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Guest 22-Apr-2016 13:59

Every Woman Has A
Short Story,
& Men Too,
Sharing their legacy
in the
Is the right thing to do...

We are born into
today's world,
with a story to tell,
Life is short,
Be proactive,
Be bold,
Be brilliant,
Be rich,
Be an intellectual,
Share with others,
your knowledge & skills,

In conclusion,

If I should die before I awake,
I am leaving you with a footnote that
I lived a successful &
spiritual life,
I did not stand in my way,
I did what was right most
of the time....

(c) April 22, 2016.... by/lille m. queen/calif., artist & poet
Guest 22-Apr-2016 13:37
THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2016 --

"A Dim Day In American History"
The Death of "Prince"
It felt like losing a son, a boy, a child,
My heart stood still not for a moment
But for a long while....
He gave the world his genius,
musical talents, acting skills,
With soft music, wild songs,
But above all,
Prince us "PURPLE RAIN..."
Our world is lost without
the voice of a

Lille` M. Queen, Artist/Poet.....(c) April 22, 2016
California (c) All Rights Reserved
Guest 22-Mar-2016 20:52

"And, What If...."

What If,
The sun failed to shine,
How would that impact your day...

What If,
You were deprived a freedom,
What words are you likely to say...

What If,
Today you stumbled upon a pot of Gold,
Would you tell someone, pocket the prize,
Or, give to a charity to hold...

What If,
You fell in love with a person just met,
Would you let those feelings be known,
Would you just walk around, while smiling to
yourself & saying,
I have just found my pot of gold to hold?

by: lille` m. queen/California poet/c/ all rights reserved/march 2016
Guest 14-Mar-2016 14:39

Giving & Receiving It.

In life, there is so much
to give,
Just look around &
you'll see,
There are hands reaching
For food, shelter & love,
others are begging to
feel free,

To wake up each
With a heart
filled with
Give today
more than you

Giving & receiving
are Acts of Kindness,
There is little else
to say....

Embrace the world
with open arms,
Fill each cavity
with gratitude
& love,
There is nothing
more pleasing,
Than giving &
All gifts come
from God

by/lille` m. queen/c/march 14, 2016/all rights reserved by poet
Guest 06-Mar-2016 23:58

"...A Second Chance"

It is in the spirit of most,
to do his or her best,

Sometimes there are
Other times,
HUGE success...

Whatever the situation is,
Look forward to a
brighter day,
Tomorrow makes no
Life is simply
DESIGNED that way...

If I should STUMBLE
and fall,
In my own path,
Lift me up with
your bare hands,

All I want from life
these days,
is a "Second Chance..."

by/lille ` m. queen/poet/(c) all rights reserved / march 2016
Guest 18-Feb-2016 13:57
"Blind Faith..."

Today is brighter day,
Than the day before,

Yesterday has come and gone,
Leaving hardships and pain

Tomorrow is a pregnancy,
Lurking somewhere in cyberspace,

Tomorrow I s waiting to be born...

Welcome, Life!

........Based on Abstract Painting
"Birth of the New Millennium..."

(c) by lille` m. queen/California artist, poet & author/ all rights reserved
Guest 08-Feb-2016 02:39

Channeling Grief....

There comes a time
in life,
When our beloved
family members
and friends depart,

We are left with visions of
their yesterdasy,
Those moments lie heavily
on our hearts....

It is rather clear that,
Everyone who's born must
some day die,

But knowing this will happen
does not ease the pain,
Give everyone special
in your life,
Shower them with love,
and beautiful flowers,
While doing the
best you can....

(c) 2/7/2016....lille` m. queen/poet/california
Guest 10-Dec-2015 05:14

"be strong, be you...."

faith and confidence,
are two powerful tools
to have,

without either of them,
one's life becomes
less worthwhile...

there are good people
in the world,
also a world filled
with hate and bad,

but to survive the storms
of life,
stand tall, feel proud
and not sad....

you were placed on this
earth to do good,
to be successful,
so stay on the
journey until the end,

let nothing block life's
or your vision,
living happily is just
another beginning....
Guest 05-Dec-2015 14:43

"Getting Into Holiday Spirit..."

The Christmas Season 2015,
Is now into full force,
This is very exciting news,
It's to the Girlfriends
Holiday Party I'll go....

We will be all dressed
in festive
Red, White and Green,
What is so exciting about
all of this,
My last name is a sound
of royalty,
My Name Is Lille` QUEEN....

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

by: lille` m. queen/California artist & poet/c/December 5, 2015
Founder Girlfriends *WORLD CLASS* Networking Club -- January 2006
Guest 29-Nov-2015 19:24

Where Are You, Mom?

Saturday morning came,
Before crack of dawn,
Daughter searches for
her Mom,
Who had many years
passed on...

She's looking out the window,
Hoping this was last night's
But Mom is no longer
on earth,
What does all of this mean?

Her Mom died,
Many, many years ago,
While one moment alive,
The next moment Mom
had a deadly stroke....

But, what is good about
today's experience,
About today's dream,
Memories of Mom,
The legacy she built,
Rises up again over
and over again....

by/lille` mc ghee queen/California poet....November 29, 2015
Guest 25-Nov-2015 02:37

"Stay With Me...."

When the paths of life,
Seem not very clear,
Look to the sky,
An answer comes near....

Life is about lending
a helping hand,
No one has it all,
So help whomever
you can...

If I found a pot of
It is likely that I'll
share with you,
It is not my gold in the
first place,
Sharing feels like the
right thing to do....

Stay with me,
To help lead the way,
There are folks out there,
Barely holding on and
wishing for a brighter day...

(c) 11/24/2015.....lille` m. queen/poet
Lille McGhee15-Oct-2015 18:54
POEM TITLE.... Dedicated to Stella Dressler/California/Oct. 14, 2015

"The Genius Inside..."

the silence of darkness,
rushed into a closed window
last night,
a feeling of joy landed
upon us,
a short prayer made it
just right...

yesterday's thoughts have
come & gone,
the whisper of the morning
is clear,
to be blessed w/a sense of purpose,
a work of art,
it's a powerful moment
w/o the fear...

today, I rise & count each
there's no tomorrow lurking
beyond the clouds,
it's only this moment, this
present moment,
a moment I feel most proud...

by: lille` mc ghee queen/poet......san jose, ca..
(c) all rights reserved
October 14, 2015
(Also Dedicated To Our Sons In Calif., Texas, & North Carolina...)
Lille McGhee10-Aug-2015 00:34
Alone, She Felt....

The future continues to be bright,
Today is without sad,
Yesterday all filled with memories,
Who knows how long these moments
will last...

Yesterday, I saw a rainbow in the sky,
Today, I hoping it never fades away,
But who can predict the future,
Every moment must last & last,
I pray...

The night time is rushing my way,
In a few hours it'll be time for
But as I reflect on tomorrow,
This day is the best day, I've
I am neither happy, in fear,
Today is the best day I've
ever had.....

by/lille` m. queen/poet & author / California (c) 8 9 2015
Kim15-Dec-2013 22:34
A pleasure meeting your art Lille!! You are a wonderful artist!
Lille McGhee06-Sep-2013 03:20

The sunlight has come,
And gone for the day,

Night-time covers the
Darkness is here &
that is so okay...

Tomorrow will creep in,
and bring forth another
It's all good, there
will be time to rejoice,
to write a new chapter,
and then time to play...

Bring It On....

(c) sept. 2013/lille` m. queen/California poet
Lille McGhee01-Jul-2013 01:11
Your Legacy, Yourself...

How do you want to be

Only you can say,

Start preparing your legacy today,

Do it in your own way,

If there is advice to be given,

Make a point to do it now,

Cause in waiting 'til tomorrow,

You may not be around...

Write a chapter day by day,

Add a few lines @ night
as well,

Who knows who will benefit
from you success or failure,

The journey of life is heaven on
earth and also ....

Focus on the good deeds done,

Minimize those that are bad,

Live a full life from them moment,

Let your legacy be glad!

(c) Lille` M. Queen / c / California Poet
Lille McGhee18-Jun-2013 02:27
Peace N The Heart...

When peace comes into a family,
After many years of being away,
Then is time to welcome peace,
Began the family's peace starting

No two families are just alike,
Some appear "pure" on the surface,
Peel back the layers,
Then see what happens....

Every family deserves love, joy
& a positive influence,
The adults must lead the way,
Growing children will repeat what they see,
and what adults say....

Carry the torch with pride,
Let life unfold into blossom
each day,
We are all for a purpose,
For everyone is someone's child...

Lille` M. Queen/Calif., Poet / c / June 2013
Lille McGhee11-Jun-2013 14:43
"In Going The Distance, Alone!"

Life tosses us grapefruits,
At other times,
Tosses out grape,

Decide which ones to catch,
Then be on your merry way...

There are lessons to be learned,
With grapes and grapefruits in
life's path,

Be part of your journey,
Hear your own inner voice,
Become fearless,
Become unafraid...

The decisions made yesterday,
Follows you year after year,

Be self-aware of your actions &
your environments chosen,

To move forward & shift
into the next gear...

During those youthful years,
Are the times to test the waters
in life,

But always listen to that
inner voice,

To determine what is wrong,
and what is RIGHT!

(c) 2913 / Lille` M. Queen/ California Poet
Lille McGhee05-Jun-2013 23:43
"Freedom 'N The Wind"

The wind is blowing freely
in the Summer trees,

The birds are rapping
& clapping,
So, be quiet, please....

The yellow bees are buzzing,
On the backyard plants,

Black & red ants are running wild,
on the concrete patio...

Perhaps they are looking for
bread crumbs,
Only they would know...

The airplanes are flying above,
Also making a lot of noise...

Freedom is in the wind today,
It's Mother's Nature Call...

>>>>> Lille` M. Queen/Poet f><><>
Lille McGhee04-Jun-2013 18:35
"Go With ..."

There is an old saying,
It goes somewhat like this,
Go with your gut feeling,
When it's ignored, you
will feel it....
><><>Lille` M. Queen/Poet/California
Lille McGhee01-Jun-2013 04:37
Confront Fear...

When fear enter life's path;
Think of the reason why,

The answer is not always that obvious,
The answer is right there in the sky;

Face each fear with a vision,
And know that fear will melt away,

Fear is false evidence appearing real,
they say,
So knock the crap out of free and get
on your spiritual way, today...

Lille` M. Queen
Guest 13-May-2013 12:30

Lille` Mc Ghee-Queen is planning to published her next book in Fall 2014.
Her already published books (anthologies) are:

(2011) -- The Joys of Wisdom, Wealth & Girlfriends... Cost: $24...(only 42 copies left)
(2005) -- T.E.A. On The Patio ... Cost: $21...(only 25 copies left)
(2004) -- Every Woman Has A Short Story, Men Too ...Cost:$21... (only 1 copy left)

Payable: Mc Ghee-Queen-Associates
Post Office Box 360-823
Milpitas, CA 95036
Guest 12-May-2013 09:27
Mother's Day 2013

Mothers around the world,
Take a moment from family chores
& listen to me...

Today is our day to be waited upon,
Showered with gifts from our children, grands,
husbands and sons!

Oh, what a good feeling it is to be a Mother
happy and alive,

We have travelled the distance in parenting,
loving our significant other,
with spiritual joy and pride!

Lille` M. Queen/Poet (c) 5/12/2013
~~On Spring Vacation, Charlotte, NC~~ with husband & son~~
Guest 10-May-2013 10:49
"...different lens!"

my eyes woke up this morning,
before day light,
birds chirping outside my
a beautiful harmony,
a sound of delight...

I will now rise up,
and begin another new day,
I will pray in a voice of gratitude,
All is well with my soul..

lille` m. queen/poet (summer vacation.charlotte, nc)
Guest 16-Apr-2013 05:16
..."Raise Your Voice!"

It is no longer a good idea,
To keep a voice with talent unheard,

Let those words echo through,
In each and every word~~~

Challenge today's critics,
Keep that voice so powerfully strong,

Every voice has a chance for greatness,
The voice of a genius in each & every song...

(c) April 2013 / Lille` M. Queen / California Poet
Lille McGhee13-Apr-2013 03:30

"Why Wait?"

Why wait until it's Mother's Day,
To say what should be said this very day~

Mothers bring birth into this world,
With their love, devotion & compassion,
I'll say~~

Everyone has a mother somewhere,
With open arms stretched very wide,

Mothers like to cry out to the world,
That girl or boy is my child~~

Don't wait 'til Mother's Day,
To say I love you Mom with all my Heart~

If it were not for loving mothers,
ALL worlds would be torn apart...


(c) 4/ Lille` M. Queen/California Poet
Lille McGhee22-Mar-2013 04:10
"Stepping Out On..."

Plan to take GIANT steps,
Along life's unpredictable

Who knows what awaits
in the future,

There's more good in life
than bad.....

Believe in those unclear

As one day they will
become very clear,

Trust that gut-level

To manage moments of

It is in taking that GIANT

With one baby step @
a time,

Life has a way of
coming together,

Life is so divine...

Lille McGhee20-Mar-2013 23:53
"Spring Showers..."

At last Spring is here,
The colors are bright as day,
For the next several months,
Big & little children are RUNNING
outside to play...

The birds are chirping in the trees,
Little creatures are crawling through
the grass,
Bumble Bees are buzzing over
the flowers,
SSinging pring is finally here
@ last...

Lille McGhee04-Mar-2013 03:57

Time is that invisible force,

That guides us throughout each day,

It starts @ birth & never stops,

Oh, what else is there to say...

Time management is a challenge for some,

But comes second nature to a few,

Being "on time" is a habit,

Managing time is also a lifestyle too,

What time is it,

A question I ask of you?

Perhaps it is now the time,

For all of my wishes to come true!

(c) March 2013 / Lille` M. Queen, California Poet~~

Lille McGhee03-Mar-2013 19:34
><><>WHAT TIME IS IT?><><><><>(c) March 2013><>
Lille McGhee03-Mar-2013 04:12
"Let It Be Known..."

Some folks appear to be very happy,

While other folks appear to be rather sad,

It is the thoughts that predict good or bad moods,

So, let the joyful thoughts be had....

Choose to see the best in others,

But don't attempt to walk in their shoes,

Pray for their better day w/happiness,

Today their personal thoughts will rule...

When happiness enter your life,

Let it be known and let it be said,

HAPPINESS is my seventh heaven,

Not only will I smile, but
also laugh!

>>>>LILLE` M. QUEEN/POET><>> (C) March 2013 ><><
Lille McGhee28-Feb-2013 22:58
"Her Bike Ride..."

Go away rain today,
Let sunshine come in,
if you may,

Today is a day for riding
her bike,
Otherwise, there is no
reason to go outside
to play...

Perhaps the garage is
a good substitute,
But it's not that big
and kinda square,

She will never give up
on that Bike Ride,
Cause without it,
her heart is in
need of repair....

(c) 2013 ... lille` m. queen/california poet
Lille McGhee24-Feb-2013 19:44

After the birth of a child,
The crawling & falling down stages come

Young feet begin running away from
their parents,


Young feet are caught,
before getting
too far away...

As a pre-teen, teenager,
or young adult,

There are times to walk,
also time to play,

It's okay to walk with
or without shoes,


Only you can really say,

Go in your "best" direction
in life,

Get on your knees along
the way,

Before you know it,
my friend,

You have become a senior citizen
this day...


(c) 2/2013 ...Lille` M. Queen/California Poet
shobana 23-Feb-2013 16:17
Thank you for sharing your wonderful Art ! So beautiful! The colors were radiant and I loved the" Mood Art " and " Blood Bath" best.
Lille McGhee19-Feb-2013 16:14

No matter what cruves life dishes out,
There is a brighter day today,
Stay in touch with that vision,
Take in this moment to pray....

A mountain is out there to climb,
Put on the climbing gear, I'll say,
Take that first step, then the second step,
Don't let anything get in the way...

Once standing on top of that mountain,
Look down with grace, joy & love below,
The journey was risky, the climb is now history,
There's faith to even climb more...

Choose to be that fearless child,
Knowing that God is there with you,
Write a chapter about those moments,
Let life greatness come shinning through...


(c) 2/19/2013 Lille` M. Queen/California Poet
Lille McGhee08-Feb-2013 01:46
"...Follow The Path!"

Sometimes a path appears in daylight;
Other times, it's all filled with night,
No matter which direction taken,
Make sure it feels right!

Greet all in your path with a "hi"
Then proceed on your way,
Keep your chin up. Stay focused.
Let no one block your day...

When that path comes to an end,
Step out of your own way,
Look to the blues skies,
Then begin life's journey once again...

(c) 2/13...Lille` M. Queen/California Poet
Lille McGhee03-Feb-2013 04:22
Upon Getting Old...

Some folks grow old with love, peace, and grace,
Some folks grow old unfulfilled with a sense of hate,

Some folks grow old and wake up with gratitude,
Some folks grow old with a "funky" attitude,

Some folks grow old, wishing that they had done this & that,
Some folks grow old and live each day like they just care,

How do you want to grow, is a question you much ask today,
Waiting to answer that question tomorrow is far too late..

Choose to grow in love, spirit & wisdom,
Then, take a moment to pray...

(c) 2/13...Lille` M. Queen/California Poet
Lille McGhee30-Jan-2013 01:54
"...secrets 'n silence!"

when the sun goes down,
life begins a new day,

darkness finds romance,
what's more is there to say,

secrets are not secrets,
b/c secrets are never kept,

what fun is it keeping a secret,
all of those secrets to one's self?

within the wink of an eye,
daylight is surely to appear,

have fun in those secret moments,
it's now a new year...

(c) 2013 / lille` m. queen/poet
Lille McGhee28-Jan-2013 19:57
"... looking across the golf course!"

whether it's foggy, clear or a rainy day,
the golf club is filled w/men & women
wanting to play,

it's amazing the freedom & openess
that the golf course provides,
to meditate, pray, business & social network,
a choice to get closer to God...

the game of golf is not my favorite game,
but being out there, hitting a few balls with
my spouse,
adds joy to our marriage, i gladly proclaim...

My addicition or passion is that of art,
Mixing those colors on an empty cavass,
Simply fills this Abstract Painter & Poet's HEART!

(c) Lille` M. Queen/Jan. 2013/California
Lille McGhee26-Jan-2013 23:21

It was not until noon time,
That the sun came out,
A smile filled my entire face,
The chills, cold rains & the winds this morning,
Escaped to another place...

Not for a moment, did I feel bogged down,
About the weather outside my skin,
I pulled up a chair, cut on my computer,
I wanted my creativity to step in...

Run in the Sun,
Play in the Snow,
Write a book if you Can,
Everyone was born with greatness Inside,
So, go out there & meet a new friend..."

(c) January 27, 2013...
Lille` M. Queen/Published Poet/California
Lille McGhee26-Jan-2013 16:47

Find your own POWER voice,
Rise up with gratitude each day,
There is so much love, joy and happiness,
Lift your head up to pray;

Find strenght in your voice,
Then discover your own path,
Walk in your OWN shoes night & day
If you want your influences heard;

Some folks are passively silent,
To raise their voices to the world,
Get in the spotlight this moment,
There are no tomorrows,
It's only today that YOU can be heard...

Lille` Mc Ghee-Queen/Poet - Jan 26, 2013 (California)
Lille McGhee26-Jan-2013 03:25
"If I had a hammer,
I would hammer "in" joy, peace and justice
for all.

If I had a hammer,
I would hammer "out" hatred, injustice, and unfair
Lille McGhee22-Jan-2013 05:37

* Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday & Federal Holiday
* President Barack Obama Was Inaugurated for a Second Term
* Lille` M. Queen has located a venue for conducting lectures & presentation of her abstract & contemporary paintings
* Lille` rode her bike today, 1/21/13, after being off, 11/6/2012. Her bout with asthma interrupted the daily ride but now she is GOOD TO GO...THANKS, GOD!
Lille McGhee09-Jan-2013 10:56
'ABSTRACT ART Creates A Different Perspective, A Different State Of Mind. Invest In Art For Personal Joy & Happiness 2013"... Lille` M. Queen, Abstract Painter
Lille McGhee02-Jan-2013 23:06
"And Let It Be!"

The New Year (2013) is already upon us,
oh dear,
What contributions did you make to the
passing year?

Did you follow that vision plan you had
in place,
Or, did you have cold feets, and emotions
filled with fears?

Now is the moment to step into a
new state of mind,
Make this year 2013 a most
meaningful year,

Grab your dreams and leave
nothing behind!

Lille` M. Queen, Artist/Author/Poet
Lille McGhee15-Dec-2012 23:30
"Another Date With Asthma!"

It's amazing the strength, control and
POWER of asthma,
It has the speed of a midnight train,
When it attacks you, whether you're
prepared or not,
Your thoughts & life will NEVER the same...

Although I am a victim of the disease asthma,
I have never, and never will, ask God the
Question why?
Through faith I've learned to accept asthma,
It humbles me, sometimes saddens me,
for now I will survive....

I've opted to utilize my experience w/asthma
in a UNIQUE way,
Instead of running from those moments
of not being able to breathe,
I am choosing to pray,

My creative juices are all pumped up right now,
And it's the abstract artist's direction I will go,
I'm prepared to partner up with Asthma,
Together we will make MY talents glow...

My beautiful abstract painting entitled "ASTHMA"
It's all filled with summer bright colors,
white, yellow, and light green,

@ a distance it looks like a strapless dress,
a dress designed for a Princess or a Queen!

My thoughts, deeds & actions about asthma TODAY
are taken to a DEEPER level,

A multi-colored quilt called, "ASTHMA" I'm designing,
For women, men & children w/asthma around the world to
see, thouch & feel,

The Abstract Painting I call "Asthma In A Dress"
& "Quilt 'N Recovery Asthma"
Have both help me find my way...

I am a different person--Perhaps A More
Disciplined Artist, Writer/Poet --
because of the Asthma I experience today....

LILLE` M. QUEEN (Diagnosed W/Asthma @ 60)...
Artist/Poet/Storyteller - California -- 12/15/2012

Lille McGhee09-Nov-2012 12:19
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2012 WAS "VOTING FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DAY." President Barack Obama has a second term (2012-2016), Vice President Joe Biden. They defeated the Romney/Ryan candidates.

The devastating affects of Hurricane Sandy is still present in many East-Coast States, coupled by another rainstory, that began November 7, 2012. May God be with all victims of the storms. Our help is needed and we can do so by $Financial Donations, giving blood, clothing and food. Lille` M. Queen
Lille McGhee29-Oct-2012 23:40
Weekend Storm Starting Weekend of October 27, 2012


Hurrican Sandy has arrived in the United States,
Nothing can stop it today,
It's travelling at the speed of light,
Nothing can block its path,

So decide to evacuate your homes,
Find safety in the nearest shelter,
Protect yourself, your pets & families,
And get the heck out of Mother's Nature Way....

Hurrican Sandy has already left many dead in
the Carribean Islands,
Fishermens' boats are rocking up and down,
Some men were rescued,
While others lost in the ocean and may
not ever be found...

Thousands of folks on the East Coast are
left without power,
Government officials are giving advance
warnings to all,
The Stock Market is closed today,
Tuesday too,
Find your personal power within...

Several airflights are being cancelled,
My husband, Mike, is on the East Coast (Charlotte),
He has an early flight on Wed., Oct. 31, 2012,
from Charlotte to California
I am praying that he is able to get home...

The 2012 Political Campaigns of Pres. Obama &
Governor Romney are tempered down,
Folks in the path of the storm are trying to
reach higher grounds...

There is a positive in most tragic situations,
Take a moment to search for that moment,
'bright' light
Stay in prayer for all the victims of the storm,
will work itself out....


Lille` M. Queen/Poet
Lille McGhee27-Oct-2012 20:31
"Without completely letting go of yesterday will there be a 100% Tomorrow.
Therefore, the only way to "grow" is to let "go" NOW and live a full and
authentic life. That is the essence of PEACE, LOVE & JOY..."

Notation: This quote is written with my only alive aunt, Annie Mc Ghee, 93 who
is ill, in mind. She is trying to live in the past because there is the fear of death in her future now that she is ill.

Lille` M. Queen, 10/27/2012, California
Guest 28-Aug-2012 21:47
sitting on the edge of my bed,
3,000+ miles away,
rain covering the grass,
it's a late north carolina
summer day...

tomorrow, i will board
an early morning jet,
to fly me safely home,
my friend will be there
to pick,
i will not feel so alone..

listen up califoria,
i am now home...
(c) 8/29/12..lille` m. queen/poet
charlotte, n.c.
Guest 26-Aug-2012 05:13
reach for the sky,
but land on the moon,
who knows what will
happen next,
maybe a bride,
maybe a groom..
Guest 25-Aug-2012 01:09
>>>unstoppable, you are >> UNSTOPPABLE <<<

Guest 15-Aug-2012 11:18

It was yesterday that I was on my
knees in prayer,
My life was without direction,
and I was going nowhere...

I then asked my God, what was I to do,
Inside of that moment, a green
flashed through...

God said my child...
Today is a day filled with opportunities
and new beginnings,
Make one decision today and include
me in it...

It was @ that I moment I felt the spirit
of God inside my soul,
My prayers were beginning to be answered
like nobody else knows...

My moment is now and I feel so
spritually strong,
Right now I have a sense of purpose,
A sense of love and direction,
I now know what is right,
Also what is wrong...
I praise you God...

(by) Lille` M Queen
Charlotte, NC
(c) Aug. 15, 2012
Guest 14-Aug-2012 13:33
A Comment About The Painting, "IN SEARCH OF BALANCE..."

"Life does not provide equal balance --
"Life provides opportunities to do or not to do throughout
each day--
"Since the word BALANCE has a subjective meaning,
"Seek opportunities over and above balance."
Guest 13-Aug-2012 12:33
"turning the page..."

it is through birth that we are
born into this world,
to create a path, and design
a lifestyle of our own,

it is through developing
friendships & relatonships that
help form our
behavioral patterns and ways,

but, it is at the end of the
day we counteach blessing,
and sing an old song entitled,
Guest 10-Aug-2012 16:00

"Snake Escapes..."

For a stretch of 7 days
or more,
Afternoons were filled
with rain,
Blistering humidity,
Rain from a blue skies,
Mother Nature once again ...

Mothers running for shelters,
While babies and dogs in tow,
There is good to said about rain.
So watch the grass & flowers grow...

Early evening is approaching.
Water is rushing down pipe drains,
A look on the back patio,
To my surprise, a little
black snake remain...

Early on in life,
I would have crushed that
snake with a single blow,
But as an old lady today,
My nerves to "kill" snakes
are not there anymore...
The black snake escapes
into the night!
(c) August 2012
by..lille` m. queen/poet
charlotte, n.c.
Guest 10-Aug-2012 13:28
"...voices in the night"

sunset is now approaching,
on a hot summer day,
tiny voice can be heard,
croaking voices are coming this way...

a choir of frogs is gathering,
each one is clearing its throat,
will they sing on key,
or will they screw up each &
every note...

tonight,i will raise my
bedroom window really high,
to hear each and every sound,
tomorrow when i wake up,
their voices will be silent,
their voices will be beneath the ground...
(c) aug. 10, 2012
lille' m. queen
charlotte, n.c.

Guest 09-Aug-2012 08:10
"...Stretching Beyond Boundaries"
When the mind is reaching back
and stretching forward,
There is a message to be found,
Memories of yesterday mixed in this moment,
There lies a joyful sound...

Be it the train blowing in the night,
Or, a police lights flashing afar,
Your greatest moment is unfolding,
Embrace that moment,
Just where you are...(c)
Lille` M. Queen, August 2012, Charlotte, NC
Guest 07-Aug-2012 10:44
There is darkness out there that fills the night,
A morning with dew, an afternoon with sunlight,
Within a 24-hour span, what am I tasked to do,
Write a song, donate to a charitable cause,
or make a wish come true...
Today my path is filled with golden leaves,
and thoughts anew...
Help me God to explore each thought,
w/o drama or pain,
I beg of you...
Lille` M Queen, Poet, July 7, 2012
Lille McGhee13-Jul-2012 01:34
"A New Chapter, She Found!"
For several months, long days & countless nights,
Thoughts tugged @ her mind, but none seemed just right...
Up early in the morning & reaching for new thought was just a dream,
Nothing was measuring up, nothing was in sight, there was a shout & then a loud scream..
A moment of genius began, innovative thoughts, A New Chapter now comes true,
An unchartered path, filled with vision, a new talent, there is so much life to do...
"A New Chapter Is Born.."` M. Queen, Poet...July 12, 2012
Lille McGhee04-Jul-2012 20:02
Today, WEDNESDAY, JULY 4, 2012 ...
This morning when I woke up, I began to ask myself this question, What Am I Thankful For.
All of a sudden, so many answers started to rush to my head. Here are just a few:
-- I am thankful, also grateful for...
(1) a secure spiritual upbringing . (2) good health . (3) a successful marriage .
(4) a caring spouse . (5) a happy son & grandson . (6) two loving sisters & one brother .
(7) quality friendships: girlfriends, male friends & acquitances (8) a freedom to have choices @ this point in life . (9) multiple talents: a published poet, author & professional artist . (10) interacting with people of diversed cultures, social-economic & educational backgrounds...JULY 4, 2012 ... Lille` Mc Ghee-Queen
Guest 22-Jun-2012 00:08
the queen family is enjoying a bi-coastal lifestyle (east and west) during spring, summer and fall 2012. i thank you god for reconnecting our family and making us spiritually whole once more and during our lifetime. we will spend the weekend @ myrtle beach, south carolina--june 22-24, 2012. lille`
Guest 19-Jun-2012 09:04
" often does a parent (mother or father) gets a second chance to spend weeks or
months of private time with an adult son or daughter? that blessing was given to
us during the spring - summer of 2012. oh, what a legacy of thoughts for all...
the queen family of three."
Guest 25-May-2012 20:25
prayer changes bad circumstances into opportunities & new freedom. so, keep on praying!
Guest 22-May-2012 21:54
getting lost on canvas with a paint brush in hand is one powerful feeling of freedom and liberation. the same rush is experienced by musicians, writers, leaders and public speakers.

i am an abstract/expressionist (painter) and my testimonial is based on personal experiences on canvas for many years....
Gabriele Hasslacher20-May-2012 19:32
Dear Lille,
thank you for your message in my guestbook! This led me to your galleries and I am glad to find so many beautiful and colorul work!
My best wishes,
Guest 15-May-2012 10:20
It is amazing the spiritual lessons that can be learned in surrending. Surrending to me is going to the alter on bended knees, letting go of past, then rising up and soaring to higher grounds or unchartered waters. That is the lesson I learned from the minister's message, MOTHER'S DAY 2012, in Charlotte, NC. Prior to that message, I had been holding onto certan family matters that angered me that I wanted to see changed. The good news is, when I surrendered to the family matter,the situation changed. A NEW MOMENT ENTERED MY DAY, MY PATH. THANK YO GOD FOR ENABLING ME TO SEE AND ACCEPT THE DIFFERENCE...LILLE`
Guest 23-Apr-2012 16:20
"there is joy to be had by all -- just count each blessing,then listen to god's call." the

"it's a happy day in charlotte, n.c., w/famly & friends. there's more to come, so let the party begin..." lille`
Lille McGhee13-Apr-2012 02:56

"Rain, rain, don't go away. The night is young. It's dry outside. So, let's all bend our knees to pray."

"It's so easy to go through stages in life seeking permission and approval. Now is the time to trust your own feelings and make critical decision about future steps to take without guilt but with influence. LILLE`
Lille McGhee06-Apr-2012 22:21

After the March winds have come and gone, Easter Showers bring May flowers. There is beauty, sunshine and green,(the color of new birth and growth,) all around us. Choose to be happy and filled with a sense of gratitude during this warm spring season 2012. Let this be said, felt, and celebrated from the East Coast to the West Coast...
Lille McGhee07-Mar-2012 14:41
Select significant women in your life and let them know that you appreciate them -- send them a handwritten greeting card and fill it with words of love. It is because of these women that we were born, nurtured early-on, pampered by many moms and dads throughout the land and countries. My mom, like my dad, is the most positive influences in my life. They laid a spiritual foundation for me to learn from and lend on after they have left me on earth to stand up on my own...I LOVE YOU BOTH... Lille` Mc Ghee-Queen, A Spouse/ Mom/Grandmom
Lille McGhee01-Mar-2012 02:32

"...When All Else Fails, Prayer Is The Answer."
Lille McGhee27-Feb-2012 15:03
Spring 2012 is just around the corner -- oh, what great season to experience. Well, all seasons are great: Winter Season -- the chills, dressing in layers, snuggling to keep warm and the white snow. Fall Season -- a time of beauty, multi-colored leaves falling from the trees and landing on the ground, and above, shopping with colors in mind. Spring Season -- new growth, green colors popping up everywhere, a freshness in the air and shedding of winter coats. Summer Season -- a time to run wild and free, minimum clothing, sun baths, playing in deep and shallow waters. No matter what season, let it be your best season of all; spiritually, culturally, economically & more... Lille`
Lille McGhee11-Feb-2012 03:09
THE YEAR 2012 Is A Year Of Joy. Counting ALL Blessings. Expressing Gratitude . Staying Spiritually Focused and Connected. Tapping Into One's Talents & Abilities. LMQ
Lille McGhee06-Dec-2011 00:54
It is now December 2011 and within weeks, the NEW YEAR 2012, will be upon us.
For me, there are so many blessings in 2011 that I share with the world: good health,
a happy family, coupled with friends, a sense of spiritual importance. Lille` M. Queen
stella dressler 16-Nov-2011 06:04
Stella Dressler
Guest 12-May-2011 20:13
"LIFE IS... ABOUT seeing that which is in front of you; analayzing the good points objectively and tossing the bad points to the wind." If there are some blind spots hidden along life's path, ask for spiritual guidance in finding your way back home for self-empowerment & direction. Lille M. Queen, Poet & Author
Guest 18-Mar-2011 17:09


On Friday Morning, March 11, 2011, approximately 9:30am (East Coast Time) and (6:30am) California time, a concerned telephone call was received from our son, Varek Queen, who resides in North Carolina. He was en route to work and heard about the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan. Varek was calling and inquiring whether or not the Tsuanami had affected his California Parents....The Answer is "No" Son, we Californias are safe at this writing. Thanks Son For Calling..To view Abstract Paintings of Lille M. Queen/Artist,that contain titles weather conditions on canvas: i.e., Hurricane Katrina 2005, Tsunami in various parts of the world,just click::
Guest 20-Feb-2011 01:20

You can now tour and purchase the Artist's (Abstract) Greeting Cards in two different galleries on the website: For Price Inquiries/details--

The abstract paintings reduced to Greeting Cards in (GIRLFRIENDS ART GALLERY)
TITLES: "...Tomorrow" ... "Passing The Torch" ... "Moving Forward" --
by/lille queen/artist

The abstract painting reduced to a Greeting Card in (MOTHER, NATURE & ART GALLERY)
TITLE: "...Birth of the New Millennum" -- by/lille queen/artist
Guest 02-Jan-2011 14:35

This is the beginning of a very successful year. The momentum and spirit are in the air. My vision is to complete my next book in 2011 entitled, "Legacy Of A Lady: Passing The Torch..."(c) 2011. At some point along life's journey, it is important to stop in one's on path, reflect upon the past, write about significant experiences today, expand your vision into tomorrow....Lille Mc Ghee-Queen/Author/Artist/Poet
Guest 19-Dec-2010 15:48
You will read comments of website viewers from around the world...some of the personal artist's statements made by Lille...reflections of her childhood days to now...her creative visions...inspirational poetry and more. The New Year, 2011, is almost upon us so take your tour into the Galleries today -- tomorrow makes no promises to anyone for tomorrow never comes...Signed:Lille M. Queen, Sunday December 19, 2010 -- San Jose, CA
Guest 30-Oct-2010 23:12

Stay tuned for the grande opening of an EAST-BAY Girlfriends NETWORKING Club in Northern California (covering Alameda & Contra) Counties. Stay tuned for opening

Lille M. Queen/Founder....Nadine Lavesatter, Club Director
lille mc ghee queen 29-May-2010 13:56

I, Lille M. Queen, Artist, (Abstract Expressionist), did not paint an abstract painting of Haiti. It would be simply too much of emotional experience. Those moments and brush strokes on canvas would rip through my heart.

My husband, Mike, and I made a financial contribution, through the Red Cross, to help the Haiti victims.

As an Artist, I did however, custom design, 60 "memory" bracelets for the women and girlfriends in Haiti. A colorful ribbon is tied around each bracelet.

Today, Saturday, May 29, 2010 (Memorial Weekend/California), in memory of the females in Haiti, I am giving away 20 Memory HAITI Bracelets-- each with a tied ribbon. The bracelets will be given to members of the Girlfriends Networking Club and their guests, at our Annual "High" Tea...Tyme For Tea House, Fremont, California. Everyone will also receive another gift (in memory of my mother who wore clip-on earrings),a pair of custom-designed "Diva/Vintage Clip-On EarRings" handcrafted/designed by Lille.

At this point in my life, it's more about giving than receiving...These days, I have so much wisdom to give to the Girlfriends Club that I founded in January 2010, also to our son, Varek, 39, and grandson, Giano, age 17, a 2010 High School Graduate, Arizona.
Signed: Lille M. Queen, 5/29/2010
Guest 25-May-2010 02:44

When you tour the Girlfriends Art Gallery and see the abstract paintings,
"Global Warming," you will pause for a moment. Then you will say, the paintings
is a reminder of what is happening in the Gulf Coast of Mexico Oil Spill (April 2010)
an unresolved diaster to now, May 24, 2010.
Guest 28-Apr-2010 01:50

It is always a joy to visit my Abstract Art Gallery and Jewelry Gallery. Each time I visit the galleries, I see something that not seen before. These "mini" discoveries bring joy to my heart.

Guest 16-Feb-2010 14:14

Some Very Good News...She Does It Again...Lille Mc Ghee-Queen Extends An Invitation To You...Make It A Point To Visit Her Most Recent Website DIVA/JEWELRY Gallery Today:
Guest 25-Dec-2009 22:13

Oh, where do I start? In reflecting upon Christmas Celebrations, from my childhood days on the farmlands of North Carolina, to the present moment, my heart is filled with JOY! I am a happy person, a spouse, mom and grandmom, what more can I spiritually ask for?
I now have an extended family of Girlfriends in Silicon Valley -- most of our relatives are residing on the East Coast.

A Special Thank-You Message to my deceased parents and grandparents. They, individually, loved us, provided us with good spiritual values and work-ethics that are all passed into this generation and generations to come in our families. I AM HAPPY TODAY.... Lille Mc Ghee-Queen,
Guest 17-Dec-2009 01:03

It is so easy to get caught up in one's own drama or in the drama of others. Whenever you feel the need to get "caught" up, take a step backward and ask, WHY? While there may be something positive which may develop from "dramatic" situations, too often it's not. Drama is saturated with negative energy. Recognize drama. Squash it. Move forward with a healthy attitude & intelligence...Lille M. Queen, Author & Artist -- Northern California/USA
Guest 06-Nov-2009 10:02
A THOUGHT FOR THIS DAY, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2009 -- A FEW DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! Lille Mc Ghee-Queen/Poet...Friday, November 6, 2009

"Life Is Not A Straight Line. It Is A Map Filled With Hills...Valleys... Unknown Paths...Opportunities...Cheers...Challenges...Curves In The Road...&...Much More. Choose To Live A Quality Life. It's Your BirthRight, Also An Entitlement."
Guest 01-Nov-2009 12:46
THE "LETTER OF REJECTION..." The Artist Has Options!

When a writer or artist receives a rejection letter from a publisher, organization, or institution, there are so many different ways to process the "unwanted" news: through anger, hurt feelings, emotional injustice, self-pity, turn the rejection into a creative moment and move forward.

Several months ago (Sept. 2009), I received such a letter from the Women's In The Arts Museum, Washington, D.C., -- a non-profit organization where I've been a member, off and on, for several years.

In December 2008, I submitted a proposal letter requesting to donate several of my 'best' abstract paintings. Well around nine months later, September 2009, the Rejection Letter arrived on my desk.

One day in November 2009 (perhaps on my sixty-something birthday), I will respond to the writter of the Rejection Letter and let writer know that as a writer & artist, "I WILL RISE ABOVE THE REJECTION." What further interests me -- perhaps concerns me now is, I am still getting letters from the Museum asking me for MONETARY DONATIONS AND MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL. What's up with that??

QUESTION: How can I feel loyal to any Art Musem who is only interested in my financial contributions but in the same breathe, REJECT MY ABSTRACT PAINTINGS in an impersonal "form" letter?

CONCLUSION: My parents always instilled in my mind to rise above my persent circumstances. I will never disappoint my parents, and I will RISE BEYOND THE MUSEUM'S REJECTION LETTER." Lille Mc Ghee-Queen, Author,Artist, Poet,
San Jose, California....Novemer 1, 2009
Lille McGhee08-Oct-2009 02:52

Where would our lives be without the beauty of art?
How would we feel self-empowered without jewelry?
Or, at minimum, a cup of tea?

Lille Mc Ghee-Queen, Artist & author
Lille McGhee28-Sep-2009 22:08
The Art's Statement....

I am so pleased that the Website Art Galleries continue to be updated and attract newcomers throughout each year.

Signed: Lille Mc Ghee-Queen, Artist
Sonya 08-Dec-2008 21:31
It so heart warming to see that you have found a peace and joy through your artwork. I look forward to viewing other artistic genres you have to share for our viewing.
Melody 04-Dec-2008 21:25
WOW - beautiful artwork and beads. So talented! Your spirit is always so upbeat!!
Frederico 02-Dec-2008 05:03
Wow! Lille, your latest work is pretty amazing. Your colors, palette, and brushstrokes are so powerful but at the same time, your paintings are very pleasing to the viewer's eye. Your jewelry collection is superb! They look so original and unique. I'm so thrilled for you my friend. Great photo too! I wonder who took it..haha..
Dawn 21-Nov-2008 14:53
My mother and my daughter were my best friends who I talked to on a daily basis three and four times a day when I loss them I thought I would never have girlfriends like them again. Lille', you and the rest of the "Girlfriends" let me know there are there are more "Girlfriends" in the world.

Lille' Your art is warm and soothing how blessed you are to have such a wonderful talent.
margaret 21-Nov-2008 14:27
You are too much!!!!! A lovely piece of lit. It has great depth. I guess we all have a calling (s) and a plan for our lives and you have really tapped into yours. Portions of the poem speak to me. And that's a good thing. The art is beautiful and different. You are unstoppable! I guess you can see I'm excited about it. LOL. Lil, I congratulate you on all of your accomplishments in life. Your are indeed a multi-tasker. I'll leave all the art to you (who does it best) and I'll stick to cover design, printing, and my own flavor of writing which is NOT poetry. I love the poem. Love it.
STEPHINE 20-Nov-2008 05:30
Lille my beloved aunt and confidant what a beautiful website you have. You are such a loving and talented woman and you are my mentor. Keep up the great work that you are doing. I love everything about the website. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA

Joan Clout-Kruse 18-Nov-2008 00:23
Hi Lille:

My goodness you have a lot of artwork and beads! The site is simple and easy to use to view your products. Congratulations Lille. That is an accomplishment for you and your webmaster.
tomr-photos17-Sep-2008 19:04
Hi Lille. Thanks for stopping by. :)
Patricia Dennis 11-Sep-2008 23:52
I love the depth and feeling that your art portrays! From the free feeling "girlfiends in Jamica" to thunderous "Katrina", totally awesome!
Lille McGhee01-Sep-2008 03:21

I am so personally greatful for each and every comment I've received in my two Abstract Art Galleries Website: www.pbase.com_lille/mcghee -- "Mother, Nature & Art" & "Girlfriends Art Gallery." These comments are not only from people here in the United States of America, but other countires. It fills my heart with "unlimited" joy to read comments such as, "...prior to my seeing your art, there was not interest in abstract art." I would like to think that I've made a thumb print in the Art World. That feeling overwhelms me with happiness, confidence, creativity, humility & joy. It is with sadness that my parents died before I made my first brush stroke on canvas on a hot summer day, August 1994, South San Francisco, CA. Signed: LILLE M. QUEEN
hongmei Low 28-Aug-2008 23:49
Very happy for you, Lille.
Your art work is one of a kind. They are passionate and touching.
You open a rich colorful window to share your life with the others.
Keep painting as a happy artist.

Adalberto Tiburzi14-Apr-2008 14:14
A nice surprise to discover you Lille.
I find your galleries very interesting, one of the most intriguing on PBase.
Lena Duitz 20-Mar-2008 16:39
Dear Lille
Thank you for sharing your web site of beautiful paintings. You are an inspiration and your paintings are colorful windows into your soul. Best of luck to you!
Thierry Lucas15-Mar-2008 15:49
Hello Lille,
Thanks very much for your comments on my galleries.
You have very nice pictures too.
Will go back to see more.


Thierry Lucas
Guest 10-Mar-2008 01:52
Dear Lille,
Thanks so much for sending us your information. I love your beautiful, colorful abstracts and am very impressed with your books. What a talented and lovely woman you are! We are so glad you wandered into our studio and introduced yourself. We would love to have you model for us (you have such a gorgeous face!) or come and paint with us. You can paint the model in abstract form.
Sincerely, Jo Ariko
Cynthia DeBenedetti 08-Mar-2008 23:24
Hi Lillie,

Thanks for sharing your abstract art web site along with your book and authoring information.....congratulations to you too! Your art is alive with rich colors! I enjoyed looking at the other sites with photos on them as well. Would like to take a look at something similar for representational fine art, too.

Best of continued luck,
Cynthia DeBenedetti
Cynthia DeBenedetti 08-Mar-2008 23:23
Hi Lillie,

Thanks for sharing your abstract art web site along with your book and authoring information.....congratulations to you too! Your art is alive with rich colors! I enjoyed looking at the other sites with photos on them as well. Would like to take a look at something similar for representational fine art, too.

Best of continued luck,
Cynthia DeBenedetti
Lille McGhee01-Mar-2008 15:15

T-Shirts!" ADD TO THIS EXCITEMENT! The Three Girlfriends Clubs--California Opened 2006 & 2007. CONTINUE TO TELL OTHERS ABOUT OUR SUCCESS: (lille)
Martha Albuquerque22-Feb-2008 13:56
Dear Lille,
Thank you for your visit and nice words, also for the support.
Your work is beautiful, your art unique. Thanks for sharing it,
Darbowski07-Feb-2008 17:15
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires ! J'aime beaucoup tes galeries et je reviendrai souvent les visiter !
Guest 15-Jan-2008 07:20
Lille, I was unable to view more than a few paintings, as my computer would not cooperate. However, I enjoyed the vibrant colors. Thanks for your interest in my art.
Carol L. Riddle
Sonya Fogle 09-Jan-2008 15:08
Lille, your paintings are priceless. Each painting emits its own story with such energy; yet style. I love the color choices in many. This is art acquires its own level. Continue to paint with such emotion and depth.
Frederico Domondon 27-Dec-2007 18:55
Lille - thanks for sharing the beauty of your paintings! As a fellow artist, I commend you with such energy, colors and power of the brush and paint. As your friend, keep showing your art my friend and let the world to see!
Alice Mitchell 12-Feb-2006 02:54
Lille,your art display at the Person Co.Museum in Roxboro NC was fascinating.The colors are magnificent.I look forward to reading your inspirational books.
Edward Seichei 10-Feb-2006 18:13
Lille, Nice to find you on web, you new pieces look great!
Linda Garrett 24-Jan-2006 18:02
Lille, I am so amazed at the incredible beauty and vitality of your
artwork! Your work captures my mind, my heart, and my sense of playful imagination. I feel that it is deeply moving to my soul to view and enjoy
your beautiful creative expressions. You have a truly powerful,
inspirational gift as an artist!
Frederico Domondon 07-Dec-2005 03:52
Lille, as a fellow artist, I will commend you on a job well done on your paintings! Your bold colors and brushstrokes make your art work one of a kind! I can feel the intensity and the emotions on your palette. The world need to see more, my friend.
Stephine Woods 03-Dec-2005 21:27
Lille, I am so proud of you. Your artwork is spectacular and so innovative. I can see the passion that you put forth in your work. You are a true inspiration to the artist world.
Congratulations on a job well done.
Joellen Sutterfield 30-Nov-2005 21:30
Wow! Lille, I am so impressed with your unquie creations.
From your books, poetry and public speaking to these insightful masterpieces.
You have been given the soul and heart of a true creator and artist and it is a joy to behold.