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NRA is dead wrong.jpg

NRA is dead wrong.jpg

Everyone should have an AK47 for hunting. That's in the constitution.

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n01-Nov-2008 16:01
Many Republicans are chickenhawks. Try voting.

Did you hear about the 9 year old who shot himself in the head when the uzi he was firing at a gun show recoiled? His father, a physician, looked on helplessly as his son died in his arms.
Charles N. Steele 01-Nov-2008 15:38
So how are we supposed to defend ourselves when the Republicans come to take away our rights?
US < Other Industrialized'z 20-Dec-2007 21:49

DAMN. This just shows once again, how the United States is so wrong, and the other industrialized countries are superior.

Every industrialized country has tighter gun control than the United States.

Of course, this means that the United States is dead wrong about guns.

Every industrialized country has a policy of forcibly ejecting or jailing ALL illegal aliens.

This means that the United States should round up the illegals inside the U.S. borders, and jail or eject them immediately.

Also, every industrialized nation has higher taxes, usually close to double that of the United States.

The United States needs to raise more taxes.

Other industrialized nations tend to spend less than 10% of their national budget on defense.

The United States should slash their defense budget, and if some European ally needs help (hello, Bosnia?), just tell them to "work it out on their own", pull a "Lord Chamberlain" on them, and laugh as they're over-run.

Am I taking this "Every industrialized nation does it, so the U. S. should blindly follow their lead" concept a little too far? Hmmm... I don't know.
Sydneyy-Love ;D 13-Oct-2007 08:16
I like this lady.

Guns are wrong.
America is fucked.

Get it, ye?

Watch. "Bowling For Columbine."
That is what pretty much the whole world thinks of you.

The fact that people can access guns so easily in America is stupid.
The excuse there would be more crime without them.

Also stupid.

Many other people in other countries seem to be just fine with out owning a gun.
If I knew my nextdoor neighbour owned a gun. I'd be shit scared. ;D
mikelong10-Aug-2005 14:43
I think that NRA Jason seems quite confused to the point that his faulty logic omits the fact that 86% of all handguns found in the possession of criminals in America were stolen from law-abiding citizens who legally own their guns. So, lets try that so-called simple equation again, shall we (you weren't really ever much of a standout at research and statistics were you?)?
n10-Aug-2005 02:18

What's the point? You are probably 9000 times more likely to be accidently killed by a handgun in the US than you are by a terrorist in a given year. Does that mean we should ignore terrorists?
Guest 10-Aug-2005 02:00
800.000 doctors and 80.000.000 gun owners in united states.You are 9000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor
mikelong09-Aug-2005 20:44
Jason is a perfect example of what's wrong with America today. I mean, SURE I respect his opinion, but what a moron.
Marijka09-Aug-2005 11:15
TO JASON--- no one has to admit they are wrong--- in this country we all have a voice-- and a vote--- and we are allowed to use it!!!!
n08-Aug-2005 15:42

25.000 handgun deaths per year in the US. The rate of firearm deaths among kids under age 15 is almost 12 times higher in the United States than in 25 other industrialized countries combined

what point did I miss?

"The United States is the only civilized nation in the world that allows its citizens to have such free access to handguns. The consequences of this overload of handguns are too much to bear. If the United States were to reduce rates of gun death to that of other industrialized nations, roughly 25,000 fewer Americans would be killed every single year. A person in America is far more likely to be shot and killed than a person in virtually all other industrialized nations. For example, a resident of England or Wales is 26 times less likely to be shot and killed than an American. In Japan, residents are more than 100 times less likely to be shot and killed than an American."
Jason Ski 07-Aug-2005 20:10
You ALL missed the point. Studies, surveys, history and clear facts, show that EVEN IF these guns were put in every household, the neighborhood would become safer.

1.) Either you don't know your facts like most ignorant and arogant people.
2.) Or either you know but get caught trying to please/convince those ignorant people.


a.GUNS NOT ALLOWED = Only bad people have guns.
b.GUNS ALLOWED = Bad people and good people have guns.

You pick A or B. I know, you have to admit your wrong.

This simple equation will forever exist until there is a 100% method of taking guns away but then that would only turn your country into government chaos because of tyranny.

Just state the facts. NRA helped supply weapon training to the US government, and still continues to do so. NRA's push for allowing people to own firearms has saved more lives than you can imagine.
Guest 04-Aug-2005 23:11
You attack her weight, rather than the issue she's interested in? Do you know the meaning of the word 'obfuscation'?

Personally, I think that an assault weapon ban is silly-- instead, go after gun manufacturers, who churn these things out in order to make profits, and the implications be damned. That would be ok, if they weren't doing it (potentially) illegally:
Guest 16-Nov-2004 03:29
Since the NRA never supported allowing UZIs or AK-47s in neighboorhoods, I don't know what she is complaining about. Besides, the overweight woman holding the sign is many many more times likely to be killed by a heart attack than by gun violence.
n15-Nov-2004 15:27
Should I take up a collection to donate 100 AK-47s to your hometown?

It would only be for 18-21 year old young persons who are poor and couldn't afford to buy their own guns that are authorized in the constitution.
Guest 15-Nov-2004 02:42
We should. :) its our rights as Americans.