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Donation for PBase Magazine (well, donate no more, please)

(Donation link removed. But page left for posterity because we had plans of world domination)

What will you do with the money ?

Ideally, we would like to distribute some amount within the team to make us all feel
great about it and then use any remaining funds for some software licenses. If you really want
more details, here goes:

$0-$20: I'll just drink a few beers and let the others know I blew it all up.

$21-$500: Distribute it amongst the editorial team. Let each one decide.

$501-$1000: Buy a license of Adobe Pagemaker - we currently use Word for editing
and let me tell ya - its ghastly !

$1001-$1,000,000: Yeah right. If the donations inch to the million dollar mark, corruption will set in.
I will suddenly turn very evil and stop talking to the rest of the team. At the same time,
I will open a numbered swiss bank account....

$1,000,001 - a zilliontrillion: Disappear from sight - buy several private islands off the Bahamas.
Eventually plan for world domination.

So.... is the magazine still free ?

It sure is. That is why this is a 'Donation' and not a 'Fee'. It is your choice to contribute
or not. Either way, we will still like you and appreciate the fact that you read our magazine.

All of this seems to be a joke ! I expected some professionals.
You folks seem to be a bunch of kids, having a laugh !

Well, it is really very simple. All of us, who work on this magazine, do so voluntarily.
We don't expect any remuneration, but if some does come by, don't hate us for welcoming it.
As far as the 'kids having a laugh' part, that's just us being us !

Does get any of this money ?

Nope. Not a cent. We are all regular PBase users and plan to use it for the cause of the magazine
(as well as for ourselves :-D)