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My Photo Gear

Video Camera:


Canon Eos 5D Mark III + BG-E11 Grip - Camera A
Canon Eos 6D Mark III + BG-E11 Grip - Camera B
JVC GY-HM170E 4K Video Camera

Camera Accessories:

Canon EosRemote Control

DSLR / Video Accessories:

JAG35 Cage For DSLR + GRIP
Tripod Plate w/ Rods
Top Rods - Carbon
D|Focus v2 + Marking Disc
Sony UWP-V6 Wireless Plug-in & Lavalier Microphone
Sennheiser EW112-P ENG SET
Handy SLR
Small HD DPslr Screen 5.6" 1280X800
4-Sided Neoprene Sunhood
5D/7D battery bracket
"snap-in" Acrylic Screen Protector
SmallHD's Custom 12v DC 26 Watt-hour battery
Battery Bracket 26 Watt-hour
Matte Finish "Stick-On" Screen Protector
Igus Slider 1m

Light And Flash:

2 X Canon SpeedLite 600EX - RX
Canon SpeedLite Off Shoe Cable
Canon ST-E3-RT Remote Flash Trigger
Canon CP-E3 Compact Batery Pack
Gerry Fong LightSphere PJ + Inverted Dome
Gerry Fong LightSphere Cloud + AmberDome & ChromeDome

Sound & Audio:

Sennheiser MXE400 Small ShotGun Mic


Canon EF 16-35mm USM f/2.8 L II + Hood
Canon EF 24-70mm USM f/2.8 L II + Hood
Canon EF 70-200mm USM f/2.8 L IS II + Hood
Canon EF 85mm USM f/1.2 L II + Hood
Canon EF 50mm USM f/1.2 L + Hood
Canon EF 35mm USM f/1.4 L + Hood
Canon EF 135mm USM f/2.0 L + Hood
Canon EF 1.4 X II TeleConvertor


1 X B+W 77mm MRC Circular Polarizer Filter
2 X B+W 77mm MRC (010) UV Filter
1 X B+W 82mm MRC (010) UV Filter
1 X B+W 58mm MRC (010) UV Filter
2 X B+W 72mm MRC (010) UV Filter
1 X 72mm 1 X 77mm 1 X 82mm Genus FADER ND FILTER ND 1-8


2 X SanDisk Extreme Pro CF 32 Gb
2 X SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC 32 GB
HyperDrive HD80 60Gb Ultra Fast Digital Wallet
Nexto-eXtreme ND2700 60GB Faster Digital Wallet


2 X Maha C-801D Charger
64 X Maha Power EX 2700 Mh
5 X Canon Battery Charger LC-E6
6 X LP-E6 5D Mark II Battery

Tripod And Sepport:

Bogen / Manfrotto 3221GN3 Tripod (GREEN)
Bogen / Manfrotto 486RC2 Compact Ball Head
Bogen / Manfrotto 679B (Black) 3 Section Monopod
Bogen / Manfrotto 680B (Black) 3 Section Monopod
Bogen / Manfrotto 234RC Swivel Tilt Monopod Head
Bogen / Manfrotto 337 2 Axis Hot Shoe Double Bubble
Bogen / Manfrotto 701RC2 Video Fluid Video Head
Bogen / Manfrotto 475 Tripod
Bogen / Manfrotto 055MF4 Carbon Tripod
Bogen / Manfrotto 501HDV Fluid Video Head

Misc And Accessories:

Giottos Rocket Air Blower
Celestron Lenspen Optical Cleaning Tool
Celestron Lenspen For CCD Sensors
2 X Canon Hand Strap E1
2 X Optech Super Classic Pro Loop Strap
Expo Disk WB Filter 77mm

Bags Harnest And Cases:

Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 Camera Backpack
Lowepro Photo Trekker Classic Camera Backpack
LowePro Mini Trekker Classic Camera BackPack
LowePro CompuTrekker AW Camera BackPack
Lowepro Toploader 75 AW Camera Holster Bag
LowePro Toploader 65 AW Camera Holster Bag
Lowepro S&F Deluxe Waistbelt XL
Lowepro S&F Pouch 60 AW
Lowepro Lens Case 4
Lowepro Lens Case 4S
Lowepro Lens Case 1W
Lowepro Lens Case 1S
Lowepro Cinch Straps
DomeKe F-901 Compact Pouch - Black
2 x DomeKe F-902 Super Pouch - Black
Domke PhoTOGS Vest - Black
Pelican 1610 Case
Pelican 1200 Case


Manfrotto Background Support System
Light Tent
2 X Umbrella
2 X Flash Light Tripod
Manffroto BOOM
Collapsible Reflector - white , gold , silver
4 X Pony Spring Clams For BackRound
Chimera SpeedRing For Canon 580Ex
Chimera Super Pro Plus SoftBox XX Small


Dell Precision 4700 15.6"
I7 Extreame 32 GB RAM 512SSD Quadro 4000


Canon Selphy CP740
Canon Selphy CP780
Canon Selphy CP900 WIFI
Epson R270
142998373_0qfKtQSB_canon5dmarkiii.jpg 24-70.jpg 85 1.2 L II.bmp 70-200 2.8 L II IS.png
50 1.2 L.bmp 35 1.4L.jpg 16-35L II.jpg 135.jpg
1.4.jpg 32EP.jpg SanDisk-ExtremePro-CF-32GB.jpg HyperDrive Hd80.jpg
NEXTO.jpg Giottos Rocket Air Blower.jpg Optech Super Classic Pro Loop.jpg 486RC2.jpg
Sennheiser micro mke 400.jpg 701RC2 Video Head.jpg Manfrotto 501HDV.jpg Monopod 679b.jpg
Igus Slider.jpg Manfrotto 055MF4.jpg manfrotto_680b_monopod_manfrotto_680b.jpg manfrotto-234rc.jpg
fat-gecko.jpg MAHA MH-4AA270BH.jpg MAHA mh-c801d.jpg canon-lpe6.jpg
B+W 77 MRC Circular Polarizer Filter.jpg B+W UV Filter.jpg Canon E1 Hend Strap.jpg Celestron Lenspen.jpg
Lenspen Sensor.jpg Toploader75AW.jpg Toploader 65 AW.jpg micro_trek200.jpg
CompuTrekker AW.jpg VEST.jpg SpeedLite Off Shoe Cable.jpg IMG_243258.jpg
Collapsible Reflector.jpg ST-E3-RT.jpg RS80N3 Remote.jpg Canon CP-E3.jpg
CN-SCRN-EGD.jpg InternalDome.jpg Manfrotto Hotshoe Double Bubble Level.jpg Chimera-Speedring.jpg
Chimera-Super-Pro-Plus-XXS-Softbox-2.jpg ExpoDisk 77.jpg COLOR.bmp M4700.jpg
Printer Case_resize.jpg Canon selphy CP740.jpg CP900WIFI.jpg Epson R270.jpg
CAGE.jpg DFocus FF.jpg Handels.jpg JAG35 DSLR NEW CAGE.jpg
Tripod Plate.jpg Sony UWP-V6.jpg FADER ND FILTER.jpg Handy SLR.jpg
Pelican 1200.jpg Pelican 1610.jpg HANDY SLR.jpg HANDY SLR.jpg
SCREEN COVER.jpg ACRILIC PROTECT.jpg MATTE PROTECT.jpg 20170720_070647.jpg