederation Park At Night P1030092.98.103
Crystal Palace Holiday Display P1040480-2 Church Street East 40817-9 Heritage House At Night P1000769-73 Tracks In The Snow 42559
Centennial Park At Night 20140605 CP Holiday Train 2014 Arrival (P1030419) Canal Basin On A Winter's Night 20141218 The 6:22 Arriving 45286-90
Smiths Falls At Night 20140821 Crumbling Stairs 20141004 Snowy Nightscape 20141120 Turtle Island Dock Light On A Foggy Night 20141123
Beneath The Beckwith Street Bridge 20141008 Detached Lock Office At First Light P1040379-84 Snowy Parking Lot P1020781-3 Smiths Falls Cenotaph P1010264-7
Docked At Centennial Park 20140728 Drive Thru 37466-8 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs P1010627-30BW Centennial Park From The Water At Night P1160238-40
Winter Night Lights 20150212 Beckwith Street Bridge Underpass 20141015 Smiths Falls Cenotaph 20140813 Holiday Perth P1220980-2
CP Holiday Train 2015 Departing 47136 Be It Ever So Humble P1070551-3 Holiday Ottawa 20141225 Lockmaster's Watch House 20141203
Market Street In Winter P1070056-8 Autumn Trees At Night 20140930 Beckwith Street Bridge On A Snowy Night 20140328 Assemblies of God Church 20141211
Pine At Night 41781 Moon Over Russell Street P1050507-12 Winter Nightshot 33970,2 Winter Night Clouds 41012-3
On Target 40507-19 Turtle Island At Night 20141007 Moon Beside The Clock Tower 20150105 Clouded Perigee Moon 20140713
Rideau Canal On A Winter's Night 20150123 Spring Snowfall 20140330 Snowy Night On Foster Avenue 20150112 Along Mill Street 33064-6
Beckwith Street Bridge At Night 20140205 The 6:22 Waiting To Depart 20150204 Fogged Lights 40498-506 Canal Basin In Fog 20140924
Store Closing 20141130 War Memorial At Night 37969 1 William Street E (43233-40) Corner of Elmsley & Centre Streets P1020800-2
Dock Light At Night 40529 Water Tower At Night  20140405 Pines At Night 34210-2 Heritage House On A Bright Night 20140214
Shadow Of Summer Past 41049-51 Comfort Inn At Night 34655-59 Curling Club Sidedoor 33622-4 Winter Canal Basin 32812-7
Confederation Drive Bridge At Night DSCF0384 Tim Hortons On A Foggy Night 36225-6 The Old Post Office 20140501 Running Avenue 40449-51
Main Street 40425-7 Combined Lockmaster's Office P1090755 Holiday Lights 20141202 Santa Claus Parade 2014 (20141122)
Winter Night Light Pillar P1070050-2 Jasper Avenue 20140310 Riverdale Avenue On A Wintry Night 20131220 Canal Basin At Night 20141019
Lower Reach At Night 39176-7 Chambers Street Subway 40802-3 Holiday Lights 41140-50 Kawartha Voyageur At Night 20140914
Lockmaster's Watch House 20141107 Station Theatre Sidedoor 20140302 CP Holiday Trains 2015 Both 47037 Docked Boats On A Foggy Night 36352-7
Docked Boats Under Foggy Night Sky 35164 Carling Place 20140102 Rail Yard Building At Night 34274 'April Shower V' At Night 34823
Moon Over Pines 41771 Canal Kiosk In Winter 20131226 CP Holiday Train 2013 Approaches (39950) 2013 'Supermoon' 35248-51
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20140409 Holiday Lights 20131213 New Little VIA Station 33418 Russell Street West 20131209
CP Holiday Train 2015 Box Car Stage Show (46842) Holiday Lights 40489-97 Centennial Park At Night 40535 Beckwith Street Bridge At Night P1000796-8
30 Russell Street E (20140218) Kawartha Voyageur At Night 34916.18.19 Bright Night 20140120 Church Window 20140502
Park At Night P1010844 Foggy Night 20130623 Lower Reach Reflection At Night 39180 Clouded Moon Over The Canal Basin P1060767
A Light In The Night 20140106 Flooded Footbridge 20140415 Elmsley At Centre Street 20131228 Canadian Pacific 8958 (39904)
Rainy Night 20141112 Main & Beckwith In Snowstorm 20131215 Smiths Falls At Night P1000709-10 Night Lights Of Smiths Falls In The Background 20131002
Holiday Smiths Falls 20141224 'April Shower V' At Night 34811-3 Bright Night Light Pillar 20140305 Snowy Confederation Park 20141117
Handwritten Menu Board 39089 Night Clouds 20131219 Red Bush At Night 29980-91 Bright Night Sky 33329-32
Combined Lock At Night P1000523-6 Bright Night 41821.3 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge At Night 20141022 Well-lit Back Stairs 39365-76
CP Holiday Train 2013 (40007) Centennial Park At Night 20131205 George Street 20140105 CP Holiday Train 2015 Box Car Stage Show (46844)
Foggy Winter Night 33254,59-64B Tree Shadow 20131014 Kawartha Voyageur At Night 44865-7 Frosty Trees 40924-5
CP Holiday Train 2013 (40023) CP Holiday Train 2013 Arrives (39984) Full Moon Over Three Pines 20140116 Canal Kiosk 30975-80
Coffee Culture 22184-6 79 Beckwith Street North 20140111 Streetlight In Snowstorm 31343-5 Heritage House Museum In Snowstorm 32530-2
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