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Galileo 40th Year Reunion--Class of 1970

The images displayed are proof quality.

Welcome to Galileo High School's 40th Reunion of the Class of 1970. It took us forty years to finally get together to do a reunion. Oh yeah...there were some reunions that took place. But there were a lot of factionalism and groups of people doing their own thing and not being inclusive. There was even an outside company that organized a reunion which sole purpose is to make a ton of money off us. The fortieth year reunion was nice in that a small handful of members got together and organized it.

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Galileo Fight Song

Our Faithful Lion
is roaring loudly for his prey,
He's getting ready.
Just getting ready for the fray,


Let's shout our lungs out,
And let the team out there
Just know what we're about.

And then we'll fight
For dear old Galileo,
FIGHT! Right on to victory.


Our faithful lion
has conquered all
That's in his way.
He's never failed us,
And he won't fail us today,


We're marching forward
To meet the foe,
And we just know
That we will win,

And then we'll fight
For dear old Galileo
FIGHT! Right on to victory!

Galileo Hymn

To thee we raise our voices.
Praises we sing to thee.

Our Galileo High School,
Shrine of beloved memories.

Though we foresake thy hallways,
Still we shall never fail.

To honor and love thee,
Alma Mater!

Hail Galileo Hail!

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