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usa/canada 2010

September 18th - October 10th 2010

Some photos I made during a roadtrip through the states of South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Washington State and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

Make sure 'original' is selected below each picture to get the best image quality.
_DSC5394_s.jpg _DSC5713_s.jpg _DSC3295_s.jpg
_DSC3393_s.jpg _DSC3656_s.jpg _DSC4819_s.jpg
_DSC5373_s.jpg _DSC3860_s.jpg _DSC3751_s.jpg
_DSC4068_s_.jpg _DSC3479_s.jpg _DSC3686_s.jpg
_DSC5977_s.jpg _DSC3394_s.jpg _DSC5346_s.jpg
_DSC5963_s.jpg _DSC4218_s.jpg _DSC3208_s.jpg
_DSC5749_s.jpg _DSC5738_s.jpg _DSC5537_s.jpg
_DSC4671_s.jpg _DSC4887_s.jpg _DSC4747_s.jpg
_DSC3745_s.jpg _DSC5784_s.jpg _DSC4828_s.jpg
_DSC5389_s.jpg _DSC3244_s.jpg _DSC4191_s.jpg
_DSC3204_s.jpg _DSC5069_s.jpg _DSC4815_s.jpg
_DSC4540_s.jpg _DSC3507_s.jpg _DSC3206_s.jpg
_DSC4226_s.jpg _DSC5176_s.jpg _DSC5363_s.jpg
_DSC3384_s.jpg _DSC3179_s.jpg _DSC4865_s.jpg
_DSC3982_s.jpg _DSC3369_s.jpg _DSC3789_s.jpg
_DSC3894_s.jpg _DSC4444_s.jpg _DSC3621_s.jpg
_DSC5095_s.jpg _DSC4726_s.jpg _DSC4923_s.jpg
_DSC4121_s.jpg _DSC4767_s.jpg _DSC4994_s.jpg
_DSC4679_s.jpg _DSC3417_s.jpg _DSC4897_s.jpg
_DSC3562_s.jpg _DSC3970_s.jpg _DSC3590_s.jpg
_DSC3573_s.jpg _DSC3495_s.jpg _DSC4880_s.jpg
_DSC3601_s.jpg _DSC5764_s.jpg _DSC4551_s.jpg
_DSC4611_s.jpg _DSC4418_s.jpg _DSC3587_s.jpg
_DSC3391_s.jpg _DSC5793_s.jpg _DSC3228_s.jpg
_DSC4838_s.jpg _DSC3169_s.jpg