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Cityscapes Gallery

Cityscapes being defined as the urban equivalent of Landscapes, with cities being loosely defined as anything from a community of a few people to one of millions. Images of single structures photographed within communities can be viewed in my Structures Gallery.

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Ottawa Gallery 2005
<< Ottawa Gallery 2005 >>
Ottawa Gallery 2006
<< Ottawa Gallery 2006 >>
Smiths Falls, Ontario Gallery
<< Smiths Falls, Ontario Gallery >>
Kingston Gallery
<< Kingston Gallery >>
Brockville Gallery
<< Brockville Gallery >>
Ottawa's City Centre Gallery
<< Ottawa's City Centre Gallery >>
San Diego Skyline At Night 24135 Corpus Christi Skyline 54868
Louise Bourgeois's 'Maman' 20050521 Vancouver Skyline at Night 19214 Buffalo Skyline 69105 Saint Louis Night Skyline 20071029
Broad Street at Dusk2 Bridge Over Nothing - colorized Cincinnati at Night Big Ben & Bridge
Quebec City At Night 42564 Broad Street at Dusk Wellington Street At Sunrise 09870-1 Golden Gate at Night 20051210
Montreal At First Light 43292 Beale Street 20061107 Buffalo Skyline Sunrise 20091019 Corpus Christi Skyline 20090220
Quebec City 42130 Along Ontario Street 20060503 Cincinnati Skyline at Night Historic Route 66 - Galena 20071030
Quebec City At Night 42578 Old Bisbee 30887 Austin Twilight Skyline 20061112 Parliament Hill 20060915
Corpus Christi Skyline 54859 Quebec City 42276 French Quarter Hotel 3923 Notre Dame Cathedral
Ottawa Dawn Skyline 20091101 Banff in Predawn 17128 Jackson Square at Dusk 3872 Montreal At Sunrise 20061013
Quebec City At Night 20061003 Arboretum at Sunset Red Robin on a Red Red Fence 20060513 San Francisco at Night
Rideau Canal Downtown 20100131 Sky Lights 20100207 Red Wall, Green Trim 20050805 Moody Gardens
Broad Street Christmas Lights San Antonio 44300 Montreal At Sunrise 20061030 Buffalo Twilight Skyline 69304
Chateau Laurier Quebec City 42287 Quebec City 42284 Winding Way 20060526
Blue Awnings 20050508 French Quarter at Dusk 3883 Quebec City 20060924 National Gallery & Notre-Dame Cathedral 20091028
Building Reflection3 Peace Tower at Twilight 20050509 Keeley Falls 20060511 St. Augustine Carriage
Bank Street Canal Bridge 20080726 Cloud Over Sudbury 20090721 Charleston Carriage Tour2 Along East Bay Street at Dusk
St Michael's Church at Night Montreal At Sunrise 43444 Kingston City Hall & Old Train Station Cartagena Mall
Chipmunk in a Tree 20060621 Ottawa Skyline 14213 Kingston Harbor 34491 Buffalo Skyline At Sunrise 09734
Dows Lake Canoes 20060508 Along East Bay Street at Night Cozumel Park Break St. Augustine Street
Waterfront Park Pineapple Fountain Herongate Mall 20050502 French Quarter at Night 3937 Gateway Arch Panorama 70642-3
Galveston's 'The Strand' Mt Tremblant Village2 Puerto Limon 1 East Bay Crab Shack
Palm-Lined Street Parliament Waterfront Park1 Old Tucson 30333
High-Key Trees 20060518 Columbus At Dusk2 Montreal At Sunrise 43386 San Diego Harbor At Night
Quebec City 41873 Columbus At Dusk 20060424 Ceiling Lighting Laredo Downtown 5686
Montreal At Sunrise 20061015 Goldfield Ghost Town5 Saint Louis Sunset Panorama 70511-2 Charleston Street Scene8
Charleston Street Scene3 Court House Avenue at Dusk Norwegian Majesty Docked Waterfront Park2
Rideau Canal at Twilight1 The Patch 14055 Midland Ontario 04264 Charleston Carriage Tour1
Elgin Street North End Charleston Facades Montreal At Night 43290 Buffalo Twilight Skyline Panorama 69302-4
Annie's Den 04446-54 Waterfront Park Circular Fountain at Sunrise Laredo Downtown3 Gateway Arch At Sunrise 70603
Quebec City At Night 42574 Quebec City At Night 42591 Laredo Pedestrian 5726 Montreal At Dawn 43302
Montreal At Dusk 20061010 Charleston Street Scene4 Snowy Sunday Sunrise In Town 20101219 Scugog River Embankment
Sparks Street 09862-3 Montreal At Sunrise 43361 Light On The Point 15681-2 Museum of Civilization 41660
Aldo Tatangelo Walkway Waterfront at Waterfront Park Montreal At Sunrise 20061024 Fort Henry Scene
Austin Twilight Skyline 43914 Brockville City Hall 20050826 Louise Bourgeois's 'Maman'1 Goldfield Ghost Town1
Early Morning Coffee Bar 17907 Quebec City At Night 42933 Montreal 43240 Carrot Dinner 20060613
Quebec City 41861 Montreal At Dawn 43324 Beale Street 43813 Chateau Laurier at Twilight
Dows Lake Pavilion 20061018 Early Morning Coffee Drinker 17906 Corpus Christi Sunset 42691 Pioneertown 20060101
Quebec City 20060929 Frosty Ottawa 20091230 Saint Louis Skyline At Dawn 70542 Clouds Over 'Time'
Corpus Christi Skyline 42746-8 Laredo Downtown4 Bobcaygeon Downtown Elgin Street North end
Quebec City At Night 42988 Mozaďk Civilization Mural Russell Street 20110226 Charleston Street Scene2
Tobermory Harbor at Dusk 12804 Tucson 76206 Buffalo Skyline At Sunrise 51943-5 Granville Island
Sussex Drive Window Display Court House Fountain at Dusk Alexandra Bridge Kingston City Hall & Old Train Station 15246
Urban Backdrop Quebec City 42124 Buffalo Skyline At Sunrise 09691-2 Alexandra Bridge At Night
Charleston Street Scene1 Charleston Street Scene6 Laredo Downtown7 Montreal 43511
Charleston Street Scene5 Rideau Canal Terminus 16131 Tower Bridge Montreal 20061023
Quebec City At Night 42971 Charleston Street Scene7 Elgin Street Lights Sir Isaac Brock Bust
St Mark's Church Charleston Windows Golden Gate at Twilight San Diego Skyline 20051218
Kingston City Hall Ottawa Abstract 20060527 French Quarter at Night 3969 Albuquerque
Fulford Fountain2 Big Ben & London Eye Watson's Mill 20060516 Quebec City At Night 42982
Ottawa Skyline At Sunrise 11126 Pearl 1 Jefferson National Expansion Memorial 70611 Charleston Windows
Steeple & Gaslight at Dusk Vicksburg at Night2 Autumn Trees At Sunrise 20091020 St. Augustine Lights
Bicycles in Jackson Square 3854 In The 'Courtyard' 13429 Banff 17871 Black Cat Cafe
Before the Convocation 20060610 Bank Street Canal Bridge 16707 Twentynine Palms At Dusk Charleston Carriage Tour3
French Quarter Carriage 3857 Quebec City 42261 Quebec City 42202 Pier of Birds 55330
Montreal At Sunrise 43397 San Diego Skyline2 Mooneys Bay Bridge 20050512 Del Rio
King Street at Dusk Early Morning Banff 17915 Elora Shops2 Parliament Hill 20080716
Rideau Canal Locks at Sunset Gastown Dusk Scene1 Anchor Streetlight 06376-8
Tombstone Green Park The British Are Coming 20050816 Trash Day 20110224
Louise Bourgeois's 'Maman' 10418 Old Town Albuquerque1 Early Morning Banff 17928 Parliament Hill 41642
Montreal At Sunrise 43419 Court House Avenue Red Window 20050813 Chateau Laurier & Locks
Buffalo Skyline At Dawn 09629-31 Alamo Village5 Kayaks in Burrard Inlet From Atop Port Isabel Lighthouse 5317
Royal Military College of Canada2 Orchard Street 20101220 Ottawa River Sunset National Art Center Kiosks
A Middle Of The Road Photo 16906 National Gallery Post Office1 Corpus Christi Skyline 42785
Vicksburg at Night4 On The Strand Near The Strand Picnic Shelter 20100903
Lakeland Street Scene1 Cartagena Old City 1 Fresh Fish 20050504 Elora Streetlight & Spire
Quebec City At Night 42968 Superstition Saloon Park Benches Quebec City 42215
Upper Canada Village 37148 Montreal At Sunrise 43351 Montreal 43457 Kingston 59645
Ottawa-Gatineau At Dawn 09953 Montreal 43459 Royal Military College of Canada1 Confederation Park
Orillia Opera House 03820-2 Quebec City 42225 Ottawa's Parliament Hill Riverwalk At Night 44082
Saturday Morning At A Corner 20090725 Ottawa Locks At Dawn 09883-6 Selling Jackson Square Art 3868 Winterlude 2010 Rideau Canal (13845)
Doorway in Stone Wall Cartagena Old City 2 Quebec City 42272 Montreal 43460
Albuquerque 72495 Carnival Midway 67016 Daybreak At Mooneys Bay 13396 Montreal 43485
Alexandra Bridge Near Sunset 16078 Gananoque Inn at Dusk Kenora Harbourfront2 Dusk Scene2
Skyscraper Reflections 09859 Toddler on the Beach 20050525 Brixham Harbor Panorama 1 Quebec City At Night 42592
2 Crazy Ladies (20111120) Confederation Arch & Fountain Piccadilly Sidewalk Kingston Rowhouses
Paignton Dome of St George's Cathedral Coit Tower Downtown Port Lavaca 30216
Riverwalk 44653 Pioneertown2 A Dying Breed 20100925 Big Tub Harbor & Light 13771
Pedestrian Underpass Harlingen Shops The White Rock of White Rock A Two Meter Bike Ride 20050811
Galveston East Beach Quebec City At Dusk 42924 The Goose & Gridiron 16237 Quebec City At Night 42948
Pedestrian Archway 20110223 Dick's 5 & 10 Quebec City 42111 Quebec City 41876
Rail Tunnel Peace Bridge At Twilight 69305 Ottawa Skyline 13726-8 Austin Twilight Skyline 43917
Bank Street Canal Bridge 16726 St George's Cathedral Carnival Midway 67173 Galveston Houses
San Francisco Chandler, Oklahoma Point Frederick Martello Tower Rockport 55314
Thames Panorama Austin Twilight Skyline 43908 1900 Disaster Monument Hog's Back
Gatlinburg Panorama 6531-4 Elora Swans1 Chi-Cheemaun at Dock 13656 Galveston Street Arch
Parliament Hill At Night 16157 Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo Statue2 Chateau Laurier At Night Copper Dome 20050511
Upper Canada Village 37779 Main Doors of St George's Cathedral Quebec City 42069 Gananoque Scene
Montreal At Sunrise 43467 Traffic On Allen Street 30627 Fort Henry Ramp Quebec City 41809
Buffalo Skyline At Sunrise 20091018 Tombstone Stage 30625 Early Morning Banff 17914 Fort Henry Garrison Parade
Cloudy Night 20061019 Dusk on Elgin Street Almonte 15109 Montreal At Dawn 43319
224 Main Bench & Sidewalk Discovery Harbour 04484-5 Kingston Nightlife1
Branson Strip1 Prince of Wales Highrises Montreal At Sunrise 43364 Balboa Park West Gate
Elephant & Castle Murney Redoubt 15305 Torquay Harborfront Montreal 43492
Fulford Fountain1 Brewing Thunderstorm 15197 Kenora Harbourfront1 Elora Shops1
Quebec City 42275 Arched Doorways 20050908 Memphis Main Street San Diego From Point Loma
Fort Henry Cannon Fire Vicksburg at Night1 Kingston Military Arch Brixham Harbor Panorama 2
Kingston Nightlife3 Second Story Window Lake Mirror Pedestrian Underpass2
First Significant Snowfall 2011-12 (19093-5) Quebec City 42211 Mt Tremblant Village1 Saint Louis Downtown Panorama 70721-4
Port Perry Gazebo Winter Haven Storefronts Quebec City 42088 Quebec City 42212
Kingston Nightlife2 Quebec City At Night 42994 Other Side of the Tracks 20050506 Sauble Beach 13967
San Diego From Spanish Landing Winchester 1 Horse Patrol Hollis Gardens4
Full Cup Cafe 05407 Dalby House1 Beauty & The Beast Brockville Facade
National Gallery Lights Rideau Canal at Twilight2 Langevin Block Doors Corpus Christi 48999
Dows Lake At Night 43544 Building Corner Piccadilly Circus On The Alexandra Bridge 16072
The Mall Capital Info Centre Snowy Beckwith Street 02563-70 Quebec City 41921
First Significant Snowfall 2011-12 (19099-104) National Peacekeeping Monument 13457 Quebec City 41926 Washington Monument
City Hall Streetlight Market Stairs Chateau Laurier from the National Art Centre The Deep End 20060531
Glistening Beckwith Street 20110623 Wheel & Pelicans Beside Lake Mirror Montreal 43498
'Chambers' Market Street 20110201 Almonte 15069 Steel Winds At Dawn 51998
Old Fort Erie At Sunrise 09742 William Street DSCF03640 Carleton Place Moon Over Gatineau 16150
MacKenzie Avenue Streetlights 13460 Dows Lake Canoe Almonte 15071 Midland Mural 04287-8
Saint Louis Panorama 70694-9 Coffee Culture 20018-20 Dalby House2 Parliament Hill At Night 16149
Quebec City 42149 Montreal At Sunrise 43378 Montreal At Sunrise 43366 Mt Tremblant Village20
Branson Strip2 Palm & Condos Eleven Pipers Piping P1010846 San Antonio 44284/5
81 Chateau Laurier at Dusk Quebec City 42196 Red Phone Booth
Rust Bucket 5069 Tulip Festival Crowd 89094 Early March Snow 06666 Building in Red
Breaux Bridge 26290 Wawa Downtown At Dawn 03001 Flags near Chateau Laurier Brewing Storm 16881
Upper Canada Village 37618 Key Allegro Marina At Sunrise 55432 To Go or Not To Go 20050523 The Bridge In Breaux Bridge 26308
Russell Street East 00065-7 Elora Shop & Flowers Bridge Over Nothing - original Quebec City 41914
Working With Windows Beauty Boutique Tulip Festival Scene 88531 Downtown Smiths Falls 18103
Corpus Christi Marina 54829 Lake Wales Historic Building1 Champlain Statue Festival Midway P1010725
Almonte 15087 Park Benches City Hall 02444-55 Government Conference Centre 13413-4
Lakeland at Sunset2 San Antonio 44085 Peace Tower from Majors Hill Park Mt Tremblant Village5
Harbor Bridge 42673 East Block Doors Mt Tremblant Village14 San Antonio 44339
House On A Corner 20120321 Holiday Lights 02701 Riverwalk At Night 44074 In 'The Market' 1
West Street 09774 Vicksburg at Night3 Vicksburg at Night7 Mt Tremblant Village7
'Zak's' (13450-1) Mt Tremblant Village24 Lindsay At Kent 23817-8 Clocktower
Corpus Christi Skyline 54860 Lakeland at Sunset3 Vicksburg at Night5 Park Bench
Train Station Theatre 04437-45 Courtyard Entrance 13430-1 Church Door Benchsitter
Columbus At Night2 Metcalfe Street 14643 Harry's San Antonio 44610
Tulip Festival 89079 Rideau Avenue 03168-71 Mt Tremblant Village22 Mt Tremblant Village6
Ottawa Abstract 20060529 700 Sussex (13420) Mt Tremblant Village9 Mt Tremblant Village3
Passageway Lights Groundhog Day 2011 Snowfall (20110202) Flemings Bait Stand 5110 A Dying Breed 02481-4
Smiths Falls Scene 16644 Hollis Gardens1 Branch Office 20050527 The Strand
Canal Locks House Walking a Dog Mt Tremblant Village4 Looming
Museum of Civilization 41644 Parking Garage Corpus Christi Skyline 42765-8 '56' (13443)
Post Office2 Mt Tremblant Village8 Dows Lake Canoes1 Bayshore Sign 20060525
Carp Fairgrounds Mt Tremblant Village23 Watson's Mill2 Mt Tremblant Village25
Size Isn't Everything 20050802 San Antonio 44612 Mt Tremblant Village27 Strand Violinist
Foggy Farmers' Market A Middle Of The Road Photo 16893 Mozaďk Civilization Mural Mt Tremblant Village12
Wintry Queen Street 06781-3 Two Doors Goliad 43407 Mt Tremblant Village10
Mt Tremblant Village16 Columbus At Night1 Museum of Civilization 41652 Mt Tremblant Village11
Main Street West 20110908 Russell At Beckwith 07153-62 Town's Jewellers 03852 Red in Blue
Beckwith Street 20120506 Mt Tremblant Village19 Mt Tremblant Village30 Banff 17838v2
Dows Lake Canoes2 Maximilian's 01055-8 Mt Tremblant Village21 Mt Tremblant Village13
Mt Tremblant Village31 On Edge Mt Tremblant Village28 Before the Convocation2
Mt Tremblant Village29 Mt Tremblant Village26 Groundhog Day 2011 Storm (05449) Late April Snow 23316
Chambers Street Subway 20120425 Behind The Scenes 18293-8 Benches In A Row In Snow 20121212 Mill Street At Dawn 20130127
Along Mill Street 33158-60 Along Mill Street 33088-90 Mescal, Arizona Vintage Scene 30912-4 Mill Street At First Light 41318-20
Mescal, Arizona 30912-4 Along Mill Street 33064-6 Merrickville At Dawn P1070632-4 Holiday Carleton Place P1040447-9
Quebec City 41774v2 Holiday Merrickville P1040589-91 St James Gate Pub P1040441-3 Merrickville-Wolford 44051.3
Holiday Carleton Place P1040438-40 Holiday Tay River At Night P1040489-91 Laurier Street Bridge At Dawn P1110993-5 On The Side Of 'Time' DSCF5466B&W
Kingston City Hall, Old Train Station & CP Engine 1095 (DSCF5505) Rideau Canal Southern Entrance DSCF5471 Holiday Mill Street 47523-8 Community Christmas Trees in Perth's Crystal Palace 47427-32
Perth Holiday Town Hall 47397-9 Holiday Perth P1220980-2 Perth Holiday Gazebo 47487-92 Holiday Carleton Place P1230367-72
Bridge Street At Dawn P1230385-7 Perth Town Hall At Night P1000530 Snowy Parking Lot P1010655-7 Rotel At Dawn P1010667-9
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