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pictures that haven't found a gallery

the tourist the painter
prehistoric painting prehistoric painting
7:18 a.m. 7:15 a.m.
lisbon london
looking thru the hole I looking thru the hole II
silo silo 2
blue... ... and yellow
t1%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f60117151.DSC_1461_new.jpg t1%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f60117148.DSC_1452.jpg
t1%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f59984925.DSC_6256.jpg t1%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f59984923.DSC_6272.jpg
t1%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f59887003.DSC_1941_new.jpg t1%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f59887000.DSC_1942_new.jpg
les misérables les euphoriques
alentejo alentejo
reflection III reflection II
red friday the 13th
unnecessary photofinish ...
national flag reflection
gare do oriente gare do oriente
butterflies roses
v3%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f50645932.DSC_7452.jpg v3%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f50687019.DSC_7445.jpg
v3%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f49720646.DSC_6727_new.jpg v3%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f49725328.DSC_6646_new.jpg
v3%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f49923033.DSC_6628_new.jpg v3%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f45721745.PICT0715.jpg
v3%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f46120859.PICT0711.jpg ...
portuguese national pantheon national phanteon
lake of swans lake of swans
patrícia patrícia
u8%2flmrp%2fsmall%2f32762968.Pict14.jpg v3%2f46%2f96646%2f4%2f49724148.DSC_6843_new.jpg
... the magi
axe sunset on the beach