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In the womb (Marisa Taddia)

In the womb (Marisa Taddia)

Author Comment:

Message: Before the human being is born, the previous familiar and social agreements, expectations, dreams, ambitions and emotions create an invisible net around that ties it and condition it. It's its own work to unravel it and to finally be free of it, if it wishes to find its own way and voice in the life.

• I tried to recreate the atmosphere of the womb by playing with light and darkness and, especially, the fetal position of the human body; and used a net and a bandage to represent the previous ties that limit the person.

• The womb is usually related with life -the new and unborn life of a human being-, vitality, movement, happiness, joy. A place where the little one is safe, cared and free, waiting for the right moment to be born and see the light. But here, the human is trapped since the beginning because the net makes impossible any move, any change in its position. No matter if the human being keeps growing… the net is the limit.
• The place of the life becomes the place of the death: it’s a stiffed and abandoned soul lying there, pieces of a fragmented body, with a bandage in the mouth that silences any request of help or expression of its emotions and desires. Instead of a womb it looks like a coffin.
• The supposed parental love and care is transformed into a scene of oppressive control, abusing a helpless being that has lack of discernment to understand what’s happening so to defend itself.

Human values:
• The traditions and expectations of the others that are put on the other’s life, as a previous pattern of a particular vision. Maybe, the parents are not aware of them and they pass them from generation after generation, creating a way of ‘belonging to’, that it socially ties a certain group.
• When those traditions and expectations limit the develop of the human being, indicating a way of life that does not feel like its own, must do the necessary things to transform those bows, so to free itself and find its own way. If not, will remain in a dense darkness… like the unborn.

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Guest 06-Jan-2006 18:27
i love this photograph and again your words below it. fantastic.