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Barns Gallery

One of my favorite subjects. Being a city boy grandson of a farmer, and the nephew of his
farmer offspring, the time I spent in my childhood on their farms was special.
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Farm Building on the Prairie Barn & Purple Loosestrife 20070803 Mountain Barn 6949 Dorset Barn
Red Barn Doors 20100204 Old Barn At Sunrise 63933 Red Barn In Snow 20091223 Red Barn At Sunrise 20091114
Red Barn Green Field 20070713 Snowy Farm 13012 Snowscape 20100116 Barnyard Sunrise 20090726
Barn At Sunrise 14526-7 Red Barn Sunrise Red Barn 13332 Log Barn In Snow 20100102
Barn In A Field 20070522 Old Barn At Sunrise 08926 Barn At Daybreak 58999 Barn In Sunrise 20100802
Early Morning Farm 03816-7 Autumn Corn & Old Barn Farm In First Light 07229-31 Barn At First Light 20101102
Barns In Winter Sunrise 20101210 Barn At Sunrise 20070512 Upper Canada Village 36652 60 Miles Away 20051110
Barn At Dawn 20100902 Old Barn At Sunrise 20091006 Red Barn Doors 52587-8 Red Barn In Snow 20110109
Moon & Barn At Sunrise 03867-8 Barn In Sunrise 20070611 Barnyard In First Light 20100820 Rural Southern Texas 52736
Old Tobacco Barn Barn At First Light 20100813 Barn In Sunrise 61633 Old Barn At Sunrise 20110412
Old Barn At Sunrise 63872 Looking Out 06599 Barns In Snowfall 20111228 Red Barn At Sunrise 20100920
Barn In A Field 05958 Barn At Sunrise 20070527 Tree-Lined Farm Lane Barn Under Looming Sky 62155
Ecotay 20110311 Old Tobacco Barn at Sunrise2 Old Tobacco Barn2 Red Barn At Dawn 20110127
Autumn Barn 24052 Old Tobacco Barn at Sunrise1 Hillside Farm 65214 The Log Farm 20080619
Autumn Tobacco Barn 24795 (faux IR) Farm Lane At Sunrise 20110419 Really Red Barn 68233 Barn In Misty Sunrise 20120611
1000 Islands Barn 20050501 Barn & Trees Hillside Barn 20070924 Tobacco Barn Door 24776
Green Barn 20060901 Red Barn At Dawn 20110426 Barn In Sunrise Mist 61368 Goat In A Door 06328
Red Barn At Sunrise 20091102 Floating Farm 9099 Old Barn 20060804 Winter Barn In Sunrise 20140204
Red Barns At Sunrise 05606 Farmstead Outbuilding 7033 Mountain Barn 6827 Really Red Barn 68241
Old Farm 'See Beautiful Rock City' Barn 20081108 Farm Buildings at Sunset Old Burley Tobacco Barn 6720
Old Barn At Sunrise 08922 Autumn Tobacco Barn 24793 Horse Beside Log Barn 20100215 Red Barn At Dawn 20101229
Snowy Farm 20100126 Farm Panorama 20090612 Red Barn At Sunset 16900 Barn In Snowstorm DSCF04483
Texas High Plains 72212 Two Fine Fellows 00278 Barn 20050530 Barn in Mist
Lone Barn & Tree Wintry Old Log Barn 20121228 Snowscape DSCF03781 Barnyard 63110
Barn & Pond 14934-6 Autumn Barn 24195 Red Barn In Winter 21427 Broad Side Of A Barn 6934
Leaning Barn 20101030 Sheep Barn 20101027 Barn In Cornfield 20091108 White Barn In A Field Of Gold 20071024
Wessell Barn 20110815 Old Barn At Sunrise 20101208 Broad Side Of A Barn 65721 Horses in Barnyard
Farm At First Light 20101222 Black Barn 04415 Old Barn In A Field 48462 Ecotay 06834
Barn In Sunrise 16671-80 Red Barn In Winter 52596 Four Barns 03964 Clouds Over Red Barn 20100509
Red Farm Mountain Barn 6714 Ohio Farm Barn In Early Fog 68141
Mountain Barn 6828 Barn & Bales 20130819 Mountain Barn 6945 Oops
Farmscape DSCF02603 Red Barn In First Light 20100328 Snowscape Sunrise 20100221 Upper Canada Village 37296
Misty Pasture 07970 Log Barn 00077 Multi-Barns DSCF03980BW Snowscape 20111231
Red Barn Door 20100222 Barn On A Hill 68828 Ile d'Orleans 43098 Barns in Mist
Horse & Barn Snowy Barn Roofs 20101207 Barns At Dawn 20100901 Horse & Barn 09790
Barns In Winter 11586 Snowy Farm 20100115 Old Barn 39113 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02999
Autumn Barn At Sunrise 20101009 Three Log Barns 20100106 Autumn Barn 02020 Autumn Barn At Sunrise 20111018
Red Barns 04551 Barn In Sunrise 20120310 Sunrise Moon Over Two Barns 14505 Barn In A Field 19569
Autumn Barns 20121018 Autumn Barn 20121004 Old Barn At Sunrise 63874 Moon Over Barn 20110301
Barn At Dawn 20111126 Spreading the Field Red Barn 05578 Farm In First Light 20100409
Autumn Tobacco Barn 24798 Barn At Sunset 21264 Winter Farm 20121230 Red Barn At Sunrise 20100313
Barn At Surnise 14522 Really Red Barn 20111204 Duck River Valley View 24745 Autumn Barn 20120927
Red Barn At Sunrise 14922 Autumn Barn 23582 Autumn Tobacco Barn 24795 Barn & Corn 54200-1
Barn Autumn Barn DSCF02700 Horses & Barn Red Barn In Misty Dawn 11823-7
Barn & Tree in Mist Barn With Two Lights 20100915 Barn At Sunrise 20110826 Multi-Barns 20120213
Barns At Sunrise 05626 Winter Barn 20101214 Barn At Sunrise 30036-7 Autumn Tobacco Barn 24795 (pseudo IR tinted)
Old Barn 10683 Barn in Mist Farm of Hay Bales Car In A Barn 00295
Brooding Clouds 20081001 Rural Sunrise 20081014 Barn In Fog & Rain 04851 Snowy Farm 14327
Red Barn At Dawn 19579-81 An Ass Among Horses' Asses 14253 Farm At Sunrise 20081005 Golden Dell Barn 15229-31
Red Barns 20110708 Old Barn 09584 Barn At Sunrise 20110613 Barn Near Luskville Falls 14681
Barn At Sunrise 10609 Old Barn DSCF01580 Incoming Storm DSCF01751 Snowscape 52629
Log Barns 21530 Barn At Sunrise 19294 Two Barn Windows 16168 Hillside Barns 21306
Hillside Farm 09326 Field of Corn1 Barn At Sunrise 02751 Falling Into Ruin 20130414
Barn With Red Door 15114 Two Barns At Sunrise 14514-5 Barn In Fog 20100811 Red Barn & Tree 20110216
Snow-Topped Barn 11863 Red Barn In Snowscape 14603 Autumn Barn 17665 Snowscape 20120121
Old Barn Among Weeds 16556-7 Barn With Red Door 15114mono Barn At First Light 10546-8 Barn At Sunrise 13393-4,98-400
Cloud Over A Barn P1020589 Barn In Winter 05954 Silo Tree DSCF11502-4 Snowy Farm 13122
Old Log Barn 20110614 Out Standing In Its Field 52712 Barn At Sunrise 21120-3 Barn At Sunset 17945
Leaning Barn Of Kilmarnock 10014 Barn In First Light 19959-61 Winter Barn At Sunrise 20131130 Red Barn At Dawn DSCF12504-6
Leaning Barn At Sunrise 20120515 Old Barn In A Field 07716 Barn In A Field 20120601 Winter Barn At Dawn 20131128
White Barn Door 09699-700 Red Barn In Winter 20120205 Barn In Snowstorm DSCF12371 Barn Under Brooding Sky 20110825
Old Barn 08061-2 Winter Barn 20131231 Farmscape 31890 Snowscape DSCF04078
First Snow Of The Season 31366-8 Old Barn At Sunset 00217 Two Silos At Sunrise 21486 Broad Side Of A Barn 09451
Barn In Misty Dawn 11128-30 Old Barn 19447 Autumn Barn 17884 Barn Under A Bright Night Sky 21107-14
Snowed-In Old Barn Door 20140402 Snowscape 20698 Barn In A Field 10639 Autumn Barns 29432
Barn At Sunrise 20120719 Old Log Barn 20868 Barn At Sunrise 20130915 Winter Barn 32369
Autumn Shed 17896 Red Barn At Sunset 10348 Barn & Bales 20223 Hilltop Log Shed 30335
Winter Barn 32397 Barn At Sunrise 20120617 Decaying Log Barns P1040165-7 Snowscape 20823
Old Barns 29330 Tree & Barn 16857 Barn At First Light 20120822 Barn & Corn In Sunrise 39168-9
Barn Under Clouded Sunrise 20121016 Barn Beyond Icy Pasture 20140112 Leaning Barn 21284 Winter Farmscape 20130104
Leaning Barn Of Kilmarnock 20120930 Winter Farmscape DSCF12462-4 Snowscape 20307 Old Shed At Sunrise 20150328
Old Barn 22942-3 Last Of The Fall Foliage 20121105 Barn In Mist 41359-60 Barn Beyond Snow 21920
Autumn Barn 01684 Basketbarn 10799 Sunrise Barn 34348-53 Autumn Landscape 28648
Snowscape 20308 Blue Barns 27717 Wintry Old Barn Roofs DSCF12483.5 Barn In Misty Sunrise 20140916
Rustic Building At Sunrise 20140226 Winter Farm At First Light 20131227 Snowy Old Log Barns 32688 Red Barn At Sunrise 20140403
Decaying Barn DSCF11202-4 Barn Under Fiery Sky 38691 Autumn Barn At Sunrise 37552 Rustic Farm In Winter Sunrise 20140210
Autumn Barn P1100698-700 Two Barns At Sunrise 20141103 Barn In Mist 25817 Winter Barnyard 32406
Montague Food and Agriculture Museum DSCF03671 Foggy Farm P1100997 Barn & Wind Turbine DSCF13929 Winter Farm At Dawn 20140208
Barn Under Heavy Sky 01319 Autumn Scene 29372 PEI Barn 27240 Decaying Barn At Sunrise P1100219-21
Winter Farm DSCF13396-7 Old Farm Building 20140427 Snowy Old Log Barn 33923 Winter Barns At Dawn 41872-3
Autumn Decaying Barn 20141009 Rainbow Over Barns 34828 Little Autumn Barn 20140905 Farm At First Light 20140224
Barn At Sunrise P1020151-5 Winter Farmscape 20150116 Old Log Barn In Sunrise Glow P1090418-20 Barn Window 20150427
Barn In Mist 41359-60vs01 Winter Farmscape 20141219 Barn At First Light 20140314 Rustic Building At Sunrise 42884 B&W
Red Barn At Dawn P1030074-5 Barn In Mist P1060537-9 Miller Lane At Sunrise 20150216 Winter Farmscape 20150207
Farmscape 20141226 Winter Farmscape At Sunrise 20150309 Golden Field At Sunrise P1170521 Barn & Tall Pine 43389-93
Little Red Shed In Snowfall P1080225-7v2 Old & Older Barns In Winter P1230783-5 Winter Farm At Dawn P1000337-9 Two Old Barns DSCF5916
Winter Wonderland In Spring 20150407 Canadian Spring 20150321 Glowing Barn 20150301 Barn Window P1230079-81
Old Barn Window P1230083 Winter Barns 48043-5 Horse Pasture At Sunrise P1070562-4 Icicles P1070569-71
Winter Barn P1240746-8 Spring Wonderland DSCF6592 Autumn Collapsing Barn P1200323-5 Barns In Spring Wonderland DSCF6589
Equine Pal In Misty Sunrise 45662 Old & Older Barn Architecture P1190104-6 Spring Wonderland P1040353-5 Three Barns P1030088-90
Autumn Barn P1200056 Old Barn P1080536-8 Old Log Barns At Sunrise P1090056-8 Pasture Sunrise P1090684-9
Barn In Clouded Sunrise P1100938-40 Farm & Fog P1110764-8 Pasture & Barn In Sunrise P1130036-40 Autumn Farmscape P1130665-71
Farm At Sunrise P1120862-4 Autumn Barn P1130738-44 Autumn Barn P1140145-7 Fence & Barn At Sunrise P1140136-8
Autumn Barn P1140293-5 Old Barn In Ground Fog P1150047 Barn At Sunrise P1150255-61 Barn & Inukshuk Art DSCN02355-7
Red Barn Winterscape DSCN02358-60 Winter Barn Under Ominous Cloud P1170287-91 Red Barn In Winter P1170766-8 Barn In Winter P1170766-8 Art
Air-Conditioned Barn Sunrise Shadows DSCN02980-2 Winter Farmscape At Sunrise P1180093-9 Last Quarter Moon Sunrise P1180201-3 Drive-thru Old Log Barn At Sunrise P1180231-3
Horse & Little Rustic Barn P1180365-7 Barns In Spring Snowfall DSCN03756 Wintry Farmscape DSCN04248 Decaying Old Barn DSCN08125
Daybreak Scudding Clouds P1210872 Sunrise Sunrays P1220182-8 Barn In Sunrise P1220441-3 Fog Layer & Barn At Sunrise P1220459-65
Purple Loosestrife Pasture P1220900-2 Barn At Sunrise P1230259-61 Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1230256-8 Bales & Barn In Sunrise Fog DSCN13681
Cloud Over Barn DSCN14064-6 Barn Window P1230079-81BW Old Barn In Foggy Sunrise P1250598-604
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