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amsterdam in b&w

Various streetviews in Amsterdam.
The ones made on Friday 1st of May contain quite some garbage but that's because it is the day after Queensday,
the one day in the year that all downtown is one big garbage can.
This gallery in no way pretends to give a complete view of the city.

All images were untouched by photoediting software, besides resizing and sharpening for the internet.

Make sure 'original' is selected below each picture to get the best image quality.

_DSC7441.JPG _DSC0732.jpg _DSC6925.JPG _DSC7274.JPG
_DSC7486.JPG _DSC7307.JPG _DSC7345.JPG _DSC7389.JPG
_DSC7197.JPG _DSC7360.JPG _DSC7498.JPG _DSC7266.JPG
_DSC7576.JPG _DSC7092.JPG _DSC7088.JPG _DSC6927.JPG
_DSC7308.JPG _DSC7429.JPG _DSC6944.JPG _DSC7201.JPG
_DSC7438.JPG _DSC7459.JPG _DSC7209.JPG _DSC7223.JPG
_DSC7010.JPG _DSC6941.JPG _DSC7070.JPG _DSC6978.JPG
_DSC7471.JPG _DSC7271.JPG _DSC7255.JPG _DSC6937.JPG
_DSC7376.JPG _DSC7264.JPG _DSC7244.JPG _DSC7123.JPG
_DSC7053.JPG _DSC7364.JPG _DSC7205.JPG _DSC7005.JPG
_DSC7324.JPG _DSC7056.JPG _DSC7331.JPG _DSC7382.JPG
_DSC7054.JPG _DSC7008.JPG _DSC7312.JPG _DSC7534.JPG
_DSC7296.JPG _DSC7423.JPG _DSC7233.JPG _DSC0764.jpg
_DSC7565.JPG _DSC7328.JPG _DSC7119.JPG _DSC7259.JPG
_DSC7106.JPG _DSC7095.JPG _DSC7353.JPG _DSC7213.JPG
_DSC7332.JPG _DSC7447.JPG _DSC7477.JPG _DSC7560.JPG
_DSC6988.JPG _DSC7082.JPG _DSC7055.JPG _DSC6995.JPG
_DSC7322.JPG _DSC0762.jpg _DSC7086.JPG _DSC7192.JPG
_DSC7000.JPG _DSC7128.JPG _DSC7570.JPG _DSC7302.JPG
_DSC0758.jpg _DSC0748.jpg _DSC7047.JPG _DSC7049.JPG
_DSC7220.JPG _DSC7316.JPG _DSC0756.jpg _DSC6991.JPG
_DSC6936.JPG _DSC7372.JPG _DSC7581.JPG