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Stepping on the flag.jpg

Stepping on the flag.jpg

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Guest 30-Jul-2009 03:19
What the heck is wrong with these people
tinka 09-Jun-2009 10:02
This has to be some type of cult
JUDY 14-May-2007 13:42
oh i sure have a comment for that ignorant parent watching her what, 11 yr. old daughter step on the nations flag! Hope she tells her daughter that in almost ANY other nation EXCEPT America, she would be immediately arrested, questiond & who knows what else. Someone needs to tell that CHILD- while she is being USED by her parent- to further their agenda- that she wouldn,t have her signature clothing , name brand sneakers and the free time to step on a symbol of freedom anywhere else but the place they so apparently despise. I have NO LOVE for GEORGE BUSH OR HIS DISGUSTING POLICIES but I would never use a young child whom is quite obviously too young to make her own political decisions, nor have any idea that she being USED to further someone ELSES agenda!!!!! TRY THIS IN CUBA, CHINA,THAILAND, MEXICO, RUSSIA, NICGARAGUA, PANAMA _ GET THE POINT! ALMOST ANYWHERE ELSE! HOW LOVELY TO HAVE YOUR INNOCENT CHILD PLACED ON THE SAME PAGE AS THANK GOD FOR SEPTEMBER 11TH! IF MOM IS SO HAPPY ABOUT NEW YORK BEING ATTACKED BY RADICALS , PERHAPS SHE SHOULD HAVE MADE SURE THEY WERE IN THE TOWERS AT THE TIME !!! PURE JOY<< EH!!! IS "MOM" WILLING TO DIE FOR HER TWITED CAUSE OR HAVE HER CHILD BECOME ONE OF THE VAPORIZED BODIES IN NEW YORK_ OF COURSE NOT. LADY THE SYMBOL YOU ARE WATCHING YOUR COMPLETELY UNINFORMED DAUGHTER STOMP ACROSS IS THE REASON SHE IS ABLE TO ACT IN SUCH A REVLOTING MANNER. BY THE WAY HOW I GOT LINKED TO THIS HORROR SHOW WEBSITE IS BEYOND ME- BUT ACTUALLY IM REALLY GLAD I DID- IT JUST FURTHERS MY KNOWLEDGE THAT EVEN NEGLIGENT PARENTS ARE SOO FREE IN OUR NATION THAT THEY CAN SET THEIR CHILDREN UP FOR ABUSE ,DIRISION AND SOMETHING SHE WILL PROBABLY SPEND A LIFETIME LIVING DOWN- OR TRYING TO. THERES NO FREE SPEECH IN THIS PICTURE - JUST SOME KID BEING USED AS A POLTICAL PAWN!!!!! HOW GEORGE BUSH-ISH OF MOM. JUDY FROM NEW YORK CITY
annonymous 28-May-2006 06:54
This little girl is manipulated by beliefs that she probably doesn't fully understand. Where are the veterans coming to the rescue again, taking these flags and properly disposing of these corrupted flags.
Heather Sweeney15-Dec-2005 10:38
She had better Thank GOD that she lives in a county that allows this sort of freedom!
Guest 13-Sep-2005 02:07
Its amazing how some parents brainwash children into believing things.

It would really suck for her if a Marine walked by.
Guest 15-Jan-2005 18:29
Little slut!
Guest 05-Oct-2004 02:52
Wow. This is unbelievable.