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'Risja, a story by Lilith', photo art exhibition

Kick off at Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg, Roermond (Nl) of the exhibition 'Risja, a story by Lilith'-This is bugging me before going on tour, November 15 2012.

The young Risja Steeghs from Reuver (Nl) seems to have found herself playing a role in a surrealistic film. For the last few years she has been confined to bed with Lyme disease. She depends almost entirely on her parents' care. A single tick bite has deprived her of most of her independance.

Girl-Power and Happiness

Is Risja´s story the plot of a tragic film? Absolutely not! In spite of her misfortune Risja has more positivity in her - sick - body than many other. She has a great affection for those around her and has a great love of art. Whenever her disability permits, she creates works of art. And she dares to hope that one day she will get better. But Risja doesn't intend to lie and wait until that day arrives. So she started early in 2012 - together with the internationally known photographer, Lilith - on a unique artproject. It proved to be the start of Foundation "TeekOnMe"
DSC_3860.jpg DSC_3863.jpg DSC_3864.jpg DSC_3867.jpg DSC_3869.jpg DSC_3873.jpg
DSC_3874.jpg DSC_3875.jpg DSC_3876.jpg DSC_3877.jpg DSC_3878.jpg DSC_3880.jpg
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DSC_3944.jpg DSC_3945.jpg DSC_3946.jpg DSC_3954.jpg DSC_3957.jpg DSC_3958.jpg
DSC_3960.jpg DSC_3961.jpg DSC_3963.jpg DSC_3965.jpg DSC_3966.jpg DSC_3967.jpg
DSC_3971.jpg DSC_3973.jpg DSC_3977.jpg DSC_3983.jpg DSC_3986.jpg DSC_3990.jpg
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DSC_4026.jpg DSC_4029.jpg DSC_4031.jpg DSC_4032.jpg DSC_4034.jpg DSC_4035.jpg
DSC_4038.jpg DSC_4043.jpg DSC_4044.jpg DSC_4047.jpg DSC_4051.jpg DSC_4053.jpg
DSC_4055.jpg DSC_4058.jpg DSC_4059.jpg DSC_4061.jpg DSC_4062.jpg DSC_4063.jpg
DSC_4065.jpg DSC_4066.jpg DSC_4071.jpg DSC_4072.jpg DSC_4075.jpg DSC_4077.jpg
DSC_4088.jpg DSC_4092.jpg DSC_4097.jpg DSC_4099.jpg DSC_4101.jpg DSC_4103.jpg
DSC_4114.jpg DSC_4118.jpg DSC_4121.jpg DSC_4123.jpg DSC_4127.jpg DSC_4128.jpg
DSC_4131.jpg DSC_4133.jpg DSC_4138.jpg DSC_4147.jpg DSC_4149.jpg DSC_4153.jpg
DSC_4155.jpg DSC_4156.jpg DSC_4163.jpg DSC_4164.jpg DSC_4165.jpg DSC_4167.jpg
DSC_4171.jpg DSC_4173.jpg DSC_4174.jpg DSC_4176.jpg DSC_4178.jpg DSC_4180.jpg
DSC_4184.jpg DSC_4185.jpg DSC_4187.jpg DSC_4191.jpg DSC_4194.jpg DSC_4196.jpg
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