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hot dog 007.JPG

hot dog 007.JPG

Drama finds me. After shopping at Walmart today , Im putting my stuff in my car and I hear a few yelps every so many seconds. First thing to mind is ( unattended animal in hot car).... and it is ! A little puppy panting fast with his nose toward the crack in the window trying to get air, trying to be heard. Not a second to think I open the door and get the puppy out. Holding it I think" what to do next" . I grab my camera in my car ( which is parked in front of the stupid dog owners car ) and took a pic of license plate and window where the dog was gasping for air. So here I stand thinking " do I call the law " or wait to get my ass kicked by some Hells Angel or pro wrestlers ? I thought " dog is safe so why dont I just wait to see how long the dog would have been in the car ( SINCE I GOT IT OUT ).

It only took 5 minutes for the owner to show. But at the first 2 minutes 3 of my friends walked up and start talking to me and of course the puppy is the main topic. 3 minutes after that the girls walk up and one says " that is my dog ". Obviously they are still ignorant to the dangers of heat and animals.
Without being hateful " mind you" I told them about the dangers of leaving pets in cars. One said " we were only going to be gone for 5 minutes " . Well I was there for 5 minutes ( watch on wrist ) so that was wasnt true in addition to the fact you never assume how long your going to be in the store. Eh and I could have been a pet thief too ! I really dont know how long the dog was in the car but if video was needed hopefully Walmarts security cams could have come into play. Secondly both gals thought it necessary to go into the store together instead of one remaining in the car with the dog so a theres some neglect with ignorance mixed together . Having one stay with the dog probably didnt cross their minds. Fun shopping with friends is more important.
Well I handed the dog back to them and kind of hoped the whole issue was over but then one of my friends said " you know its against the law to leave an animal in your car ". ( has that law passed yet ?) and another said " the laws already been called "..... but really no phone call was made ". To diffuse all the emotion I told the gals that they better hurry up and go. I think the message will stick so hopefully the means was justified.
Checked with my smart phone and temp was 88 degrees.
Why did I take time to write all this ? I want to remind yall if you see an animal in a car in the heat of the day to act immediately . If you cant get the animal out, a phone call to the cops wont necessarily save that pet if. If you cant get the animal out, call the law immediately and give all information asked of you including the tag number... this also helps should you get your ass kicked. IF the animal then shows signs that its life is in inevitable peril, kick the window out,. Legally some video of the animal behind the closed window will help but when it comes to a life of a helpless animal who gives a damn ! If you see an animal that needs help and do nothing " your as guilty as the person who is neglecting their pet !
Pic of my friend holding the pupply with the dog owners car in the background.

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ajuett17-Sep-2013 20:52
Good on you! You absolutely did the right thing. V