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Ducks Gallery

Ducks and Mergansers
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Muscovy Ducks 7412 Pintail Duck Duck on the Dock 2381 Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks 7564
Hey! Is That A Nikon? 83964 Mama Mallard 20080609 Wood Duck On The Edge 20100506 Stretching Its Wings 20100716
Lighthouse & Duck Wood Duck 46782 About To Go Off The Deep End 20080617 Arboretum Duck
Muscovy Duck 7402 Dow's Lake Duck Family Duck At Rest 41945 Duckbilled Featherpus 20061002
Early Morning Swimmers 2393 Pigeon-Toed Duck Duck Near Canoe 20050914 Mallard Flotilla 20080520
Birds Over Otter Lake 01460 Duck at Sundown Spooked Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks 20070209
Lake Simcoe Sunrise 04160 Arboretum Ducklings Excitable Duck 20080614 Muscovy Duck 20070501
Wood Duck Pair 46781 Duck Closeup 20080424 Pintail Duck Swimming 73018 Duck In Flight 52350
Duck In Flight 73012 (crop) Juvenile Hooded Merganser 51207 Duck In Flight 73013 (crop) Rocks & Duck
Mallard Landing 20100209 Duck In Flight 20091016 Pintail Ducks 73469 Ducks In Flight Silhouettes 20110422
Sitting Duck 20050517 Running On Water 20080626 Wood Duck 20090513 Stretching Its Wings 69138
Giving Me The Eye 48622 White Muscovy Duck Head 70832 Duck On A Rock 13900 Cinnamon Teal 84409
Kennedy Bay Duck Mallard Landing 20100216 Sunrise Swimmers 20090803 Fanning Its Wings 04312
Surf Scoter Common Mergansers Taking Flight 20101129 Grazing Ducks Bufflehead Poised For A Dive 26249
Hooded Merganser In Flight 35292 (crop) Fanning Its Wings 04309 Stretching Duck 20190 Northern Shoveler 41950
Just Landed Duck 13507 Stretching Its Wings 54147 Duck Armada Duck & Goose On A Dam 13474
Ducks In Flight 51185 Blue-winged Teal 41972 Ducks In Flight 39455 Lesser Scaups 52345
Duckling Droplets 16925 Ice-Breaker 52043 Why Don't We Do It In The Road 10154 Duck In Flight 05217
Ducks In Flight 24676 Hooded Mergansers On The Move 01215 Hooded Mergansers 34321 (crop) Duck In Snow 20120201
Ducks In Flight 09466A Duck Convention 13814 Common Mergansers 02310 Duck In A Lagoon 51179
Wood Duck 53599 Coming Up For Air 53601 Hooded Merganser 35296 Ring-necked Ducks 24679A
Bufflehead Taking Wing 24958 Ring-necked Ducks 24695 Ducks In Flight 24676A Flapping Duck 18130
Duck Feathers 28332 Swimming Bufflehead 24953 Duck In Flight 26052 Ducky Dozen 23984
Duck In Flight 34089 Juvenile Merganser 27670 Winter Duck 28497 Flying Over The Moon 20130330
Ring-necked Ducks Taking Flight 20130328 Merganser In Flight 28901 Ducks In Flight 28866 Duck In Flight 20130406
Mrs & Mr Merganser 20130407 Ring-necked Ducks DSCF0192 Ducks At Sunrise DSCF00389 Ring-necked Ducks DSCF00245
Mallard Profile DSCF12620 Sunrise Birds 20140327 Migrating Ducks At Sunrise 20140411 Mr & Mrs Mallard P1020281
Running Duck P1020569 Three's A Crowd 20140418 Lounging Duck At Sunrise P1020935 Mallard Couple P1020869
Ducks At Dawn 20140717 Look Both Ways P1010580 Preening Duck DSCF00363 Swimming Goldeneye P1060613
Swimming Merganser P1060610 Swimming Merganser 20150218 Four Ring-necked Ducks DSCF19087 Bufflehead Taking Flight At Sunrise DSCF19318
Ring-Necked Ducks At Sunrise 20150413 Taking A Dive DSCF19309 Buffleheads At Sunrise 20150415 Hooded Merganser At Sunrise DSCF19248
Wet Duck 20150420 Mr & Mrs Ring-necked Ducks P1100984 Mr & Mrs Mallard DSCF19872 Mallard In Flight DSCF19878
Swimming Duck At Sunrise P1120327 Duck & Ducklings DSCF20324 Duck Shaking Water Off Like A Dog P1140177 Wood Duck Family P1140556
American Wigeon 20078 Sticking Its Neck Out DSCF4605 Juvenile Male Wood Duck DSCF4632 River of Ducks
Scratching An Itch Heron Near Ducks Cormorant Drying Its Wings White On White DSCF5651
White Muscovy Duck Head (crop) DSCF5910 White Muscovy Duck Head DSCF5910 Come Fly With Me, Baby (DSCF6146-7) Hooded Mergansers Taking Flight DSCF6160
Mallard Splashdown DSCF6365 Hooded Merganser DSCF6135 Hooded Merganser DSCF6170 Stretching Mallard S0066491
Mr & Mrs Ring-necked Duck DSCF6449 Duck Taking Flight DSCF6453 Ducks In The Swale DSCF6419 Ring-necked Duck At Sunrise DSCF6448
Mr & Mrs Mallard DSCF6596 Stretching Mallard P1040686 Gull Photobombs Hooded Mergansers DSCF6693 Stretching Mallard DSCF6718
Stretching Mallard S0086992 Walk (Waddle) On The Wild Side S0037171 Merganser Couple In Snowfall S0047175 Hooded Merganser, Female S0267140
Hooded Merganser, Male S0207124 Running Start S0106517 Mallard In A Tree DSCF7593 Stretching Bufflehead DSCF7619
Mallard Balancing Act DSCF8492-4 Wigeon Couple DSCF8302.5 Wood Duck Couple In Silhouette P1050636-42 Ring-necked Duck Taking Flight DSCF8141
Duck & Ducklings DSCF9816 Mallard Family DSCF10192 Wood Duck Hen & Chicks DSCF10802 Three Ducklings DSCF11026.32
Duckling With A Dripping Bill DSCF13037 Duck & Duckling DSCF13225 Duck Chowing Down DSCF14757 Hooded Merganser DSCN03955
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