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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> Photos by Subject or Genre >> Birds Gallery >> Birds by Location >> Birds of Ontario >> Woodpeckers of Ontario tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Woodpeckers of Ontario

Flicker Out On A Limb DSCN26608 Flicker & Chick DSCN26879-08h42m10s870 Northern Flicker Chick DSCN26879-08h43m49s400 Flicker Taking Flight DSCN26879-11h35m42s416
Curious Mr Flicker DSCN24300 Flicker Tail Underside DSCN24080 Flicker Cleaning House DSCN23959 Male Northern Flicker DSCN22708
Blinking Male Flicker DSCN21750 Flicker Out On A Limb DSCN21493 Pileated On A Pole DSCN20081 Downy Woodpecker DSCN20732
Downy Woodpecker Crop DSCN20738 Pileated On A Pole DSCN20075 Juvenile Flicker DSCN10786 Hey! We're Over Here! DSCN10855.7
Juvenile Flickers DSCN10996 Male Northern Flicker DSCN10327 Flicker & Chick DSCN10345 Flicker Out On A Limb DSCN09537
Checking Out The Neighborhood DSCN09681 Flicker On A Tree DSCN09059 Northern Flicker DSCN05779 Northern Flicker DSCN05659
Downy With A Mouthful DSCN4510. Hairy Eating Suet DSCN04552 Pileated Portrait DSCN03684 Pileated Woodpecker DSCN03708
Pileated Woodpecker DSCN03696 Pileated Shuteye DSCN03678A Woodpecker At Sunrise P1140952 Pileated Woodpecker DSCF23465
Downy Woodpecker DSCF21615 Hairy Woodpecker On A Vine_DSCF12275 Down The Hatch 48501 Three Mouths To Feed 48502.17
Pileated Stare Down 48477 Hey! I'm Starving Here! 48488 Flicker Scratching An Itch DSCF10250 Northern Flicker In A Tree DSCF9601
Northern Flicker In A Tree DSCF9568-70 Flicker Atop A Dead Tree DSCF9501 Male Northern Flicker Calling DSCF9208 Woodpecker Pecking DSCF9217-9
Woodpecker Pecking DSCF8546 Red-headed Woodpecker DSCF21217 Woodpecker In Flight 20150322 Hairy Woodpecker 20141205
Downy Woodpecker DSCF16782 Pileated Woodpecker DSCF14126 Woodpecker On A Mossy Tree DSCF01262 Hairy Woodpecker Portrait 26354
Woodpecker In The Bush 26401 Pileated Woodpecker 20050531 Pileated Woodpecker 20080531 Hairy Woodpecker 65760
Pileated Woodpecker 20100228 Woodpecker 20090420 Hairy Woodpecker 65488 Pileated Woodpecker
Flicker On A Pole 20090508 Downy Woodpecker 61959 Pileated Woodpecker 13950 Downy Woodpecker on a Birch
Woodpecker On A Post 20080908 Downy Woodpecker (crop) Hairy Woodpecker 52128 Yellow-shafted Flicker 18764
Pileated Woodpecker In Action 13948 Hairy Woodpecker 52117 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 53062 Flicker Out On A Limb 20100429
Woodpecker On A Tree 50757 Woodpecker On The Ground 20100428 Coming At Ya 53058 Woodpecker On A Tree 50758
Peek-a-Boo Woodpecker 21867 Woodpecker Through Marsh Grass 51146 Downy Woodpecker 62801 Rooting Woodpecker 53387
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 53068 Woodpecker On The Ground 53382 Pileated Woodpecker P1030067 Hairy Woodpecker 24458
Woodpecker Taking Flight 26412