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Locker Room
11-JAN-2006 Karl R. Josker

Locker Room

1389 Delaware Ave. Buffalo

Canon EOS 20D ,Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
1/60s f/5.6 at 34.0mm iso200 full exif

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Guest 30-Mar-2017 21:24
Still haven't had a beef on weck as good as a bad day at the Locker Room... You had to have your beer in hand if you used the horseradish
Guest 17-Nov-2016 16:23
French was my brother Larry. It was a great bar and the best beef on wick in town. Thanks for the memories.
Sharon straka gates 17-Nov-2016 12:21
Classic . pharmacy parties nurses night millard fillmore class of 75.worked in 8 west with Jane scime.
Sharon straka gates 17-Nov-2016 12:18
Guest 17-Nov-2016 12:15
Class of 75.grwat times there. Tuesday night nurses parties
Tim 24-Mar-2016 19:31
As a Canisius student in the 1970s, this was the place we went. I really enjoyed this thread and being reminded of Nurses Night. Remember 10 cent glasses of beer? So crowded you could barely move through the places some nights.
George Janofsky 20-Feb-2016 18:54
Used to work the for a short while in the early 80s and loved it! Best Roastbeef on Wick all hand carved and great wings! A little pissed when I returned on year to find it gone.
Jerry 27-Jan-2016 20:48
I was there a few hundred times in the late 70’s on Tuesdays remembering foosball, nurses and cases of Old Vienna on the bar filled with ice. Sunspot baby and Thank God I’m a Country Boy.
Guest 27-Jan-2016 20:46
I was there a few hundred times in the 70’s remembering foosball, nurses and cases of Old Vienna splits on the bar filled with ice. Sunspot baby and Thank God I’m a Country Boy.
Guest 03-Jul-2015 16:00
These memories everyone shares are so great to hear! I'm married to one of the sons of the The Locker Rooms owner Paul Goodlander. The memories made us smile and we know Paul is in Heaven looking down, smiling and remembering as well. Thank you for sharing!
Guest 14-Aug-2014 03:59
What a great bar town, for me it was the 70's. Masthead Bar on Grant St (I lived right around the corner on Rees)every Thursday night for Beatles night and foosball. John Valby was a regular there. Then down Grant street to Binky Browns. Go up Forest Ave to Ivanhoe near corner of Elmwood Ave (near Royal Pheasant restaurant?). Head over to No Name on Elmwood and Bidwell (great fern bar) and drink while playing backgammon. My late sister was a bartender there. Then up to Delaware Ave to Locker Room (they used to play alot of J Geils alot there - "Wammer Jammer" and the place would go nuts. Then over to Alley Bar to decompress. Incredible memories. Thank you Buffalo for being a great town to grow up in. DId I mention the amazing live music scene then?
Guest 08-Aug-2014 03:18
Gotta love the locker room! Met my husband of 29 years there! Best party place of the late 70's early 80's! Lrac often comes up in conversation... many a night my arm was twisted to go there, while writing a paper for school! But totally worth it! So sad that my kids won't be able to experience the Locker Room!
Kaz 15-Apr-2014 02:56
Mid-70's....Tuesday night was Nurses' Night....Boz rocked behind the bar. We drove in from Cheektowaga on a REGULAR basis to party here!!!
Guest 30-Mar-2014 03:00
Remember duke the door .boz,frenchie,coczi,and my buddie Dino behind the bar.also captain himo and heavy duty Leo playing the tunes
Brian 26-Mar-2014 00:33
Wow Locker Room in the 90's was awesome. 2 for 1 on Thursday nights, had Fridays off from work thank god.Upstairs, and the back pATIO...NEVER A DULL TIME.
Guest 15-Mar-2014 19:10
Good times in the early 90s. The bouncer was a friend of mine. Always let me and all my 16-year-old friends in no issues. Thursday nights were Locker Room nights for several years.
Guest 16-Jan-2013 21:13
Chris's note of the late 70's really stirred some names from the past. My buddy Bones and I spent a lot of time there. I remember that Bozo used to do 'amaretto toes', where he'd go down the bar pouring amaretto on the Buffalo Gals with open toe shoes, than follow-up by licking the amaretto off. Crazy, but fun, times.
Joe Maroney 06-Dec-2012 21:27
I washed dishes and became short order cook, 1970-1975 - had a great time, many friends like Bobby, Paul and Dennis. If anyone recalls, email accepted at Joe Maroney
BL 20-Aug-2012 03:19
Wow..what memories..buff state grad school 81-83. The looker room, stuffed mushroom, bullfeathers, mr good bars, merlins...lived near childrens hospital. Good times. Went to darlings in pinehurst nc today for beef on wick.
Mary Jo Marchi (Poorten) 29-Sep-2011 16:39
Wow - why do they always have to get rid of classics? LRAC was definitely a place to make memories. I was so disappointed when I visited & it was gone. I was there in the 70's - my beau was Dave Mulhern & we even lived upstairs for awhile before moving to California (after the blizard of '77). Coxie and Bozo were working there as well as many Mulherns as mentioned. Other Mulhern siblings followed to California & were on the family feud show - lost the second game to a bar question no less - the story made the bufalo evening news (it was painful). Gues whta the ? was? "what do you serve in a bar to make people thirsty to drink more?" answer "chicken wings!" It was a fun time and some wild times - when you're young you can handle that. I still tell stories noone beleives me about having the beef at the bar and cutting it to each desire - best beef on weck ever! mary jo marchi aka poorten
Chris Schlichte 30-Aug-2011 03:38
I worked the door at the Locker Room in the late 1970's with the 6'6" albino,the late Paul Clifford.
Then I was promoted to day bartender with Herbie, the when Herbie left to work in the Bio-Medical Field as a factory rep, I was again promoted to General Manager (against my will..
kicking and screaming)!! I worked at the Locker Room with Kathy, Maureen,Kevin,Chris,and all the other Mulherns. Bozo worked the front bar, Coxie (Larry Cox)worked the back end of the main bar, and Paul Shelter worked the small Club Bar. Tommy Howard was the sound man (the best I've ever known)and Paul Goodlander was our fearless leader (owner)!! I had a great time working at the Locker Room, I had some of the best times of my life at that stinkin'bar !! I was saddened when I learned that it was gone....Before I worked there, I was a patron, in the days when Bobby Hens held court there every day !! Other names from those days are John Nelson, and Pie Face.....I wish I could remember them all.
JackB. 07-Jul-2010 03:35
I spent time at Meyer's Tavern, and then stopped in when it was The Locker Room. My parents and grandparents went there when it was Gaughan's, in the 1930's, I think. Alway great Beef on Weck.
Ian 22-Jun-2010 23:30
I met my wife to be...twice at the Locker Room. We have been married for 27+years. I think it was the cowboy hat that became popular after the olympics.
jeff 22-May-2009 14:16
i grew up in north tonawanda but have been in north carolina the last 30 years. the memories in the late 70s of the cases of rolling rock splits at the brick bar on monday nights are still very clear. also, the locker room on friday nights with nazareth blasting on the sound system. still some of the best times of my life.
Cathy 26-Apr-2009 01:21
I lived in Buffalo right after college, in 1973, I even played softball for the locker room.... ( I stunk! ) I remember Bobby Hens and some of the other staff there, can't remember names, but the faces are clear.. I loved those delicious roast beef sandwichs. They would have that huge piece of beef and slice it paper thin, in front of you and put it on that great bread.... I can still taste it!. One weekend I went to Miami to see the Bills play on one of their group outings.
Jim 06-Mar-2009 21:35
Yes Lynda, I remember those days very well. Meyer's Tavern on the right side and a liquor store on the left. My friend lived upstairs and his dad was an alcoholic. I guess a great place to live if you like the sauce. We used to hand out at Gates Circle in the park and also in the circle fountain area. Great memories and a great place to grow up.
- Jim (
Lynda 22-Aug-2008 22:58
Back in the 50s and 60s (not sure when it changed) this was Meyer's Tavern...famous for beef on kimmelwick...I lived on Inwood Place off Dealaware a teenager we hung out at the Gates Circle park with a group from the surrounding neighborhoods...any of you out there remember?
jackieh06-Jun-2008 13:51
Locker Room was the place to go on Friday nights in the late 70's. I remember music being played from a records, it was like family. There use to be a small bar right next to the Locker Room called the Alley Bar. Fun times, met my husband there St Patty's Day in 1973. Thanks for the memories, the name may have changed and painted a bit different but it still looks like the same place.
Lewis McLean 11-Oct-2007 13:02
I used to live on W. Delavan Ave. near the Locker Room...This is a historic tavern, originally called Gong's Tavern, established in early 1800's as a stopover along a trading route...My Grandfather used to take me there three times a week in the early 40's (1940's, that is)when I was a pre-teenager...He would have his glass of ale and I would have a draft root beer...Always a favorite of the staff at Millard Fillmore Hospital, and famous for Beef on 'Weck...There was a mural above the bar painted by A. Beardsley, Grecian gods and nymphs, semi-erotic...I wonder if it was salvaged?
Guest 01-Sep-2007 18:12
The Locker Room was in our regular bar-hopping rotation for a while, I think it was a Thursday night hot-spot. In 1984 I met a nurse there whom I ended up dating for a while. She lived in Lockport so driving her home in my '55 Chevy hot rod at the end of the night could be somewhat of an ordeal, especially depending on how much partying we did. She happened to be a virgin and unbeknownst to me she had decided that as my birthday present she would give herself to me. That night she drank more than usual and the way back to her house in Lockport I had to stop so she could throw up! She was as sick as a dog and when we got back to her place she told me what my present was to be. She still wanted to go through with it, but I wouldn't let her. I wasn't very keen on her first time being in a drunken stupor, that's not romance. We ended up breaking up, never having done the dirty deed. Some months later she showed up at my door and announced that she was no longer a virgin so we could now "do it." I'll always remember her as a sweet, but somewhat confused girl at that time.
anne canfield hoffman 17-Aug-2007 00:03
Millard Fillmore School of Nursing '72-75- many a hang overs from here- those poor house mothers at the dorm!
Guest 16-Apr-2007 19:22
Yup, the locker room . rumored to be the birthplace of the roast beef on weck!. I used to work @ the nursing home down the street and drink there on Wednesday nights nurses night!3 labbats for a buck ! later to be black label spilts . I can proudly say i ran the foosball table there for many a year~!
Guest 14-Feb-2007 08:37
It's 1972 and the Locker Room is in full swing as -the- hangout. Purchased by a Mulligan's alumni bartender, Bobby Hens, it was the place to eat wings and gather for a bus ride to the Bills games on a Sunday afternoon. Patty Jammer was there and many of the bartenders came on their nights off during the week. Bobby had an old bus that he took people to the games in. I was on the bus on a really cold Sunday and it broke down from the cold. Bobby put out the call for alcohol and several bottles of vodka down the radiator later, we chugged back to the warmth of the Locker Room.
Lorrie Hanny 21-Jul-2006 02:31
I spent many a Friday night waiting in line to get into this place. Crazy, crazy times! That was between 1971-1977.
david409921-Jan-2006 05:07
This is on Gates Circle?