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Thank God for Sept 11

Thank God for Sept 11

September 11 made Bush's re-election possible.

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ThinkAndType 18-Dec-2007 16:07

"Ah! The liberal slogan finally made public!"

- Really? Seriously? Is THATwhat you think? That these kids are "liberals"?

I have to say there are *plenty* of liberal crazies out there, BUT these two are radical right-wing conservatives right here. They might not be your "favorite" flavor of conservative, and maybe you wish they were something "other than" conservative ... but they and their organization are conservatives 100%.

You seem to be labeling anything you don't like as being "liberal".

"I don't like butterscotch candy. I like peppermint!"


"Butterscotch is LIBERAL! Peppermint is CONSERVATIVE (yummy!)!"

Sometimes you have to step back and look at what you are saying and why you are saying it. Damn.
Some dude 18-Dec-2007 15:57

I think that calling these kids "two typical rural American children" (in one comment) shows an extreme bias and bigoted hatred towards people who live in rural areas.

These kids aren't "normal" kids by any stretch. Implying that they're "typical rural American kids" is like saying that "typical rural people are crazies" ... or "typical southerners are uneducated hicks" ... or "typical blacks are criminals" ... or "typical gays are molesters".

I think that comment bothered me almost as much as this picture did. It seemed very "bigotry for me, but not for thee". It isn't ok to be a bigot just because it is "left wing" bigotry.

Just my 2c
Guest 01-Oct-2006 23:41
For some one to say God Hates Fags first why is God hateing any one
Info 21-Aug-2005 21:05
These are the "God Hates Fags" kids from the Westboro Baptist Church. Their position is that 9/11 was God's punishment. They also think that God hates Sweden and Canada -- countries clearly brimming with fags. They take their kids all over the country with their protest signs. Don't believe me? See for yourself: Be sure to check out the photo gallery, featuring such classics as "God is Amerca's Terrorist."
bridget 18-Aug-2005 21:11
Where are their parents?who I am sure told them to do what they are doing. It is just aweful
n09-Aug-2005 21:09
Based on the comments, it isn't clear to many viewers that these children are members of a Baptist church in Kansas and represent an extreme faction of the religious right.

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, immediately following 9-11 agreed, in part, with the idea that God played a role in the crisis.

During a discussion about whether the 9-11 crisis might bring revival to America, Jerry Falwell said God may have allowed what the nation deserved because of moral decay and said Americans should have an attitude of repentance before God and asking for God's protection. He specifically listed the ACLU, abortionists, feminists, gays, and the People For the American way as sharing in the blame. Pat Robertson responded with agreement.
Scott H. 09-Aug-2005 15:06
I think these two typical rural american children (whose parents apparently have now home training either) have never lost anyone close to them. I have 4 family members in Iraq and do not think this is proper up bringing for the kids. At least support the troops and respect the flag if not the cause!
Kurtis Johnson- Fireman 09-Aug-2005 14:40
Perhaps if you dont enjoy all the liberties and freedom that the flag you are stomping on represents, maybe you should hop on a plane to the middle east and take up residence there!!
Marijka09-Aug-2005 11:23
This photo baffles me--- what is they point they are making???? I see your comment, but I find it offensive for someone to say that Sept 11 re-elected BUSH--- did you forget the moral majority!!! and the Supreme Court nominations!!! these people live for this stuff....
BruceLandry08-Aug-2005 12:45
I wonder what she would do if you took her cheetos and candy away from her?
Jason Ski 07-Aug-2005 20:13
Somebody's got issues.
Guest 07-Aug-2005 01:15
U.S. terror training camp recruts. Shame shame.
John Peterson06-Aug-2005 21:04
Just a guess - I'm betting the child trampling the flag, probably didn't loose family or friend on that terrible day.
Guest 05-Aug-2005 18:49
This is an AMAZING photo! Sums things up pretty well. Congratulations for having the courage to post it. In fact, this entire gallery is, perhaps, the best I've seen here.
Sam Antonio Photography05-Aug-2005 00:02
The degenerate youth of today -- a direct result of our government schools. Sad, very sad.
Al Gore 03-Aug-2005 23:40
Guest 02-Aug-2005 16:03
Ah! The liberal slogan finally made public!
no name 16-Nov-2004 09:19
is that the US national flag???